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Best Wedding Reception Rental In Bradenton Fl.
Posted by Bkraymond on 07/12/2013
BRADENTON, FLORIDA -- The majority of the guests stated that this was the most relaxing wedding reception ever! The house is perfectly placed on the Manatee River and we thoroughly enjoyed the use of the dock. The game room was amazing and the rest of the house was very well kept. What a memorable and wonderful week of memories you allowed us to create with the use of your house. This will be a definite place to rent again in the future. Thank you so much for everything!
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VRBO Owner Cancels=too Bad for You!
Posted by Sunshinefann on 06/24/2013
We have rented through VRBO multiple times, and overall have been pleased. I have also owned a condo in Florida, so I know the challenges that owners can face.

My biggest complaint with VRBO is that if you reserve a property through VRBO and the owner cancels, you have no recourse. We experienced this last year, reserving and sending a deposit in advance, taking time off work, making arrangements for pets, etc.--and the owner cancelled 2 weeks before our vacation. The good news was that he did return our $$ (a week later); the bad news is that because it was a popular week in that area, there were no other accommodations to be found. VRBO said we could not write a review because we had not actually stayed there.

My personal take on it was that the owner had a better offer ($$) and will probably continue to do this because....he can! BTW, Rental management companies wouldn't put up with someone who repeatedly cancels, but VRBO neither cares nor will it let potential customers know if the owner does what this guy did.
So, use VRBO, but beware the pitfalls!
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WARNING WARNING --- VRBO did not post my negative review
Posted by Blake.mckee on 06/11/2013
Be careful of renting through VRBO they are for the Home owners and not the Home renter. They will not post a negative review.

I stayed in a house with a pool in Rancho Mirage this spring. It wasn't cheap, but I was prepared to speed the money.. It also including a $1000.00 damage deposit... One week after our stay I sent the home owner a text message asking for the return of my deposit. Text came back saying no problem, they would be seeing their Accountant that week and a cheque would be put into the mail.... Right ....It's June and no replies to my text messages, emails, or phone messages.. I know that my text messages are being read as I have an iPhone, and so do they. With iPhone to iPhone texts you can see that.

So I let them know that I would post an unfavorable review as, they have not returned my damage deposit .. And I do not want that to happen to anyone else... I also feel really stupid that I paid them what they were asking for, it was worth maybe a third of what I paid them.

So I wanted to post a review with VRBO, and 3 times it has been rejected . So here I am on this site...

Beware of property 450223.
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-06-12:
You may have to file a suit in small claims court to get your money back. The fact that you have the text messages where they promised to return the money prove your case. Some states may provide that you receive interest on top of the money you are owed.
Posted by Owner on 2013-07-30:
Odd because I have a property listed and I do not have a choice to as to whether or not add a comment re: my property. Should contact VRBO directly
Posted by Wow on 2013-09-04:
That's terrible. I hope you get your dd refunded. Was there damage? Probably not if they said they would mail it so why the delay? As I a property owner and I am on vrbo and have been since 2008 I can't imagine not refunding a dd for very, very good reason. I would definitely take this up with vrbo or court.
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VRBO #106012 Park City, UT - Beware!
Posted by Aw511 on 10/10/2012
PARK CITY, TEXAS -- I had a rental agreement with the property owner this Park City, UT house (VRBO #106012 at 1102 Park Ave. Park City, UT) for 2 nights in August 2012. He cancelled my rental 10 days before my scheduled arrival and refused to refund my full payment of $330 (2 nights at $150 + $30 cleaning fee). The reason he gave for cancelling was that he got a longer-term renter for the property - so he was cancelling me for another person.

He offered a credit but did not respond at all to my request that he refund my money - even the cleaning fee I had already paid. I had no use for a credit because my travel plans were already booked and I had no plans to return to Park City later. My husband left him a message a few days later that wasn't returned, then did reach him by phone a few days after that. When they spoke, the owner said our money was "gone" and that he hopes we don't use his credit. Clearly he would not honor it if we ever did try to use this "credit".

I contacted VRBO to file a complaint, and they told me they had contacted the owner and that their process required him to follow up with me in writing. It has been nearly 2 months and he never contacted me in accordance with VRBO procedure. This property owner breached our rental agreement, refused to refund payment for services that were not provided and refused to follow VRBO's complaint procedures, and VRBO has done nothing to assist me with this.
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Posted by oldisgood on 2012-10-11:
as a last resort I suggest a trip to "small claims court". I hope you get your money back as that person is totally WRONG!!
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Renewing Your Account
Posted by Kimmperry on 09/09/2012
I spoke to someone in customer service to switch my credit card for the annual fees. They told me I would need to renew the account on-line which I did but then my account showed inactive and continued to do so all weekend until the office was opened on Monday.

I am very upset because this is the time potential renters look and I could potentially loose thousands of dollars and then they are only willing to give me a month free advertising which equals $28.00. WOW!
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VRBO #150886 - Owner will not return security deposit
Posted by Davidwb on 07/31/2012
We found this vacation rental through VRBO. The owner will not return our security deposit. VRBO is of no help. During our stay, the microwave oven failed. The owner accuses us of causing the problem which we did not do. The owner will not provide any credible information as to why he thinks we caused the problem or the cost of repairing the microwave oven.
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Posted by bob932304 on 2012-07-31:
Have you posted this on the VRBO review for this property?
Posted by blake.mckee on 2013-06-11:
VRBO will not allow any reviews that are negative
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Owner of Condo VRBO #412939
Posted by Dfrockshots on 06/15/2012
CHATHAM, MASSACHUSETTS -- Owner very blasé about communicating during rental process. Made it seem like I was renting her place and when pressed to do the deal over the span of 10 hours, never returned phone calls or emails. Finally sent an email at 9:30 pm saying her broker already rented the place. Very bad business and interpersonal skills. This is eight days prior to rental period. I guess it never occurred to her that time is rather important when trying to do last minute scheduling. Obviously I would not recommend trying to deal with her.
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The absolute WORST website I ever used!
Posted by on 01/31/2012
A friend of mine who owns a condo in Myrtle Beach and has a website on VRBO.com asked me to take over running his rental property this summer because hes getting older and just doesn't want to do it. He had a guy last year running it who totally ripped him off, so I have been trying to edit the property page on the website. I log into his account, and cannot edit the page. First it tells me there are technical problems and to try back later, now its telling me there are no properties to edit, then when I try to click on edit from the page itself, I get an error telling me page can't be found.....Fantastic....So I log onto the forum page for the website, and everyone on the site tells me they are having no troubles with the site. So I try to contact them and the ONLY way to contact them is either emailing them, or sending message them with YOUR phone number and they will call YOU? What the heck kind of BS is that? Of course they have a phone number on their site for "sales" calls in case you want to give them your hard earned money for crappy customer service! From what my friend tells me, he paid a LOT of money to advertise on this site too and this is the kind of BS you have to deal with? I sent them an email and they tell me it can take up to 3 days for them to respond???? So meanwhile I am unable to get any inquiries or update for any potential renters while I wait for them to get to the email that apparently takes longer to get a response from than sending a letter with a stamp on it. So I try the phone number thing, thinking maybe I'll get a quicker response.....I enter my phone number and hit submit and all I get is a blank screen....So I have no clue if they even got the message or not. Unbelievable. What a crock! If I had known about this site before he signed up, I never would have let him sign up for this crap!
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Not so “Classic” Cape Cod, -Beware-
Posted by Beachgoer32 on 12/30/2011
ORLEANS, MASSACHUSETTS -- At first we thought the house had just not been rented in a long time and just needed a quick touch up, we quickly discovered that the owner obvious does not use a cleaning service, we had to fully clean one bathroom and the other one we just closed the door and did not use it. There are several places where the paint is peeling and there is mold. The game tables are located in the unfinished basement, presenting an unsafe area to play as everything is out in the open, lawn mower, gas container, paints, gardening tools, fishing rods, line and hooks. The rental is listed as “Kid Friendly”. As for the listed features; the beds were not King or Queen, there was no ice maker, A/C is 2 window units (with exposed fiberglass insulation), the gas grill was rusty, The big TV did not work and the WiFi would not connect to the internet.

When we arrived the heat was not working, the oil tank was empty. The owner gave us instruction to buy diesel oil (a separate expense) & start the furnace ourselves. We ended up calling a local company to start the furnace, they did and informed us that the owner has an account with them for heating oil. There is only 1 smoke detector and no carbon monoxide detectors, I believe this is a rental code violation. We ended up not staying the full rental period.

After several emails with the owner he did agree to a partial refund, but never sent it. In one email the owner said, and I quote, “YOU WANTED CHEAP AND YOU GOT IT!”.

Renters beware, you get what you pay for, or in this case, a lot less then what you pay for.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-12-31:
Contact the Town of Orleans Health Department (Robert Canning, Health agent, I think) and see if this property is in violation of any codes. Even if it's not a health code, they can direct you to whatever agency takes care of problems like this. (508) 240-3700 extension 450.
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VRBO, HOMEAWAY Works AGAINST their customers
Posted by Luxuryrentalssouth22 on 11/07/2011
FLORIDA -- HomeAway, HomeAway.com, Vacationrentals.com, Vrbo, Vrbo.com, Complaint

Vacation rental owners BEWARE OF VRBO/ HOMEAWAY's FATAL FLAW - Vacation Rental Website

I was a happy customer of VRBO/Homeaway until I found out their fatal flaw!

We own/mangage many high end properties. As owners we charge security deposits to cover damage done by guests.

I am now fearful to deduct the cost of damages done because of their ability to then retaliate an post negative reviews about your property.

Homeaway allows these slanderous reviews to be posted and gives owners almost no consideration. Owners are coerced into waiving fees for damage done because of the fear of retaliation. (We had one guest who too the Flat Screen!)

By allowing this, they cripple the owners ability to enforce their rental agreements. As an owner we pay to advertise on the site.

We are the customers.

It is very upsetting that we, the customers who pay to purchase ads, are not given more consideration and have no control over what is posted on the ad page that we are paying for.

This is a problem.

The only recourse an owner had is to cancel the ad and to lose the money they paid to run it for an entire year. Homeaway does not issue refunds for the balance of unused time if you do this.

Homeaway is a Monopoly

Unfortunately, with huge investments from Wall Street, homeaway has bought up other independent sites and become a sort of monopoly.

One bad review can do a multitude of damage the reputation of a rental.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-11-09:
When we had rental property, we always used a local real estate company to advertise & manage the property instead of large franchised/multistate firms. We didn't get as much coverage from ads, but we always received personal service and had someone local to talk to in the event of problems. We were always booked solid for the summer and frequently booked well into November (this was in Avon, NC).
Posted by Marco Owner on 2012-02-07:
I agree hardily with Luxuryrentalssouth22's posted comment. VRBO used to be a great site but is owned by HomeAway. Homeaway has conspired to allow false and negative complaints from renters in order to boost their falling share price caused by a few bad apples. They should have instead targeted the bad apples just like VRBO did when it was independently owned. As a home owner that has been with VRBO (my low number attests to this fact)when it was independently owned by the couple that started it in Denver, I can factually state that once Homeaway bought VRBO and the three other independent ad sites customer service disappeared and we (the paying customers) have suffered greatly with real financial losses. I can attest that some renters now resort to blackmail wherein they seek a discounted refund on their rental fee or they write a negative, false, unsubstantiated claim that does real financial damage. I even had someone write a bad review that never stayed at my home. Turns out he was a another homeowner competitor. Homeaway would not remove it and they take the attitude that false and slanderous reviews are our problem plus just part of the business. They even stated that we should spend more money with them to counter act it. Now we get the new notification (January 2012) from them that our rental rates will DOUBLE in order to stay in the upper exposure tier. They are just out to milk as much profit without regard to customer service.
Posted by Jerry on 2013-07-17:
I wouldn't have a big problem with VRBO, except for the fact their customer support is INCOMPETENT as hell. Mainly because their techies create too many problems for them to learn about and managment wants it all covered up. So, when you call, they act like you're the one with the problem - LAME.
Posted by John on 2013-07-24:
They did not post my totally accurate but soso review of the property I stayed in. So it goes both ways. Will not rent from there again.
Posted by Karlette Johnson on 2014-01-29:
I completely agree with the damage that a negative, false review can do to business. I have owned 2 properties that I listed on VRBO. Both had one extremely negative review that were false. One of them even posted the wrong date that they stayed, yet VRBO would not remove it. In the second case I have an email chain to prove that the guest was lying, but they would not remove the review. We definitely need another advertising option to protect the investments of owners who are slandered by bad guests.
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