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Deceptive Refund Policy
Posted by on
DUBLIN, CALIFORNIA -- This review applies to all video only stores because it is in regards to their corporate refund policy. Actually, it's about their lack of a refund policy and the deceptive wording of their policy. Here is their 30 day return policy word for word (their caps):

"If for any reason you are unhappy with the equipment you purchase from VIDEO ONLY, you may return it for a FULL REFUND or exchange. Units must be factory sealed."

See that second sentence about the unit must be factory sealed? Well, that means if you open the box, they will refuse to give you a refund. Period. Even the company District Manager told me this is their official company policy.

Now I know, you are thinking, this guy is smart enough to post his complaint with the BBB, my3cents, Yelp, etc, he should have been smart enough to read the admittedly deceptive return policy. Fair enough. But I was returning merchandise for my 73 year old mother, who is fighting cancer and is not as sharp and consumer savvy. They even remembered her buying the product (a $90 set of wireless headphones that has static and constant drop-outs), and they still didn't care. BTW, I found out the Video Only store in Dublin, CA is not accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and has an F rating!

Why anyone would shop there rather than Sams club or Costco is beyond me. Those stores have great prices too and will refund your money no questions asked. So please keep this in mind if you do shop at Video Only - you will never get your money back from them if you are dissatisfied with the product - despite what you think the return policy says.
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BEJ on 08/23/2011:
Standard Practice I think for most businesses.I purchased a DVD at Best Buy. When I got it home, it would not play in any DVD player we had. I took it back for a refund and was told that because it was opened, they could not refusnd my money. They even tried playing it and it would not but still no refund because the package was opened.
SteveWiginowski on 08/23/2011:
Did they allow the exchange? I hope so since the issue wasn't that they weren't wanted anymore, but headphones weren't working properly.
Anonymous on 08/23/2011:
That's what bothers me. The OP wasn't allowed to return a *defective* set of headphones and BEJ wasn't allowed to return a *defective* DVD. There is something inherently wrong with this.

Your store may not allow me to return certain items, but I, as the consumer, do not allow you to sell me defective stuff. Why do I get the short end of the stick?

I think I will contact my local Senator to express my concern and ask how the State can intervene in such sleazy practices. You want me to buy stuff to stimulate the economy? Then stop ripping me off!
SteveWiginowski on 08/23/2011:
The reason the consumer gets the short end of the stick is because of the people who try to scam businesses out of money. The honest consumer ends up losing in the end.

For example, a dishonest consumer comes in and buys the dvd for $10. He makes a copy of the dvd and gets a refund on the original. He just basically saved $10.

Or, let's say that he buys a bunch of dvd's from a yard sale, some of which don't work. He then buys a new DVD from the store for $10. He opens the case and puts the bad DVD in there. He returns it and is given the refund. He now has a good DVD and his money.

Again, these are examples of what a dishonest consumer could do. The rules are made because of the dishonest people. The people who get hurt are the honest people and businesses.
At Your Service on 08/24/2011:
My sympathy goes out to your mother. Cancer is an absolutely terrible thing. I'd love to see it finally cured. Parents are the best thing on earth. They're worth being taken care of.

With all of that said, I can understand the policy. Many places have similar policies now for the reasons that have been stated. If you're looking for a wireless set of headphones that aid in things like watching T.V., I purchased a set of from JVC that seemed to work very well. Sony has a similar set as well.

Best of luck.
Dan Meyers on 08/24/2011:
Appreciate all the comments. It is not my experience that no refunds are standard practice - and I buy A LOT of electronics. The deceptive wording of their policy supports the case that it is not standard practice. Video Only knows people expect a refund if they are dissatisfied, but they really have no intention of ever issuing one. If Video Only changed the policy to say very clearly, fist sentence, "If you open the box, you will not be eligible for a refund." Then everyone, would understand it.

Regarding SteveW's comments: I understand and agree with the no refund policy for opened software. But here we are talking about defective hardware. Hardware can not only be defective, but there can be interoperability issues that just can't be determined until you connect the products together. Therefore, I only shop where products can be returned. As mentioned previously, Costco, SAMS, Fry's, Amazon, and Newegg, all issue refunds with no hassle at all, and some deliver it to your door for free.

Finally, thank you for your kind thoughts regarding my mother. I have not burdened her with the poor business practices of Video Only as she needs to keep her strength and focus on getting well. I will take the store credit and donate it to our local community center in her name this weekend.
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Beware of Video Only - Eugene
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EUGENE, OREGON -- In December of 2008 I ordered a home video theater system from Video Only, which consisted of a Panasonic plasma screen theater, a Panasonic blu ray player, a Yamaha receiver and a set of infinity speakers.

Yesterday (3/30)I finally received the last component of the system after waiting and waiting and waiting. I was able to pick up the plasma TV at the store and the speakers arrived about a month later. The salesmen are incredibly rude, and seem to have gone to the used car salesman school of customer service. The original blu ray player they sold me was discontinued, so they tried to steer me to a demo and when I refused the got pissed, but I did get them to credit my account. The receiver they ordered was also discontinued and they tried to steer me to another model ($100 more, which made me think this was a bait and switch variant)and when I refused that they got pissed again.

Weeks passed and after making multiple calls, a replacement receiver finally arrived (new model). Unfortunately that wouldn't work with a Panasonic blu ray player which was exactly like the one on my original order, so more weeks went by while they "contacted tech support at Yamaha." Finally I gave up and wanted them to credit my account. They wouldn't do it. So I tried another unit they had in stock and it finally worked.

Moral of story: Don't get anything at Video Only unless they have it in the store and be prepared for a confrontation with the salesmen (example: when I brought back the receiver that wouldn't work with my blu ray player a manager told me "You didn't get that here!" Even though he'd told me the week before it would be in by Friday of that week.
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Buns on 11/27/2013:
I had the Best Experience Possible, it took several visits to get myself up to speed on what I really wanted, what I wanted and what I walked out with were two different things! I valued my time spent and I will buy again.
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Don't Buy Anything From These Lying Thieves
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SALEM, OREGON -- On Jan 30th 2009, my husband bought a TV. A 42 inch Toshiba flat screen lcd. He was told by the sales woman that it was last years model, and the box had been opened. The warehouse sealed it. Got it home, after 45 minutes, the screen is really messed up, flashing lights, a blackish colored box on the screen. AND the TV is covered in scratches. They sold us a refurbished TV, if we had known that, we would NOT have bought it. Called 1/21/09 to get it fixed, they sent someone out 2/2/09, the DAY AFTER SUPER BOWL, TV's broke, need new parts. To make a long story short, today's date is 2/20/09, been 3 weeks already, still have a broken TV. Not fixed. Video only won't exchange my TV because they don't want to lose money. I paid $700 cash for the TV, they won't refund me for 30 days. They don't care. I called the manager Wade on 2/9/09, 2/11/09, 2/19/09, still have YET to get a response... supposedly parts on are back order till late March. Their customer service end is worthless... they don't return calls, they don't care about the consumer... just care about making money even if they have to lie about their products to sell them.

We USED to buy things from video only, won't ever do it again. If your expecting to buy something, and have the company you buy from back you up, forget it. Its not going to happen. They don't care. They won't return calls. When I told them I filed a complaint with the BBB and Oregon Dept of justice, the manager told me he didn't need to hear me making any threats... these are NOT threats. I did file complaints. An attorney is next. Hopefully I won't have to spend any more money out of pocket to protect myself, and get what I purchased, but I will if I have to. Hopefully the Dept of Justice will give Video only a big fat fine for illegal sales practices. The attorney seems to think its a REAL good case. Buying a TV from Video only has been a HUGE mistake. I got ripped off. I had to cancel my super bowl party, NASCAR has been ruined, and my 14 year olds Birthday party sucked since we couldn't watch movies like we had planned.

Thanks for nothing Video only. You suck. I hate liars, and I hate thieves.
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Anonymous on 02/20/2009:
Look at your sales receipt and see what they have noted on it. Does it say it was last years model or a refurbished set? If they knowingly sold you a refurbished set and did not disclose that information to you, then you have a case.

Thanks for the review, Salem is just down the road from me so I'll make sure I don't patronize Video Only when I'm there.
cskcheek on 02/27/2009:
Well, I do have to admit that they did finally make things right. Only AFTER I filed a complaint with the BBB and Dept of Justice. It took them EXACTLY three weeks from the date of my purchase to finally exchange my broken TV for another tv. THe NEW Tv is a better TV, same brand but a cinema series. Which according the Video only, is the BEST tv Toshiba makes. I'm finally enjoying it. So, my point is, they did in fact make things right, but if I hadn't been smart enough to go to the Department of Justice, they never would've helped me with an exchange. I will still NEVER buy another thing from them again. They did give me a new manufactures warranty and extended warranty starting from the date of my exchange. They basically gave me EXACTLY what I wanted, it just took them three freaking weeks to make it right. In my mind, that's still very wrong. How many people have been screwed over by them that don't know about the Department of Justice?
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TV Never Available, Awaiting Credit Card Refund
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SALEM, OREGON -- I purchased a Samsung Plasma TV (PN50B650)on 12/3/2009 from Video Only - Salem, OR. After two weeks of waiting on the TV, I called once a week to check on it. All they ever told me was that it wasn't in yet. On January 12, 2010, I was fed up with waiting. I went in, and asked for my money back. The sales representative offered me the next level up for 5% more than what I initially paid and stated that they had this in stock. I declined, and he processed the refund. He said that it would take up to 15 business days to process. On February 2, 2010, I called Video Only and told them that the refund had not processed. The representative said he would look into it and call me back. I called them once again 25 minutes later for a status report. This representative spoke with a manager who instructed him to fill out a form for Video Only Corporate to determine the problem. When I asked him how long that would take, he said 1-2 days. I responded that I don't believe anything that Video Only representatives tell me since they couldn't get me my TV in a timely fashion, and now that they can't process my refund in the time they stated. I'm evaluating my legal options at this moment.
It's been an emotional ride of exhiliration in the hope of getting this new TV to extreme disappointment and anger for the lack of resolution and care that Video Only presents.
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BEJ on 02/03/2010:
Dispute the charge with your credit company. Most companies will tell you that a refund may take up to 1-2 billing cycles to show up on your credit card statement. I am not sure legal action is warranted--there are other options to try first such as dispute the charge with your credit card company.
Anonymous on 02/03/2010:
Depending on your credit card company, refunds show up 1-2 months after they are initiated. If you do not see it by the billing cycle for March, dispute it with the card company.
Anonymous on 02/03/2010:
Last time I had a refund on a credit card I saw it show up on the online transaction register that same day. Where the heck does 1-2 months come from?
goduke on 02/03/2010:
I can honestly say that I've never seen a refund take a month when I know for a fact what day the company actually processed it. I've seen companies wait and batch their refunds 1/week or so, but my refunds generally hit within a few days.
memoryx57 on 02/03/2010:
I'm with Stew and goduke. Refunds don't take 1 to 2 months as far as the credit card goes. The only reason he doesn't have the refund is because the merchant hasn't processed it yet. I'd go ahead and dispute it and let the merchant and the credit card fight it out.
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Do NOT Buy From This Retailer!!
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LYNNWOOD, WASHINGTON -- I purchased a 50" Samsung plasma TV on Dec. 14th as a Xmas present. I was told they were out of stock but they promised delivery in 1-2 weeks. No problem, they would have it by New Years. FIVE weeks later, still no TV and their story on why had changed weekly. It went from 'they'e coming tomorrow!' to 'should be a couple of days', to 'we don't know when we're going to get them'. They repeatedly blamed Samsung, first saying they gave the TVs promised and paid for by Video Only to Best Buy. Ummmmm, Best Buy doesn't carry this model. Then they said Samsung wouldn't give them any info or dates. I finally talked to another retailer who said it was a 2009 model and they had been told by Samsung that no more were being manufactured or shipped. I asked Video Only if there was a good possibility that they would never get this model back in and they said 'yes'. Fine, then what DO you have in stock in a 50" plasma TV that I could have delivered?? Remember, this is already 5 weeks after my purchase. Nothing. Nada. They had NO 50" TVs at all in stock. They had one 58" for almost twice the price. I firmly believe after reading other similar reviews of this store that this practice is something they do repeatedly. Sell things they don't have and sit on the money until people get tired and ask for a refund. I was told they had 30 people waiting for these. That's over $30,000! Then to add insult to injury, their refund process is a joke! I purchased the TV on 12/14 and it hit my VISA account on 12/15. ONE day. If you want a refund, you are told that it has to be processed manually (they literally take an old fashioned imprint of your card - they refuse to run it through electronically) and it has to be sent to their home office for them to handle. Minimum of 2 weeks. When I became irate and demanded better, he promised to get it done in one week. Well guess what. It's been one week and still no refund on my card. I have reported them to the WA State Attorney General's office and also the Better Business Bureau. In the meantime, I went somewhere else (Magnolia) and had one delivered in days. Do yourself a favor - DON'T give these guys your money. If you must shop here, make sure you walk out the door with the product in hand!!
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andbran on 01/22/2010:
I think its foolish to pay for merchandise that is not in stock. I did this once 25 years ago and not have done this since. just go to a store that has them in stock.
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Stay Away From This Company
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WASHINGTON -- WARNING! DON'T do business with this company!

This company is totally disreputable!
We bought a 52" Sony TV with an extended warranty. Not cheap! We still have two years on the warranty. We have spent the last month getting the run around on the warranty. Hours on the phone talking to everyone from Seattle to Texas to Portland and back to Seattle, Federal Way, Southcenter and around we go again. No website for contact or complaint. No information for contact of corporate headquarters. They sell these extended warranties and then tell you it is out of their hands. If you sell something out of your store, it's NOT out of your hands! YOU are ultimately responsible for what you sell, even if it's a sham of a warranty.
At this point, we have two full years to dog these crooks. The next step is the filing of a report to the Attorney General of Washington State for fraudulent practices and a report to the Better Business Bureau.
We WILL be the dog with the bone.

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Anonymous on 12/11/2009:
" If you sell something out of your store, it's NOT out of your hands! YOU are ultimately responsible for what you sell, even if it's a sham of a warranty."

I understand why you would want this to be a true statement but if the extended warranty is from another company then your statement is false.
hopefloats on 12/12/2009:
That may be true but....when something is provided from a store, even a warranty, I expect paperwork, contact #'s, and some knowledge of what to do when something goes wrong. No one we talked to at the store had correct info, some had no knowledge of the workings of the warranty, and yet they promote the warranty. As for those who hold the warranty, they were no better. No one knew whom to call to service the TV, or they said they would find someone and never got back to us.
krisjuljen on 01/07/2010:
Hopefloats, I am having the same issue with the warranty I purchased from Video Only. I was told that the warranty includes the bulb to the tv I bought from them. That is the only reason I bought the warranty. Now I am getting the run around that the warranty company was bought by another one and does not include the bulb. What, if any, recourse, have you found with your situation? Jenny
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Deliberately untruthful - poor business practices
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DUBLIN, CALIFORNIA -- Purchased Large Plasma TV in store and instructed the store to hold it because we weren't ready for delivery yet. The salesman told us "no problem" and to call him a few days before we were ready and they'd bring the TV to our house. We called 5 days prior to when we needed the TV and, lo and behold, they don't have it anymore. Now they tell us "don't you remember we told you it was backordered?" - they didn't and it wasn't - we saw the TV in the box (and we should have just taken it right there and stored it ourselves).

Being deliberately untruthful is what really annoys me about this, trying to tell us they said one thing when it was VERY CLEAR at the time and in fact I even joked with the salesmen "your're not going to sell our TV to someone else are you" and he said "no, sir."

When I escalated to the "store manager" and said I wanted to cancel the purchase because they could not deliver when they said they could, he said I had to come into the store because "we don't have a database." This is more deliberate lying (for whom knows what gain). The sales invoice I have is clearly made on a computer and how else would they know it's okay to deliver the TV to me unless they have a record of the purchase on their end - of course they have it in their computer.

Do not buy from these people. They are not trustworthy.
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Anonymous on 12/09/2009:
You should have taken it and stored it yourselves. As long as they can order, they can legally sell anything in their warehouse or store.

Anonymous on 12/09/2009:
I don't think they should have the right to sell a TV that a customer has paid for. If they didn't want to store it, they should have said so. Instead they said "No problem".
Anonymous on 12/10/2009:
Sheriff, we only have the OPs side. I worked in the furniture business, and once an item had sold, we HAD to get it out of our store because that once it was sold, we were no longer insured for that property. I can see them holding it a day or so, but a week or more?

I am wondering if the OP was not more liberal with the time frame here as far as how long they asked the store to hold the property.

Also, again, as long as the item was available for ordering, the store could sell an in stock piece. The OP did not need it at that moment, and the store could order another.
JR in Orlando on 12/10/2009:
The time between purchase and call is the important fact which is left out. A store that says they will hold it for a customer, thinks at the max a period of one week. Here it must have been much longer because she called 5 days before they needed it, which implies it was there at least 2 or 3 weeks. It is unreasonable for the op to think that a store would hold "their" television for a period of weeks, especially if the store could sell it and reorder.
Anonymous on 12/10/2009:
Oh boy so the store sells the OP a TV, collects the money and agrees to hold that TV until a future date at which time they will deliver it. So the OP assumes that the business will honor their word, their agreement, the oral contract. OP calls to set up delivery only to be lied to by the employee who says we told you it was on back order when you bought it. The business breaks the contract and is dishonest about it but somehow the blame falls on the OP?

Yeah that sounds about right.
JR in Orlando on 12/10/2009:
The contract did not have an express provision as to how long the television would be held. Could the op have waited a year and then demanded delivery - two years - 5 years. It would be unreasonable for the op to believe the storage of the TV could be indefinate.

The truth is, neither the salesperson nor the buyer expressed what the time period would be. They both assumed something different. Obviously, from the op's statements, one would think it was a matter of days. Did the op say specifically otherwise, e.g. a month or more, or did the op try to gloss over the length of time they expected it to be held. Likewise the salesperson obviously thought the period would be only for a few days, in saying they would hold it (likely thinking they needed time to make arrangements for someone to be home, etc.)

Either one could be said to have breached the contract, because it was ambigious as to the time period agreed upon. Both acted according to their belief of the terms, but neither one actually knew what the terms of the contract were as to this issue. The op at this time could either wait for the television or cancel the order.
Anonymous on 12/10/2009:
The store agreed to hold the TV until delivery. That was the agreement. If they didn't caveat it with a time period then they didn't honor their agreement. The discussion about time period is irrelevant because the crux of the OP's complaint is that the store was dishonest in stating they informed the customer at the time of purchase that it was on back order. Perhaps you would be content to do business with a store that lies to you but I and most rational people would say 'No thanks' and find a reputable store.

Maybe I'm old fashion but I expect the business that takes my money to honor their word and not lie to me.
Slimjim on 12/10/2009:
Totally agree withe poster (and stew) here and IMO, a don't think the store's version of this will make much difference. Poster saw the TV physically there. Someone came in that wanted it now or never. So they sold the posters set and reordered one for them. Presto, two sales. Problem is, it was then back ordered and the store's bad luck continued when the poster called for delivery before they could replace it.
Selling layaway stuff and replacing it is common, however, you have to make sure you can replace it immediately or by the time it's called for. A reputable store would have called the poster and asked if they wanted it soon or may they sell the stock one and get them another. A reputable store also would never weakly lie like they did either. I'm with the poster, that lame trick they tried to pull is the most glaring evidence of their make up, at least their salespersons.
mrblog on 12/10/2009:
FWIW, when we bought the TV, we knew the rough delivery time, about 2-3 weeks, but we didn't know the exact date yet - and we brought all this up and asked if any of this would be a problem way before checkout. It's not like it was six months or even six weeks and, in fact, 2 weeks is not outside their normal deliveries - the only thing was we didn't know the exact date at the time.

For those defending the store, as Stew points out, I can't believe these arguments. I don't care if it's "legal" for them to sell the TV or not - that's not the point. They explicitly told us they would NOT do that. We agreed that delivery would be 2-3 weeks, and all we had to do was let them know 2 days prior to set the exact time/date for delivery. We called 5-days prior and they had a whole different story.

In the future I will take the TV myself if I need it by a specific date and never trust anything the store says about delivery or anything else (and it won't be at Video Only, ever). But they're the ones who told us it would be "no problem" over and over - how were we supposed to know they were lying?
Anonymous on 12/10/2009:
OP, I just wonder who you would have held responsible if the tv had been damaged while they were holding it for you. As stated before, once stock is sold, it is no longer insured. You basically left your property in their store. We only have your side that they were 'OK' with hanging on to it indefinitely, and it WAS indefinitely since you did not know an exact date for delivery.
Slimjim on 12/10/2009:
I have to say, when I was in the appliance biz, we held stuff all the time regardless if there was just a deposit or paid in full, it never mattered. The product is the stores until delivery is taken, hence why they could sell it. It's also why your warranty doesn't start until you take it and at least in our case, was part of our physical inventory and insured as such. With the amount of items stocked at a given time, securing one more TV from damage should not even be an issue.
I too still find the real issue here being the dishonesty of the store when explaining why the TV isn't there.
Anonymous on 12/10/2009:
Slim, maybe it was just our insurance then. We were never allowed to keep anything in the store more than 2 days after it had been sold. Now that means paid in full, not contracted.
Anonymous on 12/10/2009:
LadyScot just how would your insurance company know if something in your inventory was sold or not? Or how long you've been holding it?

Your argument is irrelevant to this complaint since the store it's self agreed to the hold the merchandise. Whether their insurance company would or would not cover a loss isn't the OP's concern. That's something the store should have considered before agreeing to the OP's terms. The store broke the agreement then lied about it. It's just that simple.
Anonymous on 12/10/2009:
When the store burns down you have to give an accounting of the inventory, with purchase receipts and PO's. How would you explain an extra piece you were claiming with a sold order. Have you never did an inventory before?
Anonymous on 12/10/2009:
no its not that simple, stewart. its the customer's fault. everything is the customer's fault. in fact I doubt the tv was ever even there in the first place. I also doubt whether or not it was even paid for.

this whole review smells to me. I'm certain the customer was trying to scam the store out of a new tv and they got caught and now they are trying to discredit the store's good reputation of honesty and loyalty to its paying customers. yea, that's it.
DebtorBasher on 12/10/2009:
The store sold an item that was no longer theirs to sell.
Lady Scot...we can all 'guess' the other side of the story and I know you've worked in the business...but one store's policy is not every store's policy. (Just like the collection world), we only have the OP's side of the story and with what he has posted...the store was wrong. Not only were they wrong for selling the TV he had already bought, but then they tried saying HIS was on backorder when it wasn't. I can only guess, they got a customer who wanted the same tv and the salesclerk knew they didn't have any others in stock, so instead of backordering it for THAT customer, they re-sold the OP's tv and hoped the backorder would come in before the OP was ready for delivery.
DebtorBasher on 12/10/2009:
The way they would explain if the store burned down..would be a delivery slip showing the TV has not yet left the store to be delivered. Besides, if the store burned down, the purchase receipts and PO's would 'poof' with the rest of the store...since they don't have a database, as claimed.

And..Lady asks:
I just wonder who you would have held responsible if the tv had been damaged while they were holding it for you.

Well...say you go to the store and purchase a large ticket item. You pay for it on Saturday, They tell you the delivery in your area will be on is delivered to your house and you find it damaged and refuse what? Or the store burns down on Tuesday, as in your what?
Anonymous on 12/10/2009:
stop trying to be sensible, Miss B. the customer was wrong and/or lying. end of story.
DebtorBasher on 12/10/2009:
I'm sorry're right...I shall walk away with my head hanging in shame!
Anonymous on 12/10/2009:
It is just so easy playing devil's advocate.
DebtorBasher on 12/10/2009:
OK...but you didn't answer my questions.
Anonymous on 12/10/2009:
DB, I missed you post. I had a few windows open reading another one. Sorry.

If the store has agreed to hold the item until my delivery date, which has been set, the store is responsible. If I tell the store to hold it but have no idea when I can have it delivered, I would hold myself responsible since I could have stored the item in another room until I was ready for it.

The OP already said the delivery date was not set. It was a "I will; call when I am ready deal'. They never say WHEN that was or how long the agreement was for.

I know some businesses will charge a storage fee for uncollected items after a certain time has gone by. If they don't, they should. The point of selling it is to get it out the door. Not hold on to it for whenever the buyer decides they want it.

How long do you think a store should be responsible for someting already sold?
Anonymous on 12/10/2009:
The stored agreed to hold the item for an undisclosed amount of time until delivery so no matter how you spin it the store would be responsible. As far as charging storage fees those would have to disclosed up front and agreed to by all parties. That's not the case here. This one is pretty simple. The store is clearly in the wrong.
DebtorBasher on 12/10/2009:
How long should they hold it? That would be up to the store, but IF they are going to sell it, they should notify the customer and tell them to have it picked up at a certain time, or it will be sold and their's will be backordered...or tell them if they are willing to hold it for a fee and tell them how much the fee is. It's all about communication.
Anonymous on 12/10/2009:
DB, I do agree that the store should have told the OP that they had a buyer and if they were not ready top take possession, they would order another one for them.

I can see the procurement checking the inventory and finding there is stock, the manager allowing the sell, then when the order placed, it is back ordered.

I just can't see a store taking the 'it's OK to leave it just call whenever' stand. They would in effect be liable for however long they hold it. And run the risk of the customer demanding a refund after say a month or longer claiming they never took it.

Anyway, that is just my 3 cents.
mrblog on 12/11/2009:
You guys talking about the store "holding the item" as if that's some special favor, are looking at it strange. It's normal for the store - it's on their own delivery forms - to deliver the item after purchase, and in fact two weeks is still a "normal" time - I'm not even sure they consider it "holding the item" - it's just in the process of being delivered. And yeah, just like any other shipper, if they break it, they pay for it - perhaps they have separate insurance for this case - who knows about that part - but it is totally "normal" and not a special "favor" of "holding the item" for me.
mrblog on 12/11/2009:
@KingJames, I sort of assume your post is satire, but I don't see a smiley.

Trust me, we paid for it. The store is so unorganized, I probably could steal a TV from them, if that's what I wanted to do (how you came up with that theory is beyond me). What I wanted is to buy a TV and have it delivered on the date I needed it because we had installers coming etc. The TV is not all that different than all the other stuff we've purchased in the process of re-doing this room, furniture, carpet, lighting etc. We pay for it on one day and it gets delivered/installed on some future date - that's NORMAL! We thought the TV would work the same way - and they told us it would, so why would we expect it to go wrong?

My whole point of this review is the company exercised really poor business practices. If what we wanted was that outrageous, as some on here defending the store make it out to be, they could have told me that at the time. Instead they lied - and they've lied about a number of things since - they are not trustworthy. You can take my word for that or not. Whatever. But because of that fact alone, I won't deal with them, ever.

Anonymous on 12/11/2009:
Mrblog, excellent points. The company did in fact show poor business practices. As for @KingJames, you just have to ignore him like most everyone else does around here.
Anonymous on 12/11/2009:
mrblog, my comment was 100% sarcasm, indeed, and was not directed at you. it boggles the mind that some can read a review such as yours and still, somehow, come up with a way to blame the consumer.

what you posted was quite informative and excellent information for others that may choose to do business with video only.

I do hope video only made up for the complete blunder and you will again be a satisfied customer.
jktshff1 on 12/11/2009:
+10 KJ
Anonymous on 12/11/2009:
Mr Blog, your first line in your post was this:

"Purchased Large Plasma TV in store and instructed the store to hold it because we weren't ready for delivery yet"

Nowhere did you mention that 2 weeks was a normal delivery window for this store. You only stated that you asked them to hold it until whenever. Normally in a furniture store an item is purchased and set for delivery, usually immediately unless the item has to be ordered.

The way you made your post made it seem as though you bought it, asked them to hold it, which is what you said, and that when you finally were ready (5 days prior to when you wanted it), never mentioning again if that time was within the 2 week normal delivery schedule, it had been resold.

So my response pretty much stands as it is by the information you gave. Yes, they should have called and asked if they could order another and sell the one on the floor. They didn't.

If the store is so disorganized, WHY would you buy there in the first place?
Anonymous on 12/11/2009:
thanks, jktshff1.

and yes, ladyscot, mr blog did in fact define more:

Re: Deliberately untruthful - poor business practices - Video Only
Comment posted by mrblog on 12/10/2009:
FWIW, when we bought the TV, we knew the rough delivery time, about 2-3 weeks, but we didn't know the exact date yet - and we brought all this up and asked if any of this would be a problem way before checkout. It's not like it was six months or even six weeks and, in fact, 2 weeks is not outside their normal deliveries - the only thing was we didn't know the exact date at the time.

For those defending the store, as Stew points out, I can't believe these arguments. I don't care if it's "legal" for them to sell the TV or not - that's not the point. They explicitly told us they would NOT do that. We agreed that delivery would be 2-3 weeks, and all we had to do was let them know 2 days prior to set the exact time/date for delivery. We called 5-days prior and they had a whole different story.

In the future I will take the TV myself if I need it by a specific date and never trust anything the store says about delivery or anything else (and it won't be at Video Only, ever). But they're the ones who told us it would be "no problem" over and over - how were we supposed to know they were lying?

Nohandle on 12/11/2009:
Anyone ever done a remodel or was in the process of building a new home? Purchasing an appliance in advance, or for that matter furniture, and not knowing when it would be needed is not the least bit unusual. My kitchen appliances were held for it seems two months. They were paid for in advance and the store agreed immediately to hold them. What would have happened if the store had decided to sell my built in oven and then discovered they couldn't get another one that same size. Thank you so much, the cabinet had been changed to fit those specs.

Slim is correct. Warranty on an appliance begins at the time of pick up, at least mine were in case anyone cares. The store was at fault, plain and simple. If they didn't want to hold a sold item it should have been stated at time of purchase.
Anonymous on 12/11/2009:
KJ, I realize that. My post was in response to the comments made about 'people who blame the customer' and how I came to my opinion. The info he originally gave, vs what he clarified, were in conflicting. Some still is conflicting.

He still never clarifies how long he actually made them wait before he called for delivery? Within 2 weeks, or a month. He only says '5 days before he needed it'.

If it was within the 2 weeks normally given for the store, then yea the store should have notified him first. If not, the store should have considered it abandoned property.
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Video Only Delivery
Posted by on
This may not seem extreme, but with the other reports, I thought this could be informative:
I bought a TV for very good price on Saturday. I was told it could be be delivered on Sunday. I was told I would be called Sunday at 11am and it would be delivered 2-3 hours after that.

So, I was called at 11.30 On Sunday and told they would be there between 3.30 And 5.30, To which I responded I had plans at 5pm. They said they would be there closer to 3.30Pm and if not, they would call me to re-schedule. So 5pm came and there was no call, so I called the store and told them the situation. They told me that they would call the delivery guys immediately and get them to call me. 45 Min passes and finally they called me to tell me they will be here at 6.15, To which I agree.

By now I have cancelled my plans for the evening (really wanting my TV as my other had broken). 6.15Pm comes and goes. 7.15 Comes and goes. They finally show up at 8.15Pm, drop off my TV and leave without so much as an sorry.

As I say this is not extreme but it really frustrated me, and I wasted an entire Sunday, and least this way I can vent abit. I just hope that nothing goes wrong with the TV as from what I read their customer service is just as bad
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Video Ony Is Completely Disreputable
Posted by on
FEDERAL WAY -- I purchased a 42" LG TV from Video Only last year. No problems there. About two months ago the panel goes out. After several weeks of trying to get it fixed, I finally get an RA authorization from LG which informs me to return to the retailer and swap my TV out for the same or a similar product. It turns out that Video Only doesn't honor manufacturer return authorizations. If your product breaks down while under warranty, can't be fixed and you purchased it from Video Only, well lets just say you are screwed.

Video Only should be avoided like the plague. They are completely direputable.
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Surreal TV Buying Experience
Posted by on
SAN MATEO, CALIFORNIA -- I too had the experience of purchasing a wide screen TV at Video Only (San Mateo, CA) and waiting and waiting for "the truck" to deliver its shipment of Sony Bravias to the store. Told when we purchased the TV on a Sunday that the shipment would be in store in a couple of days and they'd call us. Well, at the end of the week, I called the store only to be told their Sony shipment was delayed because Sony sold so many TV's during Xmas blah blah blah, and it should be in next week. Another week goes by, no TV, another lame excuse (trucks are being cautious because of bad weather). After 3 weeks, we went into the store and demanded our money back. They had the nerve to ask us to wait a couple more days, because "the truck should be here Tuesday". We refused, they credited back our credit card (informing us it would take 15 days to appear on our card, which it did). We went down the street to Telecenter and bought the exact Sony TV we wanted and had it delivered the next day.

I would love to know what kind of game Video Only is playing with its customers. I feel like I was played for a fool and I don't understand what was going on. I am not the only person this happened to at this branch either -- the other person also had bought a Sony and the mythical delivery truck never appeared. Something fishy is going on in this store.
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