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Bait & Switch
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FEDERAL WAY, WASHINGTON -- We researched the product we wanted and found it at Video Only at a competitive price. We picked the stand that specifically went with the TV and they indicated that they were currently out of the stand, but "No problem" they'll just loan us a different one until ours came in. Yeah, right. They listed the "loaner" on our receipt and hand-printed that they would switch when our model arrived. The problem? The model never arrived. In fact, Hitachi stopped making them in 2005 and they would never be made available. I spoke with numerous sales people and managers who put me off for months before I learned that this model was not being manufactured. HORRIBLE service. Now, we're stuck with a stand that is in NO way comparable to the stand we wanted.

My advice? If you're purchasing something there, make sure you WALK OUT OF THE STORE WITH IT.
Customer Treatment At Video Only Store
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OREGON -- When people tell you not to shop at a certain store. Don't! If you want to be mistreated, lied too and walk out of the store in total disbelief then you need to go to Video Only.

Video Only
1900 N. Hayden Island Drive
Portland, Oregon 97217

All I can say is this. The salesman was the most rude, stupid, a liar, a total piece of crap I've ever come across in my life.

Went somewhere else and bought our 40' big screen TV. What a horrible place that store is.

Dec. 2008
poor business practice
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BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON -- I tried returning a DVD/VCR to this store. No problem, right? WRONG! All they offer is an exchange or a store credit. Granted, this is printed on their receipt, I should have seen and read it, should have asked what their return policy was, etc, but I just didn't expect a large company like Video Only to use this practice. This is the sort of practice common in small one-of-a-kind shops. Not a large chain. I'm glad I didn't buy and return a 6000 dollar plasma TV. But a good lesson was learned. Ask about return policies and don't shop at Video Only.

Nordstrom and Costco, to name just two, didn't become as big as they are by using these practices. I won't be buying anything from Video Only again.
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