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Don't Buy From Them, They SCAM You!
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Rating: 1/51

SAUGUS, MASSACHUSETTS -- I'm so dissatisfied with this company. None of these furniture companies have quality furniture so they should at least stand behind their protection plan which is a whopping 5% of the furniture purchase! I've had my Bernie and Phyl's furniture for about a year and a half now. I have two children so of course there is sometimes stuck on food or some scratches here and there. I keep up with cleaning but these everyday things happen.

I paid for protection that was covered for 5 years. It covered accidental damages and everything. I had an issue in 2016 with my dining room table. There was an unknown spot — idk if it was a hot plate that I had placed on a mat or what but it made a mark. A technician came out to look and they replaced it. Now I had the same thing happen to my server as well. My husband had also been cleaning and used a sponge on the wood surface of my dining room table which made a mark and took off some of the stain.

I called Bernie and Phyl's. They scheduled a technician to come out weeks later on CHRISTMAS EVE. The technician seemed to be on drugs — which is besides the point. He was there for less than 4 minutes and told me someone would be in contact in the 24-48 hours. Weeks had passed with the holidays and I eventually called back. They explained that the technician in his report said that he explained there was other marks which they are saying is accumulation and they are unable to do ANYTHING. That was NOT okay — so the woman said the only thing they could to do was have a second technician come out for a second opinion. So I agreed.

Within that time I had made a big gash in my end table in my living room from moving a kitchen chair. I called Bernie and Phyl's and explained. They said the technician would look when he comes out for the second opinion. Second technician who came out a day early with no notice was extremely rude. He said all of 10 words in the 15 minutes he was there. Again, he said someone would be in contact in 24-48 hours.

I called this morning, a week and half after the second technician came out. Taylor — the rude customer service representative explained it was accumulation on all of the pieces and NOTHING could be done. We literally argued for a half hour on the phone with me trying to explain that I paid $15,000 for all of my new furniture in which I spent between $700-800 on the protection for this.

I explained that an older couple that worked a lot with no children would be the only people that would get protected so their protection plan is a SCAM. They would not cover ANYTHING. They said because there was small scratches (that could be made my nail or by the lamp and picture frames on the end tables) and cup marks (that could be easily taken off with water and a paper towel) that was accumulation and that is not covered under the protection policy.

If this real life frustrating encounter does anything. I would like even just one person to decide against buying any of their cheap furniture and save yourself the stress. All of the furniture is garbage. It was slightly cheaper than Jordan's which is the only reason we went with it but it's all garbage. So highly dissatisfied with their service!

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Rating: 1/51

NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Beware of warranty. Store experience was fine and the sofa we purchased is very nice, however we were sold the 5 year warranty for peace of mind and it has been a total disaster. The handle to recline one of the seats broke and needed to be replaced, a very simple, very common part. It took 5 phone calls and 4 months to replace, I honestly don't think they ever would have done it were it not for repeated calls. Little was I aware that this would be their peak customer service.

We had another issue with a stain covered under the warranty. I am 5 months in now, and when I called to inquire was told it could be 2 more months. When asked why it would take so long (15 percent of the 5 year warranty coverage waiting on a part!!!) I was told there was nothing they could do, they were at the mercy of the manufacturer.

This was not an inexpensive couch, and we paid for the warranty too, for that much money better service should not be such an obstacle (if it takes that long use your negotiating power as a buyer to find another manufacturer!). I made the mistake of asking for a manager and was snottily told they didn't have one. STAY AWAY if you desire even the bare minimum of customer service from Bernie and Phyl's.

Sales Associate (Saugus Store)
By -

SAUGUS, MASSACHUSETTS -- I went into Bernie and Phyls furniture store to purchase a queen mattress and boxspring. ($599.w/TV) I wanted the special they had going, get a 32 inch TV with the purchase. Well the sales associate said the special had just ended a few days before. He did try to sell me a more expensive set. ($799. plus he was going to charge me an extra $200. for the TV) I really wanted the special. I do not understand why he couldn't sell me the set I wanted. It was only two or three days that the special had ended. My family has bought furniture from this company in the past, and never had an issue before this. I am just very disappointed.

Bernie & Phyl's Complaint
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SAUGUS, MASSACHUSETTS -- I had a complaint about non delivery of furniture from Bernie & Phyl's so I sent an e-mail to their customer service address. Although they said they would respond within 24 hours, it's been 4 days with no response! I guess they choose not to respond when the customer is right.

My complaint was that I purchased a table and chairs for my Dad who was entering assisted living. I specifically asked about availability and was assured by the sales person that delivery would be in two weeks. The day before delivery I got a call saying the chairs were backordered and they wouldn't be available for a month. I suggested that they deliver the chairs that were in their showroom but the store manager refused. Don't you think they should have known sooner that the set I paid in full for and was assured delivery of was not available? There was also no attempt to make me happy.

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