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Dropping after 2 1/2 months
By -

My Geico premium went up and I decided to shop around to compare rates. 21st Century gave me the best (I now remind myself that if something looks too good to be true - it usually is). Since it too was a 6 month policy, I questioned if their rates would rise significantly in 6 months and was told - no, the rates in NJ are going down! When I called back a couple of days later to get the policy the rates were up and they couldn't tell me why. Policy was matched exactly with my old coverage so I could compare properly.

For the next 3 weeks or more I received quotes in the mail at the lower premium. A supervisor agreed to the original quote but said they would charge the new rate in 6 months. They asked for my defensive driver registration number which I supplied on the phone. (They never said they would need a hard copy.) I received my policy and pages and pages in the mail. No mention of what should be signed and returned.

Then I received a rate increase in the mail and again - back to customer service. They said they needed a copy of my defensive driver mailed - I asked why the sales person hadn't told me that was required since they already had the registration number. I mailed that to them. Then another letter and another phone call and I had to fax over the policy agreement which I did and had verification of the fax. Then another letter - they didn't receive it - another call and at the end of that conversation the customer service person just happened to mention a $750 deductible without any mention of deductibles from me.

This made me check my original policy and new papers they had sent me. Original policy $500 deductible - new policy $750 deductible. Another call - this time assurance that my rates wouldn't go up with my $500 deductible when they received the information in the mail - and no they had not received my fax but the girl went over all the options with me (and I chose my original $500 deductible) and another assurance that my rate would not go up and I mailed in the hard copy.

A few days ago another letter (wrong first name) saying a conflict in deductible - forms to fill out again (NOT) and if I chose $500 my rate would be higher. Goodbye 21st Century - Good Riddance 21st Century - cancelled as of 12:01 tonight. My coverage (if I ever had any) only lasted 2 1/2 months, and I shudder to think of what would have happened had I been unfortunate enough to have had an accident. I'm staying in my house today and not even starting the car in my driveway until tomorrow when my new policy takes effect! Don't be lured by low rates - Bait & Switch in my opinion would be the best description for the tactics of this company.

Fraudulent Charges!
By -

COLORADO -- I have been a loyal customer of 21st Century (formally known as AIG) for the last year. I didn't have any problems with this insurance company until a month ago. When I renewed my policy I decided it would be more convenient to get set up on auto pay. Well of course my payments had come out of my account every month on a regular schedule until last month.

When I called 21st to ask why my bill hadn't been taken out they said that we were using our vehicles for business purposes and that we would be dropped from our policy. When I reassured them we weren't using them for business purposes, faxed them a form stating that we weren't they said to wait till September to pay August's bill because it would take time to process the paperwork.

I called back in September to pay my bill and I was informed that after renewing my policy that my premium was to be raised by almost $100. After hearing that I told the operator to make sure that auto pay would not be set up for September because I was going to shop around for a lower premium. He said nothing would be automatically taken out because it was a new policy and I would have to set up auto pay again.

Later that week I signed up with Progressive, which ended up being cheaper than I was paying before. Well my husband called a few days later and said that 21st Century had just taken out $774 from our account. This was not authorized; I had no idea this amount of money would be taken out of my account and didn't have the funds to cover this charge. As a result my account had $350 in overdraft fees and my account was frozen. When I called 21st Century the operator was talking in circles and eventually said that she would not be able to refund the full amount or cover the overdraft fees. I then asked to speak to a manager.

After letting him know that the charges were unauthorized he put me on hold to listen to the phone conversation I had with the operator that told me I would not have any money taken out of my account. The manager came back to say that he listened to 5 min. of the 20 min. phone call and didn't hear anything about auto pay being discussed. I assured him that it was discussed at the end of the phone call. He said if I wanted to dispute it I could fax in my overdraft fees and THEN he would listen to the whole call.

I finally gave up and just asked that he refunded my money. I then call my bank and they said if 21st Century was able to refund the full amount that we could claim it under fraudulent charges and they would take off the overdraft fees. So I sit here still waiting for 21st Century to refund my money. The operator said I would have to wait 5-7 business days before I saw my refund and there still isn't a guarantee that I would get the full amount back. I love how they are so quick to take my money, but so slow to return it.

Meanwhile my account is frozen, I have no funds and my husband and I were supposed to go on vacation this weekend that had to be cancelled because we don't have enough money (due to the $1,000 that was unexpectedly taken out of our account in the last few weeks). 21st Century has horrible customer service and will do whatever they can to take your money! I would not recommend this insurance company to anyone!

21st Century Insurance wants to raise my renewal premium by almost 38% for no reason!
By -

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- I had been a customer of State Farm, but in July of this year, I switched my auto insurance to 21st Century Insurance after they gave me an insurance quote which was $175 a year cheaper. My current six month policy premium with 21st Century Insurance is $543.57, so imagine my surprise when I received my policy renewal the other day and discovered that my renewal policy premium will be increased by approximately 38% to $749.81!

I have no idea why 21st Century Insurance feels the need to increase my premium by such an outrageous amount, as I have not had any tickets or accidents since long before I became a customer last July, and the premium increase is far more than the 5% across the board rate increase that they notified me of in the policy renewal paperwork. Since there is no reasonable excuse for a 38% increase in my insurance premium, I emailed them and asked them to give me an explanation as to why they feel that they have the right to raise my premium so dramatically. It has been almost 2 weeks, and I have not yet received a reply.

Since we live in a free market and I am not obligated to remain a customer of a company which is trying to rip me off, I reserve the right to find a cheaper insurance premium with another insurance company. If 21st Century Insurance will not lower my insurance premium to a more reasonable amount, I won't renew my policy when it expires on January 1st.

Before I became a customer of 21st Century Insurance, I was warned by a friend (and former customer of 21st Century Insurance) that they are an unethical company and they would dramatically raise my premiums after the first six months. As it turns out, my friend was correct, and I was a fool for believing that they were an honest company.

In my opinion, 21st Century Insurance is nothing more than a bait and switch scam! I will remain a customer of 21st Century Insurance if my six month renewal premium is priced at $570.75. This amount reflects a rate increase in the amount of 5%. I have absolutely no intention of renewing my insurance policy with 21st Century Insurance if they attempt to charge me any amount over $570.75.

Unfair billing
By -

I am lodging this complaint against 21st century insurance for what I consider unfair (and possibly illegal) billing. I originally obtained insurance for my motorcycle through AIG. Last year, AIG received federal bailout money, and a couple of months later, I received notice that AIG was changing its auto insurance over to a company called 21st century insurance. I had been using AIG for my motorcycle insurance for two or three years, renewing and paying for the policy premiums in one lump payment and ensuring my coverage for a year at a time. I was only three or four months into my renewal when the changeover occurred this past year.

Within a month or two, I started receiving new, increased bills for my policy each month. Even though my policy had been paid in full for the remainder of the year. I had not been in any accidents or received any traffic citations whatsoever and had no reason for premium increases. I also reviewed my policy's "fine print", and could find no areas where such an increase would come from. Especially with no prior notification. My only guess is that AIG, through their newly renamed company, 21st century insurance, was attempting to collect funds to cover their newly received bailout debt.

I ultimately cancelled my policy with 21st century insurance and moved my coverage to another company. And because that I received no prior notification, had no stipulations in the policy that allowed it that I could find, and was only a few months into a year long paid for policy, I have not, and will not pay the extra billed amount. And I urge anyone else who may have experienced a similar problem to do your own research and act accordingly. No one should have to be subject to this. From any company, but especially a company that obviously can't manage itself properly and is on the hook to the US taxpayers for billions of dollars.

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Rating: 2/51

CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA -- Apparently unless you auto pay your bill now with 21st Century you have to pay a $3.25 processing fee. What I mean by this for example is yesterday I went online to pay my 6 month premium, which in turn was 6 days before due date. I was using my Debit card and it informed me that unless I auto draft on the due date I would be charged $3.25 to process my payment. Maybe some of you have seen this, but not me. I have seen processing fees for late payments etc. What I do not get is they are obviously passing on their vendor fee to the consumer that companies normally pay anyway. It is not the issue of the amount, but the principal of it.

I spoke with the Manager who told me lots of companies do this. I never had this issues with ALLstate, Mercury or any other insurance company, (ordering pizza, buying products, Amazon, get my drift). And by the way Miss Manager your company raised my premium $50 for 6 months and I have never made a claim, had a ticket, and coverage/vehicles the same.

Although I didn't appreciate that I still am paying it. I had to absorb their increase, so they can absorb their vendor fee. After moping on the phone with **, who basically implied that I was ignorant to the corporate greed that America is slowly being strangled by she waived the fee of $3.25. Seriously love capitalism, but when you need to increase your revenue to keep 2 people on to do 1 person's job and to pay a CEO a 7 figure salary then it gets silly.

21st Century Insurance Auto SCAM
By -

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA -- I signed up online for my auto policy and was quoted a price that would save me money. The next day I checked my policy and they had dropped my comprehensive and collision but were charging me the same price I had signed up for. When I checked on how much to add this coverage it was WAY more than my current policy. So for the ONE day of coverage they charged me $50. So in effect they SCAMMED me out of $50. Thank goodness I checked my policy online the next day or it would have been much worse. What a bunch of dishonest bozos.

By -

GLENDALE, ARIZONA -- After a hail storm in the Phoenix, Arizona area my 2009 Honda Fit received numerous dents requiring the submission of an insurance claim to 21st Century Insurance. I confirmed via the policy information available to me using the WEB site of 21 Century Ins. that I had rental auto coverage of $30 a day, maximum of $900. This was consistent with what I had requested from my original agent, who by the way is no longer with the company selling me the insurance.

Upon renting a vehicle for a week, I was informed by the Enterprise Auto Rental person that my insurance company indicated I had no rental coverage. I called the claims agent and was informed I only had rental car coverage in the event my vehicle was stolen. After adamently informing him this was not correct and that I had requested rental car coverage but not just for a theft situation, he told me he would investigate. By the days end I had no reply from 21st Century Ins. and had to return the vehicle and pay #310.00 rental fees including tax.

It's A Horrible Experience Even Before It Gets Started
By -

I got a cheaper quote online and get a call from them almost instantly. But it went downhill right after, customer service transferred me a local agent and we talked a while. I don't remember my current policy coverage and want to go back and look into more detail so I can call me back the day after. The agent just went bat-** crazy and demand me for my credit/debit card number so I can pay right away.

I explained and explained about I wanting to check couple things and do some research. But this guy named traverse kept pushing and pushing bragging about how incredible and reputable the 21st century ins is. I have to hang up on him. Now I find out how bad the experience, services and how unprofessional they're for business, I'll never go with them. Thank you all for the reviews!

They don't know how to do their jobs RIGHT!!!
By -

First lets start with 4 years ago signed on with AIG. They never electronically filed that we switched to them. So we had a lapse in our insurance according to the DMV. Had to pay huge fine. Now 4 years later we are tired of the consent changing of price in our premium. I figured beginning of the year we will switch. Well I went to pay our insurance on 10-25-10. The automated machine let me know that as of today 10-25-10 your insurance policy was canceled on 10-31-10 at 12:01am. What the heck how could they cancel if it wasn't even the date. Well they did. I called my agent and they contact 21st Century.

The problem was fixed so I thought. 11-27-10 we received a letter from the DMV... a suspension order. 21st Century sent in that we no longer had insurance on our vehicles but when it came to them electronically filing back to fix their mistake nope they couldn't do that. Well Friday 12-3-10 my agent called them and let them know that they need to electronically file. They said no problem we can have that done today.

Well now it is 12-8-10 and Albany didn't have any record of it yet. I called my agent again and she called 21st century. THEY NEVER FILED IT!!!!! So they said they would file it today. Well lets see if they can do their jobs!!! PS. YOU NEVER GET TO TALK TO A PERSON IF YOU CALL AND THEIR WEBSITE YOU CAN'T EMAIL THEM EITHER. BEWARE DO NOT USE THIS INSURANCE COMPANY!!!!!

21st Century Can't Even Provide an Address to Mail Your premium to - How can they protect you and your car
By -

WOODLAND HILLS, CALIFORNIA -- A few years ago when I was in a minor fender bender and had a very minor amount of damage to the bumper of my car, 21st Century Insurance attempted to total my car. I fought and finally won this battle after months of horrible customer service situations. More recently they send out notices that you must pay your premium and provide a window envelope to return payment in, but no address to mail it to on the back of the statement.

Given that I went online to find an address and mailed it off. Today I got a notice that my insurance was canceled even though they appear to have cashed my premium check?? I am going to call and get insurance with another company in the morning. I have had it. They have been my insurance provider since I started to drive in 1981, but I am completely fed up with their incompetence in dealing with customers. Their call centers are virtually non-existent. It is just a wall of voice mail as far as I can tell.

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