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Rating: 1/51

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- To keep this review as short as possible, I will try to summarize:

  1. Baskin Robbins is taking advantage of the coronavirus situation. I usually buy 4 prepaks for $28 and instead, needing it delivered since we are high risk and have to stay home, it costs $54.50 for the same amount. I looked into it and it isn't the delivery company doing this. Baskin Robbins is charging approx. $48 for the same 4 prepaks. The rest are the fees charged from the delivery company which is fair.

  2. I had a black hair in my prepak. I am a redhead. I was disgusted and because of the virus very worried. I have never had a hair in my ice cream before and got anxious that I could catch the virus if the person whose hair it was had the virus. Instead of letting me know the day they were contacted if I could get the virus that way, they made me stress out. I told them it is causing me stress and they didn't care. I asked what day it was produced and had to wait for an answer. It turns out the date under the container is a year from the date made. I gave them the info on the bottom of the box so why was there a delay to tell me the production date?

  3. I ended up spending time researching and calling public health and writing e-mails. Baskin offered me 1 prepak for all that happened. I said that 1 prepak should replace the one that had the hair AND I deserved more for what happened and the stress and work involved. They asked me what I wanted and then disregarded my response. They are giving me a total of 1 prepak to make up to me for all the stress and work I did and the replacement. That isn't fair.

  4. Just in case anyone wonders, this was from the corporate office that didn't care. They are the ones that handled the entire situation. I later wrote the CEO of Dunkin Brands that owns Baskin Robbins and he never bothered responding.

  5. I have been a loyal customer of Baskin Robbins for decades. They DON'T care about their customers.

What Are My Rights?
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Rating: 4/51

ABU DHABI -- Greetings Everyone. My 3 year old baby boy and I love Baskin Robbins very much. We're enjoying it every day at different locations almost everyday. Today being in days after Ramadan we used to go out bit later than usual actually we have late because our daddy's car didn't start, then he had to go and change the batteries and we waited.

Since he returned, it was almost 11:30 close to midnight, but as our baby keep mentioning about Baskin Robbins we wanted to take him at least to enjoy his favorite ice cream. When we arrived to the Muroor Road the clock was running into 12:35 speedily, so we wanted to buy in a hurry an ice cream and take it home. But, when we arrived we saw the man worker from the inside closed the entrance door to the Baskin Robbins. So we had to speak through the doors and asked for ice cream to take away. Three men inside refused to open the doors claiming it was time to close. The time was around 12:40.

My husband and I understood the situation and we explained to our little boy that the place is already closed and we can buy it tomorrow. But as you know, babies are too hard to explain such simple things sometimes and he stranded in the doors by not following us into the car.

We came back and told the man inside just to give us small ice cream vanilla in a small biscuit as he normally likes very much and we told that we won't enter inside just paying through the doors for a quick and go. But, he even refused to open the doors saying the manager has ordered to close pointing at the guy who wasn't even looking at us simply working on his own. I called the manager and started to beg him for the sake of baby because we can't go back home without it I didn't want to see my baby sad.

Suddenly the manager got angry and shouted at me as I was a beggar or something but my money was already in hands and the baby still stares to the man hoping for ice cream. I would leave and go earlier but my baby wanted it badly and it was only 5 minutes when they closed it the doors right in our faces when saw us running in hurry into..

Well I understand the job and the rules of their doing a great job and we love it.. But sometimes you need to be just a little bit kind for woman and the babies whom are really innocent and show your braveness to them. I do not want to say that they must serve us even after the store is already been closed but this situation was different they closed it right to our face and didn't mercy my little baby - they let us go without ice cream home we returned home.

If anyone is reading my story about what happened Can you please tell us our rules and mistakes we have made and does the Manager has right to Shout at me? Can I submit a complaint how and where? I want to submit a complaint letter not because he didn't served us but because he shouted at me saying "We closed go or I will call to the police now." His voice was high and his hands was up towards me. He disrespected me and insulted me like a beggar in front of my little baby and husband.. My son still repeats his words about the police.

If you have a baby you must know what am I talking about.. It's not about the time it's about the being human and kind to customers especially the little ones who are most in love with Baskin Robbins. Thank you for reading any answer or Help would be Appreciated.

Your Employees Have No Idea What They Are Doing!
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Rating: 1/51

JAMAICA, NEW YORK -- I went into your store and ordered a Reese's 31 below shake, the BR employee looked at me like I has 3 heads, he then glanced at the menu board for a minute or two and then asked me again what I wanted. I pointed to the item in the menu at which point he turned again and stared blankly at the menu board. He next asked a coworker what it was I was asking for. When all was said and done it took 4 different employees to complete my order, the finished product was done incorrectly and tasted bland and unsatisfying.

No More 31 Flavors
By -

PALMDALE, CALIFORNIA -- Let me start by saying I am a die hard ice-cream lover and my two favorite places to buy ice cream were Thrifty's and Baskin Robbins. After Thrifty's let down its loyal ice cream lovers by changing their ice-cream I was left with only Baskin Robbins. Eventually their ice cream started to go downhill. Don't know what happened but it's just not the same. I still would go for their German Chocolate Cake Ice-Cream which only they have, or Had! I have dropped in to two different local 31 Flavor shops in my area every two weeks for the last 8 months patiently waiting for when they finally get German Chocolate ice cream in, but to no avail. I give up!

No one can tell me if/when they will ever get it in. In the mean time I took my son yesterday to get ice cream and used a "buy one cone get one free of equal or lesser value" coupon. My son and I picked out a plain cone that had sprinkles on the top. I knew it cost a bit more but I also figured I'd get my 2nd cone "free" as the coupon stated. I did not. The lady charged me. 65 for each cone and told me only the 2nd "Ice cream" was free, not the cone. What bull! False advertising, low quality ice cream, high prices and no more German Chocolate Cake ice cream??? No more BASKIN Robbins for me!

No Refund for Bad Ice Cream
By -

BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON -- I ordered a 2 scoop ice cream sundae. Granted I only received 1 1/2 scoops but the ice cream tasted horrible. I asked for a refund and was denied and told their store does not give refunds. There were no signs posted anywhere and the clerk could not provide anything in writing. Upon asking to speak to the manager he called the store owner who said no to a refund. Been eating at Baskin Robbins for over 20 years. I recall only once being unsatisfied and the clerk gave me a refund. Not this store. Or it appears their policy has changed.

Resolution Update 11/23/2009:

I had submitted a complaint to the corporate website and they got in touch with me. Refunds are allowed if customer is unsatisfied with their purchase. I received a letter of apology today with some coupons. Think I will go get me some ice cream right now! Thank you Baskin Robbins.

Bad Service at Baskin Robbins
By -

HATFIELD, PENNSYLVANIA -- Between July 5, 2008 and July 9, 2008, I went to Baskin Robbins store in Hatfield, PA (located at 1250 Bethlehem Pike Hatfield PA) FOUR times (on 4 different days) and every time I asked for ice cream in large waffle cones. The store operators never had the cones on any day of my four visits! They claimed they ran out of large waffle cones because they made them in limited numbers because the cones go bad after two days if not sold. Well, I will never go back to this store that forces me to eat my favorite ice cream in a cake cone which I really do not like much.

Ice Cream Cake
By -

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I went to Baskin Robbins on 6914 W Military Dr in San Antonio TX right after work excited to order a cake for my son. I get there I am looking at the book on the cakes no one bothers to ask if I need any help. Five min go by finally they ask "Oh can I help you. You need to order a cake." Yes I do. The girl ask "What day do you need it for?" I said Sunday April 29 07. All of a sudden I hear this lady say "You need it for this month." She then said "I don't have time for that. Any cakes need to be order at least 3 days in advance if it's for the weekend.." I said "Well no one told me that when I called to get info on ordering a cake."

She then tells me "Well I don't know who you talk to but I can't do it." Then with attitude she ask me "What kind of cake did you need?" I said chocolate cake with chocolate chip ice cream. She then said "No I can't do that. I can only do it with a white cake." The whole time she was talking to me she had an attitude. She was ready to leave - she was in a rush so I just walked out.. Very upset I guess I have to go get one at Wal-Mart. I know that they won't tell me they don't have time...

Small Portions
By -

ANTIOCH, CALIFORNIA -- I went to Baskin Robbins on Friday the 23, 2006 at 19:40 hrs. My son got a waffle cone with a scoop of Rocky Road and a scoop of Mint Chocolate Chip. I purchased a 3 scoop Sundae with, 1 scoop of Rocky road, 1 scoop of Pralines and cream and 1 scoop of Chocolate Chip. The scoops were the smallest I've ever seen! My son's scoops were literally 3 times the size!

When he finished making my Sundae the entire Sundae was extremely small. This is the first time this has happened to me at the Deer Valley Plaza Baskin Robbins in Antioch Calif. 94531. I had mentioned it to the kid and he just blew me off. I don't think I will be going back there again in the near future! They always have a help wanted sign in the window also. I've never seen a Sundae that small. It was $5.00+ with tax, what a rip off!

False Advertisement
By -

SPRINGFIELD, OREGON, OREGON -- It was posted on Facebook and My Space, ice cream. 31 cents nationwide. I drove to Baskin Robbins with my daughter to get ice cream. On the door for Baskin Robbins was a sign saying their ice cream isn't 31 cents. Instead they will donate the money to school district. There was so many people walking away. I find that false advertising when it says nationwide and posted on sites and on the Baskin Robbin web site. This was here in Springfield Oregon.

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