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Beware of Vitacost shipping
Posted by Starr09 on 01/25/2010
BOCA RATON, FLORIDA -- I have been a customer of vitacost for well over 2 years. When I place my orders I order with the expectation that an order will be shipped within 24hrs as indicated on their site. however, they neglect to inform the customer that shipping carrier choice is their option. The majority of health & beauty sites that I have dealt with, automatically ship via UPS unless faster shipping is chosen. I recently ordered $156 of product. The site specified that 2 of them would not be available until a week later which was fine. Everything else would be shipped within 24hrs, I paid for shipping twice for 2 orders. Vitacost shipped the first order UPS & put a tracking # on the site. They included one of the items that wasn't supposed to be available until the later date which was not right. I received the box in 4days. I realized on delivery that the 2nd box would include vitamins that I desperately needed which was 16oz and should have been included in the first box and shipped UPS since it was 1-lb weight. Vitacost specifies that items under 1 lb are shipped using a postal svc company "Mail Innovations" so my order should not have shipped with them. No tracking info. was provided on the site for the 2nd box! after calling customer svc, I found out Vitacost chose to send the 2nd box by postal mail with no expected delivery date &Cust svc could not provide a delivery time frame. I was unable to track the pkg using the tracking # given by customer svc & unable to reach anyone at their carrier, Mail Innovations. This is the 2nd time Vitacost has done this with my order. I'm still waiting for my order. On an order placed in July '09, Vitacost chose to send by postal mail, the same carrier. I was again unable to track the order, I had to leave on vacation, and the package never arrived. I was however able to have my credit card credited. I am annoyed and thoroughly disgusted with the shipping policies, the lack of helpful knowledge of the customer service reps, and the inaccessibility of a viable outlet for complaints and resolutions. Shows how this company cares about customers. It is not worth the hassle to shop here. There isn't even an email address other than within the site to their customer service. Oh, I happened to locate an email address from another disgruntled customer's review. I wish I had read resellerratngs.com before I chose to shop here & stress myself. Do yourself a favor & check them out before ordering.
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Posted by slclemens on 2012-01-13:
I agree, Vitacost is terrible on their shipping and customer service. Their attitude is they don't care and if they lose the package they will charge you the full cost of your order.
Posted by njm on 2012-01-14:
I ordered a product from vitacost and paid extra for faster shipping (priority). It did not arrive on the expected delivery date. When it did arrive it was just loose in a plastic bag, no wrapping or anything. This is not the first time this has happened. Vitacost used to ship in boxes. Their service has went downhill. When I've ordered from I-Herb, everything has always arrived well packed and in a timely manner. Do yourself a favor and don't order from Vitacost.
Posted by RepeatVitacostBuyer on 2012-03-27:
I have been buying from Vitacost for a number of years. Have always been very happy. However, just received my last order and the packaging is strange. Cardboard box, no Vitacost insignia, appears to have been repackaged. Items inside seem like they had oil (?) spilled on them and were wiped off. Items were "thrown" inside a white garbage bag before being placed in box. I have NEVER received a Vitacost order packaged like this.

I'm left to wonder if they were repackaged by Vitacost before mailing or if there was a mishap at UPS or USPS (package went thru both) and someone repackaged my items in a new box. I can tell the items were initially in a different box.
Posted by Herb Kaplan on 2012-06-29:
Twice I ordered a product and since I live in the Bahamas I paid for UPS worldwide shipping, and twice they sent it DHL Global mail, a form of EMS. I think they are making their money on their shipping with this bait and switch tactic. Their customer service people are on another planet, when you try to talk to them
Posted by jaime on 2012-07-03:
i recently placed an order with vitacost, one of the things was a bottle of jojoba oil. it exploded all over everything. i was told they would refund the bottle but nothing else. the box was literally dripping in oil. i would never walk into a grocery store and buy packages covered in oil, yet they seemed to think it was no problem. horrible customer service and shipping!
Posted by Peter on 2012-12-10:
Wish I had read these reviews before placing an order that never arrived. When I contacted vitacost after 16 days of waiting, I was told that my order had be returned "no reason given" and vitacost would credit me 1/2 the invoice total and an additional 20% restocking fee (for an order never rec'd). I called to complain and was told they'd credit the full amount...I'm still waiting..$75!!
Posted by Michelle on 2013-04-23:
Poor customer service! You are absolutely correct they could careless. I ordered on Saturday morning with 2 day air shipping. I assumed it would ship Monday morning, since I paid extra. No! It shipped late Monday night! So instead of receiving the package Tuesday, I will receive it Wednesday. Contacted customer service. "Sorry, ma'am. The next time order it 1 day air" Seems wrong to me. If I am paying extra fora service, I would think the company would uphold their end of the deal and try to mail the package in a timely manner. If not at least refund the difference which was less than $10. Really? They make (made) a ton of $$ off my family and they couldn't refund less than. $10 because they sat on my order for the entire day. No thank you Vitacost! Thankful there are tons of other choices!
Posted by Trish on 2013-10-16:
I've been ordering from Vitacost for many years and have never had any problems with their shipping or customer service. I'm sorry to hear others have had.
Posted by Arlene on 2013-12-09:
Trish.. you have just been lucky. I included myself in the same boat.. until my orders started going missing/ never arriving, after weeks of waiting . The customer service reps I dealt with, were totally unsympathetic/ unsatisfactory.. and the company does not track their missing orders or offer easy/ full refunds... or guarantee delivery of orders. I have now been charged hundreds of dollars, for orders that stalled in tracking and then disappeared. There are many similar customer complaints to mine.. posted all over the internet.. and I read that the company has lost it's BBB accreditation due to customer service / lost order related issues. I plan to start credit card chargeback process..as the company has taken my money but failed to deliver my orders. I have read hundreds of complaints online, as to this company.. regarding their lost orders.. and poor customer service. I only wish I had taken the time to research online more.. before I trusted and placed such large orders with Vitacost.
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Not Trustworthy
Posted by Smythe on 02/18/2007

2055 High Ridge Rd.
Boynton Beach, FL 33426

I have made many purchases with vitacost.com over the past few years. Their products are good and their service is usually good. If you e-mail them about their products and want additional info, then they are very prompt in replying. If you have a problem with them, then forget about e-mailing them. they only want to hear from you if you have something good to say. That is ok, as I could live with that because I enjoyed their products.

Now, here is what I cannot live with. Back in early January this year I placed some orders and at the end of one of my orders was a statement that read.."do you want free shipping on your next order?" I clicked on that site and it was a gimmick and I saw nothing that I was interested in, so, I clicked off that site and back to vitacost.com. I did not join any club or give this site any of my personal info or my debit card number. On 1-30-07, I saw that $14.95 had been charged to my debit card by a company named "shopping essentials plus" Since I had never heard of them, I called my bank and my bank rep called shopping essentials and they told my rep that they got my personal info and debit card number from "vitacost.com". This was a real shock to me. We cancelled my membership with them and several days later they credited my $14.95 back to my account.

I e-mailed vitacost.com and told them about this incident and told them I did not appreciate them giving out my personal info and card number to anyone, and if this is what they were doing, I would never order from them again. They did not reply. I have since e-mailed them two more times and they still have not replied to any of my three e-mails. My 2nd and 3rd e-mails I told them if they do not reply, then that pretty well proves they did give out my personal info. Also told them I would file complaints against them if they did not reply. Still no replies. I have now filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau and the Florida attorney General's Office.

I just do not understand a company that I have given a lot of my supplement business to would do this. The really hard thing is that they will not even reply to my e-mails.

The reason for this e-mail is to warn as many people as I can. Be very careful before you give this company any of your personal info or card numbers. If there were a mix up or vitacost really did not pass this info on to shopping essentials, then would you not think they would have certainly have responded to my e-mails?

I know that I can no longer trust vitacost.com, and will NEVER buy anything from this company again, and just want everyone to know about them.

John S.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-02-18:
This seems to be happening a lot now. I believe it is a side-effect of the no-call laws. Companies are finding creative ways to sign people up. By creative, I mean dishonest, for the most part.
Posted by sexybaby on 2009-12-01:

GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!! Something/someone has to wake them up on the way they're treating customers. Maybe warning bells will go off, in their tiny little minds, of the way they are treating people, although, they "should" already know this, and they'll wake up before it's too late and they end up losing long time customers along with newbies that will steer clear of them. Oh well, their loss.
Posted by Jan on 2012-11-11:
I have been using Vitacost for supplements for about a year and have found them to be reliable and in most cases their products are less expensive even with added shipping. I make it my business to research supplements before I order and understand what the product they offer has in it as labeled.
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Delivery Time is Horrible/Horrific Customer Service
Posted by Dem8899 on 01/29/2013
LEXINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- As a long time customer who has been very happy with Vitacost's service in the past, I felt compelled to post this review after a recent horrific experience with the company. By the way, this is the first official negative review I have posted about a company in years so it takes a lot for me to be so angry that I will do this.

Last week, I placed an order on 1/22 for an OTC sinus remedy in the morning. Because I was anxious to receive the product, I paid $7.58 for ground shipping because in the past, doing so caused the product to reach me in two days since I live in Virginia.

I was very upset to receive an email on 1/24 that the product had just been shipped and that it wouldn't arrive until 1/28. According to Vitacost records, it was shipped on 1/23 but I suspect that because it didn't arrive at the UPS facility until late that day, it was not shipped until 1/24.

I was also angry because another supplement I ordered from another vendor in North Carolina that Vitacost does not carry arrived on 1/28. I had placed it on 1/26 with free shipping. The vendor's prices are lower than any other outfit that carries the same product.

So I contacted customer service with my complaint about delayed shipping and kept receiving boiler plate responses. I asked twice for a priority customer service callback to no avail.

During one phone call, I asked to speak to a supervisor and after a period of silence, I gave up. I later read in other reviews that this is common practice in not allowing customers to speak to supervisors.

The emails I sent were an exercise in extreme futility. When I sent a 2nd one, I asked that a supervisor respond. When it was clear one hadn't, I sent another one and again made my request and someone did respond with another typical boiler plate response.

When this person offered me a 5% discount on future purchases, I asked that the shipping charge be waived. I won't repeat what I thought of this person's offer but let's just say it wasn't positive. I never heard back from the company.

As a result of my horrific experience, I decided to post a complaint on my3cents because Vitacost needs to know that providing inferior service is not acceptable. I also wanted customers who were considering doing business with this company to hear about my experience.

After reading posts from VitaCat, a representative of the company who seemed sincere about resolving customer service issues, I decided to email her before posting this complaint. When she didn't respond, I decided to post it.

Needless to say, when my OTC remedy runs out, I will be looking for a new vendor who carries the product at a reasonable price and doesn't gouge for shipping.

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Posted by dem8899 on 2013-01-29:
As an FYI, VitaCat finally responded to the email I sent yesterday. Unfortunately, she has said nothing to change my mind about the situation.
Posted by VitaCat on 2013-02-14:
We sincerely appreciate your long term customer loyalty. I am very sorry that you had a negative experience that upset you to a point that you felt it best to reach outside of the company and warn others. I am the same person, VitaCat, and I have not received the email to which you refer. We do have a rigorous spam system that your email very well could have been lost in, and I apologize for that. I am happy to look over this and work with you to resolve it with your 100% satisfaction.

If the order was to be shipped with expedited shipping methods and it was input by 1PM, EST between Monday and Friday – it should have shipped the same day. Otherwise, it should ship the following business day. If this standard operating procedure is not carried out in that manner, it is our policy to refund the shipping costs. I would be more than glad to take your order information and refund that if this is the case.

To hear that our customers were not able to reach a supervisor when necessary is disheartening. I am sincerely sorry that even one of our customers feel this way. This isn’t our normal business practice and it is honestly the first that I have heard of it. I will definitely share that with the upper management within the Customer Contact Center. Please email me again at Catherine.Corey@Vitacost.com with the subject line reading “My3cents.com post reply to Catherine Corey” and I will pull that from spam this evening and reply.

Thank you in advance for allowing me to assist you.

Catherine Corey
Customer Communications Specialist
Posted by Aariz on 2013-07-30:
I completely agree with the post. I have burned my fingers twice with Vitacost and they even refuse to make full refund. Swanson and iherb at least care for their customers. One of the orders I made with Swanson was returned from the customs here, but they resent it inside three days. That what's I call service. And iHerb, I have always received my orders inside five days, and I live in Asia. Never asked to wait for 60 days like Vitacost. The COST of shopping at Vitacost is really high!!!
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Vitacost... continually crappy customer service!
Posted by Aus_T on 12/10/2009
Well.... I've forced myself to "endure" vitacost's consistent slow and inefficient confirmation/shipping process; as well as frustrating dealings with there almost non-responsive customer service team - for over 12 months now... I've opted to do this only because they are still a little cheaper than most other online vitamin vendors.

About a week ago. I received a nice email (mass-posted email) from their CEO, saying that he was sorry for certain "issues" customers had been dealing with in regards to their customer service. And that they've completed a lot of infrastructure change etc to help alleviate these "problems" He offers a 10% coupon and a commitment to better service etc from now on.

Sounds good... it was almost time for my next order so I take the plunge.... Oh to get the discount you must order by phone. After about 20 unsuccessful attempts I finally get connected, though after being on hold for about 30 minutes, I take the suggestion of their automated voice system (very irritating voice btw) that I can leave my # and they will call me back.... Well I do this, and again after waiting 5 hours for a call back that never comes I call again. Once again many attempts are needed to connect to their support lines to make the order. When I do get through the process takes forever... And they are out of a couple of things I wanted (not a big deal I guess that happens)

2 days later I get an email saying they have cancelled another item due to the manufacturer being out of stock (again fair enough, I guess that happens from time to time), but no advise on whether anything has shipped, and yes no advice as to a refund of the amount that they canceled.

Still waiting for some sort of shipping confirmation, their website (my account) doesn't even show the order... And still no answer to my question (am I surprised no) Just disappointing customer service for a company to treat their customers this way.

I think it's time to spend about 10% more and go with iherb (really good and responsive service from those guys)! Well worth it to order, pay slightly more, and not have to deal with crappy customer service
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What I Can Only Describe as Deliberately Underhand
Posted by Nastid on 12/21/2012
LEXINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- I ordered some supplements via Vitacost 26/11/12.

They shipped the box with the 'wrong' order value on the dispatch details, meaning I was charged import duty, where there shouldn't have been any. To reiterate, the value they put on the label outside was not what I paid (invoice), and didn't even match their own pick ticket sheet inside the box.

I did not accept the package as the purchase was specifically calculated not to trigger my countries (UK) import duties. ie under £15. I explained the issue and was told via email, that I would be given a refund if I sent a scan of the charge. I picked up the package and paid the duty. I then sent the scans, and customer support (surprise surprise) refused my promised refund and denied any responsibility.

Customer service is terrible if you have a problem. Whether you're an international or domestic customer, there are better options. My next try will be with Swanson, considerably cheaper and you often get buy 1 get 1 free on many of the same products.

One final thought, If they can lie as easily as they did, their customers truly mean nothing to them.

Hope this helps
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Posted by VitaCat on 2013-01-09:
I am so sincerely sorry for the inconveniences you experienced with your most recent order despite there being no fault of your own. I am more than happy to take a look at the scan you’ve sent us and issue a refund for that amount. Please email me directly at Catherine.Corey@Vitacost.com at your earliest convenience. I am looking forward to resolving this to your complete satisfaction as soon as possible.

Catherine Corey
Social Media Marketing
Posted by Ariz on 2013-07-30:
I completely agree with the post. I have burned my fingers twice with Vitacost and they even refuse to make full refund. Swanson and iherb at least care for their customers. One of the orders I made with Swanson was returned from the customs here, but they resent it inside three days. That what's I call service. And iHerb, I have always received my orders inside five days, and I live in Asia. Never asked to wait for 60 days like Vitacost. The COST of shopping at Vitacost is really high!!!
Posted by Becca on 2013-08-20:
Vitacost CS philosophy: BECOME A MASTER AT SAYING, I AM SORRY, AND LEAVE IT AT THAT. The conversation customers have w/vitacost begins and ends with one, big, apology, and nothing more.
Posted by missy1462 on 2013-09-10:
To say the least, I am shocked at the reviews I have been reading about Vitacost. I have been a very satisfied customer fro many, many years and have never once had a problem with a single order. I also never felt that $4.99 shipping was a bad price to pay, no matter the size of your order. They are probably about the cheapest place I purchase from for shipping costs.
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Warning -- Bogus Survey Offer
Posted by Mackerel Bob on 08/07/2007
Be careful when placing an order with Vitacost. As soon as your order is submitted you'll be asked if you'd like to get $10 off your next purchase by completing a survey. Don't do it, it's a scam. It's only three or four simple questions, but when you hit the submit button you are authorizing them to charge your credit card $14.95 a month for "Shopping Essentials".

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Posted by Slimjim on 2007-08-07:
Good tip.
Posted by P Fleming on 2013-05-22:
I placed an order from them on May 9. Not happy with the products, but that's not the problem. I woke up today, May 22 to find an email saying I ordered something from them today for $13.99 plus tax, uh no I didn't. Called them to follow up and they couldn't even tell what the "item" was, and told me that it was a phone order placed this morning. I sure didn't call, and noone else has my card info, and if they did, Vitacost is the last place they would use it. They are sending my complaint to their "escalation department". Will never order again.
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Poor customer service and poor shipping from Vitacost
Posted by Alcam. on 08/11/2012
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I am received very poor customer service from Vitacost for the past few months. This includes lost orders, partial shipment, damaged shipment, very poor communication from the customer service dept. including long hold times, not coming to the phone at all!, unhelpful email responses from customer service, etc....the list goes on and on!!! Jeff Horowitz is the CEO of Vitacost and the list of board of directors can be found on their website. It is really terrible that one would have to take measures this far because it can't be resolved at the custer service management level. However, after months of undue stress just to receive an complete, intact order or at least help from customer service, I'm not sure what one must do???????????
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Posted by VitaCat on 2012-09-10:
I am sincerely sorry for your inconveniences and frustration experienced as a result of them. I would be more than happy to personally assist you. Please email me at Catherine.Corey@Vitacost.com and I will do my best to resolve your issue as soon as possible to the best of my abilities!

Catherine Corey
Social Media Marketing
Posted by annon. on 2012-10-14:
My last order with vitacost was THE WORST. I am tempted to write Mr. Horowitz so he can feel he earns his 3 million/year, but not sure he cares. Lost items, 3 customer service people making me feel like a moron and in the end, I was correct and to add insult to injury, the idiots call me at 7:30am on a sunday morning to "help" me...wow, really? What about just fixing the problem when I call you and not acting like stooges.
I may never order from them again...
Posted by Sandor on 2013-08-22:
Everything went so well for so long - then there was a billing issue where they were completely unresponsive. My recommendation is to shop elsewhere.
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Beware of Verified Shipping Address Changes when Using PayPal
Posted by Malmillington on 06/06/2012
TEHACHAPI, CALIFORNIA -- From my cart I clicked on the "Check out with Paypal the safer, easier way to pay" link to complete my order. In Paypal I selected my card and specified my shipping address. I placed my order and Vitacost.com got my credit card number just fine, but did not care about getting the proper shipping address.

After seeing the mistake on the confirmation email, I had no way of canceling the order. My Vitacost.com account didn't even recognize that I had submitted an order. Vitacost.com customer service was closed, so I sent an email.

I got a reply, late the next day, to inform me that my order has already shipped and that Vitacost.com is sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused... My $65 worth of product is being shipped two states away!

After 16 minute phone call to customer service after work, I was given the option to had someone at the other address ship it to me and pay for that shipping. Or to wait for it to arrive, call customer service, wait and wait for someone to answer, get a return number, ship it back, wait for them to re-receive their products again, refund my account, and order that whole thing again.

In that amount time, I will have already gone elsewhere for my purchases.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-06-06:
The crux of this complaint is whether there is a problem with Vitacost's website, or if this was an oversight of the OP. I can't tell from the complaint which it is.
Posted by VitaCat on 2012-07-30:
I would be more than happy to take a look into this and see what we can do. I am sorry for the delayed reply but if you'd like us to assist further, please email me directly at customerservicevc@vitacost.com.

Catherine C
Social Media CSR
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Disorganized cheats.
Posted by Sexybaby on 11/30/2009
I would suggest being extremely careful when dealing with these crooks. I have attempted several times to get them to set up a magazine they promised in one of their "deals" at their website, and they have not responded to ONE email, nor have they returned calls... the real pain, any time you call to talk to a sales rep, no matter what time it is, they are always "busy" and the person on the other end states how they will relay the message to customer service person and they're updating their phone lines. They should "update" their people skills.
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Posted by Skye on 2009-11-30:
How were you cheated?? I guess you mean, they cheated you out of time, not money?
Posted by sexybaby on 2009-12-01:
Hi Skye. Well, when they promise something and don't follow up... They had this "promotion" to purchase a certain amount, which I'll have you know, I've spent thousands of dollars through the years, so I thought, "Why not go for it, I love Health magazine". Waited the 8 weeks, as noted before subscriptions arrive... yeah, RIGHT?! It's well past 7 months now and still nothing! When I called Health magazine, they told me I had to take it up with Vitacost since they're the ones who place the orders with them, so, I called Vitacost back and I get some guy telling me he would pass the message on to them. That was over 2 weeks ago, heard nothing. Don't even get me started on how they never answer emails! You got it, TIME and people not doing their job correctly.
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Low quality merchandise
Posted by Review1 on 12/14/2007
CALIFORNIA -- I have purchased from this company for several years because they have the best prices. I do notice that their own lines of merchandise are not as potent then other brands'. Further more, I have returned some product that had the appearance of being either exposed to moisture or just simply past the expiration date (even though the expiration date stated otherwise). I have a suspicion that the company may be purchasing expired items and packaged as "fresh" merchandise.

I would love to know from the insiders regarding their practice.

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Posted by steve101 on 2007-12-14:
I have also ordered from Vitacost and have never found a problem with expiration dates or moisture in the products.. I also find their own brands to have higher potencies than commercial brands in the health food store.
Posted by BettyBoops on 2008-08-01:
I also received an item (a probiotic) with an expired expiration date. Makes me afraid to order anything of that sort from them ever again.
Posted by nutrition nut on 2012-11-29:
I just received my order and two of the items had expired expiration dates. I suppose you get what you pay for!
Posted by bob bart on 2013-05-01:
Warning....been a customer for years and yes they have very outdated stock...over 1 year old they are selling off. Looks to be old stock they cant sell. I will no longer use them at all.
Posted by not a rep on 2013-09-01:
Negative claims make me suspicious of the motivation. Unless you have tests, refrain from "Opinions" I am looking for facts to purchase quality vitamins. Vitacost or not, I want facts.
Posted by red haired nana on 2013-11-20:
I have been buying from VitaCost for over 2 years. I have never received an expired item. I have also returned unused product within the time frame and received a credit with no hassle. They are fine by me.
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