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Banfield Vet & Panacur Almost Killed My Cat
By -

ORCHARD PARK, NEW YORK -- I had been watching strange pigmentation on my cat's gums. It looked like tartar, but because when I tried brushing his teeth, the tartar/ pigmentation actually moved. Then they'd move right back to where they were. I called vets, was told they were fleas, to use Advantage to kill them, it didn't. They said try it once a week, it still did not work. I'd found strange things in Honey's canned food, like larvae, open larvae, & pieces of larvae. I'd called the cat food companies to report it. It scared me, I had lost his brother to poison cat food. So, I started to call them & even started saving these things & pieces of them in a jar.

Purina & Nestle sent me a nice letter, coupons & even a small check & said to keep them notified. Finally after a year or so, the bugs increased, I researched day & night. I saw monsters inside me on Animal Planet, & found Shirley's Wellness Cafe online. It was about parasites. I realized I also had several of the symptoms too. I touched one of these "fleas' with a cue tip with a little oral gel. They were flat against his gums, like leeches or flukes. I'd called many vets, the CDC, SUNY of Buffalo, Board of Health, PetMeds, & Tropical Center for Disease Control. I was trying to find a professor who taught veterinary & bat parasites at UB South campus.

I wanted her to look at these things before I did anything, but I couldn't reach her before he was in pain. I can't stand it to see him hurt. He was my family. I made sure he was never hurt or abused, or was around anyone that didn't like animals. He was the most loving, trusting, protected cat I ever had. Honey was so sweet he never growled, bit, hissed or had a mean bone in his body. I never even made him spend one night home alone. I swore to protect this cat after his brother died, we were both devastated to lose him. I had lost my family too, so it was just me and my Honey Boy.

No one had ever heard of creatures on gums, so I started looking to find out what they were. I went to a homeopathic site. They suggested using mint on a cue tip to kill them. It didn't kill them, but they moved from one place to another. I knew they were some kind of parasite, flat, about 1/2" long. I started him and myself on a homeopathic dewormer.

I had already tried treating my cat for fleas. He had no fleas when I took him to the vet, but these "things" were still there. I started studying parasites because my poor cats jaw was in pain. He started sighing. He slept with his little head on my arm & his face towards me. I noticed him moaning in his sleep. His jaw would move. It got so I had to get up every night to put vaseline on his little gums just for some relief. I was on the phone & computer everyday trying to find somewhere "safe" to take him. I did not want to take his somewhere where no one ever heard of it.

I found a herbologist Vet who had heard of it. I ordered herbs from her. Honey & I both started taking them together. People can get parasites too. But she had left for a few weeks, & my car had caught on fire. But my cat was hurting, so a friend stopped over, I asked him to take me to get a sample and get it analyzed.

I finally took him to Banfield Vet clinic in Petsmart, 4325 Amelia Drive, Orchard Park, NY 14127 716 821 7961. Honey, my very sweet cat, had never been sick a day in his life except for these things on his gums. He was an indoor cat, so he had to get them from cat food.

The Vet, Dr **, gave him an exam & remarked was a sweet cat he was. On his exam he was in excellent condition. She said his gums were perfect too, and it was pigmentation on his gums. But, she'd give him anesthesia, keep him all night, to get a sample. I did not want him to spend the night in a hospital. I told her we were both already on parasite medicine. She shot Panacur down his throat, & gave me another syringe to give to him 4/5/2011. It had no brand name, side effects, or any of the normal info you get with a prescription. By the time he got home he was in distress.

He started throwing up green, howling, hiding, got a temperature, was terrified and kept trying to go potty but could not. He was in great pain within hours of leaving that Vet. His urinary tract was blocked he was going to die & I had to surrender him to 10 lives to save his life.10 lives refused to acknowledge the parasites, in fact they hang up on me when I tell them to please take a sample. I love my cat, he was my all. I never spent a night away from him. I have offered everything I own, which isn't much, but I begged them to take a sample. I know they're creatures, & parasites are contagious.

Since no one ever heard of this, they refuse to even listen to me. I've done my homework. I would never put my cat in harms way. I've been disabled because a Doctor misdiagnosed me & gave me a drug that dropped my to my knees in a few hours. I had to "get treated" for multiple illnesses I never had. They were side effects. I had to apply for disability, I lost my new business & suffered great pain. I never wanted my pets to go through that.

It took me 5 years to figure out it was Amoxicillin. I had "Highly Allergic to Penicillin on all my charts, even at the pharmacy. When I took it, I never dreamed they'd give me something like that. It ruined my life. Now, I see this cat I adore going through the same thing, and they won't even talk to me because they think I'm crazy.

Panacur is Fenbendazole, it is not recommended for cats & is toxic in fish, reptiles & birds. His reaction to Panacur was similar to mine with the Amoxicillin. My doctor denied I had side effects that ruined my life, like this Vet is denying the Panacur caused the episode. She screamed that I was was "Rude, I knew everything, it was not the Panacur, and I was NEVER going to get my cat back! And slammed the phone down on me." Thank you Dr.**.

There's no name of the company that Panacur came from. You can try Intervet but if you call they say they're no longer active since 2/7. Panacur is Fenbedazole. It's toxic in birds, fish & reptiles. If you go to Petsmart or Petmeds there is no cat Panacur. Banfield vets are in Petsmart. My cat almost died, I can't stop crying, and my cat is up for adoption at 10 lives in Hamburg, NY. The vets refuse to take a sample of the parasites, why? They say they never heard of it. It is a death sentence for my cat, because no one will even talk to me about it. They hang up on me. I am devastated.

Plus, if it's parasites, they're highly contagious. Why not be safe than sorry? I am so confused I do not know what to do do. Please, can anyone help us? I can no longer think, my body & mind is wrecked with pain. I cannot stop crying, and I know he only knows me. He loves me, & he was sad enough when his brother died.

If they adopt him out they're not going to know he's moaning, crying & moaning in his sleep because of his gums. I used to have to get up and put vaseline in his gums so he could sleep. Especially when they won't even try to check his poor little gums. Despite the fact that I even have the report just before he started throwing up & went into distress that he was in A+ condition, they still think somehow I caused this obstruction. This is crazy.

I'd like to add I rescue animals up to and including a 6 foot boa in a creek. Not only have I rescued 1000 of animals, but I did it on my own dime. People knew me, so they'd leave animals in my car, cellar, backyard, call me screaming if an animal was in trouble, & give me animals they could no longer keep. I never counted the amount I spent nor the number of animals I saved.

This ** at 10 Lives said "I put $700 in that cat, you're never going to get him back, CLICK!" I was shocked! Another woman kept screaming "answer my questions, answer my questions!" I was in shock & in tears, I pleaded with her to please let me answer. She just kept interrupting every time I started to explain.. She said she did 300+ rescues, then slammed the phone down too. Her name was **. I think she was from HEART. Many times I put my last dime up to save somebody's pet, calling vets on Christmas eve, begging them to save a pet's life someone else had brought to me, begging me to help the animal.

Please. I need a lawyer or someone to help me get my cat back, and stop this Vet from harming other beloved pets. I spend all day calling every lead I get, but it seems there's no one that protects the animal from Vets.

Banfield Traumatized myself and my 7 year old son!
By -

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- I brought my 5 year old Pug in just over a month ago for his vaccinations, as well as a few lumps on his belly and rear end that were of concern. I am fairly new to Banfield, and have only taken my other dog (a 15 year old Chow) in for treatment of lupus. I have been working with Dr. ** with both of my dogs, and he seems like a knowledgeable and empathetic Dr. He treated my Chow beautifully, as he is living out his golden years quite comfortably. Let me mention that due to my own disables status, finances are very tight right now, but I do the absolute best I can to care for my animals.

Anyhow, when I first brought Yoda in to discuss the lumps, it was determined that he had mast-cell tumors. We discussed possibly treatments that I could budget for, but the nurse did talk me into signing up for the wellness plan. Thinking that we could possibly get the tumors taken care of, this wouldn't be a bad idea for overall care. Anyhow, I hadn't yet been able to schedule the removal of his tumors, and my Pug fell quite ill a few days ago. Head tilt, lethargy, etc... I took him in immediately, and the Dr. suspected an inner ear infection.

Considering the mast tumors, there's always a possibility of spreading, however - the overall signs at the time didn't indicate that it was tumor related. They sent me home with antibiotics and special calorie dense food to feed him. He would eat, but only by hand and I had to work to get him to drink. The following day, he declined, so I brought him back in. This was yesterday. Dr. ** suggested - and I agreed - to go ahead and keep him overnight for IV fluids and antibiotics. We went to visit my dog at 6:30 pm last night, and he seemed a bit perkier, but overall lethargic (although he had just come out of anesthesia).

I spoke with another Dr. this morning (Dr. ** was not in today) to see how he was. At 9:30 am, he seemed to be improving, and they expected that I could take him home that afternoon (wanted to watch him for the rest of the day). I didn't hear from them in the afternoon, so I called at 3:00 pm to see how he was. I was told by the front desk girl that he was ready to go and I could come pick him up. My 7 year old son and I were very excited that he was going now, assuming that he responded well to the fluids.

Upon arrival, we were asked to wait and they'd let the staff in the back know we were there (please bear in mind, at this point, they knew I was there only with only my 7 year old son). Prior to putting me in a room, they had me satisfy my bill. They then put us in a room, where, after waiting nearly 5 minutes, the Dr. came in and told us, with no regard that I had a child with me, that Yoda was not doing well and that he was being kept alive on oxygen. I am trying to hold in tears as to not alarm my son, but was disarmed, not knowing how to proceed with him in the room and I couldn't send him out into the store on his own.

The Vet proceeded to tell me that when they took him outside to "go potty", he was still ill-responsive and was very unsteady on his feet. He then noticed flickering in his eyes, and was certain, at this indication, that we were dealing with a brain tumor rather than an infection (particularly since he didn't respond to the antibiotics). As hard as I tried, I became hysterical along with my son, and had to call a neighbor to come meet me there so she could care for my son while I handled the issue with my dog. My husband was still about 30 minutes out, trying to make it as quickly as he could.

My neighbor and son waited outside while my other neighbor sat with me as I held my dog, having him die in my arms. Please know that this complaint is not that I am dissatisfied with the overall care my dog received. Dr. ** is a fine Vet. I am absolutely appalled and shocked that they would "prepare" me to take my dog home, see that I have a small child in tow upon arrival, put on a perfect poker face to collect my money, and have me enter a room with a little boy expecting to take his dog home to only have the Vet come in and tell us he's dying. Had I been given any indication that the vet "needed to discuss something with me", I would have left my son with family or friends.

By the time my husband arrived, our dog had already moved on. He was livid that my son was present, and let the staff know his feelings. Losing a pet is part of loving them, and I understand that, but the extra trauma put upon me to have my son learn the news in a way I would have never exposed him to amplifies my grief. Plus, I am now reading stories with the understanding that Banfield will continue to charge me the $40 a month for a wellness plan for an animal that no longer exists.

This is only my first effort of putting my complaints into print. Banfield is next. I know that they cannot bring my dog back, but I, at minimum, want an explanation and an appropriate apology about their process. The only economical damage was the $500 spent to treat him, however, that is to be expected. I don't blame them for attempting the treatment for an inner ear infection. I am on disability myself, and our household funds are not such where we have an extra $500 to handle these situations, but we made it work for our dog. Where I am heartsick is that I will continue paying $40 a month for a dog that cannot use the"wellness plan".

I can't even transfer it to my other dog. There was no physical damage, but there was a level of emotional damage put upon my son. He understands death, however, he should have heard it from me, elsewhere, in a way that a mother explains it. He is now frightened of the Vet office, and, in turn, since it is located in our local Petsmart store, he will no longer go in there. The way they handled this was traumatic and will leave a long term, negative lasting effect on him.

Banfield in Deptford, NJ KILLED my dog, Missy!
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Rating: 1/51

DEPTFORD, NEW JERSEY -- Banfield in Deptford, NJ KILLED my dog, Missy, a 6 year old Pomeranian. They gave her oxygen without my knowledge or consent, then when I found out, I told them to stop and they DEFIED me, ignored what I wanted, snatched my dog from me when she was fine just breathing a little heavy from the stress they caused her, they put her back on oxygen and KILLED her. Then they tried to blame her death on her heart disease.

I KNOW she had heart disease. I have never been in denial about that. If that is what killed her that dreadful day on 11/25/2014, I could accept it. However, that is NOT what killed her that day, those 2 incompetent doctors killed her! You can read her story at **.

Medical Services for Dogs
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Rating: 1/51

CANTON, OHIO -- Sorry this is so lengthy, please read. I put our Gus on the senior wellness plan at Banfield in Canton, Ohio. Major mistake. Whole Banfield system is worthless, unqualified and the optimum wellness plan is a scam too. My standard size dachshund 14 yrs old, diabetic and insulin dependent, very sick and for those you who don't know vets will insist on a “blood glucose curve”, where the pet is kept all day and their blood sugar is checked every 2 hours $125. Been there, done this w/ other vets. Banfield insisted on 2 curves totaling $250 added to his wellness plan.

I checked his readings for 2 yrs poking his upper lip. Had this down to a routine and recorded his numbers. When I refused the manager/vet informed me they wouldn't treat him anymore. Told them to “kiss off”, Gus is 14 yrs old and very sick and blind not putting him through trauma. His readings were out of control yes, curve doesn't fix this. Very difficult to control his glucose readings. My experience with vets it's not about teaching you how to control blood sugar levels, it's more about charging for curves. These vets thought I was stupid.

Pets with diabetes requiring insulin is a racket at most vets offices including Banfield. They don't care about normal readings. Is this what graduates from these prestigious vet schools now? I found an older vet who understood and showed me how to maintain a normal range without the curves. Comparing my readings to his and they were in sync. These levels have to be checked at home daily not just 2 days at vets office $250 later. This older vet helped me keep Gus more comfortable in his final days than any vet in 2 yrs he had since diagnosed w/ diabetes.

Conclusion: Banfield's wellness plan is a scam. Stay away if pet is diabetic or major illness. You may leave from visit not paying anything upfront, but you'll rack up more charges for unnecessary procedures. If living in Canton, Oh go to Dr. **, Mellett animal hospital. He will even draw you a diagram if needed. Stay away from Banfield!!!

Wrong Diagnosis, Excessive Charges, No Response to Complaint Letter
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Rating: 1/51

PARKER, COLORADO -- I am writing to express my extreme dissatisfaction with the treatment received at your Parker, Colorado location. My cats Neko-San and Charlie have been enrolled in your Optimum Wellness Plan since March 2010. On 21 November 2011 at approximately 7:10 AM I delivered them to the Banfield location in Parker, Colorado for a health checkup and annual dental cleaning. I signed the usual treatment consent forms, and a separate form regarding their dental cleanings. I authorized extractions up to $50 per cat. I inquired as to the cost of an extraction and was advised by the receptionist that it would be between $10 and $20 per tooth.

At approximately 1 PM I received a phone call from Dr. **. He told me that Neko would require 11 extractions, and that the cost would be in the $1,000 range, plus about $300 - 400 for medications. I did not authorize the procedure for several reasons. Neko is 13 years old, and I feared that losing 11 teeth would not only cause him severe pain, but would also adversely affect his quality of life. Less than two hours later, I received a second phone call from Dr. ** advising me that Charlie needed between 3 and 5 extractions. Again, I did not authorize the procedure.

As a retired senior on a limited income, I can ill afford to spend close to $2000 on pet care, in addition to monthly wellness plan premiums of $62.90. I picked the cats up from Banfield shortly after 4:30 pm. Both appeared a little drowsy. The necessity of the extractions was again emphasized by Dr. ** and a vet tech. I was not informed of any other potential health problems.

I telephoned my previous veterinarian who retired several years ago and discussed the cats' dental health with him. He referred me to his family's veterinarian whom I consulted on 26 November 2011. I had downloaded the lab test results and treatment history of both cats from the Banfield website. After examining the cats and the lab results, he told me that he saw no reason or need for the extreme procedures recommended by Dr. **.

I no longer have any confidence in the Banfield staff and will not return there for my cats' care. I request that the cats' Wellness Plans be terminated effective at the end of November 2011. I will share my experience with my friends and advise them to consider alternatives to Banfield. I look forward to a written response at your earliest convenience. I have yet to receive a written response. Banfield continues to hound me by telephone for payments of the wellness plan, leaving messages demanding that I call them.

BE very WARY!!!
By -

TOWSON, MARYLAND -- I have recently adopted a cat from the shelter and was given $30 coupon towards Banfield Pet Hospital & thought I give them a try. I always do my research for most everything being on the net all the time & love info on things (eg. pet insurances, how to care for my cat, recipes, how to, advises etc.). I did a review search on Banfield and it took me to here, pissed Consumer Reports, Yelp, some other review sites and see nothing but consumer complaints... so I got "the idea" of how Banfield really is. I still went, seeing is believing right?

When I was there, sure enough like all the complaints... they try to sell me this and that (my DD even crack a joke on the Kitty needing "Surrrgerrry" in a funny voice) plus the "Wellness plan" that will be the same monthly payment as any "pet insurance" and then stressing that "it is NOT an insurance." Mind you, anything not under "wellness" will be $$$$$$ extra (but of course).

The vet tech was trying so hard to sell me the "wellness" that they told me that day's visit would be $180 plus (since "wellness is $200 plus for the year; the vet tech played it so it is like a huge savings)!!! (Thinking I was stupid of course! What an insult plus turn me right off!!!) So I ask her what the basic physical without all the rest of the crap cost, then he sheepishly said $44. I said "OK, I'll do just that!" They also charge me $3 for a disposal fee for just throwing an "ear swab" from my cat into the trash can. (NOT into any "special" container for medical disposal for Christ sake!)

I am pissed, yes. Here forth, I sincerely believed that this Banfield Practice is nothing but a "Money making" scheme thought up by "evil companies" just trying to suck your hard earn money! So even if you bring your pets in, the Banfield practice WILL try to SELL you everything (from "plans" to drugs & surgeries that your pet MAY NOT NEED, hence endangering their lives plus sucking your $$$$) & anything to mark up their intake $$$$.

I promised myself I would share my more than FAIR reviews on Banfield after my visit. Hey, I did give them A CHANCE to prove the reviews here wrong by spending my $$$ on them. To all consumers: DO NOT get suck into buying from Banfield "wellness plans"! Why? #1) Then *YOU* be STUCK "with them" plus still have to dish out extra $$$$ for so many "uncovered" expenses <-- *REMEMBER* even Banfield says *The PLAN IS NOT an insurance* (so warning there)!!! #2) Pet Insurances are even a bit *less* than "wellness" if you do shop around! Don't BE "Banfield Pet Hospital's" SUCKERS!

They Killed My Dog
By -

I took my 2 year old bull dog to get his shots updated. They had me leave him there for a couple of hours and they said that he was stressed out and sedated him without my permission. He got sick from the medication vomited and choked to death. To add insult to injury I talked to an old classmate who used to work there and found out this wasn't the first otherwise healthy pet who died in their care during routine services.

Contract after pet dies
By -

I called Banfield to let them know my dog had died 2 weeks ago and they told me I couldn't get out of the contract. They said I have to pay the monthly charge for 2 more years. I can't believe they would make me pay when I no longer have my dog!!!

By -

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA -- Banfield Pet Hospital Location No. 109 at Pasadena, California, do not honor appointments. We have waited 1.5 hours for an appointment we made, for each visit. It seems there is no point in making an appointment as they treat all customers on a walk-in basis. We made a complaint re the above and their response was to cancel our insurance. Their insurance, Wellness Plan, does not prorate, so if the service is bad, you have to stay with the vet for the remainder of the year.

Veterinary Service at Banfield Pet Clinic
By -

WOODINVILLE, WASHINGTON -- My 17 year old daughter took our elderly poodle, Waldo, in for grooming on a Friday and received a call that his nose had started bleeding during the grooming (he has never had a nosebleed before). He was sent over to the vet clinic to be checked out. The tech on the phone told my daughter that he might have a tumor and that they would need to do x-rays. She became very upset and called me at work. She sobbingly told me that Waldo was bleeding and really sick and might die because they thought he might have a tumor. He had already been diagnosed with a weak larynx and sometimes has dry coughs.

This vet told me when I called that this was untrue and that it was a symptom of a heart murmur. He strongly recommended x-rays to rule out the tumor and insisted that Waldo had a heart murmur. He prescribed antibiotics for a nasal infection, saying that was the best way to start treatment and that they would call with the results of the x-rays.

As I was paying $460.00 for the visit, the vet came out and spoke to another gentleman. He was telling him that his dog needed x-rays to rule out a condition and I was thinking how odd that it sounded so generic and just like the conversation I had just had. I felt that this was the way they were making money. I looked at my bill and saw the outrageous charges. It was all related to the x-rays. I even had to pay a fee for a specialist to decipher them.

In conclusion, the vet would not give me a diagnosis from the x-rays. We had to wait to hear from the specialist, which we never did. I paid this outrageous fee with no diagnosis to date. (3 weeks) I have called and the vet is supposed to return my call... waiting... I sure wish I had looked online for other consumer reviews before I allowed treatment for my pet. Good luck.

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