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I Think There are Illegals Working at This Location
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Rating: 1/51

LAKE FOREST, CALIFORNIA -- Every time my wife and I go there, which this location is only 5 min from our house, the food is good but the employees I've seen lately look like illegals and none of them speak English. I will next time I visit there, call immigration and report them. Even the young girl working the register assumed everyone speaks Spanish and started speaking Spanish to me and I got angry and literally let her have it in front of everyone. This is crap.

The manager came out and she looked Latin and was, but spoke perfect English for she's born in America and I said "if your employees are illegals, I will call immigration now and report them." She said "they're all legal." I said "show me their documents," which I as a customer have the right to ask and them other customers did the same thing. All the employees looked at me dirty with fear and I let them know I'm serious.

Carl's Jr. has the worst employee staff in the world and the late founder wasn't like this. Carl Karcher was a real decent man and loved people and loved serving healthy fast food, which at that time was. Though burgers have a lot of calories and beef is heavy in cholesterol, the burgers were about the best in the industry, as good as In-And-Out Burgers.

I, myself is from immigrant parents who came from eastern Europe/Russia during the Korean War and they always respected America. Today's illegals are filthy, dirty, stinky, immoral, and don't care about rules. They just want free money and when they get caught they always manage to come back. My wife and I no longer eat at any Carl's Jr. unless there's no other restaurant in the area we're traveling. We do like their burgers, like I said among the best in the industry. Their sex ads stink, that's another reason we don't eat there anymore. They don't need sex to sell. That's for single men who only want sex 24/7.

Burgers With NO BREAD!!! What the **
By -

"Carl's Jr. does not give a crap about customer satisfaction!" I visited the store in Fullerton CA on Euclid north of Commonwealth and ordered a "six dollar burger, well done, to go" like I've done many times before, from the same person. I get home and the first sign of a problem is the "low carb" sticker on the box, that I've never seen before? I open the box to discover "NO BUN TOP OR BOTTOM." So I drive back (about 3 or 4 miles each way) and the manager is not there, but they say they can help me.

They try to tell me I ordered it with no bread! GIVE ME A BREAK, NO BREAD? Who orders a hamburger with no bread. Anyway, I ask for my original order to be replaced and a refund. THEY REFUSED and said "we can't do that." I took my money and left! In the past when I called and complained about their product or service they said something like "WE'RE SORRY AND WILL TRY TO NOT LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN." Never offered to replace the product or send me a voucher or coupon like other fast food establishments who give a ** about its customers' satisfaction.

Any mention about dissatisfaction to El Pollo Loco, (or Pizza Hut) they either comp my whole meal or send me a $10 certificate. They want me to come back! As do many other fast food places I've had a problem with. IT SEEMS CARL'S JUST DOES NOT GIVE A FLYING ** ABOUT ITS CUSTOMERS! And couldn't care less if I return or not.

I'm inclined to make a picket sign that reads "IF YOU WANT A BUN WITH YOUR BURGER BE SURE TO ASK" and stand at the drive through entrance (which I still might do) and see if they change their minds, or call the cops? If I get no satisfaction, I will most likely NEVER PATRONIZE THEM AGAIN! Right now "CARL'S BLOWS BIG TIME!" P.S. Another sign of their arrogance was how difficult it was to give them my feedback online, I never found a link, telling me they truly do not care. If I do picket, I'll probably let you know how that worked out if I can.

Unwashed hands
By -

LYNWOOD, CALIFORNIA -- I went to Carl's Jr. restaurant to buy a spicy chicken sandwich on October 22, 2009. I went to use the restroom before I order my sandwich. This was around 8:20 a. m., I was waiting in the bathroom, for a lady to finish using the toilet. The lady came out of the stall after flushing the toilet, she was an employee of the restaurant, she left the bathroom without washing her hands, over the sink it says "employees wash your hands." She didn't. I use the restroom wash my hands and left the bathroom. The employee who didn't wash her hands went into the kitchen, the place that you prepared the food.

I asked to talk to her and told her, "you are supposed to wash your hands before you leave the bathroom." She made some excuse that she doesn't like to wash her hands when someone is in the bathroom. I asked the cashier for the customer service number for Carl's Jr. She said she didn't know the number, and that the number wasn't in the restaurant.

I have to check the computer for the telephone number to call customer service and complaint, the lady who answer the phone said she would make a report, this Carl's Jr. is located in the city of Lynwood, Ca. on Imperial Hwy and Martin Luther King Blvd. I think people need to know this, so their health and life would protected. This is a public safety issue.

Carl's Jr. Bad Service
By -

ALHAMBRA, CALIFORNIA -- I went in to the 2521 Commonwealth Carl's Jr. in Alhambra on 7/6/09 at 8:17 P.M. After I ordered my combo meal, the cashier forgot to give me the drink cup as he proceeded to take the order of the next customers that went after me. As I was obviously waiting for his attention, he continued to take out his cellphone and search for a picture he wanted to show the customers I assume he knew outside work. Other customers were waiting in the meantime.

In addition, when the "same person" brought me my order at my table he did not offer me any ketchup at all, which is customary at every Carl's Jr. I've ever been at. I was surprised to see however, that on the next order he delivered that he had a full ketchup bottle already on the tray to be given to the customers he personally knew. Shouldn't the same service be given all the time even if you know the customers?

Rude interruptions
By -

I'm sick and tired of being interrupted before I can finish telling the counter person what I want on my burger. As I'm speaking they interrupt and ask if I want a combo meal. If I wanted a combo meal I would've told them at the beginning, i. e., " I'd like a Superstar combo meal with...". After I say "no", I usually have to start over and repeat most of what I've already said. This is obviously company policy to try to sell you the combo meal. Why don't they teach their young employees some manners instead of requiring that they be rude and interrupt the customer. At the very least they could have them wait until the customer stops talking.

Kim Kardashian/Carl's Jr. Commercial
By -

ROHNERT PARK -- I was impressed by the Carl's Jr./Kim Kardashian TV commercial for the NEW chicken, apple, walnut, cranberry salad... very well produced commercial.. Great looking, juicy, fresh products. So, I bought the salad - to go, and, for the first time in my life, I took it back and asked for my money back! If it had looked like the salad that "Kim" was eating, or the beautiful full color ads in the restaurant, I would have been a happy customer.

It was nothing but a big jumble of ugly looking lettuce, 4 slices of discolored apple, a pathetic tiny bag of smashed walnuts, another pathetic tiny bag of cranberries - I counted 10. I believe there should have been cheese in it, didn't see any cheese. One word - Terrible.

30 dollar order in 3 minutes
By -

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Store 874 in Las Vegas, NV is the worst Carl's Jr. in Las Vegas. I've been there before and they were nice and service friendly but today 11/05/09 at 4:00 service was soo terrible they should be shut down. I ordered 30 dollars in food and got it in about 3 minutes. Yes it's fast food I understand but at least make your food better than Mc Donald's. Yes, this Carl's Jr. is worse than Mc Donald's. I, ordered a Jalapeno 6 dollar burger and got a Famous Star meat patty, unmelted cheese and cold jalapenos. Disgusting.

I even went inside and told a black woman manager (didn't catch a name) and asked her "is this the right burger?" She said "yes it is." I said "are you sure?" She said "yes." So I went to another Carl's Jr, ordered the same burger and it was HUGE. The way a Six Dollar Burger should be made. I asked that store manager if this was the same burger (the one made at the other store.) She replied "yes but it's a Famous Star meat patty not a Six Dollar meat patty." So not only do they have terrible service and terrible food but they also lie to you. No thanks to Store:874 for a horrible dinner.

Carl's Jr. Manager Lies To My Face
By -

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- I went to my local Carl's Jr. for lunch with a friend. After ordering a burger I asked the worker, who happened to be the manager, for a cup of water. He told me, "out of cups," so I went to go find a seat. As I sat down to wait for my order to come out, I heard a lady (much older than I am) ask for "a cup of water." Without saying anything, the manager hands her a cup of water and directs her to where she can find water.

I was very upset as I went up to the cashier once again and asked the manager why he lied to me by saying there are no more water cups. He yelled, "People like you get soda in the water cups!" I told him that I was not those "people" and asked him if he has ever witnessed me getting soda in my water cup. He just went on to talk about how so many young teens always get drinks in their cups.

Well, I am sorry to hear that there are people that get drinks in their water cups for free, but I have never done that in my life and I am very offended at how the manager just assumes that I will do the same and lies that there are no water cups. That is pure discrimination and how can a manager lie to its customer?? He even said, "have a nice day!" as I walked out of the store so upset, with an empty stomach, and dehydrated.

Car's Jr. Bad Service and Bad Food
By -

MODESTO, CALIFORNIA -- The Carl's Jr. at 1600 OAKDALE RD, Modesto has without a doubt the worst record for getting your order right, getting it hot & getting it fresh. I placed my order with ** (the Manager) within two or three minutes after getting in line. (I was the only customer in line.) When she finally got to me, I placed my regular order of one single guacamole burger and medium fry, one double western bacon cheese burger and large fry. I got home to find my double western bacon cheese burger had shrank to a single western bacon cheese burger. Both of the burgers patties were burnt and cold, although the western did have a tiny sliver of bacon on it.

I called ** (the Manager) to complain about my order but was told that it was "I" who was wrong. That I had gotten exactly what I had ordered and that her food was always hot and fresh. Needless to say, I will never go back to that restaurant and maybe any Carl's Jr. restaurant. On top of all of this, I was given a single burger that was on sale at the time and charged the full price for a double. So, not only are they bad cooks... they are also thieves!

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