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Not Honest Company
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I have 4 phone lines and 1 DirecTV, and 2 U-verse line with AT&T. When I want to sign up with DirecTV with AT&T, the manager name Ron and another lady Judy told me, I will get $200 gift card and with all the cartoon network include Boomerang, the monthly bill will fix with $40 with 2 years. After 1 month, I did not get any $200 gift card from AT&T. I DID NOT GET Boomerang as well. In order to get that, I must upgrade my service. The monthly bill is not $40 actually, the bill is $50 + $7.99 protection, total $57. I cannot believe such big company doing this to the customer.

Worst Customer Service
By -

On Oct 14th, 2010 I called to get basic home phone service and internet with AT&T since I am already a wireless customer. I explained what I had and what I needed. I was told that a technician would be out Monday to take care of me. Monday, Oct 18th came and went with not call or no technician. I called back on the 19th and this is where HELL began!!! Here is what I needed, phone and internet to be connected! That is it!!

The first time I got someone I explained that my phone and internet were supposed to be connected on Monday and were not. I was told that my phone had been connected and was working. IT WAS NOT WORKING!!! I could call the number but it would not ring in my house!! Of course they insult you by asking if your jacks are connected. I did not have a dial tone!!!!

I explained that I had had digital phone previously, but they insisted that it was working. I gave up on phone and tried with the internet. That was even worse! Each person kept telling me that all I had to do was set up my modem. I kept explaining that I did not have a modem but a router. They kept trying to walk me through set up!!

At about 4 I spoke to someone who seemed like he could help. He advised me that I had been transferred to the wrong area and that his area was where I needed to be. He told me that because I had digital phone and internet, a technician did have to come out and set me up. He said he would order me a modem and have it sent to me by Thursday and a tech would be out Friday to set me up. He even asked me to speak with his supervisor because he needed to know what I had been through that day. I spoke with him and he advised that my fist bill would be waived due to all the issues and misinformation that I had.

Thursday day came and went with no modem. I called back on Friday and was advised that there was no record of an order being placed for me. After talking to more people, I was advised that they would send a tech out on Saturday and he would bring the modem.

Saturday afternoon did bring some good news, the phone guy came out and I had phone service. He advised that he had lots of complaints against AT&T customer service and left his business card just in case the internet guy did not show up. Guess what, internet guy never showed up!

Sunday I called again and was less than cordial. Was transferred to customer service in India. I asked to be sent back to the US and was sent to Indianapolis. I explained everything that had happened in the past week and was advised that they would have a technician out that afternoon with a modem at no charge to me. Finally, a technician came that morning and got me set up!!!

Then the big slap in the face occurred. I received a bill from AT&T for $255.64. $186.00 of which, was for a modem and for a technician. I had to call again today and was told that in my record, those charges had been waived. So how did I get billed if they were waived?

In the area that I live in, I don't have too many options for phone and internet as it is AT&T country. My other service provided was terribly high and by going to AT&T and another cable provider I am saving $150 per month; not sure now if it was worth it! I can't wait for my wireless service to end, as I will be looking for another provided as well! I really hope this gets to the "Powers to Be" at AT&T. I have never received such poor service from any company in my life!

AT&T Cable is the Worst
By -

It is Monday morning and my television is the bedroom is on. Out of nowhere, there is a very loud bang outside. This sound resembles a gun being fired, a loud clap of thunder, or a mini explosion. Simultaneously, my TV goes out. It is obvious to me this has come from one of AT&T's transformers or whatever those circular metal boxes are on the top of the telephone pole. This is confirmed when several neighbors come outside and look up at the said telephone pole.

At this point, my TV will not turn back on. I check my alternate TV in the living room. It comes on and immediately the video portion goes out and all I am left with is audio. Upon calling AT&T service, I am told to repower the cable boxes (naturally) and the service is restored (for 5 min). Unfortunately, I had hung up with the tech thinking the problem was solved.

Now I have to call back and go through all the menu bs once again only to be told someone would have to come out because this is an exterior problem (no kidding!). At this point, I am told that the TV could be damaged though they bear no responsibility in the cost of this, and someone cannot come out until Thursday (4 days away). REALLY???

This is not only an inconvenience (obviously) but a questionable safety hazard, since the sound heard from the outside was not a comforting one. I live in a complex made up of several condos so I am certain many people are affected by this "inconvenience". If the electricity goes out, does the company not send someone out as soon as possible? Considering what I am paying these people for my cable, not to mention the SLOWEST internet out there, I think I should be awarded the same courtesy. All these negative reviews are not surprising.

They Lie, Cheat and Steal
By -

I responded to an AT&T door to door salesperson and signed up for AT&T U-Verse. I'd been receiving fantastic offers for over a year, and was ready to switch. I'd used Cox cable, internet and landline phone for years and was relatively happy, but the AT&T U-Verse sales pitch was "more and better services for less money." The installation went pretty smoothly, although it took the tech 8 hours to set up 4 TV's, internet and home phone.

It then took me a week to get the kinks worked out of e-mail. For business reasons, I use Microsoft Outlook; AT&T doesn't support MS products, but I did finally get my email routed through Outlook. The kids were happy with all the new channels and the DVR on every TV.

Then the first bill arrived. $470!!! Granted this was for almost 2 months, but my regular bill was going to be at least $225/month, and the sales person told me my bill would be $130/month. I gather she was reporting only the cost of the TV part of the bundle, but when I've been receiving offers in the mail for the bundle for $100/month for the first year, you could understand how I might have been an easy sucker. So I call the call center and explain my problem.

They downgrade me from U300 to U200 service, promise to credit me for the free HBO, and assure me my new bill will only be $100/month. When the new plan arrives via e-mail, low and behold I'm still paying for HBO and it's still $225/month. I look online, and AT&T is advertising the bundle for $89 for the first year. This must be in a parallel universe, because it sure ain't in my U-Verse!

Customer service is No-Service
By -

When originally installed AT&T U-verse was wonderful. In January, AT&T U-verse upgraded their software. The television started freezing intermittently which meant no Internet or telephone service. The duration of the freezes would be anywhere between two to five minutes. Reported the problem and technicians were sent out. Equipments were changed. The problem reoccurred, called, technicians of next level sent. Problem still not resolved. Technicians of next level and supervisor sent. Problem resolved for short period of time.

Problem back again starting November, 2010. Technician sent 12/8/2010 (one hour late after window time). Changed equipment. Problem returned 12/9/2010 and still going on today (1/8/2011). Called sending technician on 1/14/2011. I explained I will be looking for a vendor that provides the services that I am getting from AT&T (television, Internet, telephone). Customer service apologetic, but no satisfaction.

Urge Music Service
By -

My mother pulled a fast 1 on our household. She'd gotten fed up with Comcast supposedly raisin' their bill each month. She decided to go with the 3 services from U-verse. She was going to do it anyway, even if I'd said 'no'. She told me I'd still have audio music channels comparable to Music Choice, so I went along, gamely. Found out that U-verse has Urge music service. What a joke! I soon found out that that there was too much song repetition, too many album cuts nobody ever heard of, and after a while, I discovered that the CMT Radio channel on it, didn't add any current songs whatsoever.

As I type this, their most current song is, 'You belong with me,' by Taylor Swift, which peaked in August of LAST YEAR! Please, if anybody subscribes to U-verse TV, don't go looking for current country songs on Urge, 'cause they're just not there! God bless!

Dishonest Product Promotion
By -

WARNING - Long story short - the first bill will be at least 3 times what you were told. The worst mistake I ever made! A U-Verse representative came to my door and signed me up. I agreed to pay $179 a month for TV, internet, and telephone service. I was told that the first bill would include charges for a month plus a pro-rated charge for part of a month. I was told installation was completely free and the U-Verse techs would connect all my devices, which I listed. He GAVE ME A PAPER STATING THIS! The technicians that installed the system also left a paper showing $0 for installation.

The first bill was $560, including a $290 installation charge. During this time the service failed, so now I had no TV, no internet, and the telephone remained on the local carrier with another separate charge. Multiple calls to U-Verse did reduce the installation charge, but they did not completely remove it. I called and cancelled the television service and specifically asked about the monthly bill. They said it would be $43. The next bill was &179. So I figure they just triple what they tell you.

Then they had the gall to send me a notice threatening to cancel my service if I do not pay don't pay. I will be very surprised if U-Verse lasts more than a couple of years. Word is bound to get out. You can't set out to purposely mislead and cheat people and expect not to have repercussions.

Do Not Get AT&T Uverse
By -

BROWNSBURG, INDIANA -- This email did not address my concern at all. My concern is that since being a customer, I have not had a good experience, here are the problems experienced as a customer: August 2008- Started service technician was late and complained entire time about his job while here. Took him hours to connect two tv's, internet, and phone, did not explain any details on operating these.

October/November- Called regarding phone service cutting out. Technician came out, said there was a problem with lines outside and he cleared them. Nov. Noticed bill was way higher than quoted originally and downgraded from U200 to U100. December, called again about channels freezing, problems with phone, and bill. Was told I was being charged for HDTV and additional receivers that I did not have, woman on phone stated that this would be credited back to my account and that she would make the switch for us for U200. Dec.30, received call that AT&T was having trouble switching U100 back to U200 and that they were working on it.

Jan 6, U200 working- picture freezes. Often called AT&T and a service tech was sent out the next day to work on lines service tech stated problem was outside inbox and loose wire in house. Fixed problems. Jan 18- Come home in evening to find AT&T U200 not working. Missing all Life Time channels, Cartoon network, WE, Oxyg. and many others, call AT&T at 1800-att2020. Spoke with technician who stated I have U100-family explained I was viewing my bill online currently and that I am being billed as of 12/26 for U200. She has me press button on box wait five seconds and let go.

Comes back online and says that I have the proper programs I ordered and if I want U200, I have to pay for it. Puts me on hold while she speaks with ** in customer service, transfers me to ** in customer service. Attempt to explain to ** that I am only receiving channels for U100, she tells me on her end she has me as receiving U200 and will credit my account for $5.00 for the day without service and needs to transfer me back to Technical Support.

Ask her what to tell them when they tell me that in their system, it shows I have U100. She states it shouldn't do that. Now on the phone for 60 mins. Transferred to a male with an accent, could not make out his name. He tells me I have U100 in his system. I explain I have been on the phone for over 1 hour trying to clear this up and that my bill has me for U200 and until today, I was able to watch U200.

He has me unplug all my boxes wait 20 seconds and plug them back in, unplug the router and wait, unplug the t.v. and wait, 1:30 minutes pass, call is disconnected, he calls me back, and tells me to again hit the power button, unplug the tv's and plug them back in and wait to see what they do.

I explain that I did that and still not getting U200, ask to speak to a manager, was told they were all in a meeting and that he could not resolve my issue as it was a customer service issue. He transfers me back to customer service. Now total time on phone with AT&T is approaching 2 hours.

On hold forever, finally reach a recording that states the office is now closed and to call back during normal business hours. Still no AT&T U200, still no resolve and still paying for service I am not receiving. I am extremely dissatisfied. I noticed this time that no one asked if they provided me with excellent service today, I would have told them not at all. Four different people gave me the runaround and none resolved the issue. This needs to be better resolved.

I want a manager to respond and resolve this issue immediately. I want my bill to reflect the right services, I do want U200, I do not have nor have I had an HD TV and the technician knew that when he came out and told me he would not put that on my package since I had an SDTV. I only had two receivers, one for the main t. v and a spare t.v. that is hooked up as the technician said he could not hook up any other t.v.s in the house without having to drill in the walls. I am being billed for AT&T Uverse from 12/26 when it was never on at this end until 1/06/2009.

Almost two weeks of service not received but paid for. I have never in all my years experienced anything like this mess I am deeply dissatisfied and unpleased with AT&T tv and phone service. While the internet is great, the customer service leaves much to be desired.

Poor service
By -

We have had AT&T U-verse for about 2 months now. What a big mistake, the screen is constantly freezing, the voices do not coincide with the actors. What we thought we would be saving by switching to AT&T is now irrelevant, we are changing back to our old cable company.

Very Dissatisfied Customer
By -

ILLINOIS -- I just got off the phone with the rewards center and guess what... they wasn't much of a help. I have been waiting on my $50 rebate since November 08. I called on 12/2/08 to confirm if they had my new address and the representative stated they did. In the meantime I checked the status of it on the net and it should shipped 12/9/08. So I figured I would give it a couple of weeks. By 1/8/09 I called back to inform I never received a check. The representative read me my old address (meaning that it was never changed to begin with) so from that point she clearly stated it would be updated and another check will be sent.

Well I called today and guess what I spoke to 2 reps that told me it had been cashed on 1/17/09 and that "IIIIIII" had spoken to someone about it being cashed and they were sending me a copy. Well guess what... if my address was never updated until the beginning of Jan., then the check was sent to the incorrect address CLEARLY AFTER THE PURPOSE OF MY 1ST CALL WAS TO CONFIRM THAT THE ADDRESS WAS CORRECT!!!

The 1st representative was very helpful, the 2nd representative was very rude! Gosh I wish I could remember his name. It all came down to me speaking to his supervisor who stated they are not responsible for lost/stolen checks which I truly understand. Her name is (DNG I can't say) from the ILLINOIS reward site. I told her that I will be filing a complaint b/c I don't feel it was my fault they sent it to the incorrect address.

She basically told me "OH WELL there's nothing they can do." I asked her what was her manager's name and could I speak to them. Guess what she told me, she can't give that info and they do not take calls. Now what kind of customer service is that? I am a customer service supervisor and I be ** if we told our customers that. My ** would be through! I really needed to vent after that call.

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