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Review by Slimjim on 2004-03-19
I know my3cents would always be interested in assuring their site is valuable. What I want to convey is that what makes My3cents one of the best advocate (aka b_t_h sites) is the open and uncensored exchange. The administrators only delete what should be, foul language, or offensive material. You guys do not get involved with playing judge and jury on who is right or wrong. I for one appreciate that. If someone wants to come to a public site and trash an individual or company, then they opened their affairs to the public. If people agree or have helpful suggestions, then the intent of the site is being fufilled. If their complaint is unwarranted or ridiculous, well then they will be told. They were so anxious to bring it public to start with. Can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen, right?
What I am stressing is don't be afraid to let readers post negative comments to complaints as long as they don't cross the line. Someone posted as anonymous a complaint about our Safford Sam friend and stated they were no longer visiting this site because of him. If that is how they feel, don't let the door hit you on the way out. Sure, Safford is not adding any value here while he trolls, but there are still people with NCO and other concerns that are getting their complaints heard and even getting helpful feedback. I know I have done my share of flaming, mostly as of late since Lenny from Of Mice and Men has been around, but before I only would when it was a "ya just can't help it". I also just read, vote on occasion and when I feel I can help, add positive information. The abusive threads really are all starting AND being fueled by one @sswipe. Pull his complaints and all his rambling add ons to exsisting posts down. He'll lose his steam and go away. Remember, his whole complaint is about something that happened a year ago anyway.
Leave the way you run this site as is. You do it well and fair. If you kick everyone off who flames a bit, you'll lose loyals and be just another gripe forum-boring!
Just my 3 cents :)
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Posted by sanford31031 on 2004-03-19:
I agree with you slimjim.....this fool is nutso and maybe one day he will go away!
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2004-03-19:
Good post Slim. I give advice in the NCO forum, and through this site I've been able to really help out where I can. You mentioned the NCO posts and I appreciate you doing so...it means someone is noticing my and many other volunteers's efforts to help people - even if I think I remember getting into it with you a few times in the past. (no hard feelings)
Posted by Slimjim on 2004-03-19:
None taken Mad_Eye. There is nothing wrong with a good debate.
Posted by SF on 2004-03-19:
Mad, keep up the good post about NCO. Your post are very interesting to read. Most of us know that is what this site is about, information that leads people in the right direction. Not the mindless games that some people play.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2004-03-19:
You guys are gonna make me cry. Thanks for the support.
Posted by terrapin8180 on 2004-03-19:
lwrhps....... I'm not here to choose sides but you talk about people on this website talking crap but they just got you to do the same thing. You talk about having a life and not being on here day to day but I guess today you didn't have one either.
Posted by terrapin8180 on 2004-03-19:
By the way Slim......... Good point you've shown you can be silly and p**s people off but also be intelligent when need be
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2004-03-19:
Anyone named after beef jerky can't be all bad. Viva Atkins!
Posted by gman3fan on 2004-03-19:
Slim... your the voice of reason!

I couldn't agree more.
Posted by D. on 2004-03-20:
Ok, now I'm going to swell up a few heads here. Slim: being an NCO rep, I do agree with your posting here. I don't think I've gone head to head with you (yet), but I have seen some of your debates. And Mr. MadEyE ... what can I say? I like the fact that you and I can see issues differently and still be able to work together and offer options to the consumer's out there. We have harmless debates, but we both seem to get our point across. Hey, if everyone was the same and agreed all the time, the world would be a bit boring, right? And you would be a bill collector for NCO because no one would need attorneys ... lol
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2004-03-24:
No I wouldn't. I'd be a fireman.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-11-09:
Slim, you were a complete buffoon, even back when this was written! LOL!

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