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Wendy's Is Not Better Than Fast Food!
By -

GREENVALE, NEW YORK -- There was a time when I could always count on a fresh, tasty meal at Wendy's. I used to eat there regularly. I usually ordered 2 junior hamburgers and a large fries with an iced tea. Used to taste great and fill me up good. The meat used to hang out of the sides of the burgers and the fries were thicker and good.

But ever since Dave died, the quality is going downhill. The burgers are definitely smaller, and the fries taste just like McDonald's (cardboard). In addition it seems they don't put those nice fresh onions on the junior hamburgers anymore. I now refer to them as "breadburgers" as they have no meat in them. If I wanted McDonald's I would go there, but I don't and haven't eaten their junk food in 10 years!

So I wound up ordering a classic single instead of the juniors as at least they have some more substance to them, but lately even those have been getting skimpy. Whatever happened to "never cutting corners" and "where's the beef"?

I'd gladly pay more to have a decent meal. But they are making us pay a little more for less. The burgers never look like they do in the ads. It's called false advertising and its illegal, Wendy's should have to answer to their scamming the public!

My other complaint has to do with employees that do not understand English. It's getting harder and harder to find a Wendy's that hires English speaking workers. Often they get my order wrong and communicate entirely in Spanish with each other. This is America. I expect people to be able to speak and understand English. One Wendy's, in Greenvale, hires entirely Spanish speaking workers. They conduct interviews in Spanish as well. I have a good reason to believe they are hiring illegal aliens. Because of all these things I stopped at eating at any Wendy's as of last March.

I may go in there to use a restroom before getting on the bus but that's it. Apparently the Greenvale location doesn't like that either, because last time I went in there a couple of weeks ago the manager confronted me and told me he doesn't want me using the restroom. He got pissed because my nose was running and I have to take some napkins. I usually don't take napkins but I didn't have anything to wipe my nose with, I guess he'd rather it drip on the floor?

Anyway he said if he sees me in there again and not ordering anything he's calling the police. I told him I'm not the criminal... he's the criminal for hiring illegal aliens. He said "what does that have to do with my employees?" dodging the question as to whether his workers are here legally.

He then kicked me out. There's no sign saying "restroom for customers only", if there was I wouldn't have used it. Their restroom was disgusting anyway and always dirty and full of MS-13 gang graffiti (from his employees?) I used to frequently patronize that Wendy's as well, but was fed up with the cold food and wrong orders. They couldn't even get a Frosty right, last time I had one there it was melted!

Anyway in the end it's a shame. I used to love Wendy's. I miss the way it used to be. If they truly were doing it "Dave's Way" the food never would've changed. I go to Nathan's now if I want a fast food burger, at least their burger has meat and condiments and the fries taste like potatoes.

Overtly Rude Service
By -

MINT HILL, NORTH CAROLINA -- Tonight I decided to run and pick-up Wendy's (Mint Hill North Carolina Store #58) for a late night dinner (9pm) to watch with the game. I ordered at the microphone and as always, I was the only one to say please and thank you, but this is not even the point. I pulled around to the first window and paid the 8.43 bill with my debit card. Which the girl who did not even look at me took to swipe. The guy in the area talking with her must have thought the window was completely closed even though anyone with half a brain could see it wasn't and said, "she's really getting her snack on" and giggled.

Now maybe this just comes with age and is probably why when I called to complain to the manager I never even mentioned this, but how can you make a judgment call like that in a drive through and Wendy's is not cheap. So, make your own call on that one. The second window is where all my trouble(s) started and ended. Now I always make it a point to smile at everyone hoping that it is contagious and in turn will at least make the interaction a little nicer even if I look like a smiling fool. I smile and get nothing but a look of irritation.

The large Frosty I have ordered to share with my husband has been over poured and I can see them put the lid on it and let the rest just slide down midway. The girl sees it and if it were not for her getting her own hand in it and our eyes meeting she would have just left it alone but now she must have wipe it off, leaving plenty of frosty to cover my hand and congeal in my cars pull out drink carrier.

But see this isn't her fault. It's mine because I should have known better than to order the Frosty in the first place, knowing that my odds of this taking place were very high. Then the door comes open again two medium bags are thrown out the door at me, a sideways glare imparted and the door goes shut. Now since she said not a word to me I expect that the order has not yet been filled and spend another 15 seconds or so waiting.

Until I decide to look and see that my baked potato, 3 bacon jr cheeseburgers, and order of (4) chicken nuggets is in fact in the bag. Now at this point I had probably been sitting there an additional 30 seconds for no good reason, sitting there foolishly waiting for, "here's your order ma'am" at the very least. I was not dressed properly to go in the store and demand to speak with the manager and I am glad I wasn't. I needed time to cool off. But as soon as I got home I did call and spoke with a person who said she was the manager of that store. And let me tell you no wonder those kids do as they please.

She had absolutely no idea what to say to me. No, sorry, that is not acceptable, this will be worked on, nothing like it. She basically said nothing at all. I was not looking for a coupon either. There are not enough coupons to fix what is wrong with places like this.

I told the manager that when I was in high school I worked at Wendy's and we were taught to give direct eye contact, say hello, please, thank you, you're welcome, here's your order, do you need anything else?, have a great day/afternoon/night, drive safe. That if we over poured something we got a new container and either transferred the frosty into that or dumped that into the back of the machine and poured a new product. We could not just throw away inventory like the frosty cups but that could be washed later in hot soapy water and put back next in line.

But then again bottom line all of this would mean someone would actually have to work. I must be getting old. I am starting to sound like my parents but even they say that my generation was never this bad, not as good as theirs but nowhere near like this. You'll never catch me at a Wendy's again.

I've Had It With Wendy's
By -

SPRINGDALE, ARIZONA -- OK, so I know that if you do not like the service of a company then you should just quit spending your money there... That is just what I plan to do! I have complained about Wendy's several times. I called our local restaurant manager, the corporate office and the customer service hotline. I got a free coupon for a Frosty?? I'm mad, not hungry!

Wendy's is trying to be the fastest fast food around. I appreciate that, however, fast and good sometimes just don't mix. I DO NOT enjoy having the people at the window, throw my food into my car. You get to the first window and they are hanging out waiting for you to pay, they get a little ticked if they have to wait for you to get your wallet out.

Then after you pay, you see the top of a body hanging out the window dangling your food in the air. Then, they proceed to shut the window as FAST AS THEY CAN. I don't know how many times I've had to knock or yell, because they didn't give me my food or my drink or a straw or my sauce or salt or pepper! Give me a break!

Come on, get real! You can be fast and accurate, but Wendy's is neither!! This isn't just one location here, it's several. I started joking about it to friends, colleagues and family. Now, they at first thought I was a little overreacting, however, they too are now, noticing this. I like to have a straw with my tea, so just give it to me. Please don't make me knock on your window.

Today, I went to Wendy's. I ordered a Frosty and a 5 piece chicken nugget with sweet and sour. I paid, I saw my Frosty dangling out the window between two hurried hands. I pulled up, the lady said "Thanks," and shut the window. I yelled and knocked and said "Can I have my chicken?" She didn't say a word, just grabbed my bag and tossed it to me. Rude, rude, rude.

Last time I went, I had to knock 3 times. One for a straw, one for my sauce and one for my fries. You ask, why didn't I get this all at once? Well, I would, but the lady is so QUICK! 1st knock, she huffed and said "What?" I said, "Can I get a straw and...?" The straw flew out and the window slammed! 2nd knock "What???" "I also need sweet and sour and..." Sweet and sour flew in my car, window slammed harder! 3rd knock "What is it now???" "Well, I need my fries" Finally 15 minutes after the start of this ordeal, I had my order!!

Now is that fast or negligent? Is it the company policy to ruin my day? Are you forgetting about the customer, when you are trying to meet your quota of serving 5000 people for lunch? Do you really think you're outdoing McDonald's or Sonic? WELL YOU'RE NOT!!! I would rather sit at Sonic and what 10 minutes and get what I ordered with a smile and a "thanks". I WILL NOT ever again GRACE A WENDY'S ANYWHERE!!! I know of at least 22 people who will also TAKE THEIR FAST FOOD MONEY ELSEWHERE!!! Thanks for the memories.

Wendy's Corp Needs to Learn a Thing or Two About How to Treat Their Employees
By -

STATESBORO, GEORGIA -- This is long, but it's worth the read... Sorry if I turned this into a novel! I worked for Wendy's in Statesboro, GA, when I was attending the local University in 2004. I had had many problems at that restaurant, starting from day one, but considering I was a student and had bills to pay without any parental help, I was stuck at that job.

One of the managers I had to put up with was named Bea (or Beatrice. I can't remember her last name), and her idea of being a "good" manager, was to yell at her employees every time she turned around. I'm not claiming that she had something against me, but it seemed that she singled me out the most, telling me to "shut the ** up" if I happened to chat with a co-worker, while I was in the back on the grill. (God forbid I should open my mouth around anyone). So I filed a claim against them with the Department of Labour.

Lo and behold, the head of the franchise came to the restaurant the next day, and told me that "she has been a manager with our company for 20 years and we have never had complaints against her" and that "she was a manager and I was just a crew member" and that I "needed to think about who the Labour Department would believe" before I went any further with my claims. I was pretty pissed by this point, but I just nodded my head and said I understood, and went back to work.

I was on the drive-through that night, and ended up working from 11 am until closing time at 2 am, with nary a break the entire shift. The one 20 minute break I did get, the shift manager (not Bea) was supposed to take over my cash drawer. (And bear in mind that this particular Wendy's didn't require you to unlock the drawer with your employee number, or any other security measures). I came back from my break and continued working until the end of the night. I couldn't leave until my drawer had been counted, so I waited.

The shift manager called me into the office to inform me that my cash drawer was $300 short. Exactly $300. And no, I didn't steal it. The police were called, my car was searched, a report was filed, and even though they never found anything, I was still threatened with theft charges. The General Manager was called that night, and I was taken off the schedule. "Fired", in essence. I still went ahead and filed my claims, and filed for unemployment.

Wendy's didn't bother to investigate who could have taken the money, but they certainly tried to stop me from drawing unemployment! I know there might be those of you out there posing the question "what am I complaining for, it's company policy to terminate on suspicion of theft" and so on and so forth... It just seems a little too coincidental to me, to have the head of the franchise basically threaten me about my claim, then suddenly my cash drawer comes up exactly $300 short. Sounds a bit fishy to me. These people at Wendy's obviously don't care about a little thing called "ethics".

StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

VENTURA, CALIFORNIA -- Baked potato So old tasting. Must have been "baked" last week. Small and very stale "old" tasting. Almost grey. Used to be one of Wendy's best choices. No wonder I have not been for awhile. Shame.

Great Fast Service
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

MIAMISBURG, OHIO -- This location is consistently amazing. Every time I come for lunch, normally around 1:00, I have no trouble ordering and getting my food in a matter of 2 minutes or less. They have only been wrong on my order one time, but it was something very small and probably my fault anyway. The people there are always so nice and greet me with a smile when I reach the window. Just all together great restaurant.

Bad Chili
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

PARIS, KENTUCKY -- I went there yesterday and ordered a bowl of chili and a baked potato. Half way through the chili, I started feeling nauseous. I had planned to shop, but came home instead. I started vomiting and having diarrhea. Long story short, I called Wendy's to tell them of my incident. I only wanted them to know so they wouldn't make someone else sick! The guy I talked to was very rude! Thanks for listening.

Gross French Fries
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

BELLEVUE, NEBRASKA -- Ordered large French Fries at drive through. After pulling away and opening the bag, I saw dark colored French Fries. They tasted very old and greasy. The worst French Fries ever. I bit into one and spit it out.

StarStarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 2/51

HENDERSON, NEVADA -- Went into Wendy's and ordered. The vanilla frosty machine broke while they were getting my frosty. Ordered spicy chicken and 2 burgers. Both burger orders were wrong. There were flies bothering us the whole time we ate!! At least 6-7 flies landing on us, our food and table. Last time for that Wendy's!

5 People of My Family Got Food Poisoning
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Rating: 1/51

FLUSHING, NEW YORK -- 5 People out of 7 got a stomach virus by eating Wendy's burgers. The other 2 never ate burgers and instead ate chicken sandwich. I don't think I would ever take my family to this restaurant again.

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