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DC, MD, and Northern VA Branches Hates Complaints
By -

WASHINGTON, DC , MD AND VA, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- A year ago, I had several concerns about the customer service that was being provided to me in Bally Total fitness. (The city branches above.) My four year old had fallen in Bally's and had received a bruise on her head in the kids' club room. Instead of some Bally's workers being responsible and taking a report also, being concerned, two young female workers laughed and called my child names behind my back. Boy was I mad! I complained to their boss/Gm at the time and every since then, I had been disrespected by many of the Bally'€™s workers and, treated poorly, and even made fun of.

The workers were very unprofessional and childish in PG Plaza and, DC downtown, and in the Capitol Heights, MD and in Pentagon city and the other one in VA branches. Because of conspiracy, the head boss would switch the workers around to those branches... and when I would switch to get away from that special lady and her friend to get away from the jokes, I saw her at the other branches as well. I had got fed up with the taunting and complained about them to the main branch in CA and the CA branch had treated me with respect.

Although I had lost a lot of weight from exercising in the branches, I was constantly teased by the DC and MD and VA guys after I complained to the CA guys and about the constant name calling when I would be in there. I was taunted by some of the same female workers from DC and some new ones and, by some of their male friends that had also worked there. My mistake was complaining directly in the branch at the beginning. The district manager did not do his job because he was not fair and he lied to CA.

He took sides with the special female worker. I had to call the people from California for my issues to be resolved. What if I didn't have a phone then what? After the people in CA resolved the issue, I was harassed repeatedly by some of the workers and their associates outside of the gym location. Stalked and slandered. This had become a police issue at that point.

This was really bad. Managers were friends of some police and some military guy that worked there was and it had become a conspiracy to make me leave. I am not crazy or mental or all those things they try to say they can. They are mad because after the complaints some of them got... I just know that I got fed up and left!

Bally's Faulty Gym Equipment
By -

I went to the cable weights downstairs of the gym and wanted put the rope into the hook to start my workout. It was approximately 3pm on Tuesday, November 23. I opened the hook to put rope and it was as sharp as a knife. I cut my thumb pretty bad. I immediately went to the bathroom to run water on it and put a paper towel on it so I could use it to compress the area and stop it from bleeding. There were not paper towels. They had been replaced by electric hand dryers a long time ago. I went to management, told them what happened and showed them my cut finger. The manager told me to go to some other guy that takes care of that.

The guy was doing cashier work so I had to wait for him to finish with my bleeding finger. I told him what happened and took him to the equipment so he could see it. I told him he should also disinfect it because I have AIDS and if someone else gets cut they might get infected and not know they got it from there. The guy said he would take care of it right away. I went to the locker room to change so I could go home and 10 minutes later when I got out there was no one at that equipment nor any sign posted there.

On my way out I told the manager that they should really consider putting paper towels back in the bathroom but he said they aren't going to do that for two reasons; 1. cleanliness and 2. cost. I said, alright, its your option and I left. I was going to just forget about the incident but then I thought I should at least put a review in writing on the internet so there is a written record of what happened somewhere.

If they end up not disinfecting the equipment (but I hope they follow through and do so), or there might be one or more people getting infected if they get cut just like me. I wonder how many other people might have gotten cut already and not reported it at all. If you go to Bally's Hollywood, just be careful when using the equipment. If you get cut have yourself tested for HIV two weeks after you get cut and again 6 months after you got cut just to be sure you weren't infected.

Bally Total Fitness Cancellation and Member Services Department Sucks!
By -

In January 2009 I signed an eight month agreement with Bally Total Fitness. I chose to cancel my membership when the location closest to me closed. Unfortunately I misplaced my copy of the agreement so I went to the website looking for information on how to cancel. I did not find the website helpful so I called the customer service line. The day I called I held for 32 minutes. I personally feel this hold time is unacceptable. I have worked in customer service, sales and retention for about 10 years and this hold time only made me want to cancel more.

After holding I reached Anonymous on 7-29-09 and I explained to him I wished to cancel my account as well as my friend ** account. ** was added to my account in January for an additional $20 charge. Anonymous informed me that the both of us still had 2 months on our contracts and asked if I would like to make the final payment over the phone. I asked Anonymous if I would be charged a $10 fee for making the payment over the phone (I heard about this fee as I was holding).

Anonymous said he would waive the fee for my convenience so I made the final two payments on both Alissa's and my accounts. My final payment was for $65.36 and my confirmation number was 042518. ** final payment was for $41.42 and her confirmation number was 092818. At the end of my conversation with Anonymous I requested a confirmation of cancellation and final payments on the two accounts be emailed to me. Anonymous said I would get that within 72 hours.

The following day on 7-30-09 I checked my bank account and noticed that I was charged $51.42, not $41.42. I was charged the $10 that I was told would be waived. I had to call in again that day to request a credit for the $10 fee. I held for another 30 minutes that day. I spoke to Anonymous2 when I called in the 2nd time. Edward said he credited me for the $10 fee but it never appeared on my bank statement. Anonymous2 informed me that ** account wasn't canceled the day before but that he would cancel it that day. I again requested a cancellation confirmation be sent to me via email.

I requested this cancellation at the end of July. I have yet to receive any confirmation via email that either of my accounts has been canceled. On September 28th I was charged $20.71. I have been told on 2 occasions that my accounts have been canceled so why should I continue to be charged? I looked into my banking history and I was never credited the $10 ** had told me I would receive.

On October 5, 2009 I contact customer service and spoke to Anonymous3 who informed me that in order to receive these two credits I would need to wait up to an additional 10 business days to discuss the possibility of a credit with the accounting department. This is ridiculous! Anonymous3 also informed me that the reason I haven't received confirmation on cancellation is because I never mailed in a letter requesting to cancel. I was never told that it was a requirement to send in a letter. I work in client satisfaction, specifically with cancellations; I would have sent the letter if I was told that it was required.

On October 5th I also emailed Bally's Member services department requesting a call back. I did not receive a call back, instead an email saying to call manager Anonymous4. I called Jose on Monday October 12th and still had not heard back from him when I called a second time on the evening of Wednesday October 14, 2009.

In closing this has been a truly horrible experience and I have intentions on filing a complaint with the BBB. I still haven't gotten a call from accounting or confirmation that my accounts have been canceled and I haven't been credited anything so far. I also will be sharing this experience with friends, c-workers and family.

This Is A Scam!!!
By -

GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND -- Bally is the worse experience I have had in my whole life. I am still fighting with them presently. We need to come together and do something about this. I am currently in the process of suing them. I wrote a letter to their so called "I promise to you" department.

ATTENTION: CANCELLATION: My name is ** and my account number is **. I have a grave problem that I wish you could assist me with. On the 21st of August 2008 I signed up to join Bally Total Fitness with ** at the Gaithersburg location. I also included my sister ** to my account. My monthly payment came up to $64.56, and I was satisfied with that. ** contacted me on the 23rd of August to inform me about a better plan for my sister and I, with a good discount. She had me cancel my prior agreement and sign up for a similar agreement. The only difference was that my monthly balance would now be $63.52; I was also satisfied with that.

A month later after being charged my first monthly fee, I discover my sister had never stepped feet in to the club so I decided to take her off my plan intend of being charge extra money for nothing. I talked to ** on the 30th of August about my situation.

She explained to me because my sister never came in to get an ID card, and since she can not come over to the club given that she was presently away at school. Her name would have to be manually put in to the system 17 times. We started the process that very day and by the end of the month I was promised by ** and her supervisor that everything was taken care of by the cooperate office. On the 19th of September, I was able to get a hold of my sister at Towson and we visited the club there. I spoke to the supervisor and he told me something very upsetting.

He said my account was closed because they could not remove only my sister'€™s name, so they closed the whole thing. I was never notified about this change, I was mad about the time and energy I had to go through with my case. At the end of the day I felt a little relief because after all that drama it would be of my best interest to have my account closed. Before I left that day I asked if I was going to be charge for the month of September, the supervisor told me in quote, "€œbecause everything was cancelled before the 23rd of this month you will not get charged."

On the 29th of September I received a charge from Bally Total Fitness club for the month of September. I was surprised because I was assured that this situation was over. I called Bally at Gaithersburg branch and spoke to the manager about my problem. He pulled up my account and said it was still active and that there was never any cancellation notice had, more over my sister had only been enter twice for attendance. I was devastated that after all my efforts in resolving this case it was taken for granted.

His final answer was the must unprofessional and brainless answer I have gotten during my whole experience with the cooperate world. He said he could not possible do anything for me; I would have to continue paying the monthly fee for 36months even if my sister does not work out at the club. I decide since the people in charge of how thing should be done in Gaithersburg are complete morons I'™ll seek help from higher authority. Please fill fee to contact me by phone **. I hope my complaint will be treated with concern. This letter was written in October 2008, I still have not received a reply. I also sent it through priority mail so the ** would say they did not get it.

I know I am going to Win in court because everyone else who has sued them have won... They are that poor in customer service. my advice to you all that have problems with Bally Total Fitness is to do the same thing I am doing. Let them pay you back in cash for all the problems they cost.

You Can Get Your Exercise Running The Opposite Direction Of Bally's
By -

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- Beware... Long rant to follow... OK. It started last week when I was searching for a gym that was close to my house. Turns out Bally's was less than a mile away. I really wish I had done research before stepping foot in the Bally's, but alas, hindsight is always 20/20. I saw they were advertising a special that ended soon where it was no enrollment fee, and $29.99 a month and in small letters it stated "no long term contract necessary". I thought "Hey! Great! what a deal" and called to set up a time I could come take a tour and check the place out.

I get there, and one of the Managers gave me a quick tour of the place, then also gave me a quick workout to give the illusion that Bally's was a fun, supportive and friendly place, before sitting me down to talk about membership plans. I mentioned I was interested in the deal they had going, and he states that is only for the 3 year membership. (I guess 3 years isn't considered a long term membership to them.)

I told them no, that wouldn't suit my needs because I don't plan on living here for more than a year, and I cannot guarantee where we end up moving next will be close to a Bally's. So I ended up doing their Month to Month contract and also got talked into paying extra for 4 sessions with a personal trainer. This is where the nightmare REALLY begins...

So, for the first session, the personal trainer that was assigned to me spends about 30 minutes having me work out. Then took me into the office, and for the second half hour of my training session, began giving me this high pressure sales pitch spiel about how incredibly out of shape I am in and how I need more than 4 sessions to do any good. He shows me his prices which come to about $1000 a month to have him train me 3 times a week. No matter what I seem to say, he just won't take no for an answer, and after listening to him go on and on, I start getting a headache and tell him "I have to talk it over with my husband".

I thought it over for a few days, and realize I just don't have that kind of money to spend on a personal trainer, and what I really want is just someone to spend a few sessions teaching me the correct way to work out and use the weight and cardio machines... just the basics. So for my second session with the personal trainer, I came in and he started me on the cardio machines to warm up, and after 10 minutes, he asked if I thought about what he had said the last session about purchasing his services for 3 times a week. I told him I thought about it, and that I just don't have the money right now.

He hit the pause button on my machine and demanded I come into his office to talk. So I stupidly follow him. He then spends two hours talking non-stop at a fast pace that honestly, I found hard to keep up with. Going on and on about how I need a personal trainer and it isn't even an option, and there is nothing more important in my life than having him help me get in shape and lose weight and basically if I didn't fork over the cash, I would most certainly die of an obesity related illness.

I look back now and I can't believe I sat there and listened to him ramble on so long, but basically at the end he summed it up by saying, "If you don't want to hire me as a personal trainer, than I suggest you quit and get your money back and don't bother coming back here". And that I was destined to be obese for the rest of my incredibly short life if I don't pay him to help me now. I left the gym feeling bitter and angry. All I wanted was a place I could go work out at. I didn't want all this guilt trip sales pitches. The more I thought about all he said to me, the angrier I got, until once I got home I was nearly crying.

I got on the phone and called up Bally's and asked to talk to the manager. I felt at this point I just didn't want to ever go back there. The fact that I had their personal trainer tell me if I don't spend all this extra money, I shouldn't bother coming back there was just too much, and knowing if I didn't hire this guy, I would still have to see him every time I went to work out would be very uncomfortable for me, and I just didn't want to deal with their crap.

Of course trying to cancel a membership there has proven to be almost impossible. I at first tried calling to talk to a manager, but all of a sudden, No managers were available to take my call. I plan on sending a certified letter as specified in the directions on cancellation, but I feel since I only got pretty much half of a workout session with the trainer, I would feel it fair that they credit me the money I spent to hire him for 4 sessions, but somehow I doubt THAT is going to happen!

Rejection Junkies
By -

NORWALK, CALIFORNIA -- I joined Bally Total Fitness in 2006. It was a nightmare. I had to pay for a year and didn't use most of it because the gym in downtown DC was more on the gay sauna side than everything else. I got tired of walking into men having sex and masturbating in the sauna and shower area. I wouldn't be complaining if I had signed up for a gay sex club, but the cruising there is way too much. Even on the floor, where the machines are located (basement, cheap looking and depressing), I noticed heavy cruising.

I went to the gym to work out. Not to hook up. As I said, I had to pay for the entire year to cancel my membership. I requested many times not to be contacted by Bally Total Fitness anymore and yet, they don't stop sending my unsolicited mail and calling me to offer deals that I am not interested in. Stay away from Bally Total Fitness! If you make the mistake of signing up for this low budget, low quality club, you will be end up with this rejection junkie following you forever!

Terribly Dissatisfied With Fitness Center And Cancellation Policy
By -

Bally Total Fitness makes the process of joining one of their fitness facilities super easy. You can join online, over the phone, in person at the store... just say the word, and you are a member. This sappy story quickly comes to a screeching halt once you become a member. Once the sugary sweet employee hands you your membership card with your grainy picture on it, the customer service portion is done and over.

Other than the occasional nice guy that says hello to you at the front desk, you realize most of the employees that are hired do not care about the facility, the customers, or the equipment. The gym is often in poor condition. The cleanliness of the facility appears to be a low priority for management. The weights and equipment used by customers and trainers are dispersed throughout the workout area floors, hardly ever put up, and are accidents waiting to happen.

The gym is closed even on minor holidays and the hours of operation on the weekends are limited. Often times when a piece of equipment is out of order, it is chained up with a sign that indicates that it's malfunctioning. I'm often surprised that someone actually took the time to put up a lovely sign. However the chain & sign will remain on said equipment for days on end, like an accessory necklace or adorning belt, and the equipment remains unfixed and unavailable to customers for weeks to months at a time!!!

Worst of all, when you try to cancel your month-to-month membership (not a long term contract), there is no sugary sweet customer service representative who was so eager to help you as he did when you were inquiring about joining... rather the entire team gives you the run around telling you that you have to ask the guy on the next shift, or call the corporate office. The corporate office staff member will tell you he has nothing to do with cancellation, instead to send a snail mail for the cancellation to become official and sit and wait to find out the outcome of your request as "nothing can be done over the phone regarding cancellation".

How is it that I can join online, via telephone, in person, over the rainbow... but no one is able to help me cancel my account? I believe in never saying never, and that being said, I will NEVER join and will NEVER recommend any Bally Fitness facility EVER again.

They'll say anything to get you to sign up!
By -

In March 2009 I signed up with Bally's in Matteson, IL. I was told by the representative that I was getting a month-month contract but that the monthly price would be locked in for 2 years and would be automatically drafted from my checking account every month. I made sure to ask that it meant I can cancel at any time for any reason which he confirmed. In May 2010 I went in to cancel my membership at which time they told me I would need to mail their corporate office. 6/1/10 I wrote a letter asking them to cancel my membership.

I never received a confirmation in the mail but noticed that the July fees were not drafted from my checking account and when I called their toll free number it could not find my account number so was relieved that it was cancelled and was as easy as promised when I originally signed up. But the I received a letter in Oct. 2010 stating that my account was 90 days past due and was in danger of getting sent to a collections agency. I immediately called and told them the above information and the representative then told me that he has been hearing a lot of people complaining about misleading sales people at the stores.

This infuriated me and he had no answer or explanation as to why they know about it but refuse to do anything about it and gave me my 2 options-pay the account in full to the end of my contract or pay it up to date and then go back on a month-month billing. I went in to the Matteson location and was helped by the GM-well, I wouldn't say helped as he had no care as to what happened or that his employees were misleading people. He did tell me that the account hadn't been sent to a collections agency yet so I paid the account up to date. I didn't want it linked up to my checking account again as I have no trust in the company any more.

Then last night I received a phone call from the collections department saying that my account will stay with collections until I pay the amount due to fulfill my contract and they had no report of me paying up to date at my local branch. I am soooo frustrated with this company and no one seems to care that they are messing with my credit history which I work very hard at keeping up with! I will NEVER step foot in any Bally's and the only time I will ever speak of them is to stop someone else from falling into their lies!!

Once a nice Bally's now a "DUMP"
By -

JAMAICA QUEENS, NEW YORK -- I have been a member since 1994 of Bally's Total Fitness and this is the first time I ever had to complain. I was going to the Kew Gardens Bally's until 2005 when I decided to attend this Bally's in the Jamaica queens section because it is closer to my home. In the beginning the gym was clean and well equipped. There was always a locker room attendant. Now this gym has turned into a dump.

Their machines are always breaking down. I once got on a PRECORE and one of the foot pads completely broke off. Luckly I did not get hurt. Out of all their PRECORE machines 1 to sometimes 4 are broken. Now in the aerobic room there are barely no work out mats. Whatever mats are left are torn and tattered. The free weight racks are barely full.

Either some are missing (stolen) which are always the lighter weights and whatever weights are left the coating is falling apart or totally torn away from the weight. Now the steps for the step classes are either worn or damaged. I have taken a step class last week and I nearly slipped more than once during a class and every step I went to replace was no better. It was very frustrating to take a class and worry about falling.

Oh it gets better from here. There is a slow and growing infestation of "GNATS" in the shower area. One time I came home after using the shower at the gym and when I let down my hair I found a "GNAT" in my hair. Oh and I also must not forget about the broken latches on the doors in the toilet section of the bathroom. I had to jam my gym towel between the door to keep it close and from people walking in on me using the toilet.

In this bathroom there is about 3 broken door latches. Oh also I have seen members leave their locks on the lockers over night. I thought you was not supposed to do that because they clip them if you do. Oh I must not forget about the HUGE dirty bath towels left on the floor and the constant, daily flowing garbage all over the locker room floor. This Bally's used to be a excellent gym. I don't know what is going on with management of this gym but if nothing is done somebody is going to get sick or hurt from this gym and I see lawsuits coming.

Company Response 02/11/2010:

Thank you for sharing your comments. We want you to have a clean environment and a great workout experience at Bally.

We've contacted the area Market Manager and Maintenance Supervisor for review and follow-up.

We did hear back from both and were notified the Maintenance Supervisor was onsite yesterday and all but one machine was up - the machine that wasn't working was in the process of being repaired. We also confirmed that new Group Exercise mats are on order and should be to the club shortly.

Please be sure to communicate your concerns to your Bally club manager. Or, call our Member Support Team at (866) 402-2559 or e-mail us at so we can document your concern.

Thanks again for your valuable feedback

Customer Relations
Bally Total Fitness

Misled & Paying for it!
By -

In August of 2009 I called Bally Total Fitness to cancel my membership after having put it on hold for 5 months. The woman I spoke to (whose name I DEARLY wish I could remember!) told me that my membership was already canceled. I asked her to double check and she said yes, no problem, and I hung up the phone a happy customer.

Shame on me for not checking my bank statements while I was overseas and over the holidays, but I returned home to find that I had been charged the full membership fee for September, October, November, and December! I immediately called and was told there was no record of a cancellation of my membership in August. I explained what happened and immediately canceled, then asked for a refund for Sept-Dec. I was refused.

I was told they could do a search of my phone number for the call I made in their database which would take 2-3 weeks and then they would contact me. Still trying to remain pleasant, I agreed. It's been over 3 weeks. Today I called and (conveniently for them) my number never showed up as having called in August and I was again refused a refund. Still being polite, I asked for a manager and was given voicemail. I don't blame the people on the phones--according to their computer, I guess I look like a liar. Which frustrates me.

Point of my rant? GOOD LUCK GETTING A REFUND even if you were assured your membership was ended and Bally made a mistake! Check your bank statements because I got swindled out of a hefty chunk of money. I would have let it all slide if they had apologized and offered a refund, but this is unacceptable. Other than this incident, my experience with Bally's was very pleasant.

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