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Westlake Financial
P. O. Box 76809
Los Angeles, CA 90076-0809
888-739-9192 (ph)
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I Do Not Understand
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I had a car loan through Westlake Financial, I fell into a hardship around February 08, I talked to a supervisor there who told me as long as I had a payment in thereby close of business everything would be okay. So I let them know I get off at 6 and I would have the money sent money gram supervisor agreed hours past by and someone called me to my front office and there was a guy out therefor me he said he was a repo guy I asked what he was doing there he said to take car I was like that's impossible I just talk to a supervisor so I called supervisor back she couldn't believe they were there she was like let me talk to tow guy so they could leave your car there he told her he couldn't release car because already hooked to tow truck so me not knowing I was like okay so a hour later I went out to see if car was gone it wasn't it was being blocked by two cars so after a while it was towed.

Months past by I couldn't get car back because of all extra fees I started getting calls over and over from Westlake finally a Lagila called me trying to make a deal with me she said we don't want to see you loose your car loan so what we will do is take a 400.00 Payment from you make your account current and ad your past due at the end of your loan as long as you pay that before April 1 we will give you your car back I made the payment called back to get address to pick up car I started getting run arounds then I finally got [snip] back on the phone she said oh I'm sorry we sold your car I'm out of 400.00 And a car.

Never Use Westlake
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- My husband and I got a 99 Suburban for Westlake. All was good till our first payment was due. He was to get paid the day after our payment was due and I was already receiving phone calls from them saying our payment was late!!! This went on for almost a year. Then we fell in to some hard times, and were late on our payments. We asked if they could work with us so we could keep our truck. they agreed to do so only if I could could come up with $650 in less than 48 hours!! or they would have to begin the paper work to representative the truck. Well we couldn't get them money that fast, so the next time they called I tried to explain to them I could make small payments every week until we could again make one monthly payment. They said NO Way and started to threaten me and my family. So I let them take my truck in hopes that I could get the money two weeks later so I could get it back but then they started to add all these charges on to my bill so I would have to pay more before I could get it back. Well we ended up letting go of our truck and now we still have to pay $7800 for a truck they re-sold for 1300.

I will never give them a good reference to anybody considering we tried to work things out with them and they still would not give us a break.

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