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Dublin, OH 43017
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Bad attitudes and bad service
By -

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- OMG!!! On 8/2/11, I truly received bad service and they messed up my order. Went there for lunch. When I was asked to place my order, I responded by saying... "One moment please." 30 seconds later I was asked again to place my order. Again I responded... "One moment please." 30 seconds later... And different person asked me again! I then asked for a fish sandwich and I was told that there was no fish.

I explained to them that I was placing an order for a diabetic and that I would need more time to request another choice. I was told to pull up to the next window and the employee was not so friendly. They rushed me to place my order, and then got upset that I needed more time to choose because they didn't have fish! Totally unprofessional.

I went there again around 9:30pm and the service was worse. The manager had an attitude from the very beginning for no apparent reason. I ordered 2 burgers, 2 baked potatoes with Bacon bits and extra liquid cheese, and a chicken nugget meal. After I paid, I pulled up to the next window and they handed me my drinks. The employee then instructed me to pull forward and told me that they would bring the rest of my food out to me.

After waiting for about 7 minutes, someone brought the food out to me and apologized for the wait. Cool. When I looked in the bag the order seemed to correct. When I got home, there was only 1 straw for 3 drinks! The baked potatoes that I ordered with extra liquid cheese and Bacon bits were a joke. There was hardly any cheese on either of them! I paid for extra cheese! WTF??? Instead of Bacon bits, we got strips of Bacon on top of the potatoes! WTF??? What did I do wrong? My order totaled $20.78. It's not like I ordered off of the dollar menu!

I was so mad, that I stared at it for about a minute and contemplated returning it! If I did not think that they would have spit on my potatoes or would have done something else to get back at me then I would have! I hate being treated like this especially when I'm spending my money. This is why I never eat there. I only went there because my wife wanted Wendy's. When you harbor substandard level employees, they ruin your business. I have been a manager in the hospitality industry for about 15 years now and I know how important it is to have a good team that delivers great service.

The Wendy's location that I am speaking of is located on Chef Menteur highway. If you are in the neighborhood, don't waste your time by stopping there. The staff is rude, they rush you to place your order, and then they mess it up! Spend your money somewhere else because they don't appreciate your business! Been living in the neighborhood for 30 years and if there was a vote, I would definitely vote to have Wendy's kicked out of the neighborhood. Again, that's why I never go there! I don't blame my wife. It's not her fault that the staff sucks!!!!

Forced to Pay for Cheese on Plain Hamburger
By -

POMPANO BEACH, FLORIDA -- On Wednesday March 9, 2011, I ordered a No. 1 Single Burger Meal (Medium size) and was surprised by the large increase in price. I looked at the screen and it had w/cheese. I said "Oh no cheese please." They said "OK" but the price did not change. I repeated "No Cheese Please." They said "OK ..." I said "but the price is wrong, that's the price with cheese." They said that "the new policy at Wendy's is all hamburgers come with cheese, if you don't want cheese that's OK but you are going to pay for the cheese anyway."

I couldn't believe it so I stopped to speak to the manager, who verified the NEW policy regarding Wendy's Hamburgers. Having to pay for an addition to a product that you don't want, thank you Wendy's I will no longer go to your stores.

Not Training Employees
By -

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- I am the mother of a 19 year old who recently chose Wendy's, as her first place of employment. My daughter is a very easy going person that is a full time student and cares about the people with whom she comes in contact with. She was excited about her her lil job in the beginning, starting her life as an independent person wanting to create her own way. She has only been employed by Wendy's for 3 months until June 20th.

I had my husband go get her and told him to tell her to leave the uniform because I didn't want to hear another word about the place. She said on her first day the manager put her on the register and showed her a few things. She said the next day they put her on the register again, and no one stayed near her while she was supposed to be in training. She would come home complaining about how they were getting mad at her for calling them to help her out when she said that she needed assistance. She said that other crew members were shouting out to her about being slow and not knowing what she was doing.

She said that she practically trained herself. Well, about two weeks into the job, the manager who she said stayed in his office smoking told her one evening that her register was short $28.00. She said that she told him well, other people are using this register too. So, he didn't charge her for the lost. Then on another occasion, she came home saying that the manager held a meeting saying that the inventory was between 400-and 500.00 short. Well she said that she told them, that she didn't have anything to do with it she just started. This was the final straw that broke the camel's back with me.

She called when her shift was over which I thought she was calling for us to pick her up from work, instead she said that she was in trouble because her register was 60.00 short. She mentioned that a manager went into her register during her shift and she assured me that she was careful while operating it. She told me how they threatened her with the police, as she maintained her innocence. Well, I explained this to my husband who was furious by this time. So, he went and paid them the 60.00 to clear up the mess.

This experience has kind of shaken our daughter's spirit a little bit because she feels like an escape goat for the mischievousness that is taking place in that store. We wanted her to find a job so that she can become aware of what the work world is like. If she has to treated like such and a criminal, when the authority figures are not doing their jobs, I'll just keep giving her an allowance for not washing dishes. At least I know that she won't be accused of things that I feel she is not capable of. I just feel sorry for the next young adult who will be excited about Wendy's being their first job and have to deal with that crew over there on South Claiborne Ave.

Could Not Believe It!!!
By -

Stopped in on the way to meet my granddaughter. Was looking forward to seeing her and her mother and having a little time to visit with each other. I am usually not one to complain but consider myself to be very understanding as I too work with the public and know how things do happen occasionally.

  1. Took a long time to order. When I finally got to the 'lady' that was taking orders, she never even looked at me. Seemed to be very disgruntled. But I know it can be unsettling at times so I tried to understand her attitude.

  2. It took 20 minutes to get my order. During the time I was waiting, no one ever explained what the problem was with my order. As I was standing there waiting, my daughter came up with the drink cups and told them that there was no ice and asked if she could fill our cups with ice from in the back. The lady with the 'manager' name tag on, jerked the cups out of her hand and went to put ice in our cups. Then we discovered that there was no carbonation to the sodas, no tea, ketchup, etc. Napkins were all over the floor as well as straws.

  3. I then started to look for their sanitation score from DHEC. I could not find one on the door or at the register. We were not the only customers that noticed all of the problems that this particular Wendy's was having. It was a lot to overlook but the attitude of the management and staff did not help things for them.

I know that Dave worked very hard to build Wendy's up to a wonderful eating establishment. It was his life. Too bad since he has passed on that whomever is in charge of customer relations no longer cares enough to have a "live" person to answer the phone and address the problems. I wish someone in Dublin, Ohio (where Wendy's originated) was paying attention!

Don't Go There. "Informative Review"
By -

GEORGETOWN, TEXAS -- Just don't go there. 1. Their hiring practices are unethical (racist) they predominately hire Mexicans. 2. They're incompetent: Because of their reluctance to use the English language they choose not to communicate effectively causing incorrect orders and disrespect their customers with attitudes due to the employees' ignorance.

  1. They operate this Wendy's like a Mexican Restaurant: By playing Spanish language music at such a volume that you cannot speak with the person sitting at the table across from you. 4. The management is extremely rude to the elderly of our community. Example: An elderly woman recently placed an order that the employee misunderstood. When the elderly woman explained the order was incorrect the employee got an attitude and stated in Spanish "the old bat doesn't know what she wants."

I stood behind the elderly woman hearing the order that she placed and was given the wrong items. The manager comes at the elderly lady with here hands flying in the air and says "what is YOUR problem?" The elderly woman began to speak, as she did so the manager then quickly interrupted her saying "OK, OK what do you want". The manager then got the items, put them on the tray, and tossed the tray to the elderly woman, which the tray ran up on the elderly woman's fingers that were on the counter. These are the type (Racist Mexicans) that Wendy's is hiring and allowing to manage and operate within our community.

Communications have been made to upper management and even to the Corporate Office. Things change for a week or so then the managers and employees go back to their old ways. How can Wendy's fix this problem: 1. Practice ethical hiring practices by hiring qualified individuals. Making sure that the management doesn't unfairly treat individual employees that aren't within their ethnicity in order to employ predominately those within the managements ethnicity (Mexican).

  1. Treat customers, especially the elderly, with the respect they they deserve and within the language the CUSTOMER speaks. Wendy's should not hire anyone that cannot speak the English language effectively or chooses not to speak the English language while at work. It's not professional or ethical to speak in a language that you think the customer might not understand in order to insult a customer.

  2. Management should be aware of the demographics which make up the community in which the Wendy's store operates. If your demographics are 75% Caucasian who are not Spanish speaking and 75% or more of your business is within that demographic, then you should not be inconsiderate of that demographic by playing music that employees want to hear, but rather play what the customers may enjoy and at a volume that is pleasant, not unpleasant.

So if you are looking for a correct order, effective communication, a place where you the customer will be appreciated, or even a pleasant experience then the Wendy's at 1102 River Bend Dr, Georgetown, TX 78628 is not the place to do so. Just don't go there as nothing has changed since it was built.

Food Poisoning - Wendy's Chili
By -

On Monday, Feb.16, 2009 I & my two little children went to Wendy's in the town of Edison, NJ. We arrived at 12:27 pm. We ordered a small chili, Large Chili, & two Kid's Meals (nuggets/fries). I ate the Large & my 8 year old son ate the small chili. About 2-4 hours later I was by myself in the Home Depot & all of a sudden my skin turned white, my head was aching terribly, I felt like I was about to vomit, my face & head was dripping sweat, my abdomen was hurting something fierce and got a bad case of the runs. Was stuck in that bathroom for an hour in agony.

I called my wife to see if our 8 year old son ate his chili yet & by that time he ate about half. My wife threw the rest out. Later that night my son came down with the worst diarrhea & pain in his abdomen. A couple days later he vomited so much. My daughter doesn't eat the chili & was unaffected. I by the way was sick till Saturday night. Tuesday I called up customer service.

A very nice woman took down all the information as to what happened & at which location. She assured me that someone would call me back. No one did. So I posted a complaint via email to customer service on Friday, about what happened on Monday. The very next day a nice gentlemen called me & said that there is nothing he could do that the food at Wendy's is perfectly safe, & this is the first time that food poisoning has ever happened at any Wendy's.

The problem with that story is there is posting of raw hamburgers all over the internet at different locations. And he said that food poisoning doesn't come up that quickly. (That's not true, Staphyloccal 30 minutes-8 hrs later, Vibriobacteria 4-96 hrs, Toxin-Caused Scombroid poisoning 5 minutes-1 hour, Botulism 12-48 hours.) He acknowledged that's correct. So he said the Insurance Company would call me back the next week on Wednesday. They did not, but he called back instead & said they didn't believe me, that I and my son coincidentally caught a virus. They wouldn't even give me my money back for the chili $1.49 and $1.99 + tax.

Well I just want to warn everyone to be careful at Wendy's, God forbid you should also come down with a Food-borne illness from their chili, they won't believe you either. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. I will never set foot in a Wendy's again.

Wrong Order, Rotten Food
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Rating: 1/51

CELINA, OHIO -- I went to Wendy's drive through and ordered two ten piece chicken nuggets combos and two chilies. When I got home, I had two hamburger combos instead of my nuggets. The lid was half off from one of my chilies. What a mess. It was around closing, so I thought, what the heck, I will have burgers after all. The lettuce, tomatoes and onion were rotten from the heat of the burgers. I had to throw the burgers in the trash. My wife and I just could not get them down. They were very nasty! So, stay away from Wendy's in Celina, Ohio.

I Worked There, Was Not Trained Properly And Was Treated Like Trash!
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Rating: 1/51

NORWICH, CONNECTICUT -- I worked in the back, others did not clean pots pans and utensils properly. The water was DIRTY and the sanitizer NOT used. I have on numerous OCCASIONS had drained the water, cleaned the sink and filled the sanitizer water after cleaning THAT section of the sink, threw dirty pots and pans back into to water that others have not done right and washed them myself.

The chicken fryer smoked ALL the time and oil was not drained and the chicken fryer not cleaned when it should have been. Other co-workers handling food without gloves at times. Flies and worms in salads found by customers. Chicken NOT rotated and thrown out when it should have been, kept in the drawers way too long. Chicken was served BY A MANAGER at night, taken OUT of the garbage can and served to a drive thru customer!!

I had to call corporate numerous times of which nothing much was done and I was let go by corporate upon the store's complaint, exaggerated write ups on me. Very poor store cleanliness and extremely poor and prejudicial behavior and training on the corporate and management of this store. I would never eat, or work in this store EVER again!

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Rating: 1/51

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- Okay 11:45 am on 8/6/2014. Late night there was a white guy in drive thru and a tall black guy cooking and a girl couldn't see what she was doing but heard her she was loud but "any who order chicken nugget medium fries JR bacon cheeseburger with medium strawberry lemonade." So I got my food drive thru man said "everything in the bag." So I said "thank you."

And as I was driving I got to the light to get y'all wonderful fries my fry box was ripped it look like there was 25 fries in a medium fry box some was burned the rest of the food was cold. I was so mad I went back in asked the drive thru man, "would you eat them?" I let him pull them out my bag his self. He said "No." "So why would you serve me that if you wouldn't eat it?" No respond back. No "I apologize" nothing. I was scared to ask for my other food to be hot to cause how they act over my fries like they didn't care.

Went home threw all the food away. I will no longer eat from Wendy's and I always eat from a Wendy's least once a week. Never again. I was so angry I took the time out my night to write this concern and I just let Wendy's like15-20 minutes ago. I'm sure this won't get read but just thought you like to know about your business and I didn't even get a receipt. I stick to McDonald's or Burger king for now on. I guess driving a extra mile for some hot food and good service won't be bad.

Long Hair in Burger
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Rating: 1/51

SANFORD, FLORIDA -- I got hungry and decided to go out and grab Wendy's to eat. I go via drive through and ordered a 4 piece nugget, and 2 Jr. Bacon cheeseburgers. I told the guy "I also wanted BBQ sauce." I get my food and when I get home to eat there was no BBQ sauce. I start eating my burger and as soon as I take the first bite a long hair was in it. I spat out the food and I admit it felt disgusting feeling someone else's hair in my mouth. The night was slow so I see no reason why the person cooking would not pay attention to what they are cooking and leave a long hair in the food.

Bottom line I called Wendy's and reported it. I am now waiting for the local Wendy's to contact me for whom knows what. I will not be eating at any Wendy's anymore.. They have lost a customer for life.... Disgusting/Nasty/Never Again.

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