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Culligan Causes Water and Mold Damage and Magically Disappear
By -

FREDERICK, MARYLAND -- Culligan Water Conditioning installed a water system to neutralize the pH, reduce the iron levels, provide water softening and an activated charcoal filter to improve taste. They also installed a booster pump to increase the water pressure throughout the house. This required me to miss an entire day of work. Soon after the installation, a joint near the booster pump failed causing a leak around the water system. Culligan promptly responded to repair the problem. This occurred two more times with varying amounts of water leakage into our basement with Culligan promptly responding. These repairs required me to take four partial days off from work.

The fourth repair resulted in a flood of our finished basement and again Culligan quickly responded. They authorized a water mitigation firm (Service Master) to clean up the water. The water mitigation firm was authorized by Culligan to remove carpet padding, paneling, and drywall to determine the extent of water and mold damage and to dry the basement. Drying the basement with a vacuum and industrial dehumidifiers took over a week. (This involved me having to go to work later three times.)

Service Master suggested that all of the paneling in the vicinity be removed to allow for a complete mold inspection. The level of the mold was at the same level of water that wicked up the drywall from the last leak. There were distinctly different water levels on the drywall directly correlating to the number of leaks. Culligan's insurance company (Liberty Mutual) was brought into handle the complaint. Mark Stoner of Culligan at this point essentially washed his hands of the problem and the insurance company indicated that all they have to do is order Culligan to replace the pump.

Initially, Culligan employees, including Mark Stoner, had no problem indicating that they ensure their customers happiness and that they always do the right thing for their customers. They were even happy to say that with a handshake. I complained that I have missed way too much work for them to do further work during their business hours and Mark Stoner said, "don't worry about that, we can arrange repairs around your schedule." Mark Stoner sent us an email on January 30, 2008, that they could do the repairs to the pump at 1.5xhourly rate at our expense. Mark Stoner is not living up to his agreement, appears unethical, and is dirtying the name of Culligan.

The insurance company will not authorize removal of the remaining paneling in the vicinity of the water damage thereby preventing further inspection for water and mold damage. Considering the health hazards of mold, I am surprised that the insurance company, and Culligan, are willing to take on this liability. I have yet to hear if the insurance company will repair the damages caused by the leak or by the water and mold mitigation company. I am openly amazed by this experience, the amount of time I have had to take off work, the inconvenience to my family, and the lack of integrity shown by Mark Stoner, therefore Culligan, and Liberty Mutual.

Late Payment Problem
By -

I purchased water softener and drinking system from Culligan company on Feb 2005 and got a “1 YEAR SAME AS CASH” finance promotion for about $2700 through Culligan Finance Company (A division of Aqua Finance Inc.). I paid minimum payment every month for 11 months without any delay and finally sent the last payment of $2,032.49 on last Feb 2 through the on-line bill payment of my bank Hudson United Bank to meet the last payment due date Feb 12. The money was withdrawn from my account on Feb 6 and the bank said the check was actually sent out on Feb 3.

However, the Culligan Finance said it has been arrived on Feb 13, the next date of the due date and charged me $423.87 of accrued interest for one year. My bank and I contacted to Culligan Finance Company and showed them the cleared check saying that it was written on Feb 4 but they wouldn't consider it and keep asking me to pay the interest due the payment delay. I feel very bad about this problem and the Culligan Finance Company looks very greedy.

I know I cannot complain to US postal service about delayed mail because they don't guarantee that delivery date for regular mail. I thought Feb 3 is early enough because normal delivery of first-class mail can be done within 3 days. And this is true for my previous payments to this company. How can it be delivered for 11 days?

Unfortunately, the last payment due date (Feb 12) was Sunday when mails are not delivered. I asked Culligan Finance Company to consider this but they don't care about it. Finally they waived $123.87 and want me to pay $300 until the end of this month. But I think $300 is still false charge and I'd like to take any action to avoid paying it. I even suspect that the Culligan Finance Company held my check on purpose to charge me the large amount of interest. Please let me know whom I have to complain about this and how I can do it.

Free Estimate?
By -

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA -- I called for a free estimate and got billed. Frankly, I only called them because there was existing equipment in the house. They told me I needed two things that added up to over $5000. It was kind of a hard sell which raised my concern. So I got two other estimates and went with another company. I called both the local office and the regional office repeatedly about the bill and kept being told they "would look into it", they would "take the bill away", they would "check with the manager". No one ever called me back, in spite of the fact that I called maybe a dozen times and was repeatedly told that they would. No one ever tried to say, sorry this is a valid charge.

Now I am in the hands of a collection agency. When I called to talk to the regional office, I calmly explained the situation to someone in billing. She handed the phone to Rhonda, the woman in charge, who yelled at me, told me I had to pay the bill and hung up on me before I could say one word. Watch out for Culligan. They are scam artists.

Unfair Price Differences
By -

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- On May 22nd I purchased a Medallist 8 series for $1796 from our dealer here in Indianapolis. I told them that it seemed like a lot of money. Here's where it gets interesting. The very next week my daughter's water softener went out. She lives in Shelby County, so I had by law buy hers from the dealer in her county. After talking to her county dealer, I found out that his price is ONLY $995 for the same exact softener that I had just bought. Can you believe $800 difference??? I sure couldn't, and still can't. My dealer could not tell me why the two prices were so far apart. What a world we live in!!

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