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Very sloppy installation - and I have to look at it every day
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Rating: 1/51

GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND -- Horrible - I had a broken ankle so I could not see what "Caleb" from ADT was doing. Every door/window was done VERY SLOPPY. DId not clean latex from the old security system. Did not take all old security sensors off. Put new sensors where ever was the least amount of work for him - no matter how it looks. Sensors on windows are not all put in correct place and go off during thunder storms. ADT corporate will not help . They think that the pictures of the horrible work that I include are "acceptable". If you want your windows and doors to look as horrible as ours, then go with ADT. Rather than make a customer happy over a legitimate issue, they instead *** of the customer so much that writing bad reviews on the internet is the only recourse.

First pic - slop left on every window when they could have just installed the new sensor over the old.

Second pic - all windows have sensors on the top of the bottom window - this and one other have it on the front of the window

Third pic - sensor installed in middle of door

Fourth pic - more sloppy work

Very Sloppy And Unprofessional Installation
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Rating: 1/51

GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND -- We had an expensive security system installed by ADT. There was an old system in place. Upon inspection of installation, I found only some of the old sensors were removed. The new sensors had been placed in a haphazard manner and I have to look at gobs of old glue from the old sensors because the installer would not take the time to clean this area and install the new sensor where the old sensor was. Almost every door and window in my home has the sensor in a different location. In one room with 3 of the same windows, the sensors are in 3 different places and you see gobs of glue that remain where he ripped off the old sensors.

Some windows have sensors on the top. Some on the front, doors have sensors at the top middle, or near the top corners. Anyplace but where the original sensors were because he did not want to clean up the old glue from the old sensors. I contacted ADT corporate and they said that "they are not responsible" for the removal of old systems. Funny, I do not think anyone would have a new security system installed before they had the old one removed. As such, I WAS NEVER TOLD THIS. Now they will not help me at all. I send them pictures of the horrible work and they say that it looks "OK".

ADT Failed to Contact Police During Burglary
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Rating: 1/51

MICHIGAN -- Recently my home was broken into, my ADT security system functioned exactly as it should. Glass break sensor and motion detector both set off the alarm. ADT called our home and left a voice message on our answering machine and that was all. They did not contact the local police department or 911, they did not attempt to contact our additional emergency numbers. All they did was leave a message on our answering machine stating that there was an alarm detection and told us to call them if we had any questions.

Since then we have attempted to contact ADT to get an explanation, to see what sort of recourse we have. We have been redirected to at least 6 different people, they tell us they will call us back and never do. We are completely getting the run around from ADT. Finally we have been able to reach a customer service representative who was able to review our situation, provide some explanation and offer us a solution.

We explain to her that having lost all confidence in ADT we were requesting that ADT release us from our contract (which has only 7 months left on it) and we would quietly find a new home security solution. She told us that the best she could offer us was a four month credit, that they were not willing to release us from our contract. The customer service representative told us that if we felt, as consumers, that we needed to notify others of our experience with ADT that it was our prerogative to do so.

Apparently ADT is not concerned about their reputation or about their customer's satisfaction. They are willing to accept negative reviews, feedback and loss of current customers as well as potential future customers for what amount to less than three hundred dollars. From this point forward we will warn everyone we meet about the lack of service and accountability that we experienced first-hand from ADT. After having been robbed by criminals we feel equally robbed by this corporation.

Poor Service, Horrendous Customer Service, and Fraudulent Sales
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Rating: 1/51

MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA -- ADT is perhaps the worst company I have ever dealt with. They pride themselves on lies, and bad service. Any small business person or home owner should avoid this company at all costs. I am currently under contract with this company and there is no way out. I bought a camera system and it does not work as promised. I have spoken to the sales agent, to customer service and to corporate customer relations. Every time it is the same. Every time it is my fault.

I paid for a service that does not work as promised and it is my fault. I did not call them enough times, or state my case clearly enough even though I conducted a 3 way call with my banks fraud department explicitly outlining what was wrong with the system. Their response was that I did not request a service call. I really wish there was a way to sue or put a judgment on this company for all the hours I have spent and all the aggravation they have caused me over this past year. Doing business with ADT is the worst decision you could ever make.

Dirt Bag Scam Artists
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Rating: 1/51

GRAPEVINE, TEXAS -- Very simply I had a system installed for a 6 month period. Did not want a 2 year contract and was fine paying more without it. I was about to move and needed extra protection as I would be traveling more until I vacated the house. Guy came. I got the minimum of everything. Signed the paper of all my options and that was it. When time came to move after paying on time they immediately began insisting I had signed a 2 yr contract and demanding payment in full.

These so called customer service minions were, to the person, rude, condescending and contrary. They came up with some scribble on a document I have never seen before a copy and paste job, I guess. I didn't sign it. I filed the appropriate papers stating this. Had to take a few hours, get it all notarized and register mailed. The fight with these thieves still goes on. Stay far away from this company.

Horrible Customer Service
By -

KENTUCKY -- About a year ago we installed an ADT system in our new house. We specifically mentioned to the sales representative that we were planning on getting a pet and to please set up the motion sensor they were installing so that when we did get our pet he/she wouldn't set it off. Fast forward to two weeks ago when we bought little Yumi home. We set the alarm and went to bed and were awoken to the sound of our alarm going off.

It turns out the installer never set the motion sensor up so that a pet wouldn't set it off, even though on the Service Agreement we signed said to set this up for a pet. It says and I quote "1 motion sensor (pet)" So I call ADT and speak to someone in "monitoring" who informs me that the service charge to get them to come out here and change it will be $94.00 (US) for the first 30 minutes plus an additional $40.00 (US) for every additional 30 minutes as well as another $250.00 (US) for the cost of a new motion sensor.

To say I was livid would be an absolute understatement. When I questioned the representative about why I was being charge for an obvious mistake on the installers part she got rude and told me that there was nothing she could do. Fine.

I called USAA and spoke to a representative there who could not believe that I was treated so poorly and did a three way conference call with ADT to find out what was going on. I was put in touch with another representative from ADT who claimed to be a supervisor. When questioned by the USAA representative the ADT representative said that even though it was in the contract that it was supposed to be set up we still needed to pay for the service call and dispute the charges when the installer was done adjusting the sensor.

Even the USAA representative was appalled that they were STILL charging me for their error. The USAA representative proceeded to explain that the ADT contract with them covers this type of thing and we should not be charged. Again we were told that her hands were tied and that there was nothing she can do to help us. I finally was able to get a hold of the sales representative from ADT who sold us our system and even pointed out to her that in the contract that the three of us signed (her, myself, and my husband) that she wrote in to set up the motion sensor for a pet. She agreed and we did another conference call with the "Monitoring Center".

When she explained to the representative that this was a contractual obligation that we be set up for a pet we FINALLY spoke with someone who can get the situation rectified. I was put in touch with someone from appointments and was told that this would be no charge and that low and behold this type of thing was covered in our maintenance agreement with ADT.

So why if this one person could see this, did the other 3 representatives I spoke to overlook this? Why did I have to speak with almost 6 people today to get ADT to fix a mistake that they themselves caused by not properly setting up our system? The installer will be here on Friday to adjust our motion sensor, hopefully I will not have to write another complaint.

ADT Security Systems Lies Misleads Defrauds & Laughs All The Way To The Bank !
By -

PLEASANTON, CALIFORNIA -- Due to a break-in, I decided to get a home security system. I met with Brinks and then with ADT. The sales representative who called Brinks "Stinks", assured me that the system ADT installs would include a pet-sensitive motion detector. This was a huge selling point for me, as Brinks did not offer that assurance.

In addition, the sales representative said that ADT has a 6 month Personal Satisfaction Guarantee, and if FOR ANY REASON I was not satisfied with ADT, I would be released from the contract. These were the two main selling points that convinced me to go with ADT and not Brinks. Unfortunately, I was to learn that the sales representative lied through his teeth about these 2 issues just to make the sale.

I gave the sales representative a $40.00 deposit check, per his request, and we scheduled an installation appointment for the following Monday. I asked the sales representative to please make sure the tech brought along enough signage for my home - he said he would make sure of it.

I took the day off of work, thereby losing one days income. The technician never came by, and thus began the frustrating process of trying to reach someone at the Pleasanton office. Late in the afternoon, someone finally called me and told me that the appointment was scheduled for Tuesday. This was absolutely incorrect, but she was thoroughly unconcerned about how this affected me, the customer. She tersely said that the tech would show up the next day and that was that, and she had no further information for me. I asked her to please be sure the tech brought along the signage - she said she would make a note of it.

The tech did show up on Tuesday. Unfortunately, during the installation, he created a significant amount of damage to a wall he was drilling through. It was after the installation that the tech informed me that the motion detector was NOT reliably pet-sensitive, contrary to what the sales representative had promised. I would not be able to leave the motion detector on at night, certainly, as my cats may set it off. In addition, my cats could set it off during the day as well.

The only suggestion he had for me was to watch the light on the motion detector as my cats walked around the house to see if, indeed, they would set the alarm off. Oh - the tech did NOT bring along enough signage. Once the sales representative made the sale, he became very very difficult to contact. He never answered his phone and it took him a long time to get back to me. He promised the signage again - and again - and again! I finally left him an angry message acknowledging that he had, apparently, blown me off once again. Eventually, he left a couple of signs outside my door. This took several days.

In the meantime I was trying to reach someone by phone at the local office regarding the fact that this system was sold to me under false claims of reliability. I was NEVER able to reach anyone there. The phone would be forwarded to other offices, to monitor operators, etc... I left a voice message for one of the managers who never bothered to call me back. You see, I had received a bill in the mail for $40.00 - the $40.00 I already paid to ADT! Clearly they were absolutely screwing up everything and I was becoming very unhappy as a result.

Finally I reached a very nice woman at Corporate Customer Service, who has been trying to assist me in all of these matters. I was promised a $100 rebate - I was promised 2 free months of service as a result of ADT's messing up the installation appointment. I was promised a pet-sensitive system, which of course I do not have. Unfortunately, this nice woman at Corporate cannot honor the Personal Satisfaction Guarantee that ADT also promised. She can only email the people at the local office on my behalf.

I have decided, based on the initial lies I was told as well as the thorough bungling of every possible detail in relation to my account with ADT to opt for the Personal Satisfaction Guarantee. The local Sales Manager, has been polite, and understood my concerns, but had to pass the decision along to his superior.

His superior is out of the office for the week. Someone who works under the superior called me today, and this call constitutes the absolute worst experience I have ever had with any company. She insisted that I do not qualify for the Personal Satisfaction Guarantee, which of course is in DIRECT opposition to what the salesman communicated to me. She was rude, she would not listen to me, she would constantly interrupt me and when I asked her to stop interrupting me and to listen to me, she said, and I quote: "I don't want to listen to you!". I hung up - what's the use?

This entire experience has been stressful and disruptive to my life - I have already lost income, have been lied to and misled, I have been insulted, taken advantage of and defrauded. Believe me - I will be pursuing this matter to the fullest extent of the law. If anyone has had a similar experience or has some advice on the matter, I would appreciate your input. I have contacted a lawyer, and will be contacting the Attorney General, but I will not stop there. How dare ADT lie to its customers and mistreat them. How dare they take advantage of honest people?

ADT Lies and Steals - Stay away from this company
By -

Here's my ADT horror story. I sincerely hope potential customers will read this and decide NOT to buy an ADT alarm system. I was lied to, cheated, and even had money illegally debited from my account by ADT. I tried to be brief, but the story is just so incredible:

October 2007: I began inquiring about purchasing an ADT alarm system. I called ADT (the toll-free number listed on their website) and scheduled a **e for a sales representative to come to my home. The sales representative visited my home a week or two later. I explained that one primary concern was that I would be moving within a year or two. He recommended that I purchase a wireless system with cellular back-up. He stated that such a system would be moved by ADT at no cost if and when I moved and my contract would just transfer over to my new residence.

November 2007: I called ADT to purchase the system that the sales representative had described when he came to my house. A technician came out and installed the system. The system worked well and I had no initial trouble with it.

July 16, 2008: Sure enough, I found out I was moving so I called ADT to have my alarm system moved to my new home. I was told by **, a representative at ADT, that my contract was not transferable and that if I moved and canceled it, I would be charged a hefty cancellation fee. I explained what I had been told at the **e I bought the system and she escalated my call. ** called back later that day and said that they tried to research my call and no information could be found. Recommended I submit a written complaint to the corporate office in Boca Raton, FL.

July 2008: Called corporate headquarters and spoke with ** who said he would research the matter. He called me back on July 22nd and said that if I wanted the equipment moved, I would have to pay labor costs. However, my contract could not be canceled and I would also have to pay a cancellation fee and then re-sign a NEW three-year contract. He stated that it was "highly unusual" to move equipment to a new location. Call was then escalated to "**," the DC-area regional sales manager.

He basically confirmed that nothing could be done and that if I moved the equipment I would have to pay a penalty for canceling the original contract. ** told me that ** at corporate would have to authorize any changes with my contract and waiving any fees for labor. A few days later I hear back from ** who says that it's actually their billing/retention department that could waive these fees but they will not release me from the contract. He agreed to look into this and get back to me.

August 2008: I finally hear back from ** and his "bottom line" was that the equipment cannot be moved. He stated that it was not possible to move the equipment and the only thing they could offer me is a "deal" on a new system. However, I would have to sign a new contract and either pay to get out of the old one or continue it for the next 2 years. I declined the offer and resolved to just run out the 2-year contract while renting out my home.

October 2008: I get a call from ADT that my alarm system was not working (I was no longer living in the home). I scheduled a service call for November 10th. November 10th, 2008: Technician comes out. He states that an entire component in the system needs to be replaced and will have to order the necessary parts. He states that he will order the parts and then call to schedule another **e to fix the system once the parts have arrived.

November 14th, 2008: I get a call from the technician on my cell phone at 8:00 PM at night stating that he is at my house and there to fix the system. I explain to him that he never set up an appointment with me and cannot just show up and expect me to be there. He tells me to call ADT and schedule a ** to have the system fixed. Late November 2008: I schedule an appointment and the technician never shows up. We schedule another appointment for early December 2008. December 2008: ADT technician never shows up. Another appointment scheduled for January 20th, 2009.

January 20th, 2009: The appointment is scheduled and no one ever shows up. After waiting around for several hours, we call ADT and they tell us that they had to cancel the appointment because they didn't have the necessary parts to fix the system. Another appointment is scheduled for January 23rd, 2009. January 23rd, 2009: A technician shows up at 10:00 PM, several hours after the **e-window we were given. He starts to work on the system, but then says he cannot complete the job because he doesn't have all the necessary parts.

January 24th, 2009: We make several calls to ADT to try to get the situation resolved. ADT representative tells me that I will get a call back once the parts have arrived. I ask if I am being charged my monthly monitoring fee and they assure me that I will not be charged until the issue is resolved. February 2009: No word from ADT, but they keep charging me for my monthly monitoring fee. I make 3 calls but never receive a concrete response about whether the parts have in fact arrived.

March 5th, 2009: I speak with "**" in technical support (customer service #GMV). He states that the parts have arrived and he will work on scheduling an appointment. I also call ADT's corporate offices on this day and speak with ** (#**). He states that he will work to ensure my issues are resolved. He assures me that I will be credited back for all the monthly monitoring fees I had been paying when not receiving service.

March 6th, 2009: ** tells me that they cannot determine what my refund amount will be. He agrees to call **, the local manager, and have him be present at the **e my alarm is repaired, which we schedule for Tuesday March 10th. March 9th, 2009: ** calls and confirms my appointment with the technician on March 10th. I ask for the **'s number, but ** states that if I have any trouble I should call him instead.

March 10th, 2009: ADT service person arrives at 5:00 PM. Issue is fixed within 45 minutes. I'm told that the problem was a defective SIM card. ** never shows up. I leave a message for Mr. **. He calls me back around 6:30 PM and states that ADT can only offer me a credit of one month's service for my trouble. I tell him that this is not acceptable and that I want to be refunded for every month that I have been without service. He finally agrees to file the paperwork for 6 months' worth of refund ($264 total).

March 11th, 2009: I get a call from **. He states that I will be refunded $269.44 and that the refund will be issued to my checking account within 7 days. March 20th, 2009: I did not receive any refund. March 23, 2009: Still no refund. I leave a voicemail for **. I call ** but find out that he no longer works for ADT. I speak with ** (#**) who agrees to look into the matter. He calls me back later that day and says that refunds usually take "about 30 days."

March 24th, 2009: I get a call from ** who is the head of the corporate resolution team (904-565-8164). She states that the paperwork for my refund was never submitted and that she will look into the matter and call me back. ** calls later in the day and states that he talked with ** but ** never followed up with a response. At 3:00 PM, I called ** and left a voicemail. At 6:39 PM I speak with ** who states that the only way to get a refund issued would be to start the process all over again.

She stated that it would take about 2-3 weeks. She agrees to send me an email confirming the amount of money I was to be credited. She apologized and confirmed that ** "dropped the ball" and didn't do what he should have to get my refund issued.

March 27th, 2009: I am on vacation and go online via my Blackberry to check my checking account. I see that my account has a DEBIT from ADT in the amount of $269.44. I call ** and explain to her what happened and she agrees to look into it. I call my bank and they confirm that the money had, in fact, been deducted from my account. I file a fraud charge and send a bank representative my email from ** showing that I should have been credited those funds. ** calls me back and apologizes profusely, stating that there was a "mix up."

She states that she would get it corrected. However, my bank tells me that the money had been debited and that I basically didn't have access to those funds until the issue was resolved. The issue is finally resolved several days later.

October 2009: I get an online survey in an email from ADT. I fill it out, recounting my experiences with the company. I note that I would never in a million years use ADT ever again and that I active dissuade people from using ADT.

October 29th, 2009: I get a call from ** at the Springfield office to follow up on my survey results. He tries to offer me a "deal" and states that ** at his office never received my complaint. He states that the alarm systems can in fact be moved and that should have been done to begin with. He asks if I want to move my system and continue my service. I decline. I told him that the only thing I would be doing was canceling my ADT service as soon as my contract expires.

Any one of these things alone I could have overlooked as a simple mistake. However, in totality, they just seem to indicate that ADT has no qualms about using shady sales tactics and the company has a poor approach to general customer service. I will never again use ADT and I highly discourage anyone else from using this service. While the service itself has some value, I do not think that the service is worth it when you consider the ** spent dealing with such horrible customer service.

Village Ordinances
By -

There is an ordinance that is common that requires business owners requiring keys to be provided to the fire department. ADT security company provides worthless security services. I was broken into several times, theft and vandalism occurred, without the security system going off. The security system connects to the police during break insurance. The system is in good working conditions, based on the event log provided to me. They accuse other people for their crime.

I had a vet that I worked for and he ordered stuff before I left working for him. (I bought a business and found a lot of duplicates as part of the inventory I bought... duplicate microscopes (4) Visa Mastercard processing machines (3) and an odd box that contained cage card holders (the same thing the other guy I used to work for ordered). Fast forward few years, I got the opportunity to work for him again and he complained he ordered cage card holders and it "disappeared". I also had same inventory "disappearing" events in my business but always thought it was employee theft.

I would fire the employee, but the theft continued to occur (I was starting to believe that I had resident ghosts... because I had high security locks changed all the time.) Later, I found out another store owner gave their key to the fire department and I found a hole passage through the ceiling. In fact when the vandalism occurred, I called and left a message to the investigating cop that I heard noises in the ceiling.

I was afraid that if I opened the ceiling, I would get hurt. They never investigated and next day, another store had glass window broken (the person needed to get out and must have been confused where he came from because it's dark up there... he had the key to the building). Anyway, there was a similar break in the other vet I worked for. I know it's the same people based on the kind of items stolen... dog food! Dog food was a common thing that got stolen from my place (aside from other things) and this place had the same issue. Who would go out and go to great lengths to steal dog food? (It's the prescription kind).

In this scenario, they accused a person they did not like and this person ended up in jail. They claimed that the wires were cut so that the (ADT) motion detector and phone lines were cut. The cut wire was only in one area. When I discussed my situation to the owner and tried to ask him to get it investigated, he told me he did not care and did not want to be involved. I told him that coincidentally I found cage card holders when I bought my business as part of inventory. I asked him the date (which was around that time).

Anyway, for the vandalism event that occurred in my place? I filed a police report and got prosecuted because (the only one who had the keys was the fire department... a village code ordinance that is common all throughout America). When I tried to file a complaint against the fire department, there is no agency that accepts complaints against the police/fire department. I went to the victim assistance program, state's attorney, FBI... instead of getting help, they prosecuted me!

ADT Does Not Accept Responsibility for Equipment Failure.
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Rating: 1/51

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA -- For many years, I have entrusted the security of my business office to ADT and their security system. In July of 2013, our office was burglarized. After the burglary, an ADT technician came out and verified that the motion detector did not go off when the perpetrator came into the office. It was verified that everything was set correctly and he could give no explanation as to why the alarm did not activate.

At ADT's request, I sent the ADT Litigation Department a letter along with receipts, the Sacramento Police Department Incident Report as well as photographs of the room after the break-in and theft. In September, I received an acknowledgement receipt from Zurich (ADT's Insurance Company) stating they had in fact received the claim from ADT.

My assistant began contacting Zurich to check on the status of the claim, after numerous unreturned phone calls and answers that they were still working on the claim drug out for over a month. Finally on October 31st, we received word from Zurich that they had denied the claim and ADT was not responsible for the break in/loss of property at my office.

My extreme frustration stems from several places; first, the lack of responsibility that ADT took for our claim; it also stems from the amount of time it took ADT and their insurance company to process the claim. I paid for ADT's security system to protect my office and belongings. It failed to do that. I expected further and speedier communication from ADT in response to the claim; I never heard anything from ADT directly. I certainly expected ADT and their insurance company to do whatever it takes to quickly process this claim so our loss can be recouped, and yet they refuse to take responsibility.

This situation has proven to me that ADT does not care about their customers and they will take no responsibility if THEIR system fails to work. I am now out almost $2000.00 and many hours thanks to ADT's failed system. I will let everyone know that ADT cannot be trusted to protect their property or belongings and they cannot be trusted to follow through with any customer service complaints.

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