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Just an Informative Statement
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Rating: 5/51

ARKANSAS -- I work at Wendy's and I've been reading several of these Wendy's reviews to compare my work experiences with customers and other employees. There are are several complaints. To start, I just want to say I don't intend for anything written in here to be derogatory or negative. Here are some things I want to inform the public about in not only Wendy's, but fast food in general.

  1. We are not ALL lazy idiots. Personally, I am working 30 hours per week, while maintaining a 4.0 GPA in nursing school. A coworker is finishing up graduate school with a 3.8 another is in engineering school, doing quite well. Another is doing well in her sophomore year, and another will soon start college to study biology. My manager has a bachelor's degree in management.

  2. My specific Wendy's is quite strict. We are trained to make the customer our top priority. We are currently in a three week streak with zero complaints. Our last inspection? 96/100. I personally cleaned the dining room the night before, and not a single point was deducted from it. The four we missed were due to minor performance errors such as dumping the left fry basket into the right fry bin. We are also trained to go out of our way to satisfy a customer, which we do. You want fresh fries? No problem. You want a salad without a certain ingredient? No problem.

  3. We're not perfect; everyone makes mistakes. We're on timers, which makes the job a little more stressful. When you're being rushed, it's easy to make mistakes, but we fix them. If we slowed down and did the job with meticulosity, it would no longer be fast food. Sometimes we will sell some product, so we cook more to replace it. Occasionally a massive amount will be ordered among several different customers, resulting in some waiting. Our apologies.

  4. Here's some procedures I saw being questioned: Salads are prepped fresh every morning so if you got a rotten salad, someone isn't doing their job of throwing them out. Every ten minutes we have a timer that sounds, reminding us to stir chili and cheese, sanitize all stations, manager do a walk-around, and wash your hands if you're available to do so. Everything that is cooked is on a timer. Our chili has a certain recipe, so if your chili was below standards, someone didn't do their job. All food has a hold time. When the hold time expires, you're required to throw the product away.

  5. Being nice and communicating clearly will help the accuracy of your order and your service. No matter how belligerent you are, we are required to "be nice," so please, help us out with a little respect. Don't get me wrong, some customers are great. At the drive through, speak at a medium volume. We can't hear whispering, and yelling requires us turning down our head sets. If we repeat something, it's not because we're too stupid to get your order, it's because we are just checking to ensure that your order can be filled as accurately as possible.

  6. Remember, this was informative, not derogatory, so please don't leave any derogatory comments. Also, I'm sorry to anyone who has had a bad experience at Wendy's, I thought all managers were required to train their crew properly like mine.

Wendy's Customer Service / Facility Management & Food Preparation
By -

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA -- I have been going to Wendy's for as long as I can remember. I grew up loving their frosties and the chili. I can honestly say after 36 years of being a loyal customer, I will NEVER return to a Wendy's or Arby's again! My story begins at the new location Wendy's put up on the corner of Bannerman & Thomasville road in Tallahassee, Florida. This is really the only Wendy's on that side of town, close to Golden Eagle Country Club. I was excited when I saw it being built, boy was I wrong.

OK, about 3 months ago I go through the drive through, on my motorcycle. I order my usual, 2 jr bacon cheeseburgers and a small fry. Just enough to wrap up the bag, and ride home with it. Sometimes however, I do like to pull over and eat some, being very hungry after a hard day of work in the 100 degree heat doing construction. I work VERY hard for the pennies I make.

So this time, I pull over, eat a burger, and some fries. The burger wasn't as bad as the fries, it was at least warm. But the fries however, were cold, nasty and tasted 6 hours old. Knowing I'd cause more of a stir then it was worth, I decided against going in and complaining, and just went on my merry way.

About 2 weeks later, I'm at home, and decide to go to Wendy's to get something to eat. A weekday being around 8:30 pm. So I hop on my motorcycle and ride the 5 minutes down to the Wendy's. I pull up to the drive through, nobody else is in line, and barely anyone besides employees inside, I shut off the bike and wait. No I'm not the rude jerk that leaves his bike running, I even shut it off after I move up, every time, if a line exists. To allow people to order without the noise.

So I'm waiting about a minute, and nobody has even said hi. So I peek around the corner, and I can see the lady standing with her headset in the drive through pay window. I start the bike and move up and I'm like "did you not hear me? Did the bike not buzz the buzzer thingy?" (and I never had a problem with that before at this location)
She says to me, "No I saw you and heard you, but we don't serve motorcycles at the drive through." Once again I laugh and say "Oh OK" and park to go in, knowing raising a complaint would probably just get my food spit in. So I go inside order, eat, once again cold terrible sour tasting fries!

This time I go home, and decide to look on the internet for the company site, and file a formal complaint. Both about the issue at the drive through, and the cold terrible food. So I do, and did, and at the end of the complaint it asks "would you like someone to contact you?" I thought to myself, heh right, but what the heck, maybe they will actually care. It's been 2 months now and I haven't heard a thing from Wendy's.

This leads me to tonight. Same deal, got hungry about 8 pm, waiting until about 9:30 pm, to let it cool down outside, it's been 90-100 here in Florida recently. So at 9:30 I leave and after one stop I arrive at Wendy's at 9:49 pm. I park my motorcycle, mind you "motorcycles are not served at the drive through" and proceed to go inside. I see employees and about 8 people inside eating. I reach down to grab the handle of the door, and pull, and it's locked!? The sign on the door clearly says on weeknights the diner closes at 10pm, and the drive through at 11pm. So I'm shocked it's already 10pm, I go back to my bike to check the time, and I see it's only 9:50!

I'm pretty pissed off at this point. This would mean to get food, now I have to go 10 miles or so down the road. So I pull around to the back of the store, an 18 wheeler is there unloading supplies and an employee is out there with the truck taking count. I ask her why the doors are locked it's only 9:50 pm and she gives me a snarl and says "I'll have to take it up with the manager." I was pretty nasty to her and said "Oh ya, I'll be taking this up with the manager alright." I leave and go down to the other Wendy's location, a pretty good ride for me, when there was no need.

I went in, asked for a manager and explained what happened. I asked him to please find me the number of the district manager or local corp office. At first he was reluctant, but after he saw and I explained I wasn't leaving until I had some number, he seemed to be able to find the "BOOK" of numbers.

While he was assisting the drive through also, I was talking with the counter girl, she was very nice, and during this whole time, I was polite as well. Rudeness gets you nowhere. I told her about the motorcycle thing, and she laughed and said that's the first she's heard of such a rule, she serves them all the time! Now my face is getting red and I'm about to blow inside! So after only 3 or 4 minutes, the manager got his book, and right in front of me wrote down 2 numbers for me.

The saddest part is, I already know nothing will be done about any of this, if I can even get a live person tomorrow. They just don't care about customers anymore or customer service in most places. The harsh reality is, that Wendy's and its other corporations make so much money, that customer service just doesn't matter to them anymore. They will continue to make tons of money because of people today and their values. I can't count how many reviews and complaints I read on here and they say " I will never visit that location again, and 'maybe' won't visit others."

The sad truth to that is, you will go back, because most people in today's age are lazy, like me, and just don't care about how or who gets their hard earned dollar. Or those who have lots of money, maybe got it the easy way free, just don't value good service anymore.

If a place treats you like this, you SHOULD NEVER go back, unless they right the wrong! And my friends Wendy's couldn't care less about us anymore. All they care about is lining the corporate pockets with green, opening more locations, serving more cold terrible food, paying employee's minimum wage so we get terrible service, and the like..

So tomorrow I will make my best attempt to contact the regional manager for this area. Even if I can contact them, or get a return call. I seriously doubt anything will be done. They really need to restructure the training courses for managers and employees, if they even exist. So the best thing I can do? I WILL NEVER GIVE WENDY's ONE RED CENT MORE of my HARD EARNED money! They can jump off a bridge. After 36 years, it looks like you're all doing a great job at horrible service, horrible food, and getting rich from it. This is one ex-Wendy's / Arby's customer. Good riddance..

Still the Same
By -

My daughter came home for a visit late last Friday night and, as usual, was hungry when she arrived. It was around midnight, and the only place open was Wendy's drive-through. So off she went to get some late night snacks. I had my usual chili and baked potato, and she had a bacon cheeseburger from the value menu. She also bought some nuggets for us to share.

I was a little worried about the chili because there have been reviews lately that the quality has gone downhill. Since I hadn't had it in a long time, I wondered if the chili from my Wendy's was still as good. When I opened the container, I was pleased to see that the chili was thick and meaty. After only one spoonful, I knew that nothing had changed. It was hot and delicious, and the same quality as always. The potato was also hot and fresh, and the nuggets were extra crispy and tasted like they were just made. My daughter's burger looked extremely appetizing with two big slices of crispy bacon.

Even though it was midnight, all the food was freshly cooked and perfectly prepared. So I am pleased to report that Wendy's in my town is still the same, including the chili. Now, if I could just get them to make vegetarian chili, I'd have it made.

They Never Get My Order Right
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Rating: 1/51

FORT WAYNE, INDIANA -- My wife enjoys Wendy's chili so I have gone to Wendy's with her 6 times. I just order a double cheese burger with just lettuce tomato and onion. They have yet to get it correct, the problem is usually someone assumes that mayonnaise is part of lettuce tomato and onion. Normally it takes one more try to get it correct. Although my wife and I were traveling and stopped at a Wendy's in Iowa. I ordered my usual. My wife ordered some food also and we paid for our food. The young man working the counter gave us cups for our soft drinks and we went to fill them while waiting for our order.

We returned to the counter and continued to wait while several other people ordered and received their food. My wife asked when our order would be ready. The young man looked confused and called the manager over. Apparently somehow our order had been removed from the system or marked as done. The manager had our order hurried through and we sat down to eat. My wife's order was fine. My cheeseburger had mayonnaise on it. I was just going to wipe off all of it that I could but my wife took the cheeseburger, went back to the counter and complained.

The manager again stepped in and said he would get it taken care of. He returned in a few seconds with the cheeseburger. They had scraped the mayonnaise off, put it back on the bun and re-wrapped it. When I unwrapped it I told my wife I could have done that, she got really pissed. Took the food back to the counter. The manager said he would have a new one made. And when he brought it to the table this time it was correct.

I should mention also that there were 3 local uniformed police officers sitting a few tables away, watching intently. At first they must have thought I was a trouble maker as my wife and I were traveling by motorcycle. By the time the manager got the cheeseburger correct, the police understood what was happening and said nothing but I did notice one of them was grinning and shaking his head...

Surprising visit
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Rating: 2/51

ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- Yesterday I was in an urban area I am unfamiliar with, and needed a quick bite to eat. The only place visible was a Wendy's, and the last time I was in one was July 2007. Had a totally disgusting Baconator and the usual horrible customer service and said I'd never return.

I decided to give it a try, figuring it is only a $1 hamburger, how bad can it be? The counter experience was just as I recalled. 3 CSRs walking back and forth and standing around looking stupid. **, the Employee of the Month according to the picture prominently posted in the area, was flirting with the register person and/or looking like she didn't know what to do. I recognized her by her earbud, which was also in the picture. I was thinking she could use one of those TVs like in McD's that shows the pending orders.

A patron walked up with his receipt and stood waiting to speak with one of the people who were ignoring him. He patiently stood for 4 minutes, and finally someone saw him after ** walked away, right past him, and out of the field of view. They hadn't given him his soda with his order. A "family" walked in, and the 5 year old insisted 5 times in 15 seconds that he had to have bacon on his burger. The future of America. His mom said she wanted "the largest soda you can give me." The apple and the tree, in the same place. I waited 8 minutes for my hamburger, and was amazed that ** was able to locate it and hand it to me.

I left the restaurant so as to not hear the outcome of whether Junior got his artery clogging waistline expanding bacon burger. As I stood in the parking lot, I sampled the merchandise. The first thing I noticed was fresh red onion peeking out. Then the square burger. I bit into it, and the sweet flavor of the onion and pickles hit, followed by the tender burger. It was most enjoyable - far better at a glance than my usual McD's burger. It was actually "prepared" medium, and not cooked to death. It appeared more like meat than what I usually get at McD's.

As I considered this sequence of events, It occurred to me that the customer service was just as lousy as I remembered at Wendy's. Then I thought "if I had one of these burgers regularly, the novelty might wear off and I'd also have to deal with the customer service." So, it's back to McD's for me, but maybe I'll switch up once in a while for a change. I'm usually one to focus on quality of the goods, but I find it interesting that customer service is at least as important to me when it comes to fast food.

Great Fries Ruined By Way Too Much Salt!!!
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Rating: 5/51

PARMA HEIGHTS, OHIO -- Wendy's is the only place I buy my French Fries. Even if I buy the rest of my meal somewhere else, I always stop at Wendy's to get my fries. Today, I stopped at Wendy's and went inside to order my fries. I was told they were just being made. I like that, that means they are going to be nice and hot. This Wendy's ALWAYS has nice hot fries, they really are the bestest!

Anyway, I got my order to go and the bag was steaming hot. However, those great fries that I'm so used to, were completely ruined by so much salt that they put on them. Now, I have always been one that salts everything, so for me to say something was too salty is really a surprise to others.

After eating just a few fries, my tongue and the roof of my mouth were actually sore and felt raw. My Dad sat down to eat his and he had the same problem. I was so disappointed because they were so fresh and hot and just enough crispiness on the outside yet hot and soft on the inside, which is the way I would describe the PERFECT Fry! I tried to ignore the salt for as long as I could. Then, I even took my fingers and rubbed the salt off each fry before I ate them. It was really hard for me to just throw them away, because as I said, they were cooked so perfectly... but the salt was just too much to handle.

I don't know if one employee salted them, then maybe another came along and salted them, not knowing they were already salted... but why-o-why would you ruin such a beautiful, perfectly cooked fry like that? WHY??? WHY??? WHY???? My Dad and I just couldn't finish them because our mouth and tongue were so sore. It's now been about two hours since I ate them and the inside of my upper lip feels a bit swollen.

I hate to write a compliant because this Wendy's location have always served perfect food for as long as I've been going there... but I just needed to bring this to their attention. Yeah, I'll still go there and yeah, I'll still buy my fries there, hoping this was just a one time thing.

Entire Order Wrong
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Rating: 1/51

PANAMA CITY BEACH, FLORIDA -- I had to wait through traffic to get into the location on Thomas drive in PC Florida taking probably 10-15 minutes to start this complaint. I ordered our drinks 5 of us. 2 sprites, 1 coke, and 2 large sweet teas. I ordered 2 #4's, 1 #7, 2 grilled chicken sandwich meals. I got to the window I got 1 small tea 1 large tea 3 cokes. I told the man the drinks were wrong and that both teas were supposed to be large and he smarted off "She read you your order back didn't she!" I said, "Yes sir she did but when she read it back it was what I ordered and this is not right."

He said, "We didn't charge you for that" and I told him, "I didn't care what it cost." I wanted the large teas and I gave him money. He got aggravated like he didn't want to exchange the small tea. Then I told him the cokes were supposed to be sprite I thought he would stroke out. Then to the food order. He handed the bag out the window and I just counted the sandwiches and we were 2-short the chicken sandwiches.

Well he repeated the statement about she read your order and you should have listened. "She read your order out" and I told him again that "she read it out right but the order was wrong." I paid 36 or 37 dollars. Needless to say I was furious this manager had belittled me he talked down to me as if I were stupid after I had gone out of my way. Waited for 15 minutes in traffic finally pulling into some amusement park next to it and having to wait to get in the entrance then for me to have such terrible service. Not to mention my husband and I didn't get our meals.

I will never go to that Wendy's again and I suggest you get someone down there that has a few manners to run your store. Figure out a better entrance for the store. Get order takers who know how to key in what they repeat to you. I hate to complain but that night was such a bomb because I had gotten so upset. We went to the room and I had potato chips for supper.

Soggy Fries , Cold Burger and Dirty Cooking
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Rating: 2/51

GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA -- Wendy' 33 Feb.7, 2012 at 1:37 pm Reg# 1 Cashier **. Outside they seemed to be very clean. No one was in the drive through, and there was no big line it seemed inside. We went in and there was no one ordering but there was some customers waiting for their order. We ordered a #1 with no cheese, no pickle large fries no salt and 1 med. drink. My son mentioned the mess in the cook area. It was a mess, I could see it if they were slammed but they were not. We got our drink and was waiting when the Burger cook came over to ** and said to him if the burger had no salt. He said no the fries have no salt.

My burger was made and sat at the station before the customers in front of us even got their food. One order of fries just got done but instead of pulling mine out they dumped it and salted it, there was one man behind us and he got his food before either of us did. They finally gave the customer in front of us their food. We were still waiting. The fries' cook told ** to offer us their apology because of the wait, he told her he did but he did not say anything to us at all.

As we waited, the fries' cook finally pulled up the second order of fries and loaded them into a large box and put both my burger and fries in a bag and handed it to me. We decided to just sit so I could eat I needed something I was not feeling well. So we sat down and that is when I found that my hamburger was cold and my fries were pulled out before they wear done. So, I ate my hamburger and threw away the fries, and the fries were the reason I went to Wendy's, but they left a bit to be desired. As we left a customer from the drive through came in and complained about the fries.

Poor service and a lack of caring attitude by employees

CITRUS HEIGHTS, CALIFORNIA -- I would like to say that the Wendy's in Citrus Heights Ca, across from the Sunrise Mall is a joke. I went through the drive through on date 01/17/2012 and the service I received was just terrible the people working the late shift including the manager were very rude and inconsiderate. I ordered a classic single meal and 3 dollar burgers. I received fries that had looked like they had been cooked twice over. They were hard and brown and not even hot when I tried them. I noticed this when I got to the street light just down from the Wendy's I purchased them from.

So I went back drove through the drive through stopped at the window they did not see me. So I went back a second time there was a car in front of me. The people working at the Wendy's turn the lights off and said they were closed. I said "I am not happy with the fries would you please give me my money back or replace my order." And this is what I got ''NO'' SORRY we are closed you will have to come back in the morning.

''THAT'' IS TOTAL CRAP! I paid for fries yes but fresh fries and if they could not replace my order they should have right there given me my money back but instead I had to drive home with fries I could not eat. ''So'' half of the order I got it was not a good experience the workers should be fired. There is ''no'' excuses for that kind of service and the attitudes sucked. They are getting paid and they are not even doing their jobs! Part of working and running a business involves treating the consumer with respect which I did not receive. I should not have to come back in the morning when I got there just 1 minute before they closed.

''Also'' anyone that does not care enough about their job to see that the customer leaves the store with the product they paid for should not be working for the company. I saw a lack of caring and respectful attitudes. I do not recommend Wendy's in Citrus Heights Ca, across from the Sunrise Mall to anyone who cares to receive what they paid for. The store and the workers should be inspected and replaced.

To Whom It may Concern
By -

I am not an employee, nor have I ever been an employee. It has come to my attention that your crew and shift leaders are very mistreated at the Red Bluff store #26. Better yet let me start this off by asking a question. Is the one they call **, an Assistant Manager or General Manager? If she is then she needs to go to business school. Not only is it unprofessional to have a relationship in the work place, but it can be considered sexual harassment to her co-workers, especially when she is lecturing one of her fellow Shift leaders, while sitting on the G. M's Lap.

** continues to talks down to her crew and Shift leaders, humiliating them as to make them feel like children, telling them they don't know what they are doing or going as far as calling them "Stupid" or telling them to "just shut up and listen".

I have many other concerns such as, whoever is putting in the times, is adjusting the times to say they clocked out at 12:15 am, for both shift leader and crew that closes. Which in fact, employees are not able to get out of the store until 12:35 am or later. If your policy is to shut the frosty machine down at Midnight, and it is supposed to be defrosting for fifteen minutes, and then put away and cleaned. It is a minimum thirty min process, should they not get paid for doing their job until they clock out? What happens to that time? And why are they not getting paid overtime that is due to them, especially when they are working doubles.

My main concern is that I have heard from several employees, that they can't stand up for themselves when they feel they are being done wrong or being mistreated. If they say something or they stand up for themselves, they get their hours cut, or worse taken off the schedule so they get no hours at all, and are force to quit. I understand ** is the one that makes the schedule for Wendy's, but in my experience, the max you can suspend someone is 1 week anything longer they are to be terminated.

The G. M. needs to step up and take control of his store instead of letting ** run it. Numerous time employees have called because of an issue and cannot get a hold of their G. M. and he doesn't call them back, who are they supposed to call when they have an issue regarding the store or other problems? Because if they call "**" (The District Manager) they will be fired (for example ** and **). Also the employees at Wendy's have been told not to talk to ** at Am Pm, because if they find out who is talking to him telling him what is going on in the store, that there is going to be consequences.

In conclusion, I hope that this letter can help the employees at Wendy's. But this is just a little of what is going on and I just wish it was coming from the employees, and not me. Just to let you know that this letter was duplicated and is being sent to the Better Business Bureau. Along with the demeaning Management letter that all shift leaders had to sign. Resulting in a shift leader to quit.

Sad thing is I took this off your website: We believe the foundation of our success lies in our adherence to a core set of values that encompass everything we do. Quality Is Our Recipe, Do The Right Thing, Treat People With Respect, Profit Means Growth, Give Something Back. Yours truly, Concerned Customer.

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