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Horrible Product and Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- This company has ZERO INTEGRITY! The product I purchased had two different lights. In addition, batteries were very dim (no protective start tabs) and were missing poles. In hopes to remedy the issue we contacted customer service who asked for a receipt several times which was provided and ultimately sent out the wrong parts. When attempting to speak to management we were told there was no one we could speak to other than "Angel" the supervisor. Sadly Angel was condescending, rude and unprofessional. In addition, stated if we wanted the correct parts we would need to pay for shipping at $5 per globe.

Please know, the product was just purchased at Costco not more than 14 days ago. In pulling up the corporate records for ALPAN LIGHTING PRODUCTS, Inc., we were able to pull up the owners name of "Danny H. Sooferian, CEO". In attempting to phone the company back at 1 800 711 1585 ext ** and their "operation manager named Merline **". We ultimately were able to speak to a very nice lady named Lorna who said we would get a return call – none other by "Angel".

Angel the "Supervisor" again was extremely unprofessional, rude and condescending and stated we would need to return the old parts first and then they would send the new parts... In closing, run from this shady company. They are not what any customer should ever have to deal with. Accordingly we have, in detail, informed the Costco corporate office about how this company does business and treats Costco, and other customers. RUN from this product. There are many other companies who want your business!

Bad Product, Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

GALT, CALIFORNIA -- After about 9 months 3 out of the 8 lights would not stay on. It turned out that the on and off switch was at fault -- poor quality. Talked with Alpan about the problem. Only got the runaround and told they could do replace them, could sell me parts to replace them. I would think they would do more. Bought at Costco. They should rethink their relation with this vendor, but Costco did offer to replace all 3 set that I bought. I couldn't do that. I did let them replace just the one. Thank you Costco.

Alpan Solar Lights stop working after several weeks.
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Rating: 1/51

CAMARILLO, CALIFORNIA -- I've installed the Alpan Solar lights where they get full sun for most of the day. After several weeks the majority stop working. Sometimes it is the battery, I replace it and it may work for a few more weeks. But in the end the solar cell, the photoelectric cell or corrosion result in the light not working. I have bought several models of the Alpan lights and they never last more than a few months. I will not buy Alpan again.

Product Sucks - Do Not Buy
By -

I did speak to Customer Service that told me, "Now that our warranty has expired, you have to buy all the replacement pieces yourself!" My continuing issue is that once again I need to have replacement solar panels sent to me because the solar panels I have aren't working at all and now some stay lit in bright sunlight as well. I pulled them all out of the ground because it became more of a hassle dealing with the quality problems I continue to have with these lights.

I have contacted your Customer Service Department at least 4 times now regarding defective and or malfunctioning components. Now that my warranty has expired, I have to buy all the replacement pieces myself on top of the $99.86 I spent at Sam's Club to purchase these Solar lights. Then only to buy replacement batteries 2 months later then shortly after that multiple solar panels stopped working, a few months later 2 glass lenses cracked in the winter and now more multiple solar panels stopped working & some are now staying lit even in full sunlight.

I think at this point I would like all new solar lights. The set of solar lights my girlfriend bought for $19.99 at Ocean State Job Lot over 5 years ago still works to this date with only a battery change since she purchased them. What does this say about the quality of your products?

CHEAPY Solar Lights
By -

CAMARILLO, CALIFORNIA -- After buying the 18 pack from Sam's Club within the first month I had to replace the rechargeable batteries in 7 of the solar lights. When I contacted Alpan Lighting, I was told that they cannot be held responsible for how long the item is on Sam's Club shelves before I bought it thus draining the batteries! WTF. A few weeks later I had to call to have replacement solar panels sent to me because two of the units were not working. Then I had to call again a month later because two more solar panels were not working.

After a mild winter in CT, I noticed two of the glass lens were cracked. I contacted Alpan Lighting who in turn sent me two solar panels by mistake. When I notified the company, they sent out the correct parts. Last week another solar panel is shutting off after 5+hrs. I sent the company an email from their website and I have never heard from them! Bottom line, do not buy these solar lights.

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