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Sue Allied Interstate
By -

Several weeks ago, I began receiving calls on an almost daily basis from Allied Interstate at: 1 775-319-1506. I got as many as 4 calls in a day, starting early in the morning and going on until after 9 PM. I never answered the phone when Allied Interstate came up on Caller ID, and the prerecorded message left was always the same: without identifying the company or why they were calling me, they told me to call an 800 number re: an urgent matter.

I did some Google searching and found out that Allied Interstate is a notorious, unscrupulous debt collection agency. I also found out that calling the 800 number is a mistake as you will be treated rudely and insultingly. Like many people who are being harassed by this company, the debt in question IS NOT MINE.

I recently returned a call to 1 775-319-1506 and was told they are looking for a person whose first name is **. ** is not my first name (I'm female) and there is no one at my number with that name. Allied told me they would delete my number from their records. Since then, they've called me 2 more times.

I've sent a "cease and desist" letter by certified mail, return receipt requested, to: Compliance Office Allied Interstate 3000 Corporate Exchange Columbus, OH 43231. This address was given to me by the State of Ohio Attorney General's Office. The Attorney General's Office informs me that, if Allied Interstate fails to comply with my request to stop this erroneous harassment, they will take action on my behalf.

If you're being harassed by Allied Interstate, I hope you find this helpful. The Ohio AG was very helpful to me and I suggest you contact them. It doesn't matter if you don't live in Ohio (I don't). Ohio is where their Compliance Office (ha!) is located, so that gives the Ohio AG the right to go after them.

Illegal activities
By -

Allied Interstate... As I have read other reviews of this company, I must agree with them. This is an illegal company which should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Allow me to give another account of their activities... I received a collections notice from Allied Interstate yesterday (June 8th, 2005). Immediately, I knew something was wrong.

First, they used my first name on the billing information (which I never use on anything at all). Second, they did not have my apartment # listed (which is always listed on legitimate bills of any kind). Third, they report that I have a debt of $170.75 which they are trying to collect on for Verizon Wireless. Fact: I have never used Verizon Wireless or any of their subsidiary companies for any purpose or reason.

The thought occurred to me that perhaps someone had stolen my identity and was using it for services from Verizon. But this theory was quickly shot down by the fact that Allied DID have my correct address, and thus, Verizon would have given it to them. Though I've never had ANYTHING sent to me from Verizon. Conclusion: Allied Interstate knows that Verizon Wireless is a large company, and they are making false claims by finding persons who may pay them. No doubt they also keep up their front by finding names of persons who ARE in collections for other large companies, and targeting them for their claims.

Sounds like a rather simple scam. Operate under a "legal" company, and have all workers and employees in other countries. Use the front to legally obtain access to persons who ARE in collections for one company or another, but fail to accept those accounts after they have the information from the said companies. Next Send collections billing information to the persons referencing the accounts which ARE in collections. Get the money from the unwitting persons who don't do their homework before paying.

Unfortunately, their base of operations is in another country, and only a small mailing address even exists at their US "headquarters". Thus, prosecution is nearly impossible. It's the scammers dream. So, what to do about it?

Allied Interstate Is Ripping Me Off
By -

CALIFORNIA -- Back in March of 2005 I authorized Allied Interstate to withdraw money from my checking account to pay off a debt of $49.69 over the phone. All was said and done and I paid off the debt in full. Then I just check my bank statement online and found that Allied Interstate had taken out two separate transactions for $30 plus the $2.95 phone fee. This was done two days ago. THIS WAS NOT AUTHORIZED. Also Allied Interstate never notified the company to whom I paid the debt so I was still listed as "in collections."

I notified my back, notified the company and notified Allied Interstate. Allied said that I was wrong and that it was some other company that they would not do that even though I had the proof in the pudding (my bank statement). Luckily my bank said I could fill out an affidavit of unauthorized debit activity and get my money back. Total of $65.90. When I contacted the company to whom I owed the debt, I told them that although it was my fault I let my debt go to collections however I did pay it off and gave them the confirmation number that Allied failed to do. They told me they would take my name off of collections.

This is straight out theft. They are ripping the people off and to top it off they have people working in other countries handling their collections. It infuriates me that there are such companies doing this kind of illegal activity. Something has to be done to stop this from happening again. I am grateful it was only $65 and not $6000 dollars.

Unethical Collection Practices
By -

MICHIGAN -- I had a dispute with Sprint because they are the most incompetent company. They sent me to collections and Allied Interstate collection company sent me a letter. I disputed it and they said in the letter they would send me verification of this debt. Instead they send me a threatening letter about my credit and when I called a man named ** said corporations always win. He would not listen to me or cared about anything except his collection fee. I advise everyone to avoid Sprint and any attorneys out there to contact me for possible class action lawsuit against Sprint and Allied. Thank you.

Sneaky Collections
By -

LAKE ELSINORE, CALIFORNIA -- Allied Interstate called my mom's house. She died 3 months ago. They called collecting a debt from her husband who died 15 years ago. THEY GOT ME TO SEND A DEATH CERTIFICATE. This seems like an identity theft scam, but I do no know where to turn. I don't think I should have FAXED THE DEATH CERTIFICATE, BECAUSE IT HAS PERSONAL INFORMATION ON IT. Did I make a bad mistake? I feel stupid.

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