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Possible Security Issues
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Rating: 2/51

Customers of Online Banking with Compass Bank should double check the upper left corner of their screen to make sure that their log on user ID is being encrypted (secret coded). The URL address should show https:// Be sure that there is the letter "s" following http before you type in your User Name (ID). The "s" indicates that you are now in a "secure session". Compass Bank suggest that their online customers download and install the security software "Rapport" onto their PC.

If you do this you should make sure that the Rapport designator (to the right of the URL box) shows up green before typing in any personal information. If the designator shows up grey then Rapport is not protecting anything. I have found that over half of Compass Bank's online websites are not being protected by Rapports security software. I am not suggesting that you change banks but only want to inform you on how to check for a "secure web session" when entering any personal information. The info that I have provided you here is a method of checking for security on all web sites when you are asked to enter personal information.

The only reason that I mention Compass Bank is because I have spent hours of time with representatives of the bank with this security issue. So far I have not found anybody within the bank that is concerned about it. Hopefully that will change in the near future. If so then I will update this information to you.

Refinance Ripoff
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Rating: 1/51

CASA GRANDE, ARIZONA -- Started a refi with Compass Bank the first week of January so that we could get away from boa. Let me tell you, Compass could teach BOA a thing or two about being incompetent. First, we were assured our loan would not be sold to BOA, compass sells their loans in-house. They need more info, more info, more info. We jump through their hoops and do everything asked of us. We have a trust, they want to copy every page of our trust. What business is it of theirs what we want our bodies cremated when we die or that my husband's son is not left anything, but we comply. Well, finally March 15 comes and we are to close.

Closing costs are twice what the loan officer quoted us and they now want to charge us $250 more because the rate lock had expired. The bank manager did get the $250 taken off. We went ahead and closed because we had already paid $444 up-front for an appraisal and could not face going through this again. Next thing we know, they want to charge us $20 to get our cash-out deposed into our account.

As of yesterday, March 21, they still need more papers signed. As of today, March 22, none of the disbursements have been done and our home equity line which was to be paid off is now past due. I called them this morning and they tell me they have no record of a loan with our names or social security numbers. Take my advice, do not ever deal with Compass Bank.

Online banking doesn't work using Safari browser
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- Apparently, after speaking with BBVA Compass Bank support today, online banking with Compass Bank doesn't necessarily work with Apple's Safari browser. To me, this is unacceptable and somewhat irresponsible as Compass Bank is forcing its customers to move to online banking or pay high monthly fees It was suggested that I download another browser on my Apple computer which I do not want to do.

Also, in setting up online banking with Compass Bank it suggests using a Rapport security program for its online banking; however, it is not apparent that once the program is installed, it cannot be uninstalled even though the program has an "uninstaller" and says the program has been uninstalled. I am worried about a bank that "recommends" such a program for security purposes.

Transfer of Funds Failure
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Rating: 2/51

TEXAS -- I needed to transfer funds from one of my accounts to another that was going to go negative, but after multiple attempts on multiple devices I continued to receive the message "Online Banking Error". I left a message and request for help in the online chat box an hour before this service was to close, but never received a response and the customer help phone line was already closed. Thus, I will be assessed a penalty fee for being overdrawn which is only money in the pocket of Compass Bank.

We Just Want Your Money/All Of It
By -

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- Dish Network debited $547.61 from my checking account without authorization. I only had $285 in my account. That put me in the negative by $300, but Compass kept on letting the charges come through. Then, Compass Bank charged me another $315 in NSF charges. My account is negative - $732.31.

I asked Compass why they did not stop the debits when my account hit a zero balance. Someone could have stolen my card or my identity, and they would have let them debit. They said since I'm a good customer, they allow me to go under a zero $0 balance a little if I need it (they get the $35 NSF though). That under-the-zero balance courtesy was a negative - $300. That's too much of a courtesy to me.

I called Electronic Disputes for Visa check cards. They said they would fax me the paperwork to dispute the Dish Network charges, but I had to visit one of their branches. I visited a branch close to work to get the fax. They told me it was my fault anyway, that the funds were debited, because I gave Dish Network my card number to establish service. Since Compass will only take care of your personal issues at the bank you signed up with, I had to take off from work to drive the 20 miles home, because they could not help me at the location 3 miles away. This is a major bank company!

When I got to my branch location, they basically told me, "You started the conversation with Dish Network to get your money back, you finish it, and while you are at it, collect the NSF charges of $315 because we cannot give them back to you. You should have started the dispute process with us first". I asked them, since you allowed my account to go under balance by a negative -$300, can you give me a provisional loan for $300 until this resolved. They told me no! So, next time you are tempted by the sign in a Compass Bank lobby window that says, "We are glad you stopped by, come on in", buyer beware.

Compass Bank - Get A Clue
By -

PLANO, TEXAS -- I discovered that my debit card number was stolen and two entities charged services to my card without my knowledge or permission. Compass Bank OBVIOUSLY doesn't know that criminals DON'T take a holiday! I discovered the fraudulent charges on, Monday, May 31, 2010. I was on hold for over three hours! I had to change my cordless phone because I was on hold so long, the batteries died. They never answered! So what if this was Memorial Day. Many businesses are open, and Compass Bank should be open 24/7 to handle these sorts of things.

I called the bank on Tuesday morning, and was told to physically go to the nearest branch. I went to the Windhaven location in Plano, Texas. ** was the agent. I told him the situation and he said they could do nothing until the charges cleared. I told him I wanted to freeze my account to prevent other charges on my debit card, AND HE REFUSED!!! I then went back to my office, got on the phone, and requested the dispute forms. Compass Bank waited until JUNE 4th to mail them to me, and I didn't receive them until, JUNE 7!! Thank GOD the charges were very small, or I would have been in a world of hurt until the charges were reversed.

The fact of the matter is, that Compass Bank was totally NOT PROACTIVE in not only preventing further fraudulent charges, but not proactive to quickly address my situation. They also took over a week to replace my debit card, which prevented me from paying my online bills, and prevented me from getting the things I needed without having to go to the bank and write a check for cash. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!! THEY STINK!! I have since gone to another bank chain, and got a much better deal. I have also CLOSED my CompASS Bank account. I have been a loyal customer of Compass Bank for nearly 10 years, and they don't care!

Ridiculous Policy
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CASTLE PINES NORTH, COLORADO -- I am not a customer of Compass Bank (took my account out of there about four years ago because of other ridiculous policies). However, I do use their ATM on occasion because it is at the corner by my house (I have an account with USAA Federal Savings bank, which does not have local branches). I used the ATM at the drive-through last week, and drove away without my ATM/debit card. I realized it about an hour later, and returned to the bank to retrieve my card.

I waited for the one teller to finish a transaction with the drive-through banking (which seemed to be a big problem, and required the intervention of a superior), then another teller came in from her break, I asked for my card which I had left in the ATM. I described my card, the color, the name on it and said I had my identification to claim it. The other teller confirmed that there had been a card retrieved from the ATM, but, when I mentioned it was not a Compass Bank ATM card, they would not surrender my card to me. They said it was company policy.

I asked them twice, maybe three times to clarify that that was truly company policy, and they just stood there and said, yes, we cannot give you your card. So, my card was sitting on the other side of the teller stations, and I could not have it. As a result, I had to order another card from my bank, at a charge of $8 to get it here quickly. I also now have to change ALL my automatic payments that were previously set up using the other card number with the new card number.

Doesn't this seem like a rather ridiculous policy? When a potential customer (everyone is a potential customer) is standing in front of you, requesting the card she knows she left in your ATM, describing the card and offering her ID, and you WILL NOT give her her own ATM card. Seems silly to me... Thanks for your time.

Compass Charges fees for their own charges
By -

How can I get-Compassbank, aka BBVA Compass Bank - fees reversed? It all started 3 weeks ago when a double payment was mailed to a credit card company through an electronic payment system they offer to their customers. I had this second account, yet it appeared again and the extra payment was sent. I was notified that my account was overdrawn and that's when I noticed the extra payment I again, set up another account for the biller and deleted the current account. I then sent the money that would have balanced my account. Needless to say, a couple of days ago, I checked my account online, and there it was again.

The account for the biller had defaulted to the previous due date of 11-02 and my electronic wire, which is always posted within hours did not post for a whole day. Now there were more charges for NSF, over the limit fees. They also pulled from the overdraft protection account an additional. 06 yes, six cents, which caused a $12 transaction fee and an over the limit fee on my account. I spoke with a bank representative, who told me that it was all my fault. I had cancelled the biller account for December and was responsible for all the fees.

I know that this is not true, I had double checked the account to made sure that my future payment for the biller, Capitol one would start in December. I had already spoken to them and hey agreed to apply the extra payment to the following month of November 2009. When I spoke with the bank representative, I was told that I couldn't pay my overdraft over the phone and that I could not manage that account or make transfers between checking and overdraft. I guess they want to be able to pull 06 cents and charge $24 + for the transactions.

FYI - I also made the mistake of overpaying the overdraft card in the past. Compass would not Deposit the extra funds into my checking account. I had to request a reimbursement and wait until they got around to sending it to me. I was asked to come in to take care of the account. I€™m a USA citizen living and working in South Korea (have for 2 years) and this is not possible. The bank has all my overseas information on file, including contact phone. I gave it to their branch office when I was in Arizona a couple of months ago.

I have had this account for 29 years and have been through many buy outs. Since they got bought out by BBVA, I have had a lot of trouble. I'm closing the account and just want some relief for all the vile things they have done, these past few weeks. Any advice or feedback will be greatly appreciated

Compass Bank Stands In The Way Of Help
By -

DENVER, COLORADO -- Recently I received an email about the President's new Home Affordable program and some expansion to the initial terms. The email stated that the new, allowable LTV ratio was being changed from 105% to 125%. This was great news for me and could potentially save me several hundred dollars per month on my first mortgage loan. However, when I contacted the lender I had chosen to do the refinance on my first loan, I was told that they could not do anything to help me because Compass Bank holds the note on my Home Equity Line of Credit, which is currently in second position.

Evidently Compass Bank has a policy that they will not allow a refinance, unless they are moved into first position at the time of the closing on the refinance. With that being their policy, I am dead in the water. No lender will do a refi and agree to put their new loan in a second position, behind Compass Bank's current HELOC. Compass Bank's stance seems to be that if someone is interested in refinancing, they must be in trouble and about to default on their loan, so they want to be sure to move their loan up to first position in order to get their money if something happens.

What makes no sense to me is that if someone is in trouble and needs the refi in order to keep up with payments, and Compass doesn't allow it to happen, Compass stands to lose everything if a foreclosure or short sale ends up happening. I would think that they would want to help, not just because it is the right thing to do, but also because by allowing someone to refinance, they are more than likely going to make it easier for the individual to stay current on the second loan as well. Anyway, I am not in trouble at this point, but would still like to be able to reduce my monthly payment through refinancing.

Unfortunately, Comapass Bank's policy makes it impossible for me to take advantage of this opportunity. It certainly seems that someone at Compass needs to rethink their position and consider actually trying to help people out during these tough times. I am very disappointed in this company and their apparent lack of compassion. It seems that money is all they care about. I have multiple accounts with them currently from business to personal, which I will be moving to another institution as soon as possible. Thanks for nothing Compass Bank!

I Messed Up But They Fixed It For Me
By -

On June 30th, I called my bank to match my account balance to find that it was in the negative. It has been years since I bounced anything, so I went to a nearby branch and requested a statement. I was given a statement for the previous month and saw that I was about to have four more transactions go through which would put me further in the negative. Frustrated with myself, realizing I would end up owing nearly $300 in fees, I left the bank almost in tears. Continuing on my errands, I kept thinking that the statement didn't make sense. I stopped at the next branch and spoke to one of their representatives.

It took awhile, but I finally understood what happened and where I went wrong. I miscalculated regarding when I was getting my direct deposit by one day, spending $ I thought I had but didn't. I thanked the representative and then told her that I was worried about the other transactions going through because even though my next paycheck would cover it, it wouldn't be for another week and a half which make the account further in the negative. The representative told me that she knew that the branch could wave 2 overdraft fees (exactly how many that I had at the time, $78 which would cover the overdrafts and the other transactions but she had to get permission.

She was able to do so and told me that if I incur any other overdrafts due to my mistake, I could go to the branch in which I opened the account and they would work with me. She then told me my accounted would be credited by midnight that night which it was. She gave me her business card and told me to call her with any questions or issues the next day. I have never had a problem with my bank, and the time that I messed up unintentionally, they fixed it for me. It is rare to get that kind of service anywhere, especially banks!

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