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Deceptive advertising
By -

GAFFNEY, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I purchased a 12'x24' storage building based on a this company's website and a viewing of their display models at their facility. They claim in their ad "Quality construction and materials is their trademark" and the models on display are in-fact of a reasonable quality for this type of construction. At time of delivery, I did not have adequate time to closely inspect the building as I was threatened with "additional charges" for wait time. I was already paying an additional $100 delivery fee because I had to remove two small trees. I agreed to the $100 but was under stress and duress when I accepted the delivery.

This building is shoddily constructed with lumber and materials that appear to have been retrieved from a trash pile, it resembles nothing in their ads or their models. Within a week the roofing plywood was warped and sagging. I paid $50 each for five (5) windows and three (3) of them are not even nailed to the framing properly, nor is framing even level or plumb. I had a verbal agreement with the owner to have it constructed with a specific size of siding due my HOA requirement. That didn't happen either. I did take my chances with HOA however they are not happy.

I have made numerous attempts with the owner to resolve the issues however he communicated only once via email that his company "does not provide any warranty and doesn't have to do anything". This building (sic) is so poorly constructed I consider it a safety hazard due to the way the roof is applied, I do not believe it will support any weight such as snow/sleet/ice etc.. I bought this building to store very expensive tools and lawn machines etc.. The owner is very quick to quote scripture however evidently he chooses to "hide" behind the bible rather than live by it.

Oh yes, as noted in their ad, they are a company that is "there after the sale" LOL ..... what a joke. Be forewarned; this is NOT an ethical, or honest company. I have over 30 photos of this building but could take many more examples it is so bad. I am currently working on allowing the photos to be viewed on-line at my AOL public albums. Please stay tuned, I refuse to be ripped off anymore. Retired and tired of all the BS!!!

Beware Of Building Depot Of Gaffney S.C Scam
By -

GAFFNEY, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I went to buy a building they had for $1100 and the manager told me I could SAVE money and pay it off in less than a year IF I chose the store credit.. Well I did. I put down $300 and was paying double payments until I noticed AFTER paying $805 it was showing I still had 32 payments of $71. When I talked to the owner he said he would "do better" when I wanted to pay it off.. NEVER saying what "better" was when I told him all the other man told me he said NO it ain't so.. But the other guy did not say a word, and try to say it was like that on the older contracts.

If this is not corrected I will not pay much more than what the asking price was and if he wants to try to come get it I will take a chainsaw to it.. It is cheaply made.. with no.2 2x4's and the door is pathetic.. I would advise to go elsewhere..

Deceptive Practices
By -

GAFFNEY, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Just wanted to respond to the Old Grunt review of our company. First of all, his title should tell you a lot. We have made every effort to contact this customer and he will not return our phone calls. He also has brought on-site carpenters in to review his complaints and they would not even write him a valid recommendation.

When we deliver our buildings we ask the customer to inspect his building, show us where to put it, and then he pays us and signs off on it that he is satisfied. If I weren't satisfied with a $2200 building I certainly wouldn't pay the man AFTER it was delivered. Sounds to me like MOMMA came home and didn't like the fact that PAPA had spent her money without asking her permission. Next time, ask permission so that you don't have to drag a company through the mud to make yourself look better. Thanks.

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