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Pool Installation
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Rating: 1/51

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I recently contracted Blue Haven Pools of 7575 N. Loop 1604 West, San Antonio, TX 78249 on the 30th of June 2016 to fulfill the dream my family and I had of being pool owners. Our sales person was Mr. **. Mr. ** remained helpful, knowledgeable, professional, and courteous throughout our entire experience. He was able to help my wife and I find a pool within our budget and went the extra mile when it came to dealing with our local neighborhood HOA. Unfortunately, this red carpet treatment was short lived.

** knew of our dilemma to have approval from our HOA before we could start building. Although we also were anxious to have ground breaking, it was of some importance to us as a family to abide by the rules of the HOA, no matter how ridiculous they were, in order to keep from getting fines.

Upon meeting the superintendent, **, we signed the necessary forms in regards to pool layout and excavation. We were told at this signing of certain and possible damage that may occur, but with that, were assured that every possible effort would be made to minimize damage such as cutting and capping sprinkler lines. This sounded fair to my wife and I and we planned to have a sprinkler service come in and mark the lines while we waited for HOA approval on the job. This plan was relayed to the superintendent.

However, seven days after the pool layout and excavation checklist and acceptance was signed, on July 15th, heavy equipment showed up for excavation early in the morning. The super was not called and told that the job had been approved as well as the fact that I was not able to have my sprinkler service come out for another two days.

Due to feeling pressured and not wanting to inconvenience Blue Haven, which now had a large back hole on a diesel in front of my house, I gave the go ahead for excavation to begin. I was never informed the excavation would start this day or even that equipment was on its way to my house. As a customer I was left in the dark having to make split second decisions.

At the beginning of the job, everything seemed to go smooth. However, upon ground breaking, my sprinklers were uprooted as I had expected, but there was no stopping to cut and cap the sprinkler lines. They were tore up like the rest of the ground which I am sure has caused problems throughout the entire system now.

One resonating fact though that began to play a large inconvenience, was the lack of communication by the superintendent to notify us when workers were going to be at our house. Although there is an understanding that this was Blue Haven's job site, it seemed the relevance of this being my family's home was overlooked or better yet dismissed. Often we were told someone would be doing something at our house on a certain day, and we would move our schedule to accommodate, only to have them not show.

In retrospect, people would show without the respect of announcement or notification, unidentified as Blue Haven employees or sub-contractors thereof, leaving us at the inconvenience of being completely in the dark as to who was walking around in our backyard. And yes on one occasion someone who was not part of the job was walking around in our backyard staring at the pool construction in curiosity, seeing there was a plastic fence as the only deterrent.

During these different work crews time spent at our house, it was not uncommon to see the workers walk behind my shed and urinate. This was not just one crew, but almost all of them. Blue Haven did not install any kind of portable restroom for their employees or their subcontractors, and my backyard became their urinal. This occurred not 5 feet away from where I grow my vegetables that my family and I do consume. This was unacceptable behavior.

Another reoccurring theme seemed to be the use of my personal hose by various work crews. Even though I really didn't have a problem with it at first, the disconnection of my hose set up followed by missing washers from the attachments soon began to upset the process of my day to day life. Beyond this lack of respect, the hose was often left unspooled with dirt and debris clinging to it. Something, I once again had to shoulder the task of cleaning up.

At one point, construction came to a halt for a little over a week. We were not notified of this. Upon inquisition, we were told that the filter we had purchased in our contract was on back order and work was halted till it could come in.

Although it is not my place to tell anyone how to run their business, it would seem logical only to sell something that you possess, a practice that seems well under the standards of professionalism. Instead a compromise was reached in order to keep the work going, so that a smaller cheaper filter would be installed, and when the other arrived, it would be replaced. We agreed to this. However, once the paid for part came in, it was installed with a broken handle/ring around it. Kind of like buying a new car with a flat tire.

Once the gunite was put in, my wife and I shouldered the responsibility of cleaning the back walls of our house. Although some form of makeshift wall was put up, a fine mist of cement coated our windows and the entire back side of the house. I spent nearly two hours removing this cement and washing my windows and screens. Once the plaster was put in, a whole other slew of problems began.

We were amazed that in an approximate 3 hour time frame, a crew had entered our backyard and completed the plastering of our pool. My family and I had left to somewhere, and when we returned, our pool was plastered and the hose was already filling it. Never did we see or hear from the plasterers. We were impressed. However, this too was short lived.

Upon the pool filling, as per the instruction of ** the superintendent, I began noticing discoloration. **'s response was that the pool needed to be brushed a minimal of 2 times per day for the next 10 days while the plaster cured. THIS IS SOMETHING I DID RELIGIOUSLY!!! However, some of the areas did not seem to be affected. I continued to contact ** and make him aware that the discoloration was not going away to which I was told to continue brushing it two times a day. Although I informed him that I had been brushing it two times a day, it seemed I was dismissed with disbelief.

After ** giving us the okay to swim in the pool, my neighbor's children and my own began playing in the pool. When they emerged after approximately 1.5 hours, all had raw bleeding toes. I contacted Blue Haven again to discuss my concerns. I continued to complain and even took pictures and sent then to Mr. **. Once Mr. ** was notified, a service tech was scheduled to come out to fix the issue.

Although the tech speculated as to what was wrong and the issue was not fixed, I was offered a “pool school” sheet to sign in which I would assume liability and responsibility of the pool's chemistry. I refused to sign it on the basis that this seemed like a ploy to shift responsibility to me the customer as opposed to fixing the problem. It did not get fixed, and communication began to crumble between the construction, sales, and service departments of Blue Haven. I was being told several things, all of which were different, and chaos ensued in which the problem was never fixed and fingers seemed to be pointed every direction within the Blue Haven Company.

Beyond this, the cleanup had been ordered. The crew showed up and worked, however, rain debilitated their finishing of the job. This sat unfinished for another week with piles of dirt in my yard. On Wednesday the 31st of August, Hervey, the owner of the plaster company came out and I was told this was due to the water and chemistry. I was informed that the proper steps to maintain the chemistry during the curing process were not adhered to and I could brush the pool all day without it changing anything. He recommended that Blue Haven add 4 gallons of Muriatic Acid to the pool.

In essence, I was wasting my time brushing the pool twice a day with no acid to dissolve the calcium build up. I contacted Blue Haven and let them know of the plaster's recommendation to add four gallons of Muriatic Acid to the pool. I was contacted by a tech who I explained the circumstances to, although he does not recall this conversation, and was told that either Thursday or Friday the acid would be added.

At this point, I had a pre-arranged business trip to attend to in which I left my wife to oversee matters at our house. I made her aware of the plans to add acid and instructed her to contact Blue Haven if she and the children must use the pool.

On Labor Day weekend, my wife took a water sample to Leslie Pools to have it inspected. Leslie Pools said the PH balance was way off and that acid needed to be added. My wife contacted ** to know if it was safe for the children to swim and to tell him of the recommendation of Leslie Pools. He told my wife first that he was on vacation, second that his guys had already added the acid, and third that it was safe for the children to play. Anything else was to be directed to the office. Due to this, my wife decided against letting the children in the pool.

Upon my return, I was a bit upset to find no acid had been added to the pool. A crew had shown up, unexpectedly again to finish the clean-up, while I was gone. My wife reported she had awoke to find unidentified persons in my backyard working. Although, these were subcontractors of Blue Haven, my wife was eerily surprised to find several unknown men in our yard while she was alone with our 3 small girls. I contacted **, head of construction, immediately upon learning of these events. I informed him I no longer wanted anyone stepping in my yard without my consent. I felt my patience with unprofessionalism was way beyond its extent.

When I returned home, I was further displeased to see that the clean-up done had left various rocks, trash, and other debris within my yard a good 10-13 feet away from the pool coping. This was something not there prior. I once again got to experience firsthand the lack of work ethics as I mowed my lawn and thin wiring that was left in my yard tangled in the blade of my mower causing it to ruin. A tech did come out and remove two of the spots I was concerned of that were raised and of different texture the Wednesday after my return.

On the 9th of September, I signed the certificate of completion. I did not sign it because my wife and I are happy customers. I did not sign it because the plaster finish in my pool is beautiful. I did not sign it because the job was completed competently or with finesse. I signed because the job was done. With a discolored finish. With trash in my yard. With rocks I now have to pick up and pay to have removed. With piles of dirt not even leveled out. I signed it because it was better to wash my hands of our dream turned nightmare, rather than to have our voices fall on deaf ears and excuses.

Pool Renovation
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Rating: 1/51

HATFIELD, PENNSYLVANIA -- Extremely bad experience. The first couple of contacts through the sales representative were promising. He followed up timely, answered all our questions but the moment the contract was signed, and by Blue Haven that also means a hefty check is cut, thing went wrong. Communication stopped completely and, as we agreed with the sales representative the job would be done by Memorial Day, we became very nervous. After many attempts of connecting with the sales rep, we finally got through someone who responded but other than more false promises, we did not get any further.

So finally, shortly before Memorial Day, a crew finally came to do the demo (albeit weeks later than agreed). Before they even started, a check with another payment off course was requested. But within a day they were done leaving us behind with damage on the driveway. Then the waiting game started again. Weeks and weeks went by. We were basically told to go and figure it out ourselves with the mason, who was subcontracted. After talking to the sales rep, planner, scheduler, manager, we made it to the owner but only after engaging a lawyer and informing them we would take their business elsewhere despite all the payments we made.

But after that call we saw some movement and they finally started the coping. That took about a week and they left our lawn pretty much destroyed. I don't know what type of subcontractors they found but they were able to butcher pretty much everyone on their path whether it was the lawn, plants, skimmers, everything. So after that disaster, only the tiling and plastering remained. I can go on and on but it was more waiting, more frustration and more damage done. So finally we were able to open the pool and thanks to the extended summer still enjoy it somewhat.

To date, we are still arguing about a form of compensation for all the damage they have done: 1) clogged skimmers 2) lawn 3) plants 4) driveway and 5) pretty much pieces of concrete in every piece of our yard. To me it is not about the amount of compensation but the complete lack of ownership, customer service, competency and everything else you expect when you contract someone especially if there are serious dollars involved.

Criminals Ed and Ana
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Rating: 1/51

CHANDLER, TEXAS -- I was going to buy a pool for my daughter and she talked to Ed. She brung me a picture and a price that was o.k. Then I had my son look up information on this company and the folks involved. My son came up with all sorts of bad information. Ana his wife and him are criminals running from the law. They ripoff folks start their swimming hole and leave them high and dry. This is all over the news in Californa and Mississippi. They even threatened to draw a shotgun on the news folks. Here you can see it I just want to let folks know before they make a mistake I almost did. I aint going to let my daughter get this pool from them.

Took Our Money and Didn't Finish the Pool
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- They started building our pool in May 2015. We paid cash but in payments. It's July 2015, we were told to pay the last payment or they wouldn't pour the plaster. Well, we did and out of sight out of mind! The crew disappeared. We were left with a pump that stopped working when they turned it on, a cool deck that's Hotter than sidewalk, uneven water falls, uneven pool all around, missing volleyball sleeves. We called everyday and Leslie the office manager blocked our numbers. She will not respond to our emails, very Rude! I called corporate office and they were just as rude! Smiley as he goes by. I don't think he knows one thing about pools.

What we know is, we were ripped off and very disappointed in this company! Our first pool ever and they took advantage of it! I will Never recommend or have anything nice, good or sweet to say about this company! Not alone the store being rude, but corporate too!!! Lesson learned! The pool Is under warranty, but I'm sure Hell will have to freeze over before they come fix it!

Quality & Service Issues with Blue Haven Pools
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- BEWARE OF BLUE HAVEN POOLS!!! Once your contract is signed, they will treat you like dirt, not keep you informed of what they're doing, build the pool the way they want it, and give you lower-grade equipment than what you paid for! I strongly recommend you stay away from this company!

In early October 2007, Blue Haven began building an in-ground gunite pool and Sundeck patio on my property in accordance with a contract I signed in April 2007 (I asked for construction to be deferred to October). My contract specified that the pool would be built within 35 days pending any adverse weather, yet the pool wasn't completed until the 2nd week of January 2008 even though there were only 2 days of bad weather that would inhibit construction.

Once the contract was signed, Blue Haven didn't care whether it met schedule or not. There were also other numerous and significant issues encountered during the construction process, some of which are identified below:
1. The contractors hired often made changes from the original contract. Although the contract said the superintendent wouldn'€™t "babysit" the contractors, the superintendent was rarely present to inspect the work and intentionally avoided being present when I was at the property. When I called the superintendent on his cell phone to ask questions or set a time to meet, nearly all calls went to voice mail and were never returned.

I would also send e-mails to the construction scheduler at the Blue Haven office because her voice mail was either full or she wouldn'€™t return calls.€“ I would often get responses several days later, with the responses rarely addressing the issues I raised. One change made by the contractors was the layout of underground plumbing and rebar for the concrete patio. The city inspected the installation that differed from the contract. After the city performed its inspection, the pool company then ripped up a significant portion of the rebar, including grounding wires for the pool equipment, so that they could change the plumbing again, making it even further from the contract requirements.

The concrete was then poured. When I argued to have the concrete ripped up and the plumbing repaired, I had to argue with the general manager of the company because no one else would work with me. The general manager did have the plumbing reworked to provide the functionality specified in the contract, but this was done by chipping and patching the concrete rather than removing and replacing the entire slab and rebar.

  1. When the pool control panel for the filter system was installed, it had information inside it saying it was compatible with the AquaPod remote. I asked the superintendent how much the AquaPod remote cost -- $450;€“ so, I agreed to add it. The superintendent wrote a field change to add the remote. When the pool was being filled up with water the first time, the start-up team provided me with a GoldLine "Spa-Side"€ remote rather than the AquaPod. The AquaPod allows the control center to be reprogrammed using the remote, has a digital display that provides outdoor and water temperature readings, and provides several other functions.

The Spa-Side remote has only on-off switches for the various equipment. I informed the superintendent and construction scheduler of this issue and was told it wasn'€™t their problem since the pool construction wasn't complete. I was passed on to the warranty department. The warranty department told me that the AquaPod would be "overkill"€ for my pool since I don'€™t have a spa and that the Spa-Side remote is a better remote. When researching the web, I discovered that the Spa-Side remote retails for ~$180 while the AquaPod retails for ~$350. Blue Haven said they would not provide a partial refund for the Spa-Side remote or provide me the AquaPod for the $450 I paid.

After extensive complaining, I was eventually told that if I unwired the remote control wireless receiver from the filtration control center and then drove 50 miles to Blue Haven, they would refund my money for the remote. I also asked if this would affect the warranty for the control panel since I was being directed to change the electrical configuration, and I was told this would most likely void the warranty. This issue still hasn'€™t been resolved.

  1. I had a waterfall installed with the pool. I was told that when the filter pump system was started for the first time I should expect leaks from the waterfall and that the construction team would come out and fix any leaks or flow issues. Sure enough, when the pool filtration system was started up for the first time, there were leaks all along the back of the waterfall that allowed pool water to flow to the lawn.

I did report this to the construction team, but was told that since the filter system had been activated, this was now a warranty issue. I reported the issue to the warranty department and was told this would be resolved. It has now been more than 2 weeks since this issue has been reported and the warranty department has yet to schedule any repairs.

  1. I had a deep red flagstone installed for the coping of the pool. Several of the flagstone pieces have started to turn white, almost as if they have been bleached. This occurred just prior to the plaster being installed for the pool, but when it was brought up to the construction team during final walk down, I was told this was a warranty issue and that they'€™d notify the warranty/service department of the issue. This notification never took place.

So, when I reported the waterfall issue to the warranty/service department, I brought this issue up as well. I was told it would be resolved, but just like the waterfall issue, it has not been more than 2 weeks since this issue has been reported and the warranty department has yet to schedule any repairs.

  1. Unfortunately, I left several hoses distributed around my yard, one at each hose bib installed on a plastic hose reel and each equipped with a trigger spray nozzle. The construction team used these hoses during their construction efforts. During use, the construction team broke all three hose bibs connected to the house such that each of the three hose bibs now has a significant leak. In addition, all three trigger spray mechanisms and all three hose reels were broken. Two of the hoses are still okay, but won'€™t was cut and is no longer usable. This issue was raised to Blue Haven, but was never resolved.

The construction team ended up using its own equipment after this. Replacing the hoses and reels won't be too expensive (about $100 total), but replacement of the three hose bibs and their back flow preventers is going to cost me about $350. Blue Haven won'€™t resolve this issue.

  1. Blue Haven refused to provide me with product manuals for the various equipment it installed with my pool. I was provided an operational manual for the Viper pool cleaner that was installed, the Spa-Side remote control, and the Aqua digital control panel for the filtration system. However, I was not provided any documentation about the filter system, the pool filter pump, the cleaner booster pump, the Ozonator system, etc. When I inquired about this, I was told once again to speak to the warranty department. The warranty department acknowledged this wasn'€™t their issue and couldn'€™t help me if construction didn'€™t provide the manuals.

I was told I could get the manuals online. The problem with getting the manuals online is that all of the equipment is marked with Blue Haven labels even though the equipment was manufactured by other companies. I went to those other companies (e.g., Hayward, which provided the equipment for most of the filtration equipment, UltraPure for the Ozonator), but there is nothing to correlate their manuals/part numbers with the Blue Haven part numbers. These companies have offered to help me if I send them pictures and part number information so that they can try to correlate the Blue Haven labels with their parts. However, I shouldn'€™t have to go through this step.

  1. In August 2008, I met with the Blue Haven central office and finalized color selections for the patio deck, pool coping, pool plaster, and pool tile. It turned out that the pool plaster I selected to match the other colors was discontinued, but Blue Haven didn'€™t tell me that (or it seems even checked) until it was time to install the plastering. Therefore, I had to select another color for the plaster - none available went well with the other colors I selected. However, since everything else was already installed, I was stuck and had to pick one of the available choices.

  2. During construction, the pool company destroyed a significant portion of my neighbor'€™s front yard. The contract did inform me to get consent from my neighbor to have the fence between our properties taken down so heavy equipment could be taken into my back yard. However, no care was taken by the construction company when working in my front yard, and as a result, the construction team destroyed a significant portion of my neighbor'€™s yard, plus one of the concrete sidewalk slabs in front of my neighbor's house. (A slab in front of my house was also broken.) The pool company repaired the concrete sidewalk, but refused to repair the neighbor's yard.

  3. About 2 weeks after the pool was filled and the filtration system activated, the pump system started to fail. It would run for about 10 seconds and then trip off. (This happened two days before my submittal of this compliant.) I left messages and e-mails with the pool service/warranty department, but haven'€™t heard anything back yet. Granted, it's a weekend, and I'€™m discovering that the warranty/service department won'€™t respond over the weekend.

Unfortunately, temperatures are going to drop below freezing over the weekend, and my filtration system won't work, which means any water in the filter pump and filter cartridges could freeze, thereby causing even more damage to the system. It will be interesting to see how Blue Haven responds to this.€“ I'€™m sure I will be held at fault for letting the system freeze even though the system failed less than 2 weeks after start up and they'€™re not around to fix it.

  1. While there is nothing in the pool contract to indicate that the pool company will repair the yard damage caused by the construction, the condition my yard was left in was unacceptable. The pool company did fill in trenches that were dug for electrical and plumbing, but rather than compress the fill, the pool company dropped clay everywhere the sod was damaged. Grass can't grow in the clay, and every time it rains, the clay turns to mud and runs into the cul-de-sac and blocks water flow in front all of my neighbors yards. This was true throughout the entire construction process, yet the pool company wouldn'€™t clean up any of the clay that ran into the streets and blocked drainage flow.

Now that the pool has recently been completed, my entire yard around the pool is literally a mud swamp. What makes this worse is that the pool company didn'€™t perform any grading of my yard, especially where it increased the height of my yard with dirt piles, so all of this flows right into the pool. I was able to knock all of this down when the pool company refused to, but initial estimates to remove all of the clay and repair the yard damage caused by the pool company are on the order of $2500.

  1. As part of the pool contract, I was to be provided $500 in reward certificates to use toward purchasing pool items from the Blue Haven rewards catalog. I have yet to receive these reward certificates even though I'€™ve been told several times they should have been mailed to me already. In addition, I've discovered that the prices listed in the rewards catalog are significantly higher than the prices listed on the Blue Haven website for the identical products. When I called the rewards catalog to ask if I could use my rewards certificates (when received) to get items for the same price as listed on the Blue Haven website, I was told no.

It was explained to me that higher prices are charged when using reward certificates than when using cash/credit/check. As a result, I'm not really going to get $500 worth of merchandise because of the inflated prices associated with the rewards programs.

  1. Finally, as a general complaint, dealing with Blue Haven personnel felt like I was dealing with a bunch of crooks. The sales team was as nice as could be until the minute the contract was signed.€“ After that, you'€™re treated like a number. Phone calls went unreturned by the superintendent, the construction scheduler, and general office management. Complaints were never addressed.€“ I was told several times that I shouldn't be upset because my e-mails were responded to, yet no one seemed to care that the e-mails didn'€™t respond to the issues I raised and the issues were resolved, if at all, only after extensive argument and only after arguing with the general office manager.

These are just some of the issues. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! It may be the biggest, but it knows that and as a result treats you like a little person. I wouldn'€™t recommend this company to anyone!!!

Thinking Of Building A New Pool? Read This Before You Do It And Save Some $$$
By -

Are you thinking on building a new pool? Well, do you homework right before sign any contracts. Be careful with "€œBlue Haven Pools."€ They said to you that you are contracting and experienced, reputable, dependable and long-standing company and it is false and misleading. Blue haven licenses its brand name to pool contractor without requiring them to construct pools to minimum standards.

The truth is that there has never been any single company operating under the name "Blue Haven" in any state since 1954 and that none of the companies operating under the name "Blue Haven" have been in business since 1954, are not "national" companies and do not have 250,000 satisfied customers coast to coast. Here is a little description of my experience with Blue Haven, hopefully it will open your eyes.

I built a pool with Blue Haven TN. I have problems from the beginning. They started building on June 07 and finish at the end of November 07. They have to redo the stamped concrete around the pool because the first time was not made right. Blue Haven did not push the subcontractor to do it; it was only done because my husband and I handle the situation with the subcontractor directly.

Then, we noticed that we were losing water and finally we found a crack on the shell, emptied the pool and fixed it (after long argument with Blue Haven) but we always had problems with the pump making terrible noises that even the neighbors complaint about it. It loses pressure all the time. They changed the Hayward motor and replaced with another one. (I found today that they replaced it with something else a cheap brand so Hayward does not cover their warranty now). They also installed the ozonator on the wrong place making the filter fill with air. We still have a lot of problems... to many to describe.

The worst is that the office in Knoxville, TN is close after only one year on business and Blue Haven National do not want to be responsible for the problem. I call the 1-800 customer service and Ms. Ellen which number is ** provided me with the worst customer service I have to deal in my life, treating it me like crap. She said that it is not their problem. She does not want me to call her anymore or give me any number or names or other people in Blue Haven that can help me to solve all this problems.

I spent $70,000 on my pool to be treated poorly and they washed their hands simple like that. I decided to build with Blue Haven and not with a local company thinking that they will take care of problems like this, for their #1 ranking and their reputation (that's what I thought them). I know that I can not do anything about it only advise other people about this company and their terrible business model. Please read all the complaint about Blue Haven posted on the internet. Google €"Blue Haven complaints"€ for a large list of them.

Would Never Call Them Again
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Rating: 1/51

LAKE GROVE, NEW YORK -- Signed a contract in April, two months later they send me a check and a note saying they have the right to cancel. Their resident expert priced the job low and rather renegotiate they just canceled it.

Swimming Pool from Hell
By -

GLENDALE, ARIZONA -- We signed a contract with Blue Haven Pools for the construction of a swimming pool on 3/31/2006. As of 7/31/2006 we have a hole in our backyard - that's it. Blue Haven represented to us that construction would begin 30 days from the date the contract was signed. That is to say permits would be pulled and excavation completed. By contract the pool would be completed 60 working days from excavation. This company sends you a pile of useless information about service, your construction super and coordinators that are supposed to keep you fully informed.

We have gone through three construction supers, 3 coordinators and 1 general manager. THEY NEVER CALL YOU. YOU MUST CALL THEM DAILY TO FIND OUT WHAT IS GOING ON AND THEN WHAT THEY TELL YOU SELDOM HAPPENS. Totally unresponsive is not even a good description of their service. They do not return phone calls if you leave a message. According to their corporate office in Texas, consumer affairs, they are supposed to respond within 24 hours of calling the National Hotline. That never happened either. The national hotline did not return my phone calls.

The pool was not laid out and dug according to the original drawing. The pool is two feet wider than it is supposed to be and one of the bench seats is missing at one end of the pool. The subcontractors that they use for plumbing were complete idiots. They spent most of their time sitting under a tree. I had to loan them my hacksaw and a pair of pliers. The plumbing was not according to specs, the pipes leaked and as of this date one pump installed is not even on the pad correctly.

The only way to get results or information is to go to their offices and start screaming and yelling at the top of your lungs. My advice for anyone considering a new swimming pool for their backyard is to get a firm commitment date for the start and finish and a penalty clause for everyday they are late. I didn't and now my attorney will have to!

Blue Haven Pool - Gets a Huge Thumbs Up!
By -

23306 I-45 NORTH, SPRING, TEXAS -- After visiting with three pool companies for bidding, Blue Haven (Spring) without a doubt, was the best prepared. From the start, our BH sales representative, Randy, was relaxed, really listened to us, absolutely no pressure, and was extremely knowledgeable about CAD and products Blue Haven offers. It took a couple of hours but Randy helped bring our vision into reality and built the pool we've always dreamed about. From the extra patio we poured, configuring seating, to the colored plaster work, he took his time getting it right.

I must admit, I do my homework when comes to making these types of decisions, even read all the negative internet postings about poor service, product warranty, engineering issues etc. but, nevertheless, felt good about Randy and Dora, the construction coordinator. Regardless of how other customers have been treated after the sale, we have had nothing less than a pleasant experience. To give you a glimpse of our experience, we're providing a couple of examples.

The last step before construction, Dora and Randy called us to come into their showroom to select our color schemes. During contract signing, we had selected a coping product. When I arrived to the showroom, they informed me that prices for tumbled marble, instead of what we selected, had just been drastically reduced by their supplier and had passed the saving onto us when they didn't have to. In reality, we really wanted tumbled marble to begin with and would have paid more if asked to. We were under contract and they still allowed us to change to the superior product at no extra charge!

We built our pool a week before Hurricane IKE hit Houston. Dora scheduled the permitting, excavation, and gunite installation during the week prior to IKE like clockwork. She kept us informed about crew's arrival, construction steps, and most importantly, did everything we asked about preserving our yard the best way possible. Nothing happened without checking with us first on days etc. and we didn't even request this.

Now for an excellent example of what customer service is all about. At 6:00 pm, Aug 25, 09, I called BH, Dora; left her a voice message about our primary feed pump humming but wasn't moving any water. I informed her that for safety reasons, I had shut off the service breaker. The very NEXT day by 3:30 pm, a BH service technician called and said he just left our home and had finished correcting the problem by installing a brand new pump. I don't know how much better warranty service can get beyond that!

In short, the folks at Blue Haven Pools in Spring, Texas, are good people to work with and trust to do the job right. I can't say enough about how good we've been treated by the Blue Haven Team. Since we built our pool, they have definitely proven they stand behind their product. A very satisfied, and now loyal, BH pool customer. Paul

Another Blue Haven pool from Hell
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SURPRISE, ARIZONA -- We contracted to have a pool built by blue haven May 5, 2005 with a 30 day completion contract beginning after excavation. The pool supposed to be completed July 25th 2005 needless to say that May 8th 2007 it still isn't done. First it wasn't built to specs. The depth was wrong, the bench size was wrong. The idiots they sent out to do the brick coping spent more time dancing and waving at me through the window than they did paying attention to what they were doing. The bricks were going every which way. It was horrible.

We opted for the bubbler pot and laminars when those were installed the super told them to pull the fiber optic wiring out of conduit and then they poured the decking over it then when had problems with the fiber optics not working properly but they couldn't get to it because it was buried under cement. They don't return phone calls and they lie. Finally in May of 2006 they finally filled our pool. As the water began to fill the pool the plaster began cracking. 5 days later the pool equipment quit working. The water turned green because Blue Haven wouldn't come out and fix it.

Few months later because of all the cracks they drained the pool. They polished and buffed the surface and told me the remaining cracks would swell up and fill themselves in. Then the automatic fill quit working and that's when we realized the pool had been leaking since May of 2006 so they had to drain it again and chip out our plaster. This was in January of 2007. The leak we were told by their plumber was in the direction under our house around the perimeter of the pool. We had a sink hole that was filled with water until they drained the pool.

Now we have the possibility of having a sink hole under our house and possibly subterranean termites and pool have said that wasn't their problem. We have contacted the R.O.C. 3 TIMES AND ARE WAITING FOR A COURT DATE. THE R.O.C. CAN AWARD THEM MORE TIME TO WORK ON A POOL THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE 2 YEARS AGO. We have contacted an attorney.

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