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Deadly Peanut/All Nut Allergy Multigrain Pasta Made With "Legume Flour"
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FYI - My son suffers from a DEADLY ALLERGY TO PEANUTS/ALL NUTS - last night he ate "Barilla PLUS Multigrain Pasta" that I bought and made. This pasta is made with "LEGUME FLOUR BLEND (GRAINS AND LEGUMES (LENTILS, CHICKPEAS) which are all in the peanut family ("peanut is in the legume family, along with lentils"). It is not listed on the box as a warning in bold print..."CONTAINS"... (which I rely on with every food I buy) it is listed in small print along with all other ingredients.

Just an FYI to anyone who deals with this allergy every day - don't just trust the bold print that alerts you to wheat and egg ingredients, etc... read the fine print. I never would have thought that pasta would be made with "legume flour". After rushing my son to the ER - he is alive today! THANK GOD! Barilla should put this warning on its box: "Contains legume and lentils which are in the peanut family".

Bugs in Barilla Pasta!
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BANNOCKBURN, ILLINOIS -- Today (11-1-2011) we opened a box of Barilla whole grain rotini and discovered the pasta was full of wiggling, white insect larva. The box is marked by Barilla as "best if used by" July 2012. THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN TO A PRODUCT WITH A "BEST USED BY" NINE MONTHS IN THE FUTURE! Unfortunately we stocked up when ShopRite put the Barilla pasta on sale and we now have two bags full of Barilla's bug-infested pasta.

When we called Barilla's 1-800-922-7455 product question line, we got a recorded message saying the number was not in service. We were directed to call another number which was disconnected. LOUSY QUALITY. LOUSY SERVICE. We have written Barilla via the Internet requesting a refund and will contact ShopRite. This is a serious, disgusting quality control issue and possibly a public safety issue. We hope Barilla will make good on this defective product.

BUGS in My Pasta!
By -

If you ever think of buying Barilla Ricotta & Spinach tortellini that you get in a package from a store, DON'T. I got some last night from Wal-Mart to fix for supper. I used my silver-colored pot, which obviously lets me see that the pot is clean and the water is clear.

I started boiling the pasta, and after about 5 minutes, I saw black specks in the water. I poured it into a colander and rinsed it off, and I saw something inside the pasta itself (not the filling). It turns out that there were BUGS in the pasta. I kept looking, and I found bugs in most of the pasta shells and even some insect eggs in some. That was awful. I have contacted Barilla, and I'm going to contact Wal-Mart to have them pull that product off the shelves, at least the ones from that batch. I just wanted to warn people so no one else has to find what I found.

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