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Fraudulent Charges & Misleading Sales Pitch!
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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- Sometime in February, I came across an advertisement online for some miracle wrinkle cream called, Youth Factor. In big bold letters it says "FREE TRIAL! Only pay s/h"!!! I didn't even want to pay the s/h, so I clicked out of that page, only to have a pop-up come on the screen offering a reduced s/h charge. I thought that "what the heck, it's less than two bucks for shipping and I get to keep the products. If I don't like them, I'm not out much!" WRONG!!!
While looking through my checking account statement online last night, I discovered 3 charges. $47.00, $69.00,

I didn't sweat it too much, because I thought, I'll call them tomorrow and explain that I didn't want the products and shouldn't have been charged. BTW, as soon as I received the products, I canceled my account with them and told them not to send anymore products. Well, I was informed by a Customer Service Rep and 2 supervisors that, I will NOT be receiving a refund! I explained that I thought this was a FREE trial. Oh, but it is, for 30 days, then after that, they charge you! That's not how it's explained on the site. It's very misleading!

I've disputed the charges with my bank, but only time will tell if I will be reimbursed. So for $165.00, I have 3 little bottles of gunk, that does nothing for my skin, but make it red and irritated! The supervisors were very rude and uncaring. DO NOT ORDER FROM YOUTH FACTOR unless you like overpriced, unproductive wrinkle creams and serums! I could have had a professional skin care expert give me a facial for this and still had plenty of money left over!

YOUTH FACTOR IS A RIP-OFF! Youth Factor, Los Angeles, CA 90025. Customer Service 1800-615-5853. BUYER BEWARE OF FIRST IMPRESSIONS AS WELL. It's the same company and I was also charged by them!

Unfair company practices

ALBANY, NEW YORK -- I ordered from Youth Factor and cancelled my account with them within the allotted time frame, but the phone number that was given on the paperwork that arrived with the product was wrong. The person that I spoke with concerning my cancellation assured me that my account would be cancelled, but a few weeks later I found a charge of $49.93 on my bank statement.

There was also a new phone number given so I called that to cancel yet again. I was told that the phone number that was furnished with the product was wrong (and that they knew this!) and that they would certainly refund my money for the product ONLY. They would not refund the $9.95 for the Shipping/handling. I feel that since I called within the first 30 days to cancel, that I shouldn't have even been charged anything. I have written and called numerous times and have been told that "Upper management" has declined my request for refund of the S/H. I have since gone to the Better Business Bureau of NY state.

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