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Don't Be Suckered by Yodle Doing Your Advertising Math
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Rating: 2/51

LINCOLN, ILLINOIS -- Yodle has taken my cleaning business to the next level... down. An all-out online ad campaign for my cleaning business did include its own new website ($500.+) and top billing for an online presence (over $1200 monthly). I was approached originally by Yodle who took me step-by-step, doing the math, to show how they could garner me young business huge revenues and take us to a new level. They asked how many customer contacts I'm able to "sell". Because my percentage was high they shot me figures on all the new contacts they could bring to me and, together, my profits would multiply like crazy.

Now, well into our third month, and over $4,000 new advertising indebtedness on my credit card, I have seen about a (-)70% return on this investment. Basically, here's some of the real math: a couple of small cleaning jobs, about a handful of useful contacts, finding dropped calls from their answering service, several calls from out of region (probably due to reusing old 800 numbers, which can happen), after the first couple of weeks it's been a continual drop-off in calls, and now, they'd like me to emphasis and advertise a different niche in my services. Frankly, seeing other posts about Yodle, I'm concerned about added costs they may want to stick me with.

During this same period, with only a few personal contacts, I've sold 3/4 new accounts. I'll be fair and repost in a month or so if things change. For now, the math doesn't add up. I guess my fault for expecting it would be as they implied, poor economy, and corporate competition can all play a part. Just disappointed. I'll have to work like a dog to get to break-even just to pay the Yodle bill. Be aware, do your own math, and only proceed with great caution. This has been the most expensive math class I've ever attended. At this point, I'll never do it again.

Never Sign With Yodle.com - They Are A Scam!!!
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Yodle.com's 40 minute online sales pitch looks great. But when our holistic wellness center signed up for a 3 month contract we had the WORST experience ever. They told us we would receive our account passwords and information in our email right away. When we did not receive it for over a week we called multiple times and were told that we would either receive it that day or that it would be automatically sent out when the website they designed for us went live. The contact person "[snip]" kept sending us emails saying that our account manager "Zack" was working really hard and he would email us as soon as possible. We had never heard anything from Zack or received his contact information for weeks. When they said our website that they created for us was live, it showed an outdoor waterfront massage deck. We are in the Denver Metro Area which is in the mountains. They said that we were a "spa" instead of a natural health center and listed multiple services that we have never had like champissage and facials and also did not list some of our most important services like acupuncture, oriental medicine, nutritional counseling, yoga, etc. Things are not spelled properly and modalities are listed twice on the same page.

We sent many emails saying that even though the site looked beautiful it had a ton of misleading information and missing information. Absolutely NOTHING was done to change it even after "[snip]" said that "Zack" had changed it the previous week and it had just not shown up yet...really, he said that. I let them know that we still had not been sent our account information and we were losing trust with their company representing our business. We started getting phone calls from clients wanting the services their site claimed we had and they ended up getting upset that "we" should take down our false advertising. What a mess. We warned Yodle.com that they must cease and desist from using any of our business information and that we were terminating the contract due to misrepresentation and business loss.

Seriously, we have our own website that comes up on the first page of most searches organically and it's easy to change and update. All $900 plus $500 for thee next two months of the contract with Yodle got us was a lazy and misleading website and an add that comes up in sponsored links only. None of the organic results they promised. No easy to update anything. No "dedicated account manager". It's a horrible scam. They have still not taken down their site even after more than 10 requests from our company. They keep saying that we are still under contract with them regardless of the problems we've had from the start. They sent an email today saying that we need to talk over the phone about details of the account that can't be done through email- whoa! RED FLAG!!!! Why can't we discuss business agreements in writing??? It's been the worst experience. We are a new business.

We were told that this kind of an investment would help generate our clientèle. It's done nothing but hurt us. NEVER SIGN WITH YODLE. COM!!! They are a total scam! I will soon be publishing the actual emails and screen shots to better show our unfortunate experience with this "business.

Ripe Off Plain and Simple
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Rating: 1/51

NORTH CAROLINA -- This company is people that seem to know everything about web advertising. This if far from the truth. Long story short, $3500.00 in and two recording phone calls. I own a small pest control business in Tennessee. I have been in business for over 20 years. As many others, I ran my own Google Add words account. What I do best, is sales. I thought the same thing as many others, pay some one else to run my website at a reasonable cost and it would be more than worth it to be in front of more customers resulting in more revenue. BAD decision period. If you want to run your business into the ground quickly, be dumb enough to as they say "Put all your eggs in one basket" What a bad idea. Stay Away from this company, and never let anyone have all of the control over any part of your business.

We Lost $1000s Due to Changing From Local Marketing to Yodle
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Rating: 1/51

FORT LAUDERDALE FL, FLORIDA -- We used a local marketing company that charged 1000/yr for marketing. It did okay but in hindsight did awesome compared to Yodle. They quickly convinced my partner of all they would do, he signed a 3 month contract, paid close to 1500/month and we can't get out. They just charged another 1300 on the company card. They suck you in by convincing that they are creating an incredible "organic" page - it seems they may be smoking "organic" herbs while our business has literally dropped to zero phone calls (before we received 2-4 solid clients weeks with local marketing company. I just reviewed a website that is employee based reviews showing the scams and tricks they teach their employees. While our business is going out, they are giving huge commissions 401ks and party atmosphere....YODLE will suck everything you have worked for right out of you. The sleepless nights the drained accounts and silent phones. I hope I can stop someone else from this nightmare.

Yodle or Yodle.com
By -

If you are thinking of using Yodle.com to do your internet advertising please take my advice and DON'T do it. I was a Google Adwords user and our business has done quite well with Adwords. We have been using Adwords for about 18 months. I have had many companies call and offer to manage our pay per click campaigns for us. Most wanted a 12 month contract. Yodle only asked for a 3 month contract. [snip] was the sales representative I worked with. She claimed Yodle would increase my “click per call” ratio from 10% to 30%. They wanted 3 months because they said it would increase about 10% per month as they adjusted our keywords. I am 20 days into the program and it has been horrible. Here is the short list:

We went 2 weeks without a single call or request for information.

They are charging us for a lot of clicks in parts of the country where we do not want out ads showing.

They have used $800 so far and produced only 1 decent lead. (3 contacts total)

$800 with our own program would have produced 10-15 leads

They are charging us $10-15 per click and placing our ads in positions we would have only paid $4 per click.

I am going to fight them on payment and the contract. I consider their sales pitch to be fraudulent. Even if it was matching or close to what we were producing I would be fine. They are really hurting our business. Before I signed up with Yodle I tried to find reviews about them. I couldn't find many positive reviews but there were no negative review. So here is your warning! Signing with Yodle has been a disaster. I am going to put our own ads back up and just pay double if I have to.

Complete Scam - Bait & Switch
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Rating: 1/51

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Complete FRAUD. The salesperson will tell you anything to get you to sign up and pay them. As soon I paid they demonstrated nothing but utter incompetence. I paid $3K and when it became obvious their scheme was a bait & switch, I requested to cancel via phone, email & letter and they refused, saying that I paid and they would not refund anything. I literally feel like they have stolen my money. They did not provide even 1 valid lead in months - all I got was tons of wrong numbers all day and people looking for different services than my company offers. Let me repeat, not even 1 lead from someone looking for the service my company provides.

RUN, don't walk from these frauds and thieves or sign up at your own peril.

Yodle Rep Said "Under No Circumstances Will Yodle EVER Refund Your Money".
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Rating: 1/51

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI -- ***As one business owner to another, if you did sign up with Yodle and had a bad experience please file a report with the BBB, the FTC, and your Attorney General.***​

They promise us a full refund of all fees if not satisfied but when we asked for a refund they appear to have carefully covered themselves "legally" so that they wouldn't have to give us any refund.

The tricky "conditions" of the full refund were only clear after the fact and they were not what was implied in all of our "verbal" sales talk.

I was told yesterday by a Yodle representative that "under no circumstances will Yodle EVER refund our money". When I asked for a supervisor I was told that "there was no supervisor to talk to".

Quite a different story than what they told us signing up.

Deceptive Bait and Switch Practices Flat Out Liars
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Rating: 1/51

NORTH CAROLINA -- Deceptive business practices and nothing they sell you on is in writing. They will not deliver even 1% of what they promise. Save your money and spend it elsewhere! I was initially told that for $1250 per month I would receive 20-30 leads per month. I shut it down after month 2 when I only received 1 phone call total even though their system shows 4 leads total. I asked for a refund of $1250 since obviously the campaign didn't work. They even informed me that my account wasn't spending on the PPC end. $1000 per month was allotted to this as well so technically according to what I had been told by Mark Foley in their Phoenix office I should have still had $1600 left in this account that wasn't being used. I filed a chargeback with my bank for 1 of the 2 payments, and since nothing is in writing, and I never received a written copy of the terms and conditions, I'm pretty much screwed and out all the money.

Good for Yodle they have figured out a way to legally steal my money by being deceptive. I am very disappointed. I had very high hopes for this from the start. They have what seems to be a great concept and plan but it just didn't work. I would have gladly spent 3 times this amount if it had even delivered half of what was sold to me. I should have been more careful and not trusted a publicly traded company. Shame on me I guess?

Yodle Failed To Deliver - Or Even Come Close
By -

Like many business we too have dabbled in PPC Google ads. When they used to be 5 cents per a click and organic Google searches were less competitive we found pay per click this form of advertisement to be quite rewarding.

That was then and this is now So what made us go ahead and take a stab at it again?

A great sales pitchcall from Yodle with promises of valuable cases and new clients. Little did we know our arranged $15,000, 90-Day trial would be much more like Chinese water torture than a marketing investment. less than satisfying and turn out to be no better than burning our own money.
After receiving numerous sales calls day in-and-out, there was one that sparked our interest.

Although we were skeptical at first, Yodle'sthe sales representative at Yodle painted a masterpiece of Yodle being thepicture that they were "Pay-per-Click Experts." Their proprietary systems and skill would produce a nice return on investment and make us Yodle PPC devotes. Tey told us they would strategically purchase paid clicks at wholesale prices and, employ their proven systems in legal PPC marketing to thprovide us a great return on investment, allus helping us increase our caseload and leads within 90 days.

They even went on to show us a campaign they were successfully managing for another law firm. We were inspired by the website traffic their client was receiving and decided to go out on a limb with hopes that they could walk their talk. at the very least we would retain one case to cover the money we would put into Yodle's campaign for us.

As Yodle said they created a mirrored website identical to ours to track the campaigns progress. we became excited about the possibilities.. W Then the pay-per-click ads went up, and we waited for the phone calls and web inquiries to come rolling in.

Weeks went by and nothing... Not one phone call or web inquiry which could lead to a possible case. In fact, a great deal of the calls we received from the pay-per-click ads were lawyer marketing companies looking for business from us.

In the end the ROI from Yodle was zero. Yodle didn't even try to explain why their proprietary systems, skill, strategically purchased ads and proven methods did not produce. It was as though they hadn't done anything and successfully played us for $15K.

Yodel the predator of small business

GILROY, CALIFORNIA -- I wish to inform everyone about Yodel and their predator business practices.
First they will look to cold call you with a high pressure sales tactics that are very enticing. They will promise the moon, and they can just let them take you on a magical mystery that is going to take your money away.

Yodel will promise that you will be posted on the front "organic positions"
on every ping with their magic potions and spells. Wow that sounds to good to be true.(It is) Now that I have given them my credit card they are off and running, that is to the bank.

A week goes by you get it what appears to be a very professional web based interactive casino for your money. So now you are the virtual ticker goes by. You look at on the internet and for some reason you are not finding any promised positioning. You call and send off emails so they can tweak it more. Meanwhile while you still think you have credits because you only got 17 responses and 376 clicks you now find out that without your permission they start ringing up charges and do not even invoice you or express a statement of charges. Than when you complain they say oh we bid on Google and that is what it costs. The house wins all. I have been had. I really want people to review other sites out there to see how many people have been fleeced by Yodel and their unauthorized debits on their credit cards. Please be careful. This casino will take all your money and there are no winners.

Mark Thompson
CEO Ra Tech Solar Inc.

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