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Bad Service / Shady Policies / Rude Operators
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MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- I had an incident with The Victoria's secret store at the Oak Court mall in Memphis, Tennessee. My friend bought a shirt which did not fit her. she exchanged this shirt and got me a more expensive shirt in place of her old one. I paid her $54 cash for this shirt. When I tried the shirt on, I realized the arms were too short for me. I decided to just return the shirt and get my money back. As soon as I took the shirt to the counter the manager had an attitude. She examined it like you would if you were digging through a trash can. She then told me it was "dirty" and couldn't be returned. The shirt had not been worn. It was even still in the original bag - I only tried it on. I do have a pug and there may have been a pug hair on it- but it certainly WAS NOT damaged! The tags were intact and the receipt showed that the shirt was purchased less than 48 hrs before.

I asked her to call the store manager. The store manager authorized her to only give me $21.85 in cash and the rest on a gift card. Apparently, the FIRST receipt is required to get a full return. Who knows that? When you return something, the new receipt states your return. Furthermore, MOST people do not buy things with the intent to return them, so why would you ask for a stack of receipts? In the past, a receipt is just a receipt- but this lady was hell bent on not helping me. She glared at me and talked down to me as if I were an insignificant problem that she did not have time to deal with. You know how people talk slow to you like you are impaired?

My issue is not the money- but the PRINCIPLE. Had she nicely explained things to me and apologized for the inconvenience I would have called it a day. She had to make her power known. She then told me she did not know the corporate phone number or address. She gave me a customer service number which I called today. The first lady I spoke to was equally if not more rude than the employee. She also talked down to me. When I asked to speak with someone above her, she replied, "You can't speak to the president of the company." I asked her if that meant she was the vice president. She cut me off and transferred me to lingerie. The lady I talked to in lingerie was extremely nice and helpful. She is sending me a check in the mail and she apologized for the attitudes of the other employees. I just have to wonder- does VS train new employees to be nasty to customers? Is it a job requirement?

I had two nasty ones in less than 24 hours. I have shopped with VS for over 15 years. I am very disappointed with this behavior and I will never spend a dime with them again. My mother and aunt are cancelling their Angel accounts right now.
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Principissa on 08/15/2008:
I've never had an issue with VS. But then I've never had to return something. I'm shocked that they treated you like this in the store, the phone reps on the other hand, I can believe. My sister ordered out of the catalog and they sent her a shirt in the wrong size, it was like pulling teeth to get them to help her return it. They were rude beyond belief.
On a side note though, and I am not trying to be rude, but if I ever went into a store and found an item I wanted to try on with dog hair on it, I'd be a little grossed out and wonder if my bras and undies were previously used before I tried them on.
Anonymous on 08/15/2008:
Hi Princi! I found a great store for bras, etc. It's called Soma. They are not in every city, so check it out on They have always treated me well, no hair of any kind on anything I've ever tried on and the on-line operation is also very good (when I don't want to drive an hour round-trip--which has become way more important in light of the gas prices).

Bella, the best revenge is to find a better place to shop.
Principissa on 08/15/2008:
Hi Diane! How are you? I'll check them out. I have a really weird size and the only place I've been able to find a comfortable bra is VS. Thanks for the link! I'll check them out. :)
Anonymous on 08/15/2008:
Princi--They have some good fitting, very attractive items and I have been very happy since discovering them. Also, they have had some good on-line sales. Their return policy is great too.
cherpep on 08/15/2008:
My mother-in-law swears that she can only find bras that fit her in London, Ontario (we live in Michigan). My husband keeps teasing her it is because she is originally from Canada and therefore has Canadian breasts, and only Canadian bras with fit. She agrees, and doesn't know he's kidding.
Principissa on 08/15/2008:
LOL cherp! Diane, I will definitely check them out. So far I can see the prices are very reasonable, and they carry my size which is even better. How close are they in size to a VS bra? Should I buy a size smaller or get a size bigger?
bellapug02 on 08/15/2008:
Thank you for your comments! Princi- I totally agree with you on the dog hair thing, but to clarify- it was like one or two single hairs on the bottom sleeve of a sweatshirt. I actually pulled them off myself in front of the saleswomen. I it were on a bra or underwear- I'd be totally grossed out! My issue was really just the attitude, you know? I work in cosmetics retail and I have to take back very expensive eye creams that are 3/4 used and I must smile while doing it. I have people buy items only to get free gifts and then return items. I am OK with this. I choose to work in this environment and though its frustrating, I know to wait until I'm in a private area to show any miniscule of irritation- because it's my job. I also agree with the comment about shopping elsewhere. I absolutely will. Thank you all, again.
Principissa on 08/16/2008:
I know exactly the attitude. I've dealt with it while I was helping my sister return her catalog order, and there is no excuse for it. Like I said, I'm in shock from the attitude you got in the store, and I mean that. I've never personally had an issue with service in a VS store. Find out the name of her district manager and don't call, but write him/her a letter. You don't talk to people the way she talked to you.
newsgirl0215 on 09/09/2008:
I've had similar experiences myself- the people on the phone are just awful- ugh I get my stuff either online or somewhere else!
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Rudely Accused of Damaging my Returned goods
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Rating: 2/51
CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS -- Wore some beautiful VS shoes for prom and they got wet. The color on one shoe completely faded off. I returned them and I explained that I didn't understand why the color came off. The woman looked at me and said "well it's because they got wet!" In the rudest tone. I replied that I have other canvas heels that have gotten wet and not ruined. She told me that personally she herself would not take the shoes and told me if the return asked for my credit card (which I didn't have on hand) she would NOT give me cash or return my shoes. Okay.? I didn't ask for cash ma'am! I also didn't ask your opinion on the shoes. I get that people are garbage and mess merchandise up for money but I legitimately was unhappy with the quality of the shoe, I do not care what you think I care what VS thinks. I did get my money back to my card, obviously because returns do not need the card at this store and she should have known that because she works there. I adore VS and will be using My returned money to purchase more items at VS so I did not like that I was treated as if I messed them up for cash.
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Shayen on 05/21/2014:
When I returned many items at Christmas to various stores, I was told by all I needed the CC to which they were charged, in order to get a refund...otherwise, I could only get store credit.
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FT MYERS, FLORIDA -- I am a secret shopper and I go to many places and "rate" stores on everything from the way I'm greeted to the conversations I hear in a store to just about anything. I went into this store to actually purchase something for my friends birthday when I overheard, what I assume to be a manager, belittling an associate! Not only was she reprimanding her for not doing something fast enough, but she was doing it in front of customers. I was mortified! I felt so sorry for the associate. You could clearly tell she wanted to just crawl in a hole. Even other people were just kind of staring in amazement of this stupid woman. As the evil manager walked away I walked up to the associate and told her that everything is OK, not to worry about it. She said, "I wish it was going to be OK, she's always like that though". I felt awful. I don't understand why jerks are always the ones in charge and no one does anything about it. Is this really how VS runs their huge corporation? VS tries to make the "outside" world think they are this fabulous place when really they are nothing more than another sweatshop of hell for employees. If VS isn't careful they are going to have some serious lawsuits against them! I think the higher ups and the models should have cameras installed in the stores and they should have to watch how these lower people on the totem poles are treated - maybe then you wouldn't strut your stuff so much thinking VS is the best! In this day and age a couple of complaints and a few phone calls could really bring you down to the level you truly belong!
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tnchuck100 on 01/02/2012:
Unfortunately the way it works is a manager can run his/her store with pretty much a free hand as to how employees are treated. Corporate is only concerned with ONE thing: Is this manager showing a profit? If so, they are not concerned with how the manager accomplishes this goal.
Nohandle on 01/02/2012:
Honestly, few things make me more uncomfortable than hearing and seeing an employee berated in front of a customer. If there's a problem take it up behind closed doors. It's called "professionalism" and obviously many don't have any idea what that is.
Ben There on 01/02/2012:
I hope you included this in your secret shopper report.
Mrs. V on 01/02/2012:
Whenever I see behavior like this, I walked right up to the poor CSR, exclamed in a fairly loud voice while linking my arm in theirs, "Oh thank GOODNESS you're here today! No one else can ever find the items I'm looking for!" Then I turn to the manager that was yelling at the CSR and say, "You must be SO glad to have this wonderful young lady (or man) working for you! They are an absolute TREASURE!" Then I proceed to drag the CSR away while asking in a loud voice for what ever item I need (or making up one that I'm looking for). Then when I'm leaving, I ask the manager for the phone number of corportate and I call and leave a compliment for the employee while still standing in front of the manager.
raven2010 on 01/02/2012:
Mrs V, I have done that exact thing at both Kohls and penneys!!!
Mrs. V on 01/02/2012:
Raven - Great minds think alike ^_^
Venice09 on 01/02/2012:
I've never had reason to do that, but I'll definitely keep it in mind.

OP, if this was the first time you witnessed something like that, you shouldn't judge the entire corporation on one ignorant manager. I'm sure there's one in every company.
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Outstanding Employee in Bloomington,IL. Store
Posted by on
BLOOMINGTON, ILLINOIS -- I recently had the pleasure of visiting your Bloomington, IL. store. I was assisted by a member of your staff named Heather M. Because of her dedication, I asked her name, and told her I would be complimenting her service in a thank you letter. She made suggestions in the selection of gift items based on her own experiences. She was very professional and knowledgeable of your merchandise. Because of her friendly salesmanship, I purchased more items than I would have otherwise. It was clear that she enjoys working at Victoria's Secret. I would like to say thank you on a job well done!
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Venice09 on 10/17/2010:
Isn't it great when someone likes their job? It makes the shopping experience so much better. I'm sure Heather will appreciate the compliment.
clutzycook on 10/17/2010:
I hope you sent this message on to VS.
Tall Shopper on 10/17/2010:
Although I live in Rock Island,Il. I sometimes visit Bloomington/Normal, Il. where I went to college and played basketball. Each time I have visited this Victoria's Secret store, Heather has gone above and beyond to take care of me. This message was forwarded to corporate headquarters to make sure they know she is doing an excellent job.
Skye on 10/17/2010:
Nice review OP. I love Victoria's Secret.
Venice09 on 10/17/2010:
I hope they realize what a gem they have in Heather and keep her around. It really was nice of you to acknowledge her. I wish more people would be so kind.
Tall Shopper on 10/29/2010:
I revisited the Bloomington,Il. Victoria's Secret store yesterday. Although Heather was not there at the time, I have to say that my dealings with the other employees there was also a positive experience. I probably would have been more comfortable with Heather, and would have purchased more from her. She has an expertise for the merchandise from personal experience, and she is quite comfortable discussing it. She also has a special talent for personal friendly salesmanship that makes the customer happy without feeling pressured. I expect that Heather M. should get some kind of award from the company for her outstanding service.
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Don't shop or work at victoria secret
Posted by on
PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- Looking for a job at victoria secret ? NO you don't. I worked at the Victoria secrets in Philadelphia, PA. In the 5 months I worked as a co-director I was cussed out, forced to find employees on my lunch break, then fire them within 3 days for them not making outrageous sales quotes, This is how Victoria secret works. First everyone has a sales quota which is done by 1 hr sections, then daily totals, then weekly totals then monthly totals, then semi-annual, finally annually. if you don't make ALL of the goals you are FIRED !!! so for you to make your typical sales quota you have to sell 3 bras 1 beige 1black and 1 white, you must also sell the same customer matching panties, 3 lotions or perfumes, and don't forget the stupid mints at the register. Yes that's right you have to sell all this to each and every person who enters the store, the store office has you followed by managers to make sure your working sales, the store counts each person who comes in the stores. if you don't sell (force) your customer into buying all this crap you get fired! how do I know, I did it, not because my sales team were not giving 100% its store policy ! don't take my word alone just search the internet.
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User Replies:
MRM on 05/11/2010:
If you were to give me a little something, I'll buy those for my jumpoffs. Real talk...
FlShopper on 05/11/2010:
I worked at VS for a few years and loved it, but quit not long after they started with the sales quotas. Maybe they've gotten stricter with those policies; no one I knew was ever fired for not making quota. Especially after 3 days!
But I do agree they wanted their salespeople to be overly pushy with the matching items, credit cards, etc. I was not comfortable with that, so I left.
MDSasquatch on 05/11/2010:
I am a man, if I go into the store, will some salesperson be penalized if I don't buy panties, a bra and a pack of mints?
PepperElf on 05/11/2010:
actually I'm not surprised

hell even regular stores are pushing employees to sell product - like credit cards or warranty things

with the slump in shopping I'm not surprised that stores like VS are feeling the bite too

if anything cos when it comes to pinching pennies, I can see shops like that - where their product is nice but not *necessary* losing customers.
Ytropious on 05/11/2010:
I worked at Omaha Steaks once, same deal. Lots of quotas and high pressure sales to make sure every customer walks out with a packed freezer of food. If someone came in to buy a single box of food no one wanted to ring that person out because it ruins their "average ticket" size. I hated it and I quit after 8 months.
Anonymous on 06/20/2010:
Were you aware that there were quotas to meet going into this job? High pressure sales jobs are best left to those with the gift of gab.If you can't sell ice to an eskimo, probably time to go.
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Victoria's Secret - I can't understand how they stay in business
Posted by on
COLUMBUS, OHIO -- I own a medium sized business and I asked my wife who does our marketing to buy several hundred small Christmas gifts ($2000)as well as several thousand dollars worth of gift cards from Victoria's Secret this year for our female customers this year. She went to the VS store in the Valley fair Mall in San Jose, CA and they got out all the merchandise. She asked if someone could help her get all the boxes to her car since she is 6 months pregnant and the manager told her no - to carry them herself. She said she couldn't so and she didn't buy them. She then ordered the merchandise online. The following day they called to say they wouldn't accept the order "because they thought we were going to resell them." Although I called several people at the company, they refused to sell to us. They did say if I sent a letter on my company letterhead (what does that prove?) they "might" let us spend our money at their store. Of course, we returned the gift cards (replaced them with Macy's gift cards) and will never do business with Victoria's Secret again!

I hope more companies start to compete with them, because it wouldn't be hard to succeed competing against a company like this. All the fashion shows in the world can't save this loser of a company! If you own any Limited Brands stock (LTD), dump it!
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User Replies:
goduke on 11/25/2009:
You are giving business clients Victoria's Secret gift cards? Really?
SteveWiginowski on 11/25/2009:
I think the reason they may not have wanted to help her to her car is because it puts them at risk. Going outside the store, outside of the mall, to the car of a stranger, you don't know what can happen.
Anonymous on 11/25/2009:
Here (XCEL) a payment plan is called "budget billing".
madconsumer on 11/25/2009:
is victoria secrets a good gift for female employees? how close are you to them? in my company, this would not be accpeted nor allowed.
Anonymous on 11/25/2009:
Victorias Secret carries everything from cloths, to shoes, to perfume to makeup, as well as the "sexy" stuff. I don't see a problem with these being used as holiday gifts in a business settting.
Anonymous on 11/25/2009:
Good point Raven.
madconsumer on 11/25/2009:
raven is sets the air of 'being familiar' to the female employees. it can be considered a form of sexual intentions.
Anonymous on 11/25/2009:
Good point as well, MadC.
There may be a few husbands and boyfriends that might not like that to say the least.
Anonymous on 11/25/2009:
MadC, was that you on the cover of last weeks VS catalog that came out? Don't lie to me now.
madconsumer on 11/25/2009:
lol superbowl,, sshhhh don't tell my boss!
Anonymous on 11/25/2009:
OK, mums the word...
Anonymous on 11/25/2009:
Mad, to me, Vickeys Secret cards can be safer than the bottle of booze many of my past bosses or clients have given me. I see your point, I just consider this a non-issue.
Anonymous on 11/25/2009:
They have clothes in good taste but just the cover could ruffle some feathers. Booze? If you don't drink you just pass it on to someone that does, right.
Anonymous on 11/25/2009:
pass booze on?? ME?! Oh HELL no!!!! *giggle*
Anonymous on 11/25/2009:
What? Did someone mention booze over here?
spiderman2 on 11/25/2009:
Let me first say if my boss gave me a gift card from VS I would be totally creeped out. I wonder what kind of "business" this is since they are buying gifts for customers from VS also. I'm betting this VS is in a mall location and they are probalby not allowed to leave the premise. If you were so concerned about your pregnant wife hauling all this stuff around, why didn't YOU go with her or send an employee to help her out?
Ytropious on 11/25/2009:
I'd be creeped out too. Perfume, body lotion or not, what do you think of when you think VS? Not lotion, I'll tell you that. If you want your clients to buy lotion or perfume get gifts from bath and body works. VS gifts or gift cards seem semi inappropriate for a business gift.
Anonymous on 11/25/2009:
Ytropious raises a good point. Bath and Body Works would have been a better choice for gift cards.
Doctor Charlie on 11/25/2009:
You're giving panties and bras to your clients? I can't believe that anyone with half a brain would give Victoria Secret gift cards to any sort of business associate. The poster sounds really creepy.
PepperElf on 11/25/2009:
personally I am not a fan of victoria's either
I think they're overpriced

and spiderman- very good point.

personally I think if you want to be neutral perhaps an Amazon gift card instead
Buddy01 on 11/26/2009:
I wasn't aware that any store would give a refund for gift cards.
Anonymous on 11/26/2009:
Don't know about refunds, but lots will REPLACE lost/stolen cards. Bet those same places have some sort of refund policy
karleebarlee on 11/26/2009:
actually, Victoria's Secret sells a lot of high end clothes that are perfect for a career woman. perhaps that was the intention.
Ytropious on 11/26/2009:
Again, karlee, if that is the intent then why not get them a Macy's card, a place that has WAY more selection of appropriate business attire? No matter how you slice it, a business gift from VS is creepy unless you work in the porn, sex toy, or lingerie business.
Anonymous on 11/26/2009:
LOL, Y, no offense, Victoria's Secret doesn't sell porn or sex toys.

When I was a size six (sigh..many many years ago) I wore a LOT of their suites and other business pants/blouses. They have some amazing deals online.
Ytropious on 11/26/2009:
I know they don't SELL those things there, but a gift card to their store would make more sense to be given in those industries then say, an insurance or financial planning business.
Anonymous on 11/26/2009:
I have to agree with Yt. In my job anything that can be construed as sexual harassment is to be avoided. It's to the point where you cannot even tell someone that what they are wearing looks nice. Although the products in VS are in good taste, the first thing people think about is lingerie when VS comes to mind. In the business environment for clients, customers or employees it is not an appropriate gift.
Anonymous on 11/26/2009:
Hmmm... I am surprised I am in the minority on this topic. However, I certainly respect the thoughts and opinions of those of you who find this sort of gift inappropriate.

Yet again, a fair honest discussion with no personal attacks!
Ytropious on 11/26/2009:
Which is always appreciated, raven :D
Anonymous on 11/26/2009:
Anonymous on 11/26/2009:
Raven, I get what you are saying. I really do. :)
Anonymous on 11/26/2009:
Yeah Pro, I think we all have good points. When I worked for a bank, folks may have been disciplined for such a gift, other places, no big deal.

Either way, I get that they were reluctant to sell large amounts to the Op's wife. reselling is a big deal these days. However, once they proved who there were and their intent, there really should have been no issue.
Ytropious on 11/26/2009:
I do think it's really stupid of VS to think they'd be reselling since they aren't getting a discount for buying in bulk. Reselling is only attractive if you are getting a discount, I mean who's going to make money selling something at the same price as the store? If I were VS I would have just sold them however much they wanted, but who knows, maybe they really do have a big problem with unauthorized reselling of their products on a large scale.
Anonymous on 11/26/2009:
Some companies DO have a rule about selling to resellers. A large order would set this bell off.

Some major brands do this to keep their items from being sold at a lower cost then they set.
Ytropious on 11/26/2009:
I totally get that, but there was no discount involved, just buying a big amount. If the OP was buying to sell at a lower cost he'd probably lose some money. I do enough reselling on eBay, lol. I'd never buy something at retail price to resell, I'd never be able to move all the product. If he was buying like, 3,000 clearance bras then I'd be skeptical.
Anonymous on 11/26/2009:
Yt, that is why VERO exists on Ebay. Because companies like Coach and VS and LV do not want their items on the sites being resold. Some argue the first sale doctrine rule. Some win. Others will be forced in a court of law to NOT list or sell any restricted companies item at a lower cost than they sell it at.

Granted the OP was buying gifts, but VS did not know that, and asking for a request on letterhead is their way of protecting themselves if they find out you lied and they sue you.
Anonymous on 11/26/2009:
Buying gifts is too complicated. I think I will buy myself a nice gift instead. Something electronic with and high definition or blu-ray. Yah, that's it. :)
Anonymous on 11/27/2009:
Lol Pro. I will be standing in line early this morning for a laptop. I never participate in the Black Friday raucas but for my kids I guess I will this time.
twinkletoez1016 on 12/17/2009:
As a Victoria's Secret associate of over 3 years, I'll explain why..

First, I'm certain the sales associates wanted to help your wife to the car, but it's a huge liability for the company if the associate gets injured.

Second, purchasing large amount of gift cards or particular products (ex. $2000 of beauty products) is a red flag for theft. Any purchase over $1000 has to be rung through by a manager because the situation needs to be checked out because a purchase that large is a little bit sketchy. I don't mean to call you or your wife sketchy, but things like this happen where customers come in and purchase massive amounts of merchandise to go sell on eBay or in other countries where they can make a large profit. Asking for a request on letterhead is not sketchy. Not only does it protect Victoria's Secret Direct (the online part of the company) and Limited Brands, it also protects you the customer.

Don't be so quick to bash a company just because they're following the rules. It may seem like a hassle to you, but (again) it protects the company as well as you the consumer.
Anonymous on 12/17/2009:
Thank you Twinkle.
America on 06/08/2013:
I have experienced the same harassment. They called me about a order wanting to know who/what/why I was buying the stuff. I'm a little confused on what business it is if theirs? If you have the money to pay why does it matter? Sounds line they are worried they will get put out of business by a few resellers or god forbid may have to lower prices.
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Poor Customer Service, Horrid Managers
Posted by on
CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- Having shopped at VS and VS alone for my bras for 12 to 15 years and never having a problem with a single one, I was quite content with VS. Approximately a year and 1/2 ago, I purchased two bras, shortly thereafter the wires punched through the cloth on both bras. I returned them to the store and was told the size was too small for me, thus the reason for the defect. I was given two more bras to replace them. No problems. One of the two bras, shortly after the return, the two wires popped through again. I returned this bra and walked into the pits of hell. The assistant manager came out, after being called by the sales associate, and told me flatly that the bra had been machine washed because she could feel the wires bent. I felt of the wires and could not feel any bend, as I do NOT was my bras in the washing machine. I was re-measured and again told I was DD. DD is too large for me as the cup creases. Anyway, the longer I waited the more furious I became, so I asked to speak to the manager. The assistant manager was standing by her side. I explained to her that I did not wash my bras in the machine, that I had been told two different "reasons" for the wires coming through. The assistant manager interrupted whilst I was speaking to the manager.

Again, she insisted that I had washed them with the most arrogant air of "I am NOT wrong". The manager just looked at me as if I were some alien from space and said, Well, perhaps this will work for you and turned to walk away. The sales associate called the manager as I was exchanging the bra about a $5.00 price difference. She told me next time I would have to pay the $5.00, but this time, "they were letting it go". Whatever happened to the "customer is right" attitude. I read once a cute remark that comes to mind....whatever happened to all those snobby "witches" from high school, they all went to work at VS. lol. Ain't it so?? I am 62 years old, well educated and a Christian person who tries my utmost to be what I believe. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Never have I been treated with such lack of respect, called a liar and put down in front of others.

Never will I grace the door of another Victoria's Secret. This, my friend, happened at Hamilton Place Mall in Chattanooga, TN. Southern hospitality......oh where have you gone?
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/05/2008:
I like it when my wife goes to VS because I get to go along and sit with the other guys that are just "waiting".
Suusan B. on 05/05/2008:
Hold it - - am I reading this correctly? This happened a year and a half ago and you haven't gotten over it yet?
thensider on 05/05/2008:
Did you JUST try to return a bra you purchased a year and a hal ago? or did this whole thing take place a year and ahlf ago? either way, what a pointless complaint.
CrystalSword on 05/05/2008:
And why insult the "witches"?
Anonymous on 05/05/2008:
I like cruising into VS,and browsing...It would be nice if the hot sales women would do some "modeling" before I purchase the items for my wife
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Expensive Bras With Poor Quality And Poor Customer Service
Posted by on
32773, FLORIDA -- I bought 9 bras from this company and all within a few months. They say to hand wash which is what I did. The bras lining got all messed up and so I brought it into the store when a woman told me that she did and got the problem resolved. I brought it in and by that time, the manager said they were too old. Should $48 bras do this. It is not wearable. It looks like tissues were stuck in my bra. Through my shirt, it looks horrible.

I am not a complainer and didn't realize that stores would take things back after they have been worn so I didn't take it back immediately but so many people told me that they get their merchandise credit or exchange but I guess I don't yell enough.

So I have about $450 worth of bras that are useless.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/07/2008:
You did not give us a timeframe in which you bought your bras and the time that lapsed for you to take them in and then deemed "to old". The store has a good policy by allowing worn merchandise to be returned. If you did not take the garmets back right away, that is not the fault of Victoria Secret. $48 is expensive for an undergarment. Why wouldn't you educate yourself on their return policy when you noticed the problem so you could get your money back

You posted a similar complaint about worn merchandise for A&F. What's going on here?
thensider on 09/07/2008:
"they look like they have tissues on them"? what does that mean? What it sounds like, to me, is that they were not, in fact, hand laundered. Did you hand wash them and then put them in the dryer? How "old" are the bras?
Anonymous on 09/07/2008:
I think this entire issue needs to be looked at a lot closer by John and Superbowl. The bra's of course need to be worn when we do the investigation or the results may be flawed. Having a few Victoria's Secret models wearing the exact same bra's will help with the investigation. We will post the results after we stop drooling on ourselves and get some fresh air.
Anonymous on 09/07/2008:
Yeah, I noticed you were complaining about "old clothes" in another post, too. Wow, you sure do keep careful track of everything you spend on clothes. Super, you ain't right, but this is part of your charm.
DebtorBasher on 09/07/2008:
Burn 'em, baby ... burn 'em!
DebtorBasher on 09/07/2008:
Not being "right" is a part of his charm...LOL!

I THINK there's a compliment in there somewhere!
Anonymous on 09/07/2008:
What? Were just trying to be helpful by providing a complete hands on investigation.
Anonymous on 09/07/2008:
LOL Super & Sherdy!!
*Brenda* on 09/07/2008:
I used to buy VS bras until I realized that they weren't all that great. Now I buy $15.00 bras that last years with no problems.
Anonymous on 09/07/2008:
I have no problem seeing women with unwearable bras. Your shirt will look lots better too.
DebtorBasher on 09/07/2008:
Why do men seem to be better experts when it comes to bras, than women are?
Anonymous on 09/07/2008:
It was part of our education process while we were (are) breast feeding.
Anonymous on 09/07/2008:
What do you mean "were".... I feed every chance I get!
Anonymous on 09/07/2008:
I stand corrected and fixed it to read right now, thank you kindly!
Anonymous on 09/07/2008:
Alright! LOL!
Anonymous on 09/07/2008:
Ummm, I have my3cents to add, but some things are better left in my head. :)
Anonymous on 09/08/2008:
All 9 of them malfunctioned and are now useless? I find that a little bit hard to believe.
jojoko on 09/12/2008:
Yep I'm a liar, I just like to buy bras and complain. If you bought the very sexy padded bras, and they stayed in great shape, then talk to me, if not........why are you talking?
thensider on 09/15/2008:
jojoko- I always buy VS bras, Very Sexy, Ipex, AND body by victoria. Not to mention the fact that I worked there several years ago. The only problem I have ever had is when I accidentally put one of the bras in the dryer. SOOOOO, Here I am talking. Do you have something else to say?
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Poor Customer Service
Posted by on
My deployed Air Force husband ordered a robe and slippers from VS for Valentine's Day. Not only did he get me something that I wanted but ordered the items early. I received the robe yesterday and V-Day is tomorrow.

The slippers came last week. The robe arrived stained and w/o the special $6 wrapping he requested.

I had to call to get everything straightened out, but we live in Germany which means international fees. After repeating my story 3 times to 3 different people, I was told that they could send me a new robe, in a different color, but I'd pay to ship the old robe. Then she said that I could send the robe back, and send me a $40 dollar gift card, but that doesn't even cover what he paid and I'd still be paying shipping.

Finally, I thanked her and then informed her that my husband would write a letter from Iraq explaining the situation and asked "and to whom should he address?"

Now, she's sending me a new robe (different color because they don't have the lilac), paying for shipping of both robes, AND giving me a $20 gift card. I just spent $8 for the call + his $6 in wrapping = $14. So, really they're just giving me $6 to spend on more of their merchandise.
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User Replies:
Principissa on 02/13/2008:
My sister had a similar problem when she ordered something from their website. She ordered a pair of pj pants and when she got them there was a hole large enough to put your pinky through on the seam. They gave her such a hard time returning it she was almost in tears. I personally love VS. It's the only store that sells the size bra I need. I just won't use their site or catalog to order anything. Good luck to you!
chris513 on 02/13/2008:
VS is the only company that has the bra size that fits me, too.
thensider on 02/13/2008:
VS is a horrible place to work
Anonymous on 02/13/2008:
There's a "Shear Negligence" joke in here somewhere.
Finally Wiser on 04/17/2008:
I had different but similar very poor customer service from VS! In November I ordered items for others as gifts. Some items arrived but I was told others would ship separately. As Christmas approached, I sent a request to cancel the order as it was too late. I was told it was too late to cancel as the items had already shipped. 4 days later, I received notice that the items had shipped! I sent a scathing note, but got only the form apology "your opinion is important to us and we're sorry..." however, it is beyond our control...blah, blah, blah. So I was left no choice but to return the items and get credit for only a portion of the purchase price (they charge a ridiculous return fee!). I've learned my lesson. They have nice stuff but after being a regular customer for at least 6 years, I'm finished with them. No more!
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Posted by on
MONROEVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I just wanted to let all of you consumers out there in the Monroeville, PA area know how horrible the customer service is at Victoria's Secret. A sales associate totally stepped out of line with me. She was utterly the most unprofessional, rude and bold woman I have ever met. She failed to ask me if she could assist me let alone acknowledge me in the store. She opted to flirt with a man for now I timed it 13 minutes and never acknowledged me once. I began trying my bras on completely unassisted, as I exited the dressing room to grab another size from the rack. I was yelled I mean yelled at like a child. She said that I was in the wrong I have no place taking any bras from the store shelves (well where else would I get them?) Anyway, she also called me and my aunt whom I was also with rude and ignorant. She keep it up and up pursuing what seemed like an argument. She tried to belittle me by saying if you need help you should have known to ring this buzzer as if I was a child. She raised her voice and began yelling at me and kept coming closer and closer.

Here I am shocked this happened completely out of the blue there I was innocent just wanting to purchase a few new bras. I'm still shaken up about it. She ruined my shopping experience and the manager on duty did nothing about the incident. No apologizes nothing what so ever. I'm outraged at the way my aunt and I were treated.
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User Replies:
Principissa on 12/20/2007:
In the Victoria's Secret where I shop, you can't go into the dressing rooms with unpaid merchandise unassisted. The way she went about it was totally wrong and out of line, but I highly doubt you were as nice as you claim. I know if someone talked to me like that, well let's just say I would have told her where she could shove her attitude and her bras.
Hugh_Jorgen on 12/20/2007:
You should expect better support when bra shopping.
sarahnkrystal on 12/20/2007:
Didn't you know flirting with the male customers out shopping for their girlfriends/wives is the best way to make a sale?
Principissa on 12/20/2007:
LOL Hugh!
Elleoelle on 12/20/2007:
Write a letter to Victoria's Secret. They have where to write on their website, although I also sense we're indeed getting only half the story. You were with your aunt - but you had to get another size yourself? Wouldn't your aunt get it for you? Get your details to make sense when you claim foul. Did you get the salesperson's name and the name of manager? Did you seek out another sales associate to help you since she was clearly otherwise occupied? Another saleperson would have likely loved to get the commission for your sale instead.

They do discourage customers going through the shelves and drawers on their own. You're not being helped? Take names, find assistance elsewhere and if all else fails, leave. Contact the company since users here won't stop shopping there because you had a bad experience with one shop.
Anonymous on 12/20/2007:
Hugh... you just made my Christmas
Anonymous on 12/20/2007:
Was she the only sales associate working or was there someone else that could have assisted you? This time of the year, there are plenty of associates working to assist customers.
Also, it should be common sense that you can't just take items off the shelves unassisted and go to the dressing room - sorry, but I too think we're only getting half of the details here
Anonymous on 12/20/2007:
I like the VS catalogs. :)
jenjenn on 12/20/2007:
Hugh...that was great!
MRM on 12/20/2007:
"Hugh" are so hilarious as usual!
GothicSmurf on 12/20/2007:
Were you under the wire when you were shopping? Is this compliant padded at all?
Anonymous on 12/20/2007:
did you really need an assist while trying on bras?
Whenever I shop at VS,I'm helped right away.
GothicSmurf on 12/20/2007:
I don't need help trying them on, but I don't mind help getting them off! (Ooh, I'm fresh today!)
ykern on 06/03/2009:
well if u needed help u should have asked.
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