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I was lied to throughout my painful experience with Charter
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ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- We've had the lowest rated cable service in Asheville, NC since 2010. This is according to 2009 Consumer Reports. We were warned about the problems with Charter by a few people and we walked into it eyes wide open. It has been the worst everything to the point that I dreaded the renewal timeframe. Charter Comm. sent a letter to its customers dated 9/14/13 in which it states our promotion is about to expire and we will get a Customer Appreciation Discount of $59 for an additional 12 months. Then the nightmare (the worst of them) began. They are all pushing a new package.

A representative on chat (my second attempt to find out what was going on) called me something close enough to stupid for not wanting to take advantage of the new deal. I told the representative Charter is herding people to upgrade and eventually the costs will skyrocket. I reported his actual words to the rep.'s supervisor who pushed the new package, not the comment by the employee. I attempted to bring the focus back on the employee. I don't know if I was successful. I do know it was a lost cause. I was pushed off to a higher tier representative. I hung up on him. He called back and I finally picked up the 2nd callback.

I explained I knew what Charter was doing and he was my fourth contact of the day pushing a package. I would not apologize. After more agonizing contact, he said we'd get the upgrade (to me of things we don't want or need) for $133 (includes tax) and our modem/router combo had to be upgraded to handle the higher speed. I informed him the technicians are yet another nightmare. I also asked for the package information with the price quoted be sent to me as, based on all other experiences, people at Charter lie or management does not provide them enough information to do an honest job. He said he could not do that.

I replied that I was purchasing something at a verbal rate not in writing and I was concerned I'd be burned (ripped off was more accurate). The bill was updated online. The Balance for the dropped rate (I was paying $138) was about $9. I called and the uninformed or stupid representative said it was a credit. It did not look like a credit but a charge. The next day or so I looked again, now the Balance was $89. I CALLED AGAIN.

Customer support could not help, so I was bounced to billing. After about 55 mins. on the phone with the lovely woman from Wisconsin, she said: We didn't need to replace the modem/router everyone else said had to be replaced. It would handle the new speed. I worked in the computer field and with our internet usage we DON'T NEED MORE SPEED. She spent time confirming that. I truly appreciated that. She took time to ensure she was telling me truth. We didn't have to replace our current DVR/cable box that everyone else said had to be replaced.

Sometime in October, if we want service on our HD TVs upstairs, we will need boxes for $12/month. I'm considering not watching TV... I could also go to the local shop and pick up the boxes myself. That remains to be seen if it's possible.

I liked the woman in Wisconsin and I apologized to her when I said I'll believe it when I see it. She actually understood and apologized profusely. Apologies for repeatedly horrific service from Charter is worthless but I understood why she had to say it. I sent a letter to Verizon FiOS imploring them to come here. I watched their stumbling and growth in NY. They would be the competition for Charter.

"Terrible" Does Not Even Begin to Describe Charter.
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WHITTIER, CALIFORNIA -- For all those considering dealing with Charter stay away from Charter as you may regret it as my experience below shows. This is the last bad experience of a series of bad experiences I had with this company in the last several months including at their office or by phone. It is amazing to see the number of similar complaints online and with the Better Business Bureau about how this company conducts its business.

We had today Saturday Sept. 7, 2013 a scheduled 3-5 PM move of service from one location to another which is literally next door. The reason is that I am disabled and to avoid the stairs in the old location a residence section was blocked off in the new location which has no stairs.

Charter technician failed to show up in spite of two assurances made by Charter on the same day when I called personally to check the status and whereabouts of the installer. Misinformation is what Charter specialize in. For example one of the untrue piece of information given as an excuse is that the installer could not find the new location while two assistants of mine were sent out to wait in the street under scorching heat from 2:10 PM (since your installers sometimes come earlier) to 5:30 PM well beyond the appointment time.

One assistant was stationed at the corner so he can see Charter truck whether it comes from the front door or the back door and the other stood less than 100 feet away at the entrance of old location. Charter never showed up. In spite of 6 calls to Charter, each entailing a 20 minutes wait to go through the menu until you get a live person and in spite of several assurances where every time a different and conflicting story is given to the customer, we did not learn until after 5:30 that Charter unilaterally rescheduled the appointment for next Saturday a week later.

At that time I called the assistants back from the street and called Charter several more times to discuss a date to get rid of Charter unless they honor their word and install today. One employee attempted to help, called back to inform me that she is talking to a dispatcher and hopes to get the transfer to be done today in an attempt not to lose an 18-year customer. But then very long time passed but she never called back.

Charter also disconnected me from the existing location without connecting the new location using different misinformation as an excuse. I was with no service, no email, no internet and the only thing Charter offered was a 'sorry' and more conflicting information and different story every call. This untrustworthy company reneged on their promise at a great cost to me not only by robbing me of a full day of my life but also adding insult to injury by having me wait from 5:30 PM to 10 PM when they re-gave me the impression that they will honor their promise that night and then not having the courtesy to call back and tell me they will not do it.

"Terrible" does not even begin to describe the installer who because of him Charter lost an 18-year-old customer and robbed him from a wasted day of his life plus that of two assistants and unknown number of hours of suffering to obtain alternate service and handle the mess of 18-year-old email accounts. Not finding a prominent corner well-known business address is only a lame excuse for a more serious problems with Charter staff.

The least I can do is to make it my mission in life to inform all our friends, neighbors, every social site and on every occasion the facts of my experience with their misinformation and inefficiency. It will be a pleasure to drop Charter from my dictionary. It will be a big breath of fresh air to get rid of Charter management who hires such terrible installers and employees.

Still waiting...
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SILVER SPRINGS, NEVADA -- On 9/26/12, I ordered Charter's Triple Play to be installed in a house I was renting. I was given an installation date of 11/6/12 and was not a happy camper. Called to complain and get an earlier installation date and was called back on 9/27/12 telling me a technician would arrive between 1:00 and 3:00 pm on 9/27/12. The tech arrived, but informed me that Charter would have to bury cables to hook up my service.

I was told that the order would be placed that day and that the cable would be buried the following week. I was told that I did not have to be home when the cable was buried, but I would have to be there when the service was hooked up.

On 10/5/12, I called Charter and told them that I could not occupy the house without communications set up in the house. I asked when the cable would be buried so that service could be hooked up. The representative was rather annoyed with my call.

I was told that the order was still open and Charter placed another order for the buried cable. I was told that I would know when the cable was buried when I saw painted lines on the ground and markers delineating the water/gas/electrical lines. My husband drives a truck for a living and I do not feel safe without communications hooked up to the house. On 10/9/12, I called Charter again with further promises that the cable would be buried soon. Once again, I felt as if I was nothing but an annoyance to the Charter personnel.

On 10/12/12, I called again and was told that the crew was scheduled to bury the cable on 10/2/12, but they did not show up. Yet another order was placed for the bury cable work to be done. I was told they would show up on 10/10/12 to bury the cable. They did not show up. I reiterated that I was still unable to live in the house until service was connected. Charter's customer service people leave a lot to be desired. They are rude and make no attempt to disguise their irritability.

On 10/19/12, I placed another call to Charter and was once again given the runaround. The representative told me that she would send another bury cable order and that I should receive a call on Saturday, 10/20/12 telling me that the cable was buried and to make an appointment to have service connected.

Today, 10/20/12, I have still not received a call from Charter. I have never been able to talk to the same person when I call Charter. I have no service and have no clue when I will have service. What is the problem? Charter is full of apologies, but that does not give me service. I feel that I have been patient long enough and I am tired of the empty apologies and promises that Charter gives me.

I would NOT recommend subscribing with Charter for any reason. They are unreliable and untrustworthy. I am at the end of my rope and would warn anyone and everyone to avoid Charter like the plague. The frustration and lack of service is beyond belief and you are better off dealing with other communication providers.

I Am Addressing This Huge Concern to George ** Director of Media
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George, I will make this quick because I am tired of wasting my time with the Charter sales team. I have sought out several federal agencies in the consumer action handbook who have informed me that contacting you first for an agreeable resolution, and if not, they would be happy to step in and review the situation. We must discuss this issue of promising the public a price for a product, and not delivering. You are doing this to me and to many others. I am paying $29.99 (plus paid the $50 install fee) for internet service only. This price I am paying that you advertise is for phone service. I do not even have a land-line!

I should be paying the advertised (via fliers and website offers) $19.99! Your sales team is rude, incompetent and just do not care. At this point, and in my professional estimation, Charter has raised Verizon wireless to a good level. And I believe Verizon has the worst ability in corporate history of providing in any way a decent and positive customer service. The stats do not lie. When I called to inquire, your sales team refused to adjust this appropriately and were very pleasant to tell me they would be more than happy to cancel my service. But, no refunds. I guess that your sales person already got his/her commission. Now do not get to anxious, I want my service active. There is a lot to write about.

George, you really should be paying more attention to customer retention and establish a track record of keeping customers. I guess I am from the old school when the people I worked with cared as much as I did about the customers experience. I was in hospitality management for 20-years. I would have fired any employee who addressed my customers this way. It all makes sense. I had a lot of competition and if I could not treat the employees and customers properly, they would walk across the street seek out another hotel. I did not want my employees to form unions within my establishment. But in these times, maybe the option should be revisited.

I worked for 5-star hotels as DHR and for GM in labor relations. I am yet to find a decent wireless phone, internet, home phone or television company anywhere these days. Most all are manipulative, greedy, and not operative with their customers. We low line customers of yours, George, give you a company to operate. I received an e-mail this morning that a new and improved internet package is being offered at the bargain price of $29.99! George, your sales person informed me that I would not get this service even though I am already paying the erroneous $29.00.

I was told I can not take advantage of this offer because... because... because.... I am tired of your employees problems. There is always a reason why the customer cannot have what is rightfully offered at what they are paying! I want to know "how they can help me, not why they cannot! That is your problem George, not mine. Ok, I am finished here, for now. You were anxious to post a response to my compliment on 2/22/2012. Don't run away now! I will not just go away and it would be very unprofessional of you to throw me to anyone else.

Your 3 cents readers want to know. I want to know. It is time to stop treating your customers like we are ignorant or just right down stupid! I await our reply before I move ahead with my options. I am handicapped, and I know you do not want to approach any civil rights laws.

Company Response 3/14/2012:

Greetings again Penny,

We'd be more than happy to address your concerns. Please contact us at with the name and address on your account so we can we can take a look at your billing concerns. Please be sure to put ”CharterGeorge – My3cents - PennyLayne” in the subject line so I can keep an eye out for it.

Thanks and I look forward to assisting!

George Vick
Senior Social Media Specialist – Charter

By -

Honestly, to those of you that have had problems with your Charter service, I'm sorry. I say that because I am one of the agents that you would possible speak with if you were having problems with your cable or internet. With that being said, I would like you to take into mind that I am only one person of about 17,000 agents that you could possibly speak to.

I AM from the US, and do speak English. I have read that many people have issues with people not speaking English but as those of you that have been generous enough to donate to the earthquake or tsunami victims throughout the world, please realize that those are our employees too! I really wish that each person that has called in with a complaint or issue to our company could work only one month in our daily life. I personally try to be as compassionate and empathetic to every caller I receive, yet understand that some people just don't want to hear it.

If you might be willing to read, this is a normal day of service for a Charter agent:
1. As much as I would love to be able to give you a time that an outage would may resolved, it's really just not possible. I, nor the Charter technicians, are able to prevent them. Granted, sometimes it is a maintenance issue that is being done in the area to repair services, but we cannot control weather-relates issues (such as 49 out of the 50 states getting snow this year,) nor are we able to stop an accident of a vehicle may crash into a fiber line that takes 48 hours to repair. No company is ever perfect but we strive our hardest to give you the best service possible.

  1. No one in life (or computer) is perfect. You may call in and speak with the automated system to ask questions about something and get to the incorrect department. Honestly, it happens. When you speak with an agent and tell them what you're calling in about, we're not intentionally trying to avoid you're issue, it's just that we're all trained in different area of specialty. If I'm not the correct agent for you, I'll get you to the right one as soon as possible with the least about of hassle as possible. No program or person is perfect but we do the best that we can.

  2. Please keep in mind that on an average day we take anywhere from 30-70 calls per 8 hour shift. During that day it's only one of two things that we're answering the call about; either your cable or your internet is not working. While answering your call there are only so many option that we have to help with. As I said earlier we are specifically trained per department, and as a call center cable and internet repair agent there is only so much that I'm able to help you with over the phone.

I'm aware that when we ask you to unplug a cable box or modem it's typically not convenient to get to (either being in an entertainment center or searching through many cables connected with your computer.) If there was a way to bypass this option, or to do it for you, we would. Unfortunately this just isn't possible. We only ask you to do this because it genuinely repairs about 80% of the calls that we receive.

  1. I completely understand that the automated system may be frustrating, yet yet many customers have their issues resolved while following the steps provided. Granted, in some circumstances an agent is required to resolve issues, the system is in place to over-all assist the customer calling in,

  2. While we do provide you, the customer, with cable and internet service, we cannot guarantee that the equipment you used to access those services are going to work. For example, if your television will not turn on, or if your computer has a virus (or the monitor won't power on) unfortunately we may not be able to resolve the problem for you.

The same standard applies for third-party routers. If you're able to get online to the internet directly connected to the standard modem, but not able to access your own wireless service in your house, it may be something that you would need to contact the manufacturer about for assistance. We will try to repair any issue you may have with the services and equipment that Charter has provided you with, but some things are just out of our hands.

  1. If your services aren't working we will truly try to fix the issue. No one person is expected to pay for a service that they're not getting, but please at least give us a chance to resolve the issue. If you are experiencing an outage or some equipment failure is causing it not to work, call us to let someone help repair the problem. Whether the resolution in sending a technician out or replacing the equipment we can do that for you. However when a person calls in saying that their services haven't been working for the last year, but there's no notes on your account alerting us to the problem, it's difficult to know the accuracy of the statements.

It's not the we don't believe you, only that as per any company there must be documentation. As inconvenient it may be for people to take time our of their busy days to call us to state their cable/internet has been intermittent, it's necessary to reciprocate the compensation you deserve.

In conclusion, we're not robots or droids that have been trained to give a scripted response to answer you. I personally, and the company as a whole strive to give the best customer service possible. Everyone has good and bad days as a whole we do our best. Please keep that in mind next time you call in. Thank you for reading and have a great day. ~~~ A Charter Call Center Agent ~~~

Worst Cable Server Ever/Horrible Customer Service
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Charter is THE WORST service out there! Their customer service should be called "get customers outraged". They talk in circles and don't answer the questions you ask because they suck and they are just in business to screw every customer they acquire. I cannot give a specific story because I have waaayyy too many to get into without my blood pressure rising dangerously high. However Saturday I spent the whole day moving came home and just wanted to watch a movie and relax so sure enough I turn the TV on and my HD channels are pausing every 60 seconds.

So against my better judgment because I don't think a heart attack at the age of 26 is necessary, I called Charter to see if maybe, just maybe, they actually knew what they were doing and could fix something! But once again I was wrong. They sent this signal to my box that just took the channels out completely, no picture, no pausing, no nothing, just black and basically responding by saying oops!

So we spoke to a very pleasant manager (she was clearly a faker) she said everything we wanted to hear, something we had never experienced with Charter before. We informed her we were moving and wanted our cable shut off on Sept. 28 and she said she would prorate it until then and then credit us $50 for our trouble and not having cable Saturday night, then we could return the boxes that week of the 28th... Too good to be true was right! I came home tonight at 9:30 from another 16 hour day and just wanted to lay back relax and watch a show I DVR everyday, well God forbid I get a service I paid for.

The HD box in the living room was completely out and when I turned the TV on it says "This box is not authorized". So I go into my spare room and "Hmm that one is working". So once again I call my favorite company Charter and they inform me that on Sat. I set up a voluntary disconnect. I said I most certainly did not, explained the whole situation and then asked if I had "cancelled" why do I still have cable in my spare room. "Well I don't know" was their reply.

So I said OK so reconnect it since I didn't do this, "Well ma'am we can't undo a disconnect". Hmm OK really well then I'm not paying for this box then if I don't have service on it, and they say "Well you have to pay for it until you return it, you were just going to return it anyway" she said to me!! The nerve of her. Yes I was going to return it when it was convenient for me AFTER I was finished moving which was the week of the 28th which is why I set the disconnect up for that date!!

So another super manager gets on the phone with his genius self and says "Ma'am you have a disconnect date set up for the 22nd (tomorrow)". So I said "OK well explain to me why if you claim I have this disconnect date for tomorrow which isn't even the case THEN WHY IS MY CABLE OFF TODAY!!!" "Well I don't know ma'am" was the response I received. So I screamed "Well apparently you don't know how to do anything except incorrectly shut off people's cable to and you can't turn it back on"!

So they say "Well will you be transferring your service when you move??" I lost in slammed the phone down and came to the computer to finally complain!!! I HATE THIS COMPANY, the service, the customer service!!! Everything. They should be put out of business. Bring on Comcast, Chicopee. Should not have a crappy cable monopoly!!!

Charter Has the Worst Customer Service in the History of the World
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MICHIGAN -- I have been a Charter customer for 2-1/2 years. It started with the phone being disconnected. 3 days after I started my service. They turned it back on 3 days later. And "accidentally" disconnected it again the next week. And again, took 3 days to turn it back on. It lasted another week before they did it again - all of this before I had even received a bill.

When I called the 3rd time the operator said "I'm sorry Ma'am, but you don't sound like a Nathan to me" then asked for the security code from my bill to access my account. I told them I had not received a bill yet - they told me that it was mailed that day and that once I received it I could call back to complain that they had turned off my phone.

I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told he didn't have one - apparently the President answers the phones at Charter. Then he hung up on me. I called back and was again "disconnected". I should have cancelled the service then. Instead I tried to add internet 2 months later. They sent a technician who couldn't figure out how to install it. Then they charged me for a technician visit and for a month of internet service. When I called to complain, they scheduled another installation. Same problem, still no internet, still got billed for it. They managed to bill me for $75 in service calls and $150 for service to not give me internet service.

When my introductory rates expired my bill skyrocketed - which I expected. So I called to downgrade some services, I really only had the 5 MB internet and movie channels because they were free for the year. They explained that if I cancel or downgrade ANY service they would charge me more. I called 8 times before a representative actually agreed to downgrade my service (at this point I had paid another 2 months for service I didn't want). My 9th call I told them I wanted to cancel the service. They explained that they have a "retention" department for that - instead of fixing the problem, they create a new department.

The retention department guy (Henry) was very helpful. He downgraded my service, told me that my new bill would be for $124 instead of $190, and apologized for the inconvenience. I returned an extra cable box myself at his suggestion to save a $37 service call to come and get it. I was so happy until I got my next bill for more than $200 because I got charged for all the movie channels that I cancelled. And the $37 service charge that didn't happen. And a $20 "downgrade" fee. They explained to me that if they don't charge these fees, they won't be able to charge me as much money.

Again, I asked for a supervisor, again there isn't one. Then they hung up. I tried live chat, they cancel the session. I finally got a supervisor at Live Chat and requested the contact info for the corporate offices - she gave me a number that goes to a switchboard that requires an extension to get through to anyone. She says she doesn't know the extension. She says to leave a message in the general mailbox and someone will call me back.

I ask her for her contact information, in case I have problems getting someone to call me back - she tells me she doesn't know HER OWN contact information either. I asked her, since it took 9 calls to downgrade my service, how many calls it takes to cancel service. "It's hard to estimate how many calls it could take to cancel service."

Charter Communication has the worst customer service department in the history of the world. They are rude, unprofessional, they lie, they delay, they hang up, and no one speaks English. The customer service reps don't seem to know ANYTHING about their customers or their service. Their supervisors don't seem to know anything about their staff, which is OK since they also don't care. And it is almost impossible to reach anyone outside of their customer service grid of incompetence and lies. I will continue to call the corporate number every day, over and over, and dial random extension numbers until someone answers the phone. Even after I cancel the service.

Service And Billing
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ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI -- I don't think that this really reaches the CEO of Charter but here goes. I am totally disgusted with my cable service and especially how I have been screwed from day one. Sorry for using the word screwed but there is no better word for it. My story begins. I have been using Charter for many years. I've been told on many occasions not to switch to Charter as those around me suggested that they all had a lousy experience joining Charter. I never had any major problems with my service, so I figured why not. After a year of deliberation I decided to go full till, all three services (telephone, cable and internet).

I logged online at and signed up to get my $150 gift certificate. I selected the $99 but the online service would not accept my address as being a valid address. I was already a charter customer with basic extended service so why was my address coming back as invalid. I called into Charter to report my sign up issues at I was told that I could be help in person to complete my order.

I ordered the $99 service plus an additional $5 for the DVR recorder. After all of the added features and fees to get my 3 services going I thought my bill before taxes was $105 plus taxes. I asked over and over for clarification as I wanted to be 100% clear and have no confusion in what my monthly will would be.

Our installation was scheduled between 12 pm and 4:30 pm. At 6:30 pm with no notice the tech finally arrives. When the Charter installation came, they forgot the HD DVR that I was talked into ordering. The tech had no batteries for the remote and no pamphlets on the internet, phone or cable services. He did not even have a ac power cable for the cable modem so he just reused my old SBC DSL power cord. It was a joke. The tech seemed nice but he had brought nothing with him. I was told another tech would have to come out to replace the cable box. Three days later, I had to take off work again but I thought everything was final.

On Oct 28 I received a bill to my credit card for $169.42. Wow, but this included the cable and internet fees and installation charges. For 3 services the charges seemed to add up. Two plus weeks later I called in because I had a few concerns. Was my bill correct? Do I have HD channels as mine seemed very blurry? When do I get my $150 gift certificate?

First, my bill was only for 2 of my 3 services. The telephone bill had not been added yet. They reset my HD box from the office. (Still today the image on all my HD channels is blurry. Just compare my Cable HD to my aerial HD Antenna. My aerial HD antenna's picture is way clearer than HD picture provided by Charter. My HD cable picture is terrible. To get a tech to come look at the picture will cost me $$$. So I am stuck with a lousy picture.)

I was not entitled to the $150 gift certificate because I ordered by phone. (I was never told that by ordering by phone I would not get my gift certificate. I would not have ordered the 3 pack of services. To make up for the deception of not getting my $150 gift certificate, the Charter representative gave me a $10 bundle package for 1 year free.) Today I saw my auto bill for another charge on 11/28 for $297. You have to be kidding me. There must be a mistake. I already paid $169 on 10/28. Over $450 to change to Charter's 3-bundle. I must be crazy, something must be wrong.

I called into 1-888-charter today (11/30/08) and was told my bill was correct. How could my telephone bill be $297? I already paid for all the installation and fees for my cable and internet. This is outrageous. The first Charter representative I talked with had no clue how to explain why I had a $297 charge. The second representative (manager, Nicki) spoke so quietly I could barely understand her. From her I learned that the free $10 service I was given when I called in to ask about my gift card was not free at all. After that nothing is clear. Nicki removed my $10 "free" service and my $105 service is now $139.

How $139 goes into $450, there is no answer. How I paid $169 for cable and internet and I still owe $297 for telephone is a mystery to me? Why I did not get my $150 gift certificate? When they knew I could not order online? Why was I given free $10 upgrade to only have to pay for it? I really thought Charter was wanting to become a first class company. C'mon. $50 plus to change to $104 service. This disgusts me. I have been a long term satisfied customer. To play games like this is very sad. I hope you will respond in kind and explain to me my situation clearly. Otherwise you can keep your services.

Never Use Charter Communications!
By -

HALLSVILLE, TEXAS -- Okay, just typing about this company makes me want to hit something. To make the extremely long story as short as possible, here goes: I called to have basic cable and internet hooked up. The first appointment was on a Saturday 10-12. We were sitting at home, the phone rings and I didn't get to it before it hung up. I called RIGHT back and spoke with a rep who said she would make sure the tech knew we were home waiting. Well.... no one ever showed up. I called back and they said that no one could come back to my home because I didn't answer the phone and they had other jobs to do!

SO... I was mad, but I made another appt. No Sat. appts were available so my husband took off during the week. The tech comes, hooks up everything but doesn't check the cable inside to see if it worked. It didn't, so I called back again, and was told I would have to wait another 6 days for an appointment and it would have to be during the week. The rep said she would be sure to put the visit as an "in home visit" so the tech would come inside. SO.. hubby takes off work again, sits at home. No one called or knocked on the door during the appt time.

I called and the rep said the tech showed he had come to our house. HE NEVER CALLED ANYONE NOR DID HE KNOCK ON OUR DOOR OR COME INSIDE!! I was furious and told them that he needed to get back out to our home immediately. Needless to say, the tech couldn't be reached and no one came. My husband called to file a complaint with the manager so the rep filled out a form and said someone would call us within 24-48 hours... yeah right, no one has called to this day over 2 weeks later.

I made 1 more appt just because my husband would be at home one day last week waiting on Lowe's to come to our house, so I made the appointment during that time. The rep again said that she would tell the tech to call and come inside.

Hubby was at home, no call, no visit from Charter!! I called back and immediately asked to speak with a supervisor (who also don't know their heads from their rear ends) and was told that the tech had come at 2:00 PM (1 hour before scheduled) and he put the job as done!!!!! OH MY GOSH, IF I WEREN'T A CHRISTIAN WOMAN, I WOULD SAID SOME VERY UGLY THINGS! I told them this was unacceptable and that if the tech was not back at my home by 5:00 PM I was doing business elsewhere. The supervisor I spoke with had the nerve to tell me that because dispatch had other jobs to do, they MAY OR MAY NOT be able to come back out.

Needless to say, I immediately cancelled my service and as soon as I did, another supervisor called me and told me that the problem with the cable was that our main wire needed to be replaced!!! What the crap! So after all that and all the people I had talked to, it was that easy to tell me what was wrong. The tech didn't tell me, the other 20 reps I talked to didn't tell me, the 5 supervisors I talked to couldn't tell me. I have paid for an entire month of service I have not had! I WARN YOU, DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE!!

Held Hostage by Charter Communications
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NEWTOWN, CALIFORNIA -- Charter Communications offers the only cable television network in Newtown Ct. May of this year I had trouble with my connection. I experienced interrupted services and problems with On Demand on a regular basis. I contacted the company. Unfortunately, before you are able speak with a live person to schedule an appointment, you have to spend in excess of 1/2 hour receiving instruction from an automated service.

Finally I was able to get a scheduled appointment to check the problem. The first tech. checked all the wiring in the house but could not locate a problem, the second tried to rewire the cable inside the house. He spent over 6 hours at my home and actually mistakenly drilled holes in my hardwood floor approximately 50 feet from where they should have been drilled. IT WAS IN ANOTHER ROOM.

After this I received promises from the area manager that expert techs would get on the problem and resolve it asap. They did not follow up and I had yet another tech. come to my home. He discovered that it was my underground cable and he would get someone out right away to lay new cable. He rigged a temporary fix, which is exposed on the outside of the house so I could at least get television service.

After several complaints they told me no one was schedule and they had had problems and delays with their contractors. In Sept. they rescheduled a new contractor who visited the house, measure the cable line and put in a couple of red flags. He told me he would be out to install the cable in a couple of weeks. Needless to say he never came.

I called again this week to find out what happened, only to be told THEY ARE NOW ON THEIR WINTER HIATUS and policy dictates that they will not do any installations until the spring and they are required to have in by June 1st of 2008. (In the meantime they keep contacting me to switch my phone service to them, hahaha.)

BIG PROBLEM NUMBER 2: Because limited service is better than no service I am forced to make the full payment and then contact them after the fact to request a credit because I am not able to use the services. In other words, they are forcing me to pay in advance for services I don't have.

Now the area manager will not return my calls, and the customer service department refuses to help me. They CLAIM THEY CAN'T REFER ME TO SOMEONE WITH ANY AUTHORITY TO CORRECT THIS PROBLEM. I will be filing a formal complaint and have contacted the local television stations to feature my plight on their scam piece.

I have been told that forcing me to pay for a service I don't receive is illegal. I have also contacted an attorney. THIS IS BEYOND BELIEF AND IS AN OBVIOUS RESULT OF THEIR SERVICE MONOPOLY IN MY AREA. I can only hope that this won't happen to anyone else.

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