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Warrantech Extended Warranty Scam
Posted by 2001isuzurodeo on 01/08/2008
BEDFORD, TEXAS -- Purchased my 2001 Isuzu Rodeo with 85k miles on 6/4/2007.
On 6/5/2007, the trans. went bad. Warrantech denied the claim because they claimed that the damage was "pre-existing"
Sure it was. But thats why I bought an extended warranty, everything about a used veh is pre-existing!!

5k Miles later, the motor goes bad-12/12/2007.

I file a claim with Warrantech, follow the contract stipulations and even have it worked on at their "recommended" repair facilities.

I am told that I need to authorize the mechanic to take off the valve cover and oil pan so that one of Warrantechs' inspectors can come by and assess the damage.

The internal parts of the motor are covered by metal shavings from the main bearing, and the mechanic verifies this.

The Warrantech inspector sees this and Warrantech then tells me that I need to authorize further tear down of the motor to the Failed bearing.
Also, the Warrantech adjuster told me that there is no guarantee that they will honor the claim, therefore, I could be responsible for the labor and garage fees.

I had no choice BUT to authorize the work at this point.

Finally, 3 weeks into the claim, the inspector shows up again, takes his pictures of the stripped motor, and leaves.

I speak to Warrantech and they tell me that they will pay for all but $500(approx) of the labor and time charges for this claim!? This stems directly from the (unnecessary) teardown of the motor. This teardown was performed at Warratechs behest. Now I am stuck with the bill.

I reviewed my contract carefully, and nowhere am I responsible for this one "Warrantech has authorized the repairs". I should only have to pay my $100.00 deductible. Plain as day at the very bottom of the contract. I escalate this and FINALLY find the company website and contact info(they don't advertise it)
I voiced my displeasure and asked for a response. Beck Philips emails me and tells me that since I authorized other work, that Warrantech won't pay for any of it.

No other work is being performed, she just assumed this. I provided the proof that THEIR repair facility's pricing and labor are on the level by showing them estimates for the exact same job, from different vendors here in town including the Isuzu dealership.

Becky then threw some numbers at me(apparently for labor and time) in regards to my claim, that didn't match anything that anyone at Warratechs claim team had previously told me? Becky's responses had deteriorated to semantics and doubletalk.

I am held to the wording of the contract, however, Warrantech does not operate by these terms.Instead, they never contact the customer,l operate behind closed doors and never tell/show how they come to decisions.

I can't believe that business practices like this still go on in the 21st century. There is much, much more to this claim, but it would take a lot more typing, and I'm sure you get the picture. I will sue Warrantech for loss of time, loss of use,just plain aggravation and fraud.

Warrantech also sells extended warranties on wheelchairs, home theater, electronics and more. They are one of the largest of their kind in America.
Circuit City, staples, office depot and more utilize Warrantech.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-08:
Get an attorney to write a letter with a threat of legal action if they don't perform per written contract.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-09:
Bad News: Warrantech has been bankrupt more times tham MC Hammer. Good News: There offices were in Bedford, TX a couple miles from the airport so they should be easy to find
Posted by mydogbozo on 2008-02-04:
They tired to sell me a warranty over the phone back in '95 on my Sony Handycam. I declined their services.
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Warantech Voided Warranty Because Of K&N Filter
Posted by Scany on 06/08/2008
When I bought my '99 Tahoe I got a Warrantech warranty transfered. Two months later the main bearings failed and I needed a new engine.

The inspector at Warrantech looked at the engine and voided the warranty because the car had a K&N filter installed.

I then talked to K&N which was very helpful and told me this was illegal unless Warrantech could prove the damage was due to the airfilter (which of course it wasn't). I was asked to file a civil lawsuit against Warrantech.

I ended up putting a new engine in myself and trying to forget the whole thing. The dealer wanted up to ten thousand to replace the engine, and I was not gonna end up paying that for a eight grand truck if I lost the law suit.

Warrantech was unbelievably unhelpful and of no interest to support the people that bought their product. Obviously the less they repair the ore they make, and they know it. Now they even have the guts to keep calling me to extend the warranty they voided 8 months ago.

To finish the story I got the engine in myself and it's running fine. The K&N filter is still installed. I'd avoid Warrantech by all means and can not understand how this company is allowed to run over customers like they obviously do. They are bigger and have more lawyers than any car owner. Thats where they seem to make their money, not by helping unlucky carowners that needs help after their car breaks down and might need a pricey repair. Put some money aside yourself and learn a few things about car maintenance and repair (like I had to do) and you are far better of. If you want something done, and done right you need to do it yourself.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-08:
Thank you for a wonderful review. K&N are regarded to be outstanding automotive filters. Odds are, if you would have had a Fram filter on the engine, the 'inspector' would have claimed 'Fram was liable'. Aftermarket warranties are highly variable in coverage and business ethic, as you found out.
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Poor Service on TV Warranty
Posted by Williamson on 02/20/2010
BEDFORD, TEXAS -- In Oct. 2009, we reported repair needed for our TV purchased from Belmont TV and requested service from RepairMaster using our extended warranty. We were assigned authorization #4102478-00-TDL. We were told to schedule service with A1 Service. They picked up our TV and kep it for about 3 months before telling us that the TV could not be repaired. We had attempted to obtain a response from them on the status of our TV repair by calling several times, but never received a response. We finally received notification from RepairMaster stating that our claim would have to be reviewed after we notified them that the TV still had not been repaired and that A1 had been unresponsive to our inquiries. RepairMaster told us that they would need to obtain a quote for comparable replacement from Belmont TV where we purchased our TV. We contacted Belmont TV and they said that they had provided RepairMaster with an estimate to replace our TV with a $1999 Toshiba. They also stated that the quote had been sent by email to Olivia Gilliam.

We have contacted RepairMaster on several occasions asking if we can obtain the offer to replace our TV. Repeatedly we have been told that information needs to be "entered in their system" before we will receive an offer. The last note was that they were waiting for additional information from Belmont TV. Customer service has not been responsive from RepairMaster. The typical wait time on a call is 15 - 30 minutes. I asked to speak to a manager and have never been transferred to one. I was told there was only one on the floor and no one available. Several times I was told that someone would call back which never happened. There seems to be a general lack of interest in resolving our problem or providing any assistance. They also give you the run around saying they are waiting for someone else to document something or receive something but no progress is ever made to resolve the problem.

I feel they have stolen the $399.95 we paid for this extended warranty and the TV we paid $3,499.88. We have been left with absolutely nothing for the money we spent except frustration and dissatisfaction.
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Posted by Reviewer4U on 2010-04-05:
Buy a warranty from Repairmaster Warrantech at your own risk. I bought a 56" D-ILA television for more than $3000.00 (not including tax or warranty) and warranties totaling over $369.00 from Repairmaster / Warrantech. Before I bought them I called their customer service to make sure it covered the "light engine" because research told me it was a very expensive part, I was told that was a covered repair. 3 and a half years later (with a year and a half left of the 5 year warranty) the light engine went, I called and was again told by the representative it was covered. They sent a tech out (about a week later) and he confirmed that was the part that failed on the TV. Called Repairmaster / Warrantech again and was told it would be a week before they made a decision, a week later I was told they weren't going to fix the TV but replace it and they'd contact me in about another week or so to tell me what they were going to replace it with. Well a week later they told me they were going to replace the TV with a Mitsubishi DLP which is not in any way comparable to the television it would be replacing (would YOU take a Geo to replace your BMW?) so I asked what the cash out option was and was told $1194.99, the cost of the Mitsubishi. I researched for a week and couldn't find ANY TV in that price range even close to comparible. I opted for the cash out anyway, figuring I'd have to put about $800.00 of my own money with it to get something even close to comparable and was told it would arrive in the form of a gift card in 3 to 5 days, when it didn't come I called again (several times) and I'm still waiting (it's been a month and a half since the problem started). Not only do I feel ripped off but lied to as well. Time will tell if I see any settlement at all, or if I have to take them to court to get my measly settlement. I've since read reviews on others who have had bad dealings with Repairmaster / Warrantech and thought I'd add my voice to the group in hopes of helping others to avoid the disappointment and frustration I've experienced. Had there been reviews of this company back when I was looking for the warranty I certainly would have passed on buying my extended warranties from Repairmaster / Warrantech. I've read many good reviews on the Square Trade warranties sold on Amazon (they currently pay the price you paid for the TV if they opt not to fix it, not what THEY consider to be a comparable unit) when I do get my replacement I certainly won't be looking to Repairmaster Warrantech to purchase my extended warranty, Square Trade here I come! This review has been my experience with this company, your results may vary, only you can decide if you want to take a chance on having a similar experience.
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Save your money - - don't buy extended warranties
Posted by Fasteddy106 on 05/03/2012
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Warrentech Automotive is the bully on the block for Automotive Extended Warranty Comnpanies. They are also the most obnoxious, difficult, rude group of individuals to be assembled in one company with the exception of one employee appropriately named Angel. First and foremost, they have a low tech voice recognition program that makes it impossible to get through to a human on the 1st try. This is of course a deliberate tactic to soften you up and wear you down. Then you get an assortment of individuals who seem to have terminal boils on their butts that reflects in their hostile attitude towards you. You are interrupting and interferring in whatever else they are supposed to be doing, or this is another tactic. If you think you understand your contract, think again. They elevate quibbling and weaseling to a level that would make Chineses negotiators look like simpletons. Once you have navigated through the minefield of their claims dept. and have a claim number they then throw time wasting and absurd roadblocks in the way of actually accomplishing a repair on your vehicle at the repair shop all the while trying to wear you down and simply throw in the towel. Tear down authorization is their favorite tactic to discourage you further, try to nail them down on payment of tear down cost and you will find it easier to do root canal surgury through your ear drum. If you finally manage to get claim approval and the repair is finished, be prepared to travel to your repair shop at the most inconvenient time to sign a completed repair order and hope that they actually pay. They say they will fax credit card payment information within 3 hours but in years of dealing with them, it never happened and always required a second phone call and going through their voice mail mine field once again. But if you like frustration, aggravation, rudeness, and humiliating condescension, by all means buy one of their policies.
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Don't Buy ANY Extended Warranties from Warrantech, Irving Texas
Posted by Pamrecmgt45 on 12/16/2011
IRVING, TEXAS -- It has been a VERY frustrating situation trying to get my 4 year old Samsung TV repaired under the 2 extended warranties (5 year warranty) that I purchased from Techforless with Warrantech, out of Irving, TX. The whole problem is that Warrantech does NOT want to pay for any repairs OR send anyone to repair the TV. I originally contacted TechforLess and Warrantech on November 21, 2011. Today is December 16, 2011 and I am STILL being told by Warrantech that they have to "data entry" my case so they can then send a technician to see the TV, determine the repair, then decide If/how they are going to pay for it. I have spent COUNTLESS HOURS on the phone and emails with a simple thing - trying to get my TV repaired under an extended warranty that I paid good money for. DONT EVER use this company or buy a warranty with them. I have NEVER experienced anything like this before. They hide behind their voicemails. They promise to call you back.... bottom line, is they don't honor their warranty. My next step is to blast as much negativity about them on the web as I can so NO ONE will buy their products AND to sue them for breach of contract. It may take a while but I WILL WIN!!!
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Posted by At Your Service on 2011-12-17:
I tried to do some research about Techforless and it seems they're are not, nor do they have any actual brick and mortar location. Not to mention they only sell "refurbished" electronics. On top of all of this they don't back the warranty programs they offer.

Unfortunately it sounds like an expensive lesson to learn. Pay a little more. Buy locally and with respectable warranty coverage. The truth is that there are a lot of people who will still support this company and others like them, losing a great deal of money on similar stories. No one is going to take them to court. Any attorney is going to require more than what the television is worth just for a retainer.
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Warrantech Warranty
Posted by Doug8150 on 04/12/2011
I bought a new Toshiba LCD TV/DVD Combo from Electronic Express and soon after I starting having problems with the DVD player. I called NSI warranty services December 2010 to explain the problem in hopes of getting an authorization for repair. The DVD would not eject and was making a terrible noise. I thought my warranty protection plan was through NSI Protection Plan and I had hopes of an in home warrant repair as all my other electronics have. But I ended up having to ship it off and after waiting several weeks I finally got it back. It seemed to work properly and I thought the problem had been fixed. A few weeks later I received a letter from Warrantech advising that their records indicate that upon diagnosis by Orbital Electronics my TV was found to be in good working order. It was the DVD player that was broken, not the TV. Warrantech says that I owe $120.00 for a “No Problem Found” based on a diagnosis from Orbital Electronics. The extended warranty was only $99.00 so this doesn’t make a lot of sense. They further state that they have suspended service on all of my contracts pending payment. I consider this matter deceptive and fraudulent. After speaking to several people with NSI Protection and Warrantech no one was able to help me. I have been doing a lot of research on Warrantech and Orbital Electronics and I was wondering if anyone else has a problem similar to this situation.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-04-14:
I took a glance and saw that four other consumer websites, along with this one, have complaints regarding Warrantech (including a BBB F rating & 454 complaints in 36 months about them). Use key words 'Warrantech complaints' in Bing or Google for further information.
Posted by R. Conlin on 2011-05-24:

Do what I did:

File a small claims court action against Warrantech, Westco Insurance Co., Inc, and the store which sold you the warranty. They are all jointly and severally liable to you. These retailers receive a substantal commission from Warrantech for foisting these phony warranties on (they presume) defenseless consumers. You will get a response. They will get the message. And NO lawyers are needed for this.
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Warrantech A Bunch of Crooks
Posted by Liciankeir on 11/23/2010
BEDFORD, TEXAS -- My husband and I recently purchased a new home. Not even three weeks after moving in the house we got a leak in our master bath toilet. According to Warrantech our policy was on hold so I called my realtor to get to the bottom of the situation and they tried to say that the policy hadn't been paid for, even after the check had been cleared. We even had a confirmation number and the policy should have been in full force. Well this all happened on October 22nd. After numerous phone calls we have been bounced around, jacked around and been fed line after line of crap! Well then these people have the nerve to tell me that we didn't get a home inspection so the policy is on hold for 30 days. Well what does that mean? I have to wait 30 days before you will fix a leak? Are you flipping kidding me? Do you know how much damage that's going to end up being? My realtor, the seller of the house we bought realtor, and myself have been wasting hours of our life we will never get back talking to their worthless customer service department as well as their worthless supervisors. I am working so hard for this piece of crap company to just give me back the money paid for this warranty so I can fix the damn problem myself. I can buy my own warranty from a different warranty company that actually does their job. Every time you call they tell you they can't do this and that. Then they wanted a copy of our appraisal since we didn't have a home inspection so we did that still nothing is done. Meanwhile I have a gaping hole in my ceiling. I am on a mission to spread the word about this very horrific company, their horrific service, their horrific claims process, their horrific business habits and the way that they are ripping customers off left and right. I will not rest until the whole world knows that this company is full of sh**. After further reading their warranty coverage it outlines more of what they won't cover then what they will. The warranty is complete crap NOTHING is covered. It's not even worth the paper that its printed on. I want the money back from the warranty and I want to be done with these losers completely. I have never dealt with such a dishonest, crooked, business in all of my life and I hope they are wiped out of existence. If I had a chance to choose my warranty prior to it being purchased on my behalf by the seller of my house I would have done the adequate research to know that this company was comprised of a bunch of crooks. I will be damned if I sit back and let this leak continue to destroy my house for months on end like I have seen other people deal with from this company. I will call every lawyer, BBB, and person I can even if I have to go to my congressman I will. I am tired of companies like this thinking that they can take advantage of consumers and get away with it. NO where in their documentation does it require you to have a home inspection prior to the sale of a home to establish coverage. Having a home inspection is not required prior to the sale of a home by state law. The bottom line is this company is full of sh** when its time to pay for repairs that should be covered! So finally I get in touch with someone who is suppose to send me a refund and surprise, surprise they send the check to the wrong address here it is almost December and I still don't have a refund what a worthless company! Wake up Warrantech Rome fell and so can you!
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Posted by Slimjim on 2010-11-23:
I would stay diligent in fighting for a refund. If they won't cover your damages, they have no business holding your money. After that, consider putting whatever your premium costs for this warranty plan into a CD instead. Odds are, you will have plenty saved in there anytime you need to access it for future repairs. Even if you lose interest by pulling it early down the road, you still probably would have accrued some before hand. Beats a savings account which are paying nothing these days.
Posted by WCPS on 2010-11-29:
Unfortunately, the customer’s home did not qualify for day-one coverage under the Warrantech Home Warranty as a home inspection is required in order to file a claim in the first 30 days. A refund check is being sent today. Warrantech Apologizes for the delays and inconvenience. Warrantech will follow up later this week to ensure receipt of the check.
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Not fixed AC after 2 weeks
Posted by Gabi and Pat on 09/09/2009
BEDFORD, TEXAS -- After contacting the Warrantech about my broken AC unit they have sent somebody to look at it the next day, but now two weeks later is still not fixed. We had been informed that the outside unit will be replaced and that we will only have to pay $85 to take it away from our property.

Now the story had change to replacement of the compressor. Unfortunately they have try to get it from place that doesn't have that type of compressor (in Longview TX) and now we have to wait longer to get it from a different place which will make us wait longer. I have terrible allergies together with my 2 years old daughter and our patience is gone after 2 weeks of hot temperatures in Louisiana.

Every time we had contact Warrantech we were told different story.
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Posted by liciankeir on 2010-11-30:
I had nothing but problems with warrantech as well. After posting on this site as well as sending them the same complaint to this address: info@warrantechassurance.com I finally had my problems resolved. You literally have to bug the hell out of them until you get what you need taken care of. I have been fighting with these people since October 22nd and after posting on numerous blogs I finally got a response after contacting that email address. Keep blogging and believe me they will listen. No company wants to have bad reviews plastered on the internet about them!
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Policy cancellation
Posted by Pigita on 08/20/2009
I purchased a auto warranty for my car in September of 2007. I recently decided to cancel the policy. Their contract states that it will take four to six weeks to refund the money. They lie. It has been over ten weeks since I cancelled and I still have not received my money. I tried to use the warranty one day when I had a blow-out on the freeway. They refused to help me because they said that there was no wrecker service included. I complained and someone named Ben gave me a 170.00 dollar check to compensate me for my trouble. All the money in the world would not replace the lives of my family if we had been hit by another car.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-20:
"I recently decided to cancel the policy."
" I tried to use the warranty one day when I had a blow-out on the freeway."

But, you just said you cancelled it. Why would you try to use something you cancelled?

"All the money in the world would not replace the lives of my family if we had been hit by another car. "

You tried to use a cancelled policy. Got money from some guy named Ben... why would the guy give you money? You cancelled your policy. Have been waiting on some money back... haven't received it yet. And tried to use a cancelled policy to get money for a blown tire?

So, really your complaint is, is that you haven't received your money yet for the cancelled policy. Have you tried to get in contact with them? Call them? Email them?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-20:
How would a warrantly replace the lives of your family..lol
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-20:
bear, I think the OP is saying that one day earlier he tried to use it and they wouldn't help. He's just now trying to cancel it.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-08-20:
it's best to review the policy before hand and find out exactly what you're signing up for
Posted by R. Conlin on 2011-05-24:
Do what I did:

File a small claims court action against Warrantech, Westco Insurance Co., Inc, and the store which sold you the warranty. They are all jointly and severally liable to you. These retailers receive a substantal commission from Warrantech for foisting these phony warranties on (they presume) defenseless consumers. You will get a response. They will get the message. And NO lawyers are needed for this.
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