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Warranty Direct Is Not Worth Ten Words
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LEWISVILLE, TEXAS -- Bought warranty in April of 2015. Went to use the policy for an A/C problem (hottest day in the summer so far). Auto dealership service contacted the claims department and was told they needed pictures of the defective equipment, if I had wanted them to cover the service. Asked what they were looking for and was told dirt and possible rust. Excuse me the truck is nine years old. Yes it may be dirty and (forbid) a rusty place. They were just looking for a reason to not pay, I think. Well having the A/C taken apart and a picture taken would have cost five hundred plus if the warranty did not cover the service which it said it would in the policy.

I called customer service and explained this and the customer service personnel asked what my point was. That is enough said. Concerning the personnel, I am not to use my colorful language. All in All I immediately cancelled my policy and the dealership personnel put a band aid on the problem until I could save the money for the repair.

Warranty Direct deny, deny, deny never pays
By -

GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK -- I have a bumper to bumper warranty with Warranty Direct that was not cheap and I never used or made a claim on until now! When I took it to a national GM dealership because I thought the starter was going and the transmission had been slipping, the dealership found that it was not my starter and just my battery, but the story really starts here, the dealership found through a road test and a computerized test that there was something definitely wrong with my transmission.

Then my service representative called Warranty Direct they said yes they do cover transmissions but I have to approve $900 more in diagnostics so they can find out what is really wrong before they will approve the claim. After this was done they found that there was clutch material in my transmission fluid and the dealership said this was due to leaky seals so Warranty Direct sent out an adjuster and when they did he came out and took pictures of everything and agreed with the dealership that there was something wrong and it needed to be replaced.

But then when he sent his report back to Warranty Direct it somehow changed to "he found nothing wrong with the transmission"! When I asked Warranty Direct to send me a copy of his findings they responded "we can't send that to you" I asked "why not" the lady on the phone responded "uh, uh, we just don't"! They just kept giving me the run around everyone that you speak to has a different reason why they would not cover the repair. One supervisor even told my service representative "there is abnormal clutch material but its still not enough reason for us to cover this claim"!

Warranty Direct said that I could send out another adjuster for just an additional $90 as if they would not alter his findings as they did the last adjuster. DO NOT EVER DO BUSINESS WITH WARRANTY DIRECT!!! You will never get any straight answers out of them, they will never put anyone on the phone with any authority and ability to make any decisions!! They want you to wait until your car stops working and you are stuck on the road and put yourself in danger before they will consider honoring the warranty.

Direct Buy Warranty SCAM
By -

METUCHEN, NEW JERSEY -- These folks are liars and scam artists!!! First they start by lying to you about their coverage. The bumper to bumper is only as good as they want to interpret the verbiage in the contract... and here are several other examples of how they will sucker you in and then cheat you if you try and collect:

Example #1 - They tell you all internally lubricated parts are covered, including some external things like transmission mounts. When you have a problem with the transmission, the 4 things identified as "including" are the only things they cover....not the internally lubricated parts they lied to you to get you to buy the contract.

Example #2 - So now you have bought the warranty and they make you wait 30 days before it goes in effect. All the while, the 30 day full refund period is ticking away... now all recourse is gone and if you cancel you immediately loose at least 20% right off the top... this is 500 dollars on most policies... and they will have done nothing to date but screw you over.

Example #3 - Here's the kicker... if you want to fight the denial of the claim you will have to do it in New Jersey. Secondly, they have limited your ability to get anything back by putting a cap in the small print... of 1500 dollars... that's not even half of a transmission or engine problem.

Example #4 - All the while they are jerks to you on the phone, pass you from person to person, they will tell you all managers are out in the field, they will not give you to anyone in charge and they will continue to lie and belittle you till you go away. They will not cooperate with your dealership, they will not call them back, they will lie to you and tell you they are sending a representative out and they will never show... on and on and on... liars, cheats and scam artists.

Please tell everyone you know... I will and I am contacting 60 minutes and several other organizations that correct these scams.

Unjustified claim denial
By -

Purchased full 25/25 Xtra Care warranty from Warranty Direct in good faith ($1714.50 covered 2 yrs or 25K miles) at 5K miles/8 mo into coverage, had a problem with CV joints causing vibration in turns Rt and Lt. On inspection by Tire Dealer, joint bearings, RT & Lt, were found to be breaking down with metal filings thrown into rubber boot causing lube to leak. Tire dealer called WD for repair authorization and was denied, due to assumption that rubber boot, which is uncovered by contract, failed from an external road hazard causing lube to leak and thus caused premature wear on bearing. (This is like "what came first, the chicken or the egg?" mentality)

First, both Rt and Lt CV joint wear caused symptoms simultaneously indicating that wear was initiated by bearing failure in the joint, not a puncture or failure of the rubber boot. Secondly, my tire dealer observed the CV joints (RT and LT) directly with his own 2 eyes. The WD administrator merely speculated that it was simply failure of an uncovered part... case denied!!

I get it now... They can find a reason to deny ANY CLAIM they want and the "call bank/Customer Service folks" all are coached very well on key words and ways to find denial. I am cancelling my gig with them before I lose any more money!! If any class action process is started or is presently building, please let me know...

Warranty Direct is Horrible
By -

This company wears you down so that you want to give up on ever getting your car back. My car went into the shop on April 26. On April 27 I was told that I need transmission work. Warranty Direct took two weeks to make the decision, then shipped a used transmission with a cut harness. Two weeks later they shipped another with a cut harness. I have spent hours on the phone with this crappy company, gotten cut off numerous times and still don't have a car. It is now May 28! They don't return phone calls and won't let you speak to management. Right now I am on hold waiting for a representative.

I don't know how they stay in business. I have been lied to since the beginning of this terrible experience. They even referred me to a company called LKQ--the company who shipped the transmissions. Now I am dealing with them as well. Why do I have to do the investigative work on what is going on with my car? On top of it all, I got an email from Warranty Direct asking me to renew.

If you want to avoid stress and not take the risk of having a nervous breakdown then stay away from this awful organization. It is now May 28, more than a month after the claim was made, and there is no resolution in sight. Do yourself a favor and avoid them. I wish someone had told me about them before I signed up.

Worst Company Ever!!!
By -

UNIONDALE, NEW YORK -- This is the worst company ever. Everything goes smoothly until you have a claim. My shop told me of all the extended warranty companies he ever dealt with, this was by far the worst. I will make it short. My contract says they pay for car rental for up to 3 days for any repairs between $401-$700. My repair is $609. They refused to pay for more than 1 day. (DID NOT HONOR WHAT WAS WRITTEN IN CONTRACT) Also said my shop had to call them to request a car rental for me (NOT WRITTEN IN CONTRACT).

They also refused to pay the full amount for the parts replacement. They said they only pay wholesale price, even though THIS IS NOT WRITTEN IN MY CONTRACT. This is a piece of garbage company, scam artists. The worst kind of human scum on earth. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY. Left my contact information, anytime there is a class action suit against this company, count me in.

Stay Away from Warranty Direct
By -

Is anyone thinking about buying an extended warranty. If so, read this. Firstly, this industry has the WORST reputation for ripping off customers with claim rejections and high pressure sales tactics. However, the purchasing experience with WARRANTY DIRECT was good. I owned a 2005 Audi A8 with 48,000 so. I bought the highest level of coverage to cover me up to 80,000 miles. The total cost was $5500. The car had several issues over the period of 18 months and WARRANTY DIRECT paid out on every claim. BUT don't think they will pay 100%, by the time they calculate the discount parts costs - they pay around 70%.

I still thought that was not too bad. However, I was still out of pocket by approximately $1000/claim. Last month I sold the Audi with 68,000 miles on the clock. So, I still had 12,000 miles of coverage left on the policy. I canceled and expected a refund. WARRANTY DIRECT said there was no refund due as they had paid out $4705. So, the question it was the coverage worth it ? The total cost to me was $5500 plus $2800 in charges they did not cover which equals $8300.

If I had kept my car for the duration of the warranty, I would have broken-even or actually saved money as the Audi would have continued to develop issues. However, WARRANTY DIRECT should have refunded something in order to keep me coming back. Tips for buyers. Take the maximum coverage for the minimum time period to ensure you get a return on your money. I must admit I am disappointed with WARRANTY DIRECT and expected better customer service regarding the refund.

Warranty Direct Breech Of Contract
By -

NEW YORK -- I needed repairs on the transmission of my 2004 New Beetle convertible. I had an extended warranty with Warranty Direct and on the contract it states what is covered and what is not. My car required close to $500 worth of diagnostics. Warranty Direct told the dealership that they aren't responsible for that part, but I did not find diagnostics under what they "do not cover." The dealership thought this was ridiculous because every other warranty company out there has paid them for the diagnostics. They also state on their literature that they will pay for a rental car up to $50/ day while your car is in the shop.

When you actually need it though, you'll discover that if the car is in pieces in the shop and waiting for parts, they won't cover the rental car during that time. They will only cover the rental car for that day if it is actively being worked on for 8 hours/day. They are pretty sneaky to change the rules like that. Just want the consumer to be aware of this. Thanks for reading.

Warranty Coverage
By -

Stay away from these snake oil salesmen & women. Read the fine print and look out for coverage changes after the fact. I have nothing but horrible things to say about the service, coverage, and value of what I purchased. I would have had much more fun in hindsight in blowing the $3K policy I purchased in Vegas betting on black.

$499 repair - warranty paid $82. $1995 repair - warranty paid $0. $385 repair - warranty paid $72. These are just within the last year. Previous year experience was much the same. I now understand why the dealer warranty was 2x what Warrant Direct was selling. You really get what you pay for - I certainly expected more for the $3K investment I made in buying a policy.

Warranty Direct Nightmare!
By -

UNIONDALE, NEW YORK -- After buying a "top of the line" auto extended warranty, my first time using Warranty Direct has been nothing less than a NIGHTMARE for both my dealership repair service and me. Without Warranty Direct, the dealership could have fixed my car in 2 days. Using my extended warranty from Warranty Direct, my car has now been at my dealership and inoperable for a MONTH!

Warranty Direct has not returned my dealership's phone requests for authorization, has caused my service representative to talk to 6 different agents, refused the dealership's recommendations for repairs, spent a long time locating a "cheaper part," took a long time shipping the "cheaper part," and when part was received, it was the WRONG part! Then they took forever to pick up the wrong part so they could begin the lengthy process again. Warranty Direct ignored my phone calls, and ignored my three faxes to the company.

Their website stated that the BBB rated the company A+. Are you kidding me??? For a 2 day job, it's been a MONTH and still no car! My dealership service representative stated that most extended warranties are easy to work with, but she has never encountered such an incompetent, unresponsive, and difficult company.

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