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Misleading Bookings
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Rating: 2/51

FLORIDA -- Beware!!! You think you're getting all the perks. I recently booked a cruise on MSC Seaside. All over the booking page said, "Drinks on us included as a bonus". Even the MSC website says all Caribbean cruises include "Drinks on us" package. When I registered and received my E-ticket no Drink package was evident. I called and was told I booked a lower rate package that did not include drinks. Funny because there was no other options on the website other than the one I chose.

After calling the agent did try and get my package upgraded but of course MSC would not allow upgrades to my package. The entire marketing on the website is total scam. The agent told me if I need a specific bonus to my purchase I should have called first. Unacceptable. I only chose MSC because of this great deal that I am now not getting. Both companies are leaving a sour start to a cruise I haven't even gone on yet. Lesson learned for first timer. Don't trust cruise booking websites. Especially

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Rating: 2/51

I have been on four cruises and each time I always go through the cruise line but I thought I would try them for once because my mom was using them, and I can honestly say I will NEVER EVER use them again. Spent a lot of money and they told me when I booked the cruise that we will get onboard credit per person for getting the balcony room and 19 days prior to cruising I called just to see how much onboard credit we had and they tell me we don't have any and that we had to fill out a form in order to get our onboard credit 20 days prior to cruise (one day late).

I have talked to multiple agents making payments and having other questions but not ONE of them ever told me we had to fill something out in order to get our onboard credit. Needless to say, when I called to check, the lady was very rude and talked to me like a was a child. I guess everyone has different experiences, some good, some bad. Just be careful when using They tell you one thing when booking and something different when it's about time to cruise. I just don't think it's right to tell someone that they get onboard credit so they count on that extra money and then take it away from them.

Replies did not provide Shipboard credit that was confirmed during my booking
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PORT EVERGLADES, FLORIDA -- My experience booking with has been completely unsatisfactory and unacceptable. After seeing a promotion on the website for $100 Shipboard credit and a complimentary bottle of wine, I booked a cruise in December 2010. My agent confirmed at least twice during our phone call that my booking did include the $100 shipboard credit and a complimentary bottle of wine. Other online cruise travel agents were also offering the $100 SBC, but I chose to book with because was the only site I found offering $100 SBC AND the complimentary bottle of wine (the price of the cruise was the same as on other sites).

When I reviewed my cruise confirmation documentation emailed to me, I noticed that there was no mention in writing of the SBC or wine, and I immediately emailed on December 22nd asking for confirmation in writing that I could take on the ship with me. I again emailed on Jan 5. When I still received no response, I started calling and leaving voicemails between January 5th and Jan 11th. I also logged a query through the on-line “Contact Us” form. No responses. Today when I tried to call, I spoke to the first agent who happened to take my call; she indicated that she didn't see anything about shipboard credit or wine on my reservation.

So now I am very worried that is not going to provide the package that was clearly sold to me. I could have booked with another travel agent and received the $100 shipboard credit, and I truly wish I had. I expect to deliver the package that I purchased and that their sales representative confirmed to me, not something less. However I have little hope of ever hearing from them again as they have failed to contact me or provide any customer service after they received my money. This has been a horrible customer service experience.

My Nightmare began with
By -

I recently booked a 7 day Caribbean cruise through an agent with I asked the agent to give me the total price quotation, including all port charges, taxes and fuel surcharge. I was quoted a great price, at least that's what I thought. The Agent advised me that he would be able to hold the rooms for us for that price for 24 hours and he would email me the detailed information right away. I didn't receive the promised email. Based on the information I was quoted and compared price to other cruise agencies, I decided to go with

I called the agent back the following morning to confirm the booking (within 24 hours) and asked that he emailed the confirmation to me once the booking was complete. I didn't receive any emails that day. I called the next day to ask for the confirmation. The agent gave reasons that the cruise lines was supposed to send me the confirmation and he's surprised I had not received the confirmation. He proceeded to say he would personally ask the cruise line to send the confirmation to him so that he in turn could forward it to us.

However, I waited for 2 days and did not receive nothing. I started to get worried. I left 3 phone messages for the agent but he didn't return my calls. I decided to speak to another agent. I was shocked to find out that my rooms were put on hold but not paid for. I told that agent that I gave my credit card to the first agent and he should have secured the rooms for us immediately. After speaking with his supervisor, the 2nd agent told me that he would get all paper work done and we were guaranteed the price quoted by the first agent. I received the booking confirmation via email within 10 minutes.

To my surprise, I was charged $250 more than the promised price. The real nightmare began, I went through 2 sales agents, 3 client support agents and 1 supervisor and I still get a runaround. I heard many excuses such as the price quoted did not include taxes as they have no control of the gov't taxes, but they could not explain to me after factoring in all these extra charges, they still could not explain why the first agent quoted me the original price.

The most recent reason they gave me today is that the holding period for my room expired 4 minutes before the Agent went on the cruise line to pay for my room. When I asked the time the Agent went online to confirm my bookings, it was half an hour after I gave my credit card to him.

I was very upset about the whole incident. I received quotes from other cruise agencies for this trip and some of them told me to be careful about the low price quoted me as they were suspicious about the price offered me. Throughout this incident, I have never received an apology from any staff or managers of All they have told me are excuses to cover their unethical and unprofessional behavior. I believe that:

1) I have acted in good faith by booking my cruise trip within 24 hours after I requested the Agent to put the two rooms on hold. If he, the agent, couldn't secure the room with the guarantee price quote, either he had made a mistake in pricing or he is just incompetent, he should have advised me so that I could made a sound decision of choosing an alternate travel agent for booking. But I was not given that choice. Basically, the agent at forced me into booking my cruise trip with him and charged me a higher price without my consent.

2) agent did not initiate nor return phone calls regarding price change. I was the one who had to contact them. It is not sound business practice and very poor customer service. 3) When I received my invoice, I was charged $250 over the quoted price. Once again, no one from had a decency of notifying me of the price change and asked if I still wanted to book. I immediately emailed back to the second Agent and asked him to explain the charges. Guess what, he did not return my call as well.

4) has given excuse after excuse of why I was charged more on my bookings but has not acted in good faith from their end to honor the original quote even if their agent has made a mistake. I would have accepted if they would have apologized and offered some kind of solution to resolve this matter. In fact, it has dragged into the 7 days from the first day of contact and I am still waiting for someone over to call me back. Every time they told me someone would be calling me back but none happened. I am the one who has to contact them.

If you don't want a frustrated and cheated experience before you go on your dream cruise trip, don't book through I will certainly tell my friends who tell their friends to never book or trust the agents at this agency. They are a disgrace in the cruise industry. I have booked my previous cruise trips from other cruise and travel agencies and I received great service from them, until this time.

Advertisement Bait and Switch
By -

I was indeed seriously looking at the Jan 28th sailing of the Celebrity Equinox, and I was attracted by your "prepaid gratuities" bonus. I started the booking. But when came time to choose seating, first sitting was not available, that's no big deal. I don't mind open seating. But when I selected open seating, oooops! the gratuities were added on to my charges. I thought there must be a discount code I missed or forgot to enter, so I called I was then told (with a lengthy explanation that didn't make much sense to me) that gratuities were in fact not included. The service representative had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to book anyway.

FYI that way of doing business is called "bait and switch", and I don't go there. There are many other online reservation companies and yes, I have made arrangements. I don't really mind having to pay cruise plus gratuities, but at least I don't feel as if I've been molested by a low-down old-fashioned twisted tactic. We're seasonal Florida residents, and we usually do 2-3 cruises per winter season. If you want me to continue considering you a a potential agent, please straighten up your act.

Replies Bait and Switch
By -

I called to book a cruise. They offered to prepay gratuities for 2 with every cabin booked. I had a coupon for 2 free cruises and as there were 3 of us traveling in 1 room I asked before I booked if the offer of 2 free prepaid gratuities would be honored. I was assured that even with my coupon, they would pay the gratuities. I booked the cruise and 2 days later I received a call stating they would not pay the gratuities. The old "bait and switch" trick, style. And guess what they are ignoring my emails. Never again with these idiots. Do not use

False Advertising
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MIAMI, FLORIDA -- False Advertising - On March 5th 2004 I book a Cruise. Alaska 9/9 - 7 days. The website shows there was a promo available of 6 cat upgrades for certain categories, including the one I book. When I book they did not honor the promo. On Monday afternoon I call ** who explain me she has not receive any answer yet. I have called four times about this problem with no solid answer about why is not available to me.

Tue 3/9 at 6:30 ** called me and explain me that the promo was not available because the category I book was not in the promo, I ask him why then it still shown in the website and he told me IT dept works only every two days. Told me he will get back to me on this matter. Today (3/10) I call around 2 PM to follow up on this case and the CSR told me he is on the meeting and he will call me back soon. It's 5:00 PM and still waiting for his call...

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