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I signed up for an Amp'd Mobile account on Jan. 21, 2007. The next morning, I called to ask a question about my service and after 45 min. on hold, finally reached someone. On Jan. 23rd, I received my phone and ended up waiting another 52 min. on hold because I COULD NOT ACTIVATE MY PHONE. Well, neither could Amp'd!!! They told me to wait a day for something to happen (can't remember) and sent me on my way.

A few hours later, I called back to see if they could Activate my phone then, but waited on hold for over 30 min. At that point, I was very uncomfortable so I asked them to cancel my account. After being put on hold for every question I asked and the Customer Service Rep trying to convince me to not cancel, I finally got them to agree to cancel the account. I was on the phone with this woman for about 45 min. and while on hold, I was disconnected. I had to call back to get them to send me a Return Merchandise Authorization Form because they forgot to include it with the shipment.

On Jan. 31, I still hadn't received the RMA form, so I shipped it back to the company, and sent them a DELIVERY CONFIRMATION showing they received the phone on Feb. 2nd. It's now Feb. 8th, I STILL HAVEN'T RECEIVED THE RMA FORM OR MY REFUND!!! They NEVER sent the RMA Form and I have been on hold now for 35 min. Finally reached someone and they transferred me to the Returns Department. They have not refunded me for the phone and are giving me a hard time about it.

PROBLEMS: Company has an 800# that is usually busy, and when you finally get through, you're on hold for 30 to 52 minutes before you even reach anyone, while listening to outdated advertisements from last year. Company has POORLY TRAINED CUSTOMER SERVICE who have no idea how to deal with Activation, Billing, and Returns issues. Company has a Chat Feature on their website that does not work.

Company's email address for Customer Service ONLY sends back Automated Responses (I've received the same response 7 times) and they NEVER RESPOND to your inquiry. The Automated Response tells you to call if your issue hasn't been resolved. Refund my account for the phone that was returned, which a Shipping Tracking Confirmation has confirmed receipt on Feb. 2, 2007, in the Amount of $65.85.

OK, I just got off the phone with Customer Service (after 58 min. on hold) and she was very rude. First she tells me that Refunds are handled by a Third Party and they have no control over it. Then, she tells me it will take 8 to 10 weeks to receive a refund. Well, I couldn't believe that - she puts me on hold, comes back and tells me she made a mistake, and that it should take 30 days to receive a refund.

I asked who I could contact about my refund, and she refused to give me the contact information for that company (Brightpoint America was where I shipped the phone) and told me there was no other way for me
to contact anyone about the refund. I asked why I can't call anyone about it, and what am I supposed to do if I don't receive it in 30 days.

She told me to contact her again, and wait MORE than 52 min. on hold if I have to because they "are a new company and people are signing UP for service, while I'm waiting for my refund." In other words, I was NOT IMPORTANT to them. VERY RUDE. I am completely convinced that this company is going to fail miserably in the long run, with customer service that treats people like trash. They won't be in business very long.

Horrible Service
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JONESBORO, GEORGIA -- I signed up for Amp'd Mobile in October of 2006 and have had problems every month since then. I signed up online and chose to get the protection plan, however, when I called because my phone had received water damage on a few weeks after I received it I was told I did not have the protection plan and that I would need to pay $400 for a new phone. My mother later called and got Amp'd to send me out a new phone for no charge and this one would most definitely have the protection plan, or so we thought. This billing for the first month was correct. I have End The Boredom which meant I had 500 mins and unlimited texts for only $50 a month.

I paid the $50+ taxes for October and I thought I would get a good amount of use out of this phone. That was until I got the following months bills. I was charged twice every month and every month I called and complained and asked if I was on automatic bill payment, of course they told me no so I was forced to double pay and then get a credit for the next month's bill. This did not compare to the grief that was soon to come. When I attempted to add an extra line I had to talk to a specialist who was never in her office or she would hang up on you. She put my extra line on the account as a separate plan not a share plan which mad the bill sickly expensive.

It took several weeks to resolve that and many phone calls. Then the month of March came I was double charged for $119.33, even after I was told I was not on automatic bill payment. I did not know I was charged twice and continued to charge my debit card. I then received a call from my bank that I was negative $400+. I then called Amp'd Mobile and was told to send my bank statement and I would be refunded in 7-10 days.

It is now the 8th of April and I still have not received my money and they are on the verge of shutting off my phone because I was given a credit of $119.33 to pay for the following months. But they took the credit back and want me to pay $205.33 for April or I will be shut off. There is no way they're getting money from me because they still owe my bank account $308. However, they will now pay me what they owe me and I am forced to write this complaint so I can get the email address of somebody who can do something productive with my complaint. So if you want a new cell phone don't even think about Amp'd Mobile they will screw you over!!

Worst Customer Service Ever
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I signed up for service through Amp'd online. I tried to call customer service to find out about the plans I had chosen. I wanted to add another line but couldn't figure out how from the website. Their automated system hung up on me twice after keeping me holding for about 10 mins each time. I decided to wait until the phone came in the mail, I was hoping there would be some paperwork in the box but there wasn't.

When I got the phone in the mail, it wasn't activated, so I called customer service to activate it. It does not say anywhere online how to activate the phone. I stayed on hold for about 20 mins, on a prepay cell phone so I couldn't wait anymore. This was 10 pm, I don't know how many people could have been calling customer service at that time of night.

The next day, I called from my work phone. After being kept on hold for 45 minutes, I got the rudest person I've ever spoken to. She told me how to activate the phone, but the activation wouldn't go through. She asked for my contact information so a member of their tech support team could get back to me. I asked if it would be today because I would have given her my work # instead of the prepaid cell phone #. She says, No, it'll be towards the end of next week because they're moving their office.

OK, so I asked her to cancel my service. I can't wait a whole week and I can already see how their customer service is. She asks if I wouldn't rather have it suspended, so I don't get charged. I said "no, cancel my account." Silence. Silence. Silence. I ask if she cancelled the account, she says "Yeah" and HUNG UP ON ME! Do yourself a favor, don't bother with this company.

Amp'd Mobile - Not Worth The Trouble!
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I signed up for cell phone service with Amp'd Mobile through their website. The next morning, I had a question about the service I just ordered (was a bit vague on their site so just wanted to clarify) and I never even got through to their Customer Service! Next day, I received my phone and could not activate it. So I called the 800 # on their website and in the box - the 800 # DOESN'T WORK. Called another phone number I had. After 45 minutes on hold, I finally got someone on the phone and he couldn't activate it either.

The next day, I called back and after 31 min. on hold I reached someone else and told her to just cancel my account. She tried to talk me out of it and told me one of their locations was "snowed in" and finally, after being put on hold so many times I think they cancelled my account. I wasn't sure because I was so sick of being on hold I hung up.

Next day, I called again and asked how to return the phone. The same man I first spoke with tells me there was a Return Merchandise Authorization form AND a shipping label in the box. Well, there wasn't. So he is supposed to send me the label and RMA form. It's now been 3 days - no label, no RMA form.

I cannot access my account online (login doesn't work). I cannot reach anyone using their Online Chat (nobody ever responds, or it's just offline). I cannot reach anyone on the phone. I have not received any responses to my messages sent through their online contact form. My assumption is that this company is actually some guy in his basement and this is his second job! What kind of cell phone provider doesn't even respond?!

God awful service, terrible wait time - on hold, no customer support, insufficient customer/tech support (they don't know what they are doing), non-existent follow-up and solutions. A scam? Maybe. BEWARE. Don't sign up for Amp'd, you'll be sorry you did. Get Cingular if you can, they are MUCH better. Thanks for reading!

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