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Great Sectional
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

KAMLOOPS -- It was very easy to order my sectional couch. Affordable, comfortable, and looks great.

I'd Shop There Again in a Heartbeat
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Rating: 5/51

KENTVILLE -- For Christmas I would have purchased a set of bunk beds for grandson. I looked everywhere and just couldn't find a nice set… Well a nice set that was reasonably priced anyway. So I went online and found Wholesale Furniture Brokers out of BC. They had just what I was looking for and the price was excellent and they had free shipping. Well as it turned out to ship all the way to NS there was a cost (I found this annoying at first) but after re-reading the site the free shipping advertised went only to Ontario. So it cost me an extra $100 but still the price was still way better than what I found in Nova Scotia.

The set arrived in record time and it sat in the original boxes in my garage for 5 to 6 weeks unopened until Christmas. I got many emails from the company looking for me to confirm that all arrived and did in good order. Which I ignored… just too busy to inspect I guess.

So a day or two before Christmas my son in law started putting the beds together and the side rail for the top bunk was broken. He fixed it the best he could but overall the integrity of the bed was still compromised. I contacted Wholesale Furniture and sent pictures.

Even though eligibility for their warranty was conditioned on you acknowledging that any defects, damage, etc had to be identified in 5 days of receipt of the merchandise they did not hesitate in honoring the warranty. About a week later a new bed rail arrived by Purolator - free of charge and free shipping.

Gotta say I was very impressed! To reiterate they didn't hesitate to take ownership of this issue. The boxes sat in my garage for the 5 or 6 weeks I had them before Christmas. And while I know that they were well protected and the damage to the piece more than likely occurred during shipping, there was no way they could have known that and yet they took my word for it and honored the warranty. It definitely proved to me they are an honorable business to deal with… Haven't seen that for awhile.

Horrible Furniture Not At All As Described
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Rating: 1/51

LANGLEY -- The furniture ordered was the Executive Black Top-Grain Leather Recliner by True Contemporary. They arrived and looked great. IT is the cheapest looking and most uncomfortable poorly stuffed chair I have ever seen or owned. They offered after many emails back and forth to completely return and refund and pay for the shipping. I REFUSED. We gave them to the dump. Lost over a thousand dollars for two but we could not imagine anyone else having to own them and sit in them. It has taken months for me to write this as I have been so angry and frustrated with this purchase. It was my fault I trusted the site info. NEVER AGAIN will we shop there.

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Rating: 5/51

OTTAWA -- I ordered a sectional sofa from Wholesale Furniture Brokers in June - not too sure of the quality of their products. I previously read few reviews online from customers that were not really happy with their experience. Despite these few negative reviews (happy customers are usually the silent majority in my opinion) I decided to take my chances and ordered the sofa. The order process was easy. I received a confirmation and a delivery scheduled date via e-mail (It took roughly 2 weeks between the order and the delivery due to some delay since I had to confirm my purchase with PayPal for security reason).

The day before the scheduled date I received a phone call from the delivering company to confirm the date, address and also to advise that the sofa would be delivered between 2 and 5pm. Next day, at 4pm the delivery man was there with the sofa very well wrapped up. I did not take the extra for the set up (additional $299 for the full service) therefore I had to set the feet up and put the sofa together which took me 30 minutes or so.

The sofa is matching exactly what was on Wholesale Furniture Brokers (description, sizes and pictures). For a fraction of the price compared to the furniture stores I went to, I have a beautiful leather sofa that match my needs. Since I did not experience any problem I did not have to used their customer service therefore I cannot comment on it. Overall, I'm a very happy customer who will not hesitate to order again from Wholesale Furniture Brokers and recommend them to other people.

Nothing but Great Customer Service
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

REGINA, CALIFORNIA -- I ordered a couch for a new home we purchased - this was a lake house, so we wouldn't be there during the week… just weekends for now. Scheduled delivery was going to occur during a time I was not there. WFB worked with the delivery company and committed that my furniture would be delivered on MY preferred date and they delivered and then some. Not only did the delivery company deliver on time, they unpacked and brought the couch into my home AND they took the boxes with them so I didn't have to worry about recycling them.

The couch is outstanding, even better quality than I expected with the price I paid. Service was so great I ordered a bed frame. Again, same outstanding customer service and same outstanding quality. I just ordered nightstands yesterday - I can't wait for them to arrive!!! And for the record, I'm from Canada but there's no option for Canadians to post the province in which they reside.

Great Customer Service - Would Shop There Again!
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Rating: 5/51

KAMLOOPS -- I own a business and have ordered desks online before. The first time it went okay, the second time it was so much of a nightmare I was thinking that I would never buy furniture online again come hell or high water! However, now that I need one more desk I was seriously contemplating it especially after getting nowhere at local potential places to buy from. I decided to give it one more try from a Canadian retailer, as the last time I'd bought the desks through a US retailer as we live on a border city so that isn't uncommon. This company was totally professional, prompt and really was amazing. I had no issues and would gladly shop here again!

Utterly Incompetent & Completely Dishonest
By -

Unless you want to be frustrated (and possibly out more cash than you'd expected) do NOT buy anything from Wholesale Furniture Brokers. The company is completely incapable of fulfilling a delivery, but is all too happy to take your money (they are a middleman, so they just want that cash in hand, and will worry about the details later… maybe). But if you get frustrated after waiting MONTHS for your furniture and attempt to cancel the order, they'll pull out their standard contract, which guarantees that they will make money from you, regardless of whether they can deliver what you've paid for in a reasonable period of time.

MY EXPERIENCE: SEPT. 6, placed order; order history notes that “unit is on second floor, up stairs.” WFB informed me that item was backordered at least 8 weeks. I said "I would wait." SEPT. 10, WFB processed $379.80 as a deposit. Dec. 11, I received from Wholesale Furniture Brokers stating that my bedroom set was ready to ship out in the next few days with the North American Van Lines, agent - Santini.

DEC. 12, I e-mailed WFB to confirm that all parties had my phone number and to state that between Dec. 13-17 and Dec. 20-22, I would be unable to have furniture delivered; a Belinda confirmed that she'd make sure appropriate parties had my contact information. DEC. 13, WFB notified me that my order was “in transit,” my credit card had been debited $1519.20, and that the delivery agent would be in contact with me to make delivery arrangements. DEC. 27, having not heard from any shipping agent reps, and having no success reaching shippers via phone, I called WFB and e-mailed an Alyssa there.

DEC. 27, WFB notified me that my furniture had arrived at a “local agent,” which would notify me “shortly” to arrange delivery. JAN. 4, I was again unsuccessful trying to reach shippers on phone, so I called WFB and e-mailed a Caroline there. I explained that if this couldn't be resolved I'd just cancel the order, as I needed bedroom furniture. JAN. 4, STI Home Express sent an auto-email notification stating that a customer service rep would be contacting me within 24 hrs to set up delivery date.

JAN. 4, I finally spoke to the shipping agent and learned that my dresser had been completely destroyed in transit. They told me that I should talk to WFB before making shipment arrangements. JAN. 6 & 7, WFB's owner, Sergei, called me and e-mailed me apologizing that he had “been away on vacation over Christmas” and would “get started on getting furniture delivered minus the [damaged] dresser.”

JAN. 7, after calling a Belinda at the shipper, I e-mailed and called WFB with “I will be canceling this order” in subject line. JAN. 8, Sergei called me in the morning; I returned his call and sent him an e-mail regarding setting up delivery of damaged dresser. JAN. 10, called WFB and broker; e-mailed Sergei stating that if we could not arrange delivery of damaged dresser, I would cancel the entire order. I explained to Sergei that I preferred to have the entire set delivered at the same time as I did not want to have to stay home from work twice. Sergei stated that this would be too difficult, so I agreed to separate deliveries.

JAN. 11, the bed, mirror and night table were delivered – minus the hardware necessary to put the bed together. (I wasn't able to try to put the bed together for a week, though, as I had to). JAN. 19, I called WFB on my return to have the hardware delivered. The person I spoke to stated that they'd have it “FedExed right out.” JAN. 22, I got a call from Rizzon Furniture to confirm my address to mail the missing bed hardware. JAN. 24, I stayed home from work to have dresser delivered.

JAN. 24 @12 pm (Eastern time), the shipper called to inform me that they “just realized” that I live on the second floor, and because they'd only sent one delivery person, they wouldn't be able to make the delivery. I immediately called WFB to try to inform them that I couldn't stay home from work for a third day and they'd have to somehow find/authorize another man to help getting furniture up stairs (I stated I'd even help except I'm very small and wouldn't be a whole lot of help). WFB informed me that Sergei would get back to me.

JAN. 24 @3 pm, Sergei called me and claimed that they “didn't realize” that I was on the second floor – despite the fact that a) the shipping agent told me that she had been given this information, but just hadn't noticed it earlier, and b) “2nd floor” is clearly indicated in WFB's customers files on me, and I also made this clear in more than one phone and e-mail exchange with both shippers and WFB. I informed Sergei that I was calling AmEx because I needed bedroom furniture and at this point, since they'd been able to fulfill the order, I'd be taking my business to a company that could.

UPSHOT: I am still contesting this issue with American Express. But in the meantime, WFB has returned the dresser to the manufacturer and is claiming that they are entitled to several hundred dollars in shipping fees and other "penalties." DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!

Excellent Product & Service
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

KAMLOOPS, BC, CANADA -- We ordered a Sectional Sofa set. We received excellent product and service from Wholesale Furniture Brokers.

Crooks and Liars!!! AVOID
By -

KAMLOOPS -- DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!! I ordered a bedroom set shown on their website over the phone on November 30th, 2011. It was shown as a dark black/brown colour called "cappuccino". I was told it was in stock and would be delivered within approximately 2 weeks. Almost 6 weeks later on January 9th, 2012, a bedroom set arrived. It was not even close to the colour advertised. I have side by side comparison pictures clearly showing the dramatic difference.

I contacted them in order to resolve this issue. They fully admitted the dramatic difference in colour. I even have emails from them saying, "Regarding your claim, there is a huge color variation from what you received and what is on our site and our supplier's. We have sent pictures to the supplier and we are currently awaiting their response." They then made me wait another week, then told me they would not ship out new set in the correct colour because they don't want to pay the shipping and it would cost me $200 if I wanted to return the wrong-coloured set.

I asked "why should I pay $200 to return what they mistakenly sent me??" I was told by Michelle, their claims agent, that it was their policy. I asked to speak to a manager and she said the owner Sergei Tashlikowich would call me. He not only didn't call me, he ducted my call for several days. This company is full of crooks and liars. AVOID! AVOID! AVOID!

Madrid Outdoor Patio Set
StarStarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 2/51

CALGARY, AB -- I ordered the Madrid Patio set in July 2014. Service was great and got my order within a week. When I unpacked my order, I noticed there were no caps on the bottom of the chairs or love seat, leaving to chance the wicker to unravel. Also, there was no support under the loveseat so when you sit on it your body sinks in. The worst part was when I sat on the cushions after 10 minutes I got up and they were flat as a pancake and I called WFB, and they said they contacted the supplier and that the cushion were made in China, that they are not a long term solution. Honest to god word for word this is what was said. I asked what long term meant 1 day a week.

They told me I could upgrade my cushion to Sunbrella, sent me an email to pick a color and it would only cost shipping. The shipping was 160.00. I was not happy to pay another 160.00 towards a cheap set, but I knew these cushions wouldn't last the summer. So I agreed. So they took my credit card and of course billed the 160.15 and two weeks later I get another email saying there was a misunderstanding with their supplier and that the cushions would cost well over 300 plus 160 for shipping.

I told them they charged my credit card, sent me an email as confirmation. That if there was an error they would need to eat it. But of course not the case!! I asked to return the cheap set, and they said "well it is over the return time", but they would see what they could do. I have not heard back. But reading online I would have to pay the shipping which would cost more than the set is worth.

Bottom line, I would never deal with this company again. As they do not honor their word and renege on their promise, even when they have your money and I have proof in an email they would give me the cushions for 160.00. And good luck at getting to talk to a supervisor or manager, maybe there isn't one and that's why they don't care if their customer is happy or not. A business who does business like this won't be in business for very long.

Resolution Update 10/08/2014:

WFB has a new customer service manager and has resolved any issues i had with the company. I am a satisfied customer now.

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