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Outstanding Employee in Bloomington,IL. Store
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BLOOMINGTON, ILLINOIS -- I recently had the pleasure of visiting your Bloomington, IL. store. I was assisted by a member of your staff named **. Because of her dedication, I asked her name, and told her I would be complimenting her service in a thank you letter. She made suggestions in the selection of gift items based on her own experiences. She was very professional and knowledgeable of your merchandise. Because of her friendly salesmanship, I purchased more items than I would have otherwise. It was clear that she enjoys working at Victoria's Secret. I would like to say "thank you on a job well done!"

Don't shop or work at Victoria's Secret
By -

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- Looking for a job at Victoria's Secret? NO you don't. I worked at the Victoria secrets in Philadelphia, PA. In the 5 months I worked as a co-director I was cussed out, forced to find employees on my lunch break, then fire them within 3 days for them not making outrageous sales quotes, this is how Victoria's Secret works. First everyone has a sales quota which is done by 1 hr sections, then daily totals, then weekly totals then monthly totals, then semi-annual, finally annually. If you don't make ALL of the goals you are FIRED!!!

So for you to make your typical sales quota you have to sell 3 bras 1 beige 1 black and 1 white, you must also sell the same customer matching panties, 3 lotions or perfumes, and don't forget the stupid mints at the register. Yes that's right. You have to sell all this to each and every person who enters the store, the store office has you followed by managers to make sure your working sales, the store counts each person who comes in the stores. If you don't sell (force) your customer into buying all this crap you get fired! How do I know, I did it, not because my sales team were not giving 100% it's store policy! Don't take my word alone just search the internet.

Victoria's Secret - I can't understand how they stay in business
By -

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- I own a medium sized business and I asked my wife who does our marketing to buy several hundred small Christmas gifts ($2000) as well as several thousand dollars worth of gift cards from Victoria's Secret this year for our female customers this year. She went to the VS store in the Valley fair Mall in San Jose, CA and they got out all the merchandise. She asked if someone could help her get all the boxes to her car since she is 6 months pregnant and the manager told her no - to carry them herself. She said she couldn't so and she didn't buy them. She then ordered the merchandise online.

The following day they called to say they wouldn't accept the order "because they thought we were going to resell them." Although I called several people at the company, they refused to sell to us. They did say if I sent a letter on my company letterhead (what does that prove?) they "might" let us spend our money at their store. Of course, we returned the gift cards (replaced them with Macy's gift cards) and will never do business with Victoria's Secret again!

I hope more companies start to compete with them, because it wouldn't be hard to succeed competing against a company like this. All the fashion shows in the world can't save this loser of a company! If you own any Limited Brands stock (LTD), dump it!

Rudely Accused of Damaging my Returned goods
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Rating: 2/51

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS -- Wore some beautiful VS shoes for prom and they got wet. The color on one shoe completely faded off. I returned them and I explained that I didn't understand why the color came off. The woman looked at me and said "well it's because they got wet!" In the rudest tone. I replied that I have other canvas heels that have gotten wet and not ruined. She told me that personally she herself would not take the shoes and told me if the return asked for my credit card (which I didn't have on hand) she would NOT give me cash or return my shoes. Okay? I didn't ask for cash ma'am! I also didn't ask your opinion on the shoes.

I get that people are garbage and mess merchandise up for money but I legitimately was unhappy with the quality of the shoe. I do not care what you think. I care what VS thinks. I did get my money back to my card, obviously because returns do not need the card at this store and she should have known that because she works there. I adore VS and will be using my returned money to purchase more items at VS so I did not like that I was treated as if I messed them up for cash.

By -

FT MYERS, FLORIDA -- I am a secret shopper and I go to many places and "rate" stores on everything from the way I'm greeted to the conversations I hear in a store to just about anything. I went into this store to actually purchase something for my friend's birthday when I overheard, what I assume to be a manager, belittling an associate! Not only was she reprimanding her for not doing something fast enough, but she was doing it in front of customers. I was mortified! I felt so sorry for the associate. You could clearly tell she wanted to just crawl in a hole. Even other people were just kind of staring in amazement of this stupid woman.

As the evil manager walked away I walked up to the associate and told her that everything is OK, not to worry about it. She said, "I wish it was going to be OK, she's always like that though". I felt awful. I don't understand why jerks are always the ones in charge and no one does anything about it. Is this really how VS runs their huge corporation? VS tries to make the "outside" world think they are this fabulous place when really they are nothing more than another sweatshop of hell for employees. If VS isn't careful they are going to have some serious lawsuits against them!

I think the higher ups and the models should have cameras installed in the stores and they should have to watch how these lower people on the totem poles are treated - maybe then you wouldn't strut your stuff so much thinking VS is the best! In this day and age a couple of complaints and a few phone calls could really bring you down to the level you truly belong!

Expensive Bras With Poor Quality And Poor Customer Service
By -

32773, FLORIDA -- I bought 9 bras from this company and all within a few months. They say to hand wash which is what I did. The bras lining got all messed up and so I brought it into the store when a woman told me that she did and got the problem resolved. I brought it in and by that time, the manager said they were too old. Should $48 bras do this. It is not wearable. It looks like tissues were stuck in my bra. Through my shirt, it looks horrible.

I am not a complainer and didn't realize that stores would take things back after they have been worn so I didn't take it back immediately but so many people told me that they get their merchandise credit or exchange but I guess I don't yell enough. So I have about $450 worth of bras that are useless.

What A Sad Place To Work
By -

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- I have seen several reviews here, regarding service in Victoria's Secret stores, so I thought I would share my personal experiences with WORKING in a Victoria's Secret store. Keep in mind, I am in no way condoning the behavior of store associates. 8 months ago, I was recruited to be a Co-Manager in a VS store, by a former manager at another company. I was going to receive $7 an hour raise, the District staffed stressed the company's belief in a good work/life balance, and you get FREE bras and other products. I talked it over with my husband and we decided that I would go for it.

Cut to one month later. I have gone through weeks of training, even traveling out of state to train in one of the companies top stores, and know it's time to start in the store. This is when I really started to see the big picture. My manager and I were hounded daily by district staff in regards to sales data and shrink (theft). I will say that the performance WAS poor. We were doing our best to control them. This store is located in one of the worst neighborhoods. It has one of the highest crime rates, and all the other stores in the mall charge the same dismal numbers. It seemed as if no one who came into the store wanted to buy anything that wasn't on sale.

You were forced to sell credit, but in this area, we heard a lot of people say "I have really bad credit, I know I won't get it", so it was hard. Being that this is a low volume store, there is generally only 2 people working at a time. This made it extremely difficult to 1) Take care of customers quickly. 2) To allow employees to take breaks. (the rules say that there must be at least 2 people on the sales floor at all times) 3) It meant that the manager and I were working 6 days a week.

Both she and I were working about 75 hours a week. We were unable to give the other employees hours, because one of the people working had to be a manager, and it was just the two of us. We had to split 85 hours worth of shifts between 15 associates.

I lost 15 lbs in the three months I was there, thanks to be over worked and being unable to eat while I was there (I would always let the other associate take a break, but I didn't dare take one myself for fear of a district staff member coming in while I was gone.)

Eventually, my store manager was so tired, she got a new job. I don't blame her, because I was looking too, we had talked about it SEVERAL times. Since I had only been with the company for 2 months at that time, I called up my district manager and I told her that I was going to need some help, until they found a new store manager. I told her that I didn't feel comfortable taking on the role of store manager, and still trying to do MY job. She said she would get me some help, but she never did. However, she did have time to call me daily and ask me why the store was not performing well.

In the meantime, I am trying to prepare the store for the Semi Annual Sale, which you may know is a BIG event. The previous manager had not taken very good care of the store, and the merchandise in the backroom was so disorganized you couldn't find a thing. So I talked one of my girls (who is also a good friend outside of work ) into helping me do a clean up, after hours. We worked hard and we got it done. I felt that we were ready for the sale! Then they hire a new store manager.

After 2 weeks of training, she came to visit. She tore my store apart. She wanted to change the way things looked, where they were and how we did things. I told her no. My 2 months had taught me that you do things by the book or you get your butt chewed out! We got into a huge argument, which ended up with me in tears of rage.

Several weeks later, I actually got a day off! I was so excited! I had worked 22 days in a row. My marriage was being strained to the max. I didn't WANT to work all the hours, but I am a loyal person and I felt I owed it to the girls on my staff to make our store as good as it could be. They worked hard for me, and I didn't want to let them down. So, anyway, I have a day off, so I don't take my daughter to daycare. We go to the park and we go shopping and I am having a lot of fun! Then, I get the phone call. Someone called in and there is no one to cover. I called EVERY single person on our schedule and PLEADED with them to work, but no one would. So, I'm stuck.

As the acting store manager, it's my job to be there, if no one else can. BUT, I have my daughter with me. Since I had already told the daycare she wasn't coming, I couldn't just drop her off! So I had a choice. Don't go in, and leave the store with only one associate, or go in and take my daughter with me. I chose the latter. Next thing you know, the new store manager shows up. She asks me what's going on and I tell her. She says "OK, well, I'm here now, so you can leave." I say thank you and collect my stuff and get ready to go. Now, at VS, you have to get your coat and bag checked before you leave.

WELL, the new store manager thought it was OK for her to try to check my daughter's clothes! UMMMM, no way!! I was so offended, I just picked her up and walked away. A couple of hours later I get a phone call from the manager, asking me if I can stop by tomorrow. The district manager wants to touch base with us, before she goes out of town. I say OK, but I don't have daycare for tomorrow. She says that's fine. So I show up, with my daughter, to find out that I am being FIRED for bringing my daughter to work with me. They give me a write up and they ask me to sign it, saying I can write down any comments.

I said "I have nothing to say to you horrible people." I didn't sign the write up. As I am leaving, the manager, again, wants to check my daughter's belongings, because she has been in the back room. Folks, my daughter was 13 months old at the time, so, obviously, she hadn't been out of my sight, nor had I been out of the sight of the manager. I told her that if she touched my daughter, I would break her face. Not very professional, I know! Anyway, that's more story. This was the worst job I have ever had. Even my 5 years at TACO BELL looked like the best job ever after this!

Poor Customer Service, Horrid Managers
By -

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- Having shopped at VS and VS alone for my bras for 12 to 15 years and never having a problem with a single one, I was quite content with VS. Approximately a year and 1/2 ago, I purchased two bras, shortly thereafter the wires punched through the cloth on both bras. I returned them to the store and was told the size was too small for me, thus the reason for the defect. I was given two more bras to replace them. No problems. One of the two bras, shortly after the return, the two wires popped through again. I returned this bra and walked into the pits of hell.

The assistant manager came out, after being called by the sales associate, and told me flatly that the bra had been machine washed because she could feel the wires bent. I felt of the wires and could not feel any bend, as I do NOT was my bras in the washing machine. I was re-measured and again told I was DD. DD is too large for me as the cup creases.

Anyway, the longer I waited the more furious I became, so I asked to speak to the manager. The assistant manager was standing by her side. I explained to her that I did not wash my bras in the machine, that I had been told two different "reasons" for the wires coming through. The assistant manager interrupted whilst I was speaking to the manager.

Again, she insisted that I had washed them with the most arrogant air of "I am NOT wrong". The manager just looked at me as if I were some alien from space and said, "Well, perhaps this will work for you" and turned to walk away. The sales associate called the manager as I was exchanging the bra about a $5.00 price difference. She told me next time I would have to pay the $5.00, but this time, "they were letting it go". Whatever happened to the "customer is right" attitude. I read once a cute remark that comes to mind.... Whatever happened to all those snobby "witches" from high school, they all went to work at VS. lol. Ain't it so??

I am 62 years old, well educated and a Christian person who tries my utmost to be what I believe. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Never have I been treated with such lack of respect, called a liar and put down in front of others. Never will I grace the door of another Victoria's Secret. This, my friend, happened at Hamilton Place Mall in Chattanooga, TN. Southern hospitality...... oh where have you gone?

By -

MONROEVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I just wanted to let all of you consumers out there in the Monroeville, PA area know how horrible the customer service is at Victoria's Secret. A sales associate totally stepped out of line with me. She was utterly the most unprofessional, rude and bold woman I have ever met. She failed to ask me if she could assist me let alone acknowledge me in the store. She opted to flirt with a man for now I timed it 13 minutes and never acknowledged me once. I began trying my bras on completely unassisted, as I exited the dressing room to grab another size from the rack.

I was yelled I mean yelled at like a child. She said that I was in the wrong I have no place taking any bras from the store shelves (well where else would I get them?) Anyway, she also called me and my aunt whom I was also with rude and ignorant. She keep it up and up pursuing what seemed like an argument. She tried to belittle me by saying "if you need help you should have known to ring this buzzer" as if I was a child. She raised her voice and began yelling at me and kept coming closer and closer.

Here I am shocked this happened completely out of the blue there I was innocent just wanting to purchase a few new bras. I'm still shaken up about it. She ruined my shopping experience and the manager on duty did nothing about the incident. No apologizes nothing whatsoever. I'm outraged at the way my aunt and I were treated.

Poor Customer Service
By -

My deployed Air Force husband ordered a robe and slippers from VS for Valentine's Day. Not only did he get me something that I wanted but ordered the items early. I received the robe yesterday and V-Day is tomorrow. The slippers came last week. The robe arrived stained and w/o the special $6 wrapping he requested.

I had to call to get everything straightened out, but we live in Germany which means international fees. After repeating my story 3 times to 3 different people, I was told that they could send me a new robe, in a different color, but I'd pay to ship the old robe. Then she said that I could send the robe back, and send me a $40 dollar gift card, but that doesn't even cover what he paid and I'd still be paying shipping.

Finally, I thanked her and then informed her that my husband would write a letter from Iraq explaining the situation and asked "and to whom should he address?" Now, she's sending me a new robe (different color because they don't have the lilac), paying for shipping of both robes, AND giving me a $20 gift card. I just spent $8 for the call + his $6 in wrapping = $14. So, really they're just giving me $6 to spend on more of their merchandise.

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