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Soggy Fries , Cold Burger and Dirty Cooking
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA -- Wendy' 33 Feb.7,2012 at 1:37 pm Reg# 1 Cashier [snip]. Outside they seemed to be very clean. No one was in the drive through, and there was no big line it seemed inside. We went in and there was no one ordering but there was some customers waiting for their order. We ordered a #1 with no cheese, no pickle Large fries no salt and 1 med. drink. My son mentioned the mess in the cook area. It was a mess, I could see it if they wear slammed but they were not. We got our drink and was waiting when the Burger cook came over to [snip] and said to him if the Burger had no Salt. He said no the Fries have no salt. My burger was made and sat at the station before the customers in front of use even got their food. One order of fries just got done but instead of pulling mine out they dumped it and salted it, there was one man behind us and he got his food before either of use did. They finally gave the customer in front of us their food. We were still waiting. The fries' cook told [snip] to offer us their apology because of the wait, he told her he did but he did not say anything to us at all. As we waited, the fries' cook finally pulled up the second order of fries and loaded them into a large box and put both my burger and fries in a bag and handed it to me. We decided to just sit so I could eat I needed something I was not feeling well. So we sat down and that is when I found that my hamburger was cold and my fries were pulled out before they wear done. So, I ate my hamburger and threw away the fries, and the fries were the reason I went to Wendy's, but they left a bit to be desired. As we left a customer from the drive through came in and complained about the fries.
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Anonymous on 02/08/2012:
Next time take a moment to let the manager know about the quality of your food. You spent your hard-earned money on it, afterall.
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Poor service and a lack of caring attitude by employee's
Posted on
CITRUS HEIGHTS, CALIFORNIA -- I would like to say that the Wendys in Citrus Heights Ca, across from the Sunrise Mall is a joke. I went through the drive through on date 01/17/2012 and the service I received was just terrible the people working the late shift inculding the manager were very rude and inconciderate. I ordered a classic single meal and 3 dollar burgers. I received fries that had looked like they had been cooked twice over. They were hard and brown and not even hot when I tried them. I noticed this when I got to the street light just down from the Wendy's I purchased them from. So I went back drove through the drive through stoped at the window they did not see me. So I went back a second time there was a car in front of me. The people working at the Wendys turn the lights off and said they were closed. I said I am not happy with the fries would you please give me my money back or replace my order. And this is what I got ''NO'' SORRY we are closed you will have to come back in the morning. ''THAT'' IS TOTAL CRAP!. I paid for fries yes but fresh fries and if they could not replace my order they should have right there given me my money back but instead I had to drive home with fries I could not eat. ''So'' half of the ordsr I got it was not a good experience the workers should be fired. There is ''no'' excuess for that kind of service and the attitudes sucked. They are getting paid and they are not even doing their jobs! Part of working and running a business involves treating the consumer with respect which I did not receive. I should not have to come back in the morning when I got there just 1 minute before they closed. ''Also'' anyone that does not care enough about their job to see that the customer leaves the store with the product they paid for should not be working for the company. I saw a lack of caring and respectful attitudes I do not recommend Wendys in Citrus Heights Ca, across from the Sunrise Mall to anyone who cares to receive what they paid for. The store and the workers should be inspected and replaced.
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Anonymous on 01/11/2012:
You placed your order mere minutes before their closing time. Therefore, you probably received their last batch of fries. You will be hard pressed to find any place, let alone Wendy's, that will make an entire batch of fresh food for just one order...a couple of minutes before closing.
JayByJay on 01/11/2012:
Interesting way to make a complaint.
You'll have to let us know if the situation plays out as you expect it to once the 17th passes.
Venice09 on 01/11/2012:
The employees should be fired? The only thing they could have done differently was to warn you that the fries weren't fresh. Other than that, it sounds like they did nothing wrong. The registers might have been closed when you returned, which is why they told you to come back in the morning for a refund.
FoDaddy19 on 01/12/2012:
"There is ''no'' excuess for that kind of service"

It was closing time, it's unreasonable to expect them to stay open and spend time waiting for the fryolater to come back up to operating temperature just to make one oreder of fries. They probably couldn't give you a refund at that time because they had likely already totaled out the regitsters for the day. Lastly, saying "no" to a customer is not disprespectful nor is it bad service. The offered you a reasonable solution as they were not able to accommodate you at the time. I don't think Wendy's did anything wrong here.
Slimjim on 01/12/2012:
Fo-D I think explains it best, abet direct. Those drawers are immediately cashed out as soon as a place closes Once a drawer is being totaled, you can't do any transactions. See how amicable they are once reopened regarding replacing those fries. Maybe some decent replacement fries and a little sincerity from them may help erase the bad transaction from memory.
Venice09 on 01/12/2012:
"They probably couldn't give you a refund at that time because they had likely already totaled out the regitsters for the day."

That's what I was trying to say. Thanks, FoDaddy19, for making it clearer.
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A Long-lost Customer Comes Back
Posted by on
Those of you who have seen my comments on Wendy's know that I have not eaten at a Wendy's in about ten years. The reason for this was the Wendy's in Casa Grande, AZ. The place was filthy, and looked like the dining area had not been cleaned since George Washington broke his wooden dentures there. The chili started out okay, but the last several times I ate there, it was very thin, with few solids, and was lukewarm to boot. I finally decided to try the Wendy's here in Chehalis, WA. I ordered a large chili and a baked potato, and Crystal had a cheeseburger and a potato. OMG, what can I say but that the chili was almost as good as Crystal's? Full-bodied, hot and flavorful, and the potato was hot and fluffy, and Crystal said her food was delicious also. The restaurant was one of the cleanest I have ever been in, and the young lady at the cash register was very pleasant and helpful. We shall return, to quote General MacArthur.
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MissLeopard83 on 08/06/2011:
Wendy's is my favorite hamburger joint. I love the Bacon Deluxe Single and their chicken nuggets. I have also eaten and enjoyed their Broccoli and Cheese potato and fries. The fries have greatly improved over the years.
Alain on 08/06/2011:
Good review, Starlord, but chili almost as good as Crystal's (LOL, I get the point!)? A lot depends on the manager/owner of the local Wendy's and it sounds like you have a good one. Our local Wendy's does well, too, now that they've changed management and have gotten rid of some slacker employees.
Venice09 on 08/06/2011:
Yay, Starlord! I'm so glad you finally tried them again. That sounds exactly like my Wendy's. The chili and baked potatoes are top notch. I don't eat the burgers, but the chicken is great, too. It's the only place I really feel comfortable eating because I know how clean they keep it from when my son worked there. And I have never encountered an employee that wasn't pleasant and friendly. Well, except my son. ;)
madconsumer on 08/06/2011:
good review.
Venice09 on 08/06/2011:
It's a great review! It proves that all locations cannot be judged by one store. As Alain said, it's all about management.

Very helpful!
jktshff1 on 08/06/2011:
When I was eating hamburger, I enjoyed a bowl of chili and french fries at Wendy's. Great review.
Anonymous on 08/06/2011:
My local Wendy's is fantastic, but I have, on occasion, had a bad burger here or there at various Wendy's. Soooooo glad I did not judge the entire chain based on a bad burger or two. Wendy's is the best fast food, in my opinion.
madconsumer on 08/06/2011:
I agree S_Hawking. my local Wendy's is great. one of the best things I like is the frosty and chili.
Anonymous on 08/06/2011:
Great review!

We had Weny's last night and I was not impressed. There is only 1 register at the older Wendy's in town. There were 2 people ahead of my mother-in-law & I. We waited 8 minutes for them to order & receive their food. Then my MIL ordered and waited for her food. Then it was my turn. We were there 20 minutes before receiving our food. When we got it home, the fries were extremely salty and my the patty in my Jr Hamburger was so tiny, all I tasted was bread and mustard!
Old Timer on 08/06/2011:
With In-N-Out almost next door to our local Wendy's I seldom go to Wendy's. I do enjoy one of their Frosty's when it's hot out.

Glad you ended up with a nice Wendy's Starlord after 10 years.
drugdoc121 on 08/06/2011:
The only problem I ever see to have with Wendys is their lukewarm fries. If I'm going to eat fat, I'd like it fresh please!
LoneTrini on 07/25/2013:
I just had ta similar experience...
In the heart of NYC, at midday, after waiting in line, that is the last thing you want to hear...

While I could have opted to use my credit card, I was just sooooo disgusted with the posture, that I decided to take by business elsewhere.
Doubt I shall be returning in a hurry...
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Wendy's Suck
Posted by on
NEWARK, DELAWARE -- I have been to Wendy's before and have had the same problem over and over
employees to slow getting your food cold food and the manager is no help at all I sat in the drive through and the drive through employee flirting with the customer in front of me took more than 8 minutes-so I blew my horn for the customer to move on and the manager acted like it was no big deal I explain to him I AM THE ONLY ONE IN LINE BECAUSE YOU GUYS TOOK SO LONG again no help from him. Needless to say the person behind me got out of line because it took so long. 8 minutes is a long time when there is only 1 person in front of you. and never did see money exchanged. I have seen employees friends come into this Wendy's and they give a lot of free food to there friends again manager turns his back this by all means is no way to run a business I seen this to many times will never go to Wendy's on 273 at university plaza in Delaware to slow and bad manners this is not a fast food its a slow food service they need to fire the manager and hire employee who want to earn a pay check.

If I own this Wendy's I would clean house Wendy's you suck Burger King and McDonald's is way better service the manager watches there employees and makes sure there doing there job and not giving free food to there friends and making sure the customer is satisfied.
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Churro on 06/16/2011:
Boy that's a pretty good description of the Wendy's around here as well. When I was a kid I loved Wendy's. Today not so much. Simply put as you state Wendy's suck.

Great Review!
FlShopper on 06/16/2011:
I must be pretty lucky. The Wendy's near my office is very organized and efficient. I never have to spend long on line, nor have they ever gotten an order incorrect. I need to let the manager know about the excellent service provided.
Cwazychicken on 06/17/2011:
Wendys was great when dave thomas was alive. The frosty's were heaven, now it seems like slush where I have gone or they are out completely or their machine is broken. The meat, not so much now...its all bun....after he died, well I think it sold out big time...not as good.
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And now I remember why I don't eat at Wendy's anymore
Posted by on
MEMPHIS, TN -- I went to the drive thur tonight and the girl taking the order was cussing at her 2 children who she brought to work with her (around 7-8 yrs old) while she was taking my order. I pulled to the window for my total b/c she couldn't even get that right. While she was standing there yelling at her kids, and stuffing french fries down her throat, she took my money and gave me my change(without a receipt of course) then instusted me to reverse my car and back away from the window. There was another car behind me who also had to back up to make room for me. She finally then waves me forward to pick up my food. She hands me the bag and slammes the window shut and continues with her fries and drink. Her children stood there pulling on her shirt as she ignored them, to tell her that I was still sitting at the window. She opens it up with "yea, what you need?"( how rude!) I told her that she didn't give me my drink. She hands me the drink and without thinking I pull away.. Once I got at my destination, I opened my bag only to realize that there was no salad dressing for my salad. Which just made me even more angry. I called the store and was told to come by tomorrow and talk to a manager. But how can I even prove I was there without a receipt? Completely unprofessional, unoranized and unsanitary. There were 2 kids in the back behind the counter...are these children been made to wash their hands, or taught not to sneeze or cough on food? They weren't wearing any hairnets, gloves or anything. Childrent DO NOT belong behind the counter at a fast food restaurant. Well in this case they were the only ones who seems to be paying attention to what was going on. I will never eat there again and will tell anyone who will listen not to either. I will be stopping by tomorrow to speak with a store manager and not just some little girl they have answer the phone and say she was. There is no way a true manager would let any of this happen.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/29/2011:
Wow, you may want to contact wendys headquarters about this.
Venice09 on 03/29/2011:
I agree that this is an awful experience, but at least wait until you speak to the manager before condemning the whole place.
Alain on 03/29/2011:
Wendys corporate, Dublin, Ohio: 614-764-3100, ext. 2032.
unhappy999 on 03/29/2011:
I agree, you should speak to the manager. In addition to the concerns you mention, the kitchen of a fast food place is on place for children with all the hot stoves and hot grease. If someone did have permission to bring their children to work, they should have been sitting safely at a table in the dining room not in the kitchen where they could get hurt or cause someone else to get hurt trying to watch out for them.
Venice09 on 03/29/2011:
I meant to say that, unhappy. I'm surprised the manager allowed the children to hang out in the kitchen area. That makes me wonder how far the OP will get even if she does speak to the manager. I also wonder if this was a one time occurrence or if the kids are there on a regular basis.
Anonymous on 03/29/2011:
Wow, that is pretty bad. I'm thinking that may be there was not a manager present. I doubt management would allow that. If the kids got hurt or caused someone else to get hurt, they could possibly be held liable.
Good luck talking with the manager!
MRM on 03/29/2011:
This is madness. Very poor multi-tasking skills.
trmn8r on 03/29/2011:
You're right MRM - very poor MTS.

The woman should have had the good sense to give the kids some toys, and tell them to go play on the floor in front of the fryer, to free her to do her job! (:
Anonymous on 03/29/2011:
How can you prove you were there without a receipt? You can't, but they could pull the surveillance tapes I guess.

Why didn't you ask for your receipt? I'm also curious why you a)ate food that was obviously not handled properly and b)why not ask for a manager while you're there vs waiting to get home and call?
Anonymous on 03/29/2011:
Me, personally would have driven off. If all of this went on there is no way I would have eaten the food.
Those poor kids.
Cwazychicken on 03/29/2011:
More like call child protection services. That's no way to raise a child. And Wendy's headquarters will probably take action. She obviously needs a reality check on how to work, and perhaps a babysitter.
Anonymous on 03/29/2011:
Really? Why would you call CPS over something like that? We don't know why the employee had her kids with her or if they were even her kids!

Maybe she was asked to jump in and help for 15 minutes b/c someone else was late, and rather than leave the kids unattended in the restaurant she brought them to the back with her. I'm not saying the kids should have been there, but I certainly wouldn't go to the extreme and call CPS and potentially put someone through hell without knowing more details...at a minimum the OP should have asked for a manager and addressed their concerns on the spot.

Anonymous on 03/29/2011:
Perhaps her babysitter was not available and I admire the woman for trying to make a living BUT the kids should be in the breakroom or somewhere out of the kitchen area.
There are much worse parents out there for CPS to deal with.
Anonymous on 03/29/2011:
Great minds think alike, L.
Anonymous on 03/29/2011:
Anonymous on 03/29/2011:
You don't really need a receipt. They will simply ask others who worked her shift if she had her kids there. Someone will admit it. No need to cross Wendy's off your list because of her, she won't last there. Chances are she'll be at 7-11 next week ruining your morning coffee routine.
Cwazychicken on 03/29/2011:
Well, It is just my opinion;. I just thought bringing a kid to work, especially the kitchen, is irresponsible of her. You are right, its not neglect but it is neglect if the kids get hurt in the kitchen. What if she was not watching them and they burned themselves. Wendys would be held liable for her irresponsibility as a parent. Maybe a breakroom would be better suited, but I have never heard of parents bringing their kids into a kitchen while they worked around food. What if the kids started playing with the food and put germs on them? Not very sanitary either as you know kids that age like to get into a lot of things. I know CPS would not do anything about it, I was being kind of sarcastic. However, if the kids got hurt, they would. I am a single mother and I would make sure my son had a babysitter or perhaps a family member to watch him if I had to go to work.
Anonymous on 03/29/2011:
They were 7 and 8 right? She was working the window and staying in her area it sounds like to me. Kids at that age know better than to fool with food or hot objects. Yes there are other dangers but they survived. Kids are smarter than you think and obviously the poor woman had no other babysitting options.
I've had worse experiences at the drive through when no children were present.
Cwazychicken on 03/29/2011:
7/8 year olds do get into things too. Heck, teenagers do too. When my brother was 8, he got behind my moms car and drove it into the garage. a big whoops!. Some kids do stupid things lol. But I don't want to argue or anything, I just don't agree with it. Maybe she was poor, no excuse to yell at her kids though and ignore them, as the OP stated. But to each their own. That's what bothered me. But I wasn't there, I don't know how bad it actually was. Just my opinion :)
Anonymous on 03/29/2011:
I see your points, Cwazy and they have validity.
I figure it was a one time thing and luckily no one was hurt.
Anonymous on 03/29/2011:
This reminds me of when I was a bartender. On a few occasions my boss had nothing to do with his daughter, a baby just under 2, while he had meetings. He asked me to hold her for a while. So there I was, mixing drinks with a baby girl in my arms. Customers would come in and start to scold me for having "my" baby back there, and id have to explain the story and ask for their patience. Luckily every time it happened was during the day, and not many people were there.
I always felt bad having her behind that bar.
Venice09 on 03/29/2011:
There could be many reason this employee had her kids at work. Please don't judge her. Sometimes employers are so desperate for someone to work that they occasionally make exceptions. Some kids are more well behaved than adults. The OP even admitted that the kids were paying attention.

My son worked at Wendy's, and I'm familiar with the kitchen area. It is not as dangerous as its being made to sound here. Children that age can be quite capable. If the employee lost her babysitter at the last minute and had to choose between leaving the kids home alone or taking them to work (with permission), I'd rather see the kids in a place where they can be watched. For all we know, this employee behaves the same way when her kids aren't there. It could just be her personality.

I'm not saying the OP didn't get crappy service, but unless this happens all the time, I don't think it's a reason to organize a boycott. And certainly not a reason to call CPS. Reporting someone to CPS requires a lot of good judgment. People need to think long and hard before making that call.
Anonymous on 03/29/2011:
Agreeing with Venice. Complain about the service Op, the rest is really nunya.
Venice09 on 03/29/2011:
I was in this situation when my daughter was five. I ended up taking her to work with me for an entire summer. She was a better worker than some other people in the office. Definitely more help than hindrance.
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Uber bad day I guess
Posted by on
CINCINNATI, OHIO -- I think that this was the worst experience I have ever dealt with at a company. I am very empathetic towards people who work at underpaying jobs. I worked in customer service for a few years and know just how great people are towards you while you're on the clock even though the pay still is not enough to deal with unnecessarily rude people for 8+ hours. Therefore, I was surprised when the cashier was rude when asking for my order, rude after taking it, giving me the wrong change, telling me I can have my receipt "when she's done", telling me I can have my change since she "has to open the drawer anyway to put in a roll of pennies", giving me a wrong item in my order, asking my sister with an eye roll "well which one do you want?" when discussing frosty or frosty floats. I mean it went on and on. I asked her who the manager was and she said his name with a nasty tone. I complained on the company website and never received a response (after I had contacted the manager who rushed me off the phone). So I decided to write another review almost three months later and they got back to me the same day. Now I am just waiting on a phone call and we'll see where it goes. People like that cashier do not deserve to keep their job.

I could see a reason for her to continue being rude to me if she was having a bad day and I was also rude, but I stayed nice the entire conversation and every single reply whether verbal or not, was incredibly rude.

I don't even write complaints or care when I have the normal poor service, which tells you how bad this case was.
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Not Training Employees
Posted by on
NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- I am the mother of a 19 year old who recenty chose Wendy's, as her first place of employment. My daughter is a very easy going person that is a full time student and cares about the people with whom she comes in contact with. She was excited about her her lil job in the beginning,
starting her life as an independent person wanting to create her own way. She has only been employed by Wendy's for 3 months until June 20th. I had my husband go get her and told him to tell her to leave the uniform because I didn't want to hear another word about the place. She said on her first day the manager put her on the registar and showed her a few things. She said the next day they put her on the registar again, and no one stayed near her while she was supposed to be in training. She would come home complaining about how they were getting mad ay her for calling them to help her out when she said that she needed assistance. She said that other crew members were shouting out to her about being slow and not knowing what she was doing. She said that she practically trained herself. Well, about two weeks into the job, the manager who she said stayed in his office smoking told her one evening that her regiatar was short $28.00. She said that she told him well, other people are using this registar too. So, he didn't charge her for the lost. Then on another occasion, she came home saying that the manager held a meeting saying that the enventory was between 400-and 500.00 short. Well she said that she told them, that she didn't have anything to do with it she just started. This was the final straw that broke the camel's back with me. She calld when her shift was over which I thought she was calling for us to pick her up from work, instead she said that she was in trouble because her registar was 60.00 short. She mentioned that a mamager went into her registar during her shift and she assured me that she was careful while operating it. She told me how they threatened her with the police, as she maintained her innocence. Well, I explained this to my husband who was ferious by this time. So, he went and paid them the 60.00 to clear up the mess. This experience has kind of shaken our daughter's spirit a little bit because she feels like an excape goat for the mischieviousness that is taking place in that store. We wanted her to find a job so that she can become aware of what the work world is like. If she has to treated like such and a criminal, when the authority figures are not doing their jobs, I'll just keep giving her an allowance for not washing dishes. At least I know that she won't be accused of things that I feel she is not capable of. I just feel sorry for the next young adult who will be excited about Wendy's being their first job and have to deal with that crew over there on South Claiborne Ave.
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Could Not Believe It!!!
Posted by on
Stopped in on the way to meet my granddaughter. Was looking forward to seeing her and her mother and having a little time to visit with each other. I am usually not one to complain but consider myself to be very understanding as I too work with the public and know how things do happen occasionally.

1. Took a long time to order. When I finally got to ghe 'lady' that was taking orders, she never even looked at me. Seemed to be very disgruntled. But I know it can be unsettling at times so I tried to understand her attitude.

2. It took 20 minutes to get my order. During the time I was waiting, no one every explained what the problem was with my order. As I was standing there waiting, my daughter came up with the drink cups and told them that there was no ice and asked if she could fill our cups with ice from in the back. The lady with the 'manager' name tag on, jerked the cups out of her hand and went to put ice in our cups. Then we discovered that there was no carbonation to the sodas, no tea, ketchup, etc. Napkins were all over the floor as well as straws.

3. I then started to look for their sanitation score from DHEC. I could not find one on the door or at the register.

We were not the only customers that noticed all of the problems that this particular Wendy's was having. It was a lot to overlook but the attitude of the management and staff did not help things for them.

I know that Dave worked very hard to build Wendy's up to a wonderful eating establishment. It was his life. Too bad since he has past on that whom ever is in charge of customer relations no longer cares enough to have a "live" person to answer the phone and address the problems.

I wish someone in Dublin, Ohio (where Wendy's originated) was paying attention!

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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 08/21/2009:
Would you care to add the location of this particular Wendy's so we can stay away?
Ytropious on 08/23/2009:
No eye contact DOES NOT EQUAL disgruntled. It means shy, why do people always think this has something to do with an attitude? Don't take things so gosh darn personally next time. As for taking 20 minutes to get your food, for "fast food" that's pretty terrible, but I have to bet it wasn't really 20 minutes, because nothing there takes 20 minutes to make, 5 at the most.
Anonymous on 09/13/2009:
As for a messy lobby, no napkins, no ketchup, blame the previous guests. Do you really think the employees have nothing better to do than make messes? They were probably busy, short handed and trying to catch up. Short handed and busy equals no one to clean or stock.
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Don't Go There. "Informative Review"
Posted by on
GEORGETOWN, TEXAS -- Just don't go there.

1. Their hiring practices are unethical (racist) they predominately hire Mexicans.

2. They're incompetent: Because of their reluctance to use the English language they choose not to communicate effectively causing incorrect orders and disrespect their customers with attitudes due to the employees ignorance.

3. They operate this Wendy's like a Mexican Restaurant: By playing Spanish language music at such a volume that you cannot speak with the person sitting at the table across from you.

4. The management is extremely rude to the elderly of our community. Example: An elderly woman recently placed an order that the employee misunderstood. When the elderly woman explained the order was incorrect the employee got an attitude and stated in Spanish "the old bat doesn't know what she wants." I stood behind the elderly woman hearing the order that she placed and was given the wrong items. The manager comes at the elderly lady with here hands flying in the air and says "what is YOUR problem" the elderly woman began to speak, as she did so the manager then quickly interrupted her saying "OK, OK what do you want". The manager then got the items, put them on the tray, and tossed the tray to the elderly woman, which the tray ran up on the elderly womans fingers that were on the counter.

These are the type (Racist Mexicans) that Wendy's is hiring and allowing to manage and operate within our community.

Communications have been made to upper management and even to the Corporate Office.
Things change for a week or so then the managers and employees go back to their old ways.

How can Wendy's fix this problem:

1. Practice ethical hiring practices by hiring qualified individuals. Making sure that the management doesn't unfairly treat individual employees that aren't within their ethnicity in order to employ predominately those within the managements ethnicity (Mexican).

2. Treat customers, especially the elderly, with the respect they they deserve and within the language the CUSTOMER speaks. Wendy's should not hire anyone that cannot speak the English language effectively or chooses not to speak the English language while at work. It's not professional or ethical to speak in a language that you think the customer might not understand in order to insult a customer.

3. Management should be aware of the demographics which make up the community in which the Wendy's store operates. If your demographics are 75% Caucasian who are not Spanish speaking and 75% or more of your business is within that demographic, then you should not be inconsiderate of that demographic by playing music that employees want to hear, but rather play what the customers may enjoy and at a volume that is pleasant, not unpleasant.

So if you are looking for a correct order, effective communication, a place where you the customer will be appreciated, or even a pleasant experience then the Wendy's at 1102 River Bend Dr, Georgetown, TX 78628 is not the place to do so. Just don't go there as nothing has changed since it was built.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/01/2009:
There's a lot of backlash racism in Texas. For many years, many Anglos treated the Hispanics very poorly and on par with Jim Crow South. With the explosion of Hispanic demographics, the Anglos are experiencing a bit of 'pay back'. It isn't right...it's human...and it will eventually die out.
Anonymous on 04/01/2009:
Kayak, sorry about the elderly lady but it sounds like you have a problem with Mexicans, in particular ones that speak Spanish.
For better or worse you need to get used to this 'cause they ain't leaving "Tejas" anytime soon. (NH)
bargod on 04/01/2009:
So I'm guessing they didn't hire you then.
Principissa on 04/01/2009:
You have a choice you know right? If you can't understand or communicate with the employees of this restaurant take your business elsewhere. I know I would.
dan gordon on 04/01/2009:
how many white people have been applying for jobs at that Wendy? were you one of them. I live in Seattle and speak Spanish more often than not at any restaurant.
madconsumer on 04/01/2009:
I want to hear this from the old lady, as well as from the managers point of view. as it is, this is 3rd party information.
Anonymous on 04/01/2009:
Your review would have been much better received had you taken the time to objectively state your concerns without the racist accusations.

How do you know that your accusations in this review are fact? For example in #1, you claim that they are racist for predominantly hiring Mexicans. Maybe they aren't getting any other applications to even consider hiring any one else.

You may have some valid claims here, but the tone of your message comes across as someone that looks down on Mexicans which then causes the responses to focus on you, not Wendys.
Anonymous on 04/01/2009:
Slimjim on 04/01/2009:
Agreed, very good response.
Buddy01 on 04/01/2009:
I don't understand not being able to order properly because the clerk and the customer speak different languages. When in a foreign country in February, I ordered at McDonald's and rented dvds many times. The clerks and I didn't speak the same language, but ordering food or letting them know which dvd I wanted to rent was never a problem. The orders and the dvds were never wrong.
Anonymous on 04/01/2009:
My favorite place to eat is at a Mexican food restaurant. The employees there don't speak a lot of English. I speak a little Spanish so I am able to order. It doesn't bother me that they don't speak too much English. I still get amazing service and the food is delicious.
Anonymous on 04/01/2009:
I only know the bad words in Spanish.
Anonymous on 04/01/2009:
I know those too
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Food Poisoning - Wendy's Chili
Posted by on
On Monday, Feb.16, 2009 I & my two little children went to Wendy's in the town of Edison, NJ. We arrived at 12:27pm. We ordered a small chili, Large Chili, & two Kids Meals(nuggets/fries). I ate the Large & my 8 year old son ate the small chili. About 2-4 hours later I was by myself in the Home Depot & all of a sudden my skin turned white, my head was aching terribly, I felt like I was about to vomit, my face & head was dripping sweat, my abdomen was hurting something fierce and got a bad case of the runs. Was stuck in that bathroom for an hour in agony. I called my wife to see if our 8 year old son ate his chili yet & by that time he ate about half. My wife threw the rest out. Later that night my son came down with the worst diarrhea & pain in his abdomen. A couple days later he vomited so much. My daughter doesn't eat the chili & was unaffected. I by the way was sick till Saturday night. Tuesday I called up customer service.

A very nice woman took down all the information as to what happened & at which location. She assured me that someone would call me back. No one did. So I posted a complaint via email to customer service on Friday, about what happened on Monday. The very next day a nice gentlemen called me & said that there is nothing he could do that the food at Wendy's is perfectly safe, & this is the first time that food poisoning has ever happened at any Wendy's. The problem with that story is there is posting of raw hamburgers all over the internet at different locations. And he said that food poisoning doesn't come up that quickly. (That's not true, Staphyloccal 30 minutes-8hrs later, Vibriobacteria 4-96hrs, Toxin-Caused Scombroid poisoning 5 minutes-1hour, Botulism 12-48hours.) He acknowledged that's correct. So he said the Insurance Company would call me back the next week on Wednesday. They did not, but he called back instead & said they didn't believe me, that I and my son coincidentally caught a virus. They wouldn't even give me my money back for the chili $1.49 and $1.99 + tax.

Well I just want to warn everyone to be careful at Wendy's, God forbid you should also come down with a Foodborne illness from their chili, they won't believe you either. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. I will never set foot in a Wendy's again.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 02/25/2009:
I suggest that you call the local health department.
Anonymous on 02/25/2009:
The health department won't do anything, unfortunately. They'll inspect the place and will find no violations, especially regarding the long gone chili.
madconsumer on 02/25/2009:
food poisoning in 4 hours?
Anonymous on 02/25/2009:
Isn't it equally possible that the two of you shared a flu bug?
Ponie on 02/25/2009:
I think if you had a doctor's statement to back up your claim, your chances for positive results would be greater. If you were that deathly ill, why didn't you seek medical attention? Are you absolutely certain it wasn't a case of flu that affects many this time of year?
ejack053824 on 02/25/2009:
Sounds like a bad case of they walking poops! Don't worry poster...I get diarrhea every time I eat chili whether it's Wendy's or not. Beans have fiber...high fiber leads to your ass hugging the toilet. If it was anything serious...you wouldn't have got better.
DebtorBasher on 02/25/2009:
I just got a cravig for some homemade kidney salad...but, I'm outta Miracle Whip!
Anonymous on 02/25/2009:
Please don't play a medical professional madconsumer. The site already has one of those.
madconsumer on 02/26/2009:
again I ask, food poisoning in 4 hours? (notice the question mark? this means it was a question not a statement) my reserach says it is not entirely possible.

so do you also say this to the ones who said it may have been the flu bug? they are not doctors ....
Anonymous on 02/26/2009:
First a forum chili story now one over here. There really is some KILLER CHILI circulating out there!!!!
Brett, I hope that Home Depot was more accommodating to you than a well known grocery store was to a member of this site during his plight! Keep us posted.
Brett1 on 02/26/2009:
I can't see it being a flu bug. My little daughter was with us who is 4 yrs old, and she is the first to catch everything. She was just fine. She only had the nuggets/fries, not the chili. I've eaten at other locations with the chili & had no problems in the past, but it was this location in Edison, NJ. I have health journals in my home that show that it could be food poisoning, the facts are in print, the research is there. I'm not trying to play a medical professional, but I'm not into the conventional medicine that so many subject themselves to. I don't understand why for every condition there has to be a drug to take & then each drug causes several side effects or poison effects. In a crisis, then it has its place, it could be necessary & it may. If I could beat this w/ a natural remedy than a drug from the doctor, than that's what I try first. So I tryed the garlic & ginger. I went to a natural doctor, a couple days later but that doesn't count in Wendy's mind. It has to be needles, scoping up the rectal or down the throat in order to catch their attention, and other tests. Didn't want to subject myself, or my son that takes 4 people to hold him down to put an IV in him, to the hospital situation. I have a natural health food store that I run, I'm well equipped to heal my son & I w/ certain ailments that I'm familiar with. And I have a limit that if a sickness gets to a certain point, such as if my son wasn't able to hold down food & liquids & could dehydrate, then I would jet to the MD. My natural doctor said that the milder cases take within a week to pass through the system, the bad cases a person can't even stand up. But I had to deal with this for 6 days, my son 3 days. So from that perspective, its the milder case. But it wasn't fun! And no, I had no problems at Home Depot as the other individual had at Walmart. If a customer is unsatisfied with the food, Wendy's will not give their money back. In this economy, how can they be that confident that they will last in business when so many other places have sunk into bankruptcy. For every customer who is happy, studies show that they tell 6 people, for everyone that is unhappy with service, they tell 10. The good thing about the internet is that even more will hear about this story, perhaps worldwide...
Ntc on 02/15/2012:
I believe this story whole heatedly. I ate a large chili on Wednesday night and woke up early Thursday morning with bad abdomen pains, awfully painful diarrhea, and vomitting. At first I thought it was a stomach virus. But no one in my household got it. And then I later found out that we dys chili is made with old meat. Which was the icing on the cake. I am still sick to my stomach two days later
melaniec on 12/31/2013:
I ate Wendy's chili and Cesar salad last night....by 5am I was so sick from diarrhea abdomen pains and fierce vomiting. As I have had food poisoning before...there was no mistaking it. Wendy's...what are you doing???
Jeannie Re on 01/28/2014:
This experience is 100% accurate I ate the small chili today around 2pm. By 4 pm I was doubled over in pain with an explosive case of the runs! Gross! It is now 11:54pm my abdomen still kills I can't eat and have an occasional bathroom trip....I hope this doesn't last as I work I'm the morning. Not something I recommend eating!
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