Content Guidelines

My3cents allows users to contribute different kinds of content. We've put together these general guidelines:
  • Inappropriate content: Please no harassment, hate speech, vulgary language or anything that may be deemed inappropriate by others. Our motto: Be respectful of others.
  • Promotional content: Don't write reviews about your own company, don't hire a company to write reviews about your company. Consumers are smart. They will know the difference, which makes you look worse in the end.
  • Privacy: Please don't post any personal information regarding someone else. No full names, no phone numbers, no addresses. Including such details may keep your post from seeing the light of day.
  • Intellectual property: If you want to reference an article or paragraph from another site, please simply include a URL to that content in your post/comment. Copying/pasting content from other sites is not good net etiquette!
  • Personal experience: Folks want to hear about the specifics of your consumer experience. Please only include details that you experienced firsthand.
  • Accuracy: Stick to the facts. My3cents does not mediate disputes regarding the accuracy of a review. You are responsible for the content you post. Keep it clean and keep it factual.