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Never Got My Tickets
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NEW YORK -- I ordered and paid for tickets, and did not find out until the day before the concert that I was not going to receive the tickets because the seller was no longer in business, despite the fact that I called 5 times to check on the progress of my order between the time of purchase and the concert date. Throughout my many conversations with various agents, I was given erroneous information multiple times, all while being assured that I would have my tickets in time for the event. Save yourself a great deal of aggravation and DO NOT use this service.

Replies - You should run from this website
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PHYSICAL ADDRESS -- On Tuesday January 18th, 2011 late in the evening I did a search on Reno Event Center and clicked onto the search result that indicated tickets for Elton John. I found myself on the website. I clicked on Elton John, then clicked on Reno Event Center, 2/19/2011. I then clicked on "View Tickets". I selected two tickets at $137 each plus fees. I followed the prompts and filled in my credit card and shipping information, then I clicked on the button to purchase the tickets.

A 'Thank you' page was returned to me. Within a couple of seconds I got a pop-up message that said 'ERROR - those tickets are not available'. 'Select other tickets'. At this I went back into the web site and selected two other tickets and again entered the credit card and shipping information. A '€œThank you' page appeared. I left for two days of skiing and returned on Thursday January 20, 2011 late afternoon I logged onto my email and found what looked like two orders. I immediately called the telephone number and told the person of the problem. When I got nowhere I asked to speak to the manager. I tried in good faith to find a solution to this problem, but he would only blame me and expected me to pay for the excess tickets.

He flatly refused to do anything about the problem, and suggested that I try to re-sell the tickets on their re-sale system to recoup some of my money. I said as soon as I get the extra tickets I will return them. He argued against doing that because by the time they got them it would be too late to resell them, which was false. We hung up coming to no agreement. There are three entities involved in this episode, designed of course to make it difficult to know who one is dealing with. There is who sells the tickets, Totally Ticket who sent the first order tickets, and Ticket Network Direct who sent the second order tickets.

On January 21 around 3 PM Fedex delivered the tickets. I signed for the original order but declined to sign for the second order and asked Fedex to return the other tickets to the sender. FedEx sent me an email that said they had delivered the package to the sender on January 23rd almost a month before the concert. I tried to contact Ticket Network to explain the return but emails bounced and when I telephoned them they just left me hanging on the phone.

Ticket Network sat on the unwanted tickets for 25 days then shipped them to me a second time. The package was shipped by FedEx on February 17. 2011 without signature required this time and slipped under my front door mat when I was not home. I found the package on February 20th by which time they are worthless since the concert was on the 19th. These tickets were in their possession with ample time to place back in inventory.

The names printed on the accepted tickets that we used were not ours. The tickets are the type one prints out from an email on a personal PC. They were not sent to me by email because they would not be able to charge me high shipping fees. The price of the tickets is also suspicious. I paid $137 plus fees each for the tickets and they had a printed price of $89.50 plus fees.

The following factors make me suspect scamming:
1. Computer errors causing problems in ordering
2. Pop-up notices rather than information sent by emails, because pop-ups are not printable and cannot be saved.
3. Belligerence/Bullying
4. Refusal to cancel the erroneous order
5. Companies that also have re-sale sites (convenient to get errors that produce double orders so they can make double fees)
6. Time stamps that are totally out of sync with reality
7. No physical address for the company. told me they had no physical address because they were an internet company.
8. Tickets delivered have someone else'€™s name on them.
9. Computer print out tickets delivered at huge shipping fees rather than sent by email.
10. Tickets delivered had less value than those I paid for.
11. Sitting on the tickets to allow the date of used to expire rather than put them back in inventory.
12. Sending the tickets the second time against my wishes with no signature required in order to sneak then into my home.
13. Sitting on the tickets then sending them a second time with no time left to return or sell them.
14. Multiple companies involved so each can pass the buck, and each can deny the ability to correct the problem.
15. Systems out of control causing all kinds of errors, but never in customer'€™s favor.
Protect yourself and have nothing to do with these people.

Unlike the Other Poster Here, I Have Never Had a Problem With Box Office Center
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Rating: 5/51

SOUTH WINDSOR, CONNECTICUT -- I always have a great experience with Box Office Center. I have been buying tickets there since 2009 and have never had an issue. I like good seats and they never disappoint. I would highly recommend

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