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Horrible Service
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Rating: 1/51

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA -- Here is my fiance's recent horrible experience with David's Bridal:
Store: 0188 Tran#03027317 Rep Betty S. 730335

My experience with this company has not only caused me to completely lose faith in your corporation, it has been the single most disappointing and insulting experience I have ever had in any retail shop in my entire life. Even being a store manager of a successful retail shop for several years I have never seen or had worse customer service nor have I ever been more offended as a woman by the 1634 Governors Square Blvd. Tallahassee, FL 32301 Store.

After purchasing a bridal gown from your company I called to ask for an alterations appointment. I asked for a Saturday appointment as I live in Panama City, FL and it is difficult to make the three hour drive to the store. I'd have to ask off of work and I'm saving my time for my honeymoon. I booked an afternoon time and double checked with the woman over the phone to make sure that it was accurate and set in stone as we would not be able to make a second trip if they were double booked.

I was reassured that it was set up and that I had nothing to worry about. I arrived a few minutes early to make sure we were on time only to be informed we had no appointment and that they don't “Do that kind of thing on Saturdays”. I explained that I had set it earlier that week and double checked the time in advance as well. The “manager” of the alterations department, Betty, said flat out and with an absurd amount of attitude that I was clearly wrong and had no appointment but that she would take me back anyways; as if she were doing me a favor correcting my egregious mistake.

After putting on my dress I asked for the sides to be taken in because the dress was several sizes too big. I was able to hold it up and circle around without the fabric touching my body. Betty declined saying “people like (me) don't ever want or need the dress to be tight”. I guess overweight women don't want to look good or show off their bodies. I repeatedly asked for her to take it in showing her how large it was and she did a very small amount (about half an inch) and refused further because it would “alter the shape of the dress”. I got this same response when I asked for a corset back so that I could just adjust it myself because Betty surely wasn't going to which was a question I asked before buying the dress and one of the reasons why I ended up picking the designer gown over the clearance one. I am so sorry I didn't get the memo I'm supposed to hide myself behind gobs of fabric in shame of my body and shape; but thank you David's Bridal for letting me know that I am supposed to hate myself. Good to know!

Then Betty began frustratedly making the tie offs as quickly as possible for the bustle since I “didn't have a real appointment” and she just “didn't have the time to take on something like (me)”. She counted 16 spots of which I was charged for. I asked about second fittings and the need to not take off time from work. Betty said it only takes one fitting for her to do it but under no circumstances would she be able to “graciously take me on the weekend” and that I had to come during the week to pick up my dress. I paid the $300+ bill and left feeling bad and ashamed about myself as a woman, a customer, and a person. As far as I was concerned I was just ready to leave the dress there and elope because of how horrible that trip made me feel. Crying on the way home, I never wanted to see it again. The saddest and most pathetic thing was that I genuinely thought it would get better when I went to pick it up.

This time my bridesmaid who had to have her dress altered came with me to pick up my gown. I set two appointments but had to fight to get them on the same day. I was on the phone for my entire lunch break with Betty arguing about why we couldn't have the appointments on the same day since we are both coming in from three hours away and I already had to take half a day off of work just to make sure we weren't there on the weekend. We final were able to get them on the same day and I called ahead in advance to double check that they were set correctly not wanting a repeat of last time. I was told there were no appointments and that the bridesmaid dress was going to be sent back because we hadn't picked it up.

I fought again over the phone with David's Bridal employees and management that I set appointments and I called to make sure that they knew not to send the dress back since the alterations were happening in less than a week from when it arrived in the store.
Another lunch hour wasted and I was assured everything was going to work out. Upon finding the bridesmaid dress in the pile to be sent back to the warehouse we both stepped into our dresses and I explained that the only thing I needed on the bridesmaid dress was to have it shortened from floor-length to tea-length; another question I asked about before purchasing the dress and another reason for choosing the more expensive option. Again we were trying to “alter the shape of the dress” and it just couldn't be done and I'd need to reorder the short version and have it get to the store the day of the wedding. Because why, yes, the only thing I have to do on the day I am getting married I to drive three hours out of town to pick up a dress I only hope doesn't have to be altered. Shockingly we opted to not have her dress done and started on mine. None of the work was correct the dress was still large enough to fit me and my bridesmaid in and dragged on the ground in several places despite the, oh how many? Only six ties that were sewn into place and I paid for over 16!

I again asked for her to take in the sides and was shut down immediately. Then Betty had to call in back up to help deal with the “monster” that was going over her appointment time. I was confused though; I thought I had booked two appointments. Nope! She gave away my second appointment to a walk in and I was cutting into her time. Shame on me! She put in about eight more ties and wasn't going to charge me because she was just going to get this “monster of an order” completed- she just does so many favors for the brides. She told me to come back tomorrow to which I had to again reiterate that I had to work and that I don't live nearby. Then I was told to come back at closing. That's 9pm in case you don't know. I explained in the nicest way possible that I had to work in the morning and Betty informed me that the only other option was to have it shipped to me. She said that “they” messed up the dress but that she was going to deal with it herself this time and could have it shipped out no later than Monday. I cried again as I left the store having no idea why I paid this company money to treat me like a second rate cow.

I resisted my gut telling me to just take it home and find someone else because I was warned she wouldn't touch it if someone else did. I thought “they” did it in the first place, though, not her. I called on Monday to get the tracking number and shouldn't have been surprised that it not only wasn't being completed by Betty but that it wasn't going to be finished for two weeks and shipped out the week after. Just so you know that's two and a half weeks before my wedding and how was I to prove that I didn't have anyone else touch it if it was wrong? I came home from work crying once again to my fiancé who had to get involved and he called the store and demanded it be shipped immediately to the house and for them to not touch it any further. Which was briefly protested then was promised it would be shipped out that day or the next. I called back after and got the shipping confirmation number for verification from the manager I still can't bring myself to put it on. I get so worked up when I even see it that I can't imagine putting it on for what was supposed to be the best and happiest day of my entire life. Never have I been more insulted and never again will I. I will not only never go back, but I am closing my credit card and making sure that every bride I ever meet for the rest of my life knows exactly what kind of company David's Bridal is and the people they employ and promote.

Terrible company!
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Rating: 1/51

TEXAS -- PUBLICpublished review 4/21/18

I have had so many problems with this company! I was so excited to go and try dresses on, and David's bridal was at the top of my list. We began looking at dresses as we waited for our stylist. At first, everything was great and our stylist took note of my personal style and what I liked and disliked. I tried a few on and was told that I was a size 16, which was way off as I later found out. I pointed it out, but she assured me that she was correct. At this time, the shop got really busy so our stylist asks to step away. Sure, no problem we understand that we are not the only ones there. We continued looking at dresses when we were approached by a manager who didn't greet us, instead she attacked us asking where the stylist was. We explain that we were just looking and would notify our stylist if we needed help. The manager said that "I couldn't try on anymore dresses and that I would need to come back." I already had a room with two dresses saved for me, but she didn't care. She said that "we were unable to look without a systlist and that we need to make an appointment to come back." I was almost in tears at this point, because she was so rude and all we were doing was looking! I just wanted to leave but I loved one of the dresses I tried on. I asked to try it on one more time, as I was sure it was the one I wanted and they could alter it, I was told. The manager told me that "I couldn't try it on and that I need to either buy it or come back another day." I didn't want to risk losing it so I bought it. It wasn't a pleasant experience, but I was just glad we found a dress. I went back a week later to get a corset to wear under the dress, and I was sized wrong again! I was put into a corset three times too small and the stylist told me that "it is supposed to fit like that!" I'm no expert, but when you look like a busted can of biscuits, it isn't the right size! She assured me that "It would look better when the dress is altered and laying flat against the corset." I was trying to be modest for my wedding day, not have my breasts popping out of the dress! I went somewhere else, as I felt uncomfortable with the fit. That is when I was informed that the size they put me in and said was right, was way too small!! It came time to do alterations and there was no way was I going back to that location. I made an appointment across town in Houston and went to another location hoping for a better experience. I got to the alterations department and I am informed that the dress was way too big on me! They said I was around a size 12!! The alterations department had me hopeful, talking about everything they could do to make it better. The alterations ended up costing me $600! I thought it was absolutely ridiculous, but they are the experts! I went in a few times to try it, as it had to be hemmed, sash added, and brought in obviously, since it's too big. Also, straps added for support. I went in to pick the dress up and I tell them this at the front desk, they put me in a room and I thought it was odd, since the previous times we were taken straight back to alterations. I assumed it was different since I was picking it up. The stylist came back and informs me that "she cannot find my dress." I started panicking at this time. She came back, and asks if its under any other name, I tell her no. She left and came back again and says "it isn't back there!" I am upset and asked why they didn't have it, I had an appointment and was having it altered. She apologized and said "oh sorry you're in the wrong place" and walks us back to alterations. I finally get the dress and there were stains on it, one strap was 1/2 inch smaller than the other and the straps had a hole in the material! The strap also had mesh showing with no jewels, it looked incomplete. I was livid that I spent $600 to be given trash! I pointed out everything, and they made me feel like I was just upset over nothing! They argued with me about the straps, said they were the same. One was too tight on my shoulder and the other was falling off! They finally measured and told me that "yes, there is a difference," but that it can be fixed. As far as the strap goes, they could add some jewels over the mesh strap to hide the hole. I am also told that the mesh showing is "how the strap comes, and most brides don't have a problem with it!" I have to walk away at this point, because I am in shock that she just told me this! I am about to have a panic attack, I can't hold back tears, and I'm angry. My maid of honor steps in and tells the seamstress that the quality of the work is unacceptable and not worth $600. Of course, she argues with my maid of honor saying that "they can assure us that it is quality work!" The work shows for itself in my opinion. We were told to come back in an hour and they would have everything fixed. Came back and at this point I'm emotionally and physically drained! My appointment was at 12, it was going on 5 o'clock! The dress was given back to me and it was cleaner and the straps are the same now. I hurry up put it on and then changed to leave. I should have inspected it more, but I was tired and stressed. I was relieved they fixed some of the issues, but still livid that I paid $600 for such terrible quality work. I got the dress home, and the straps were not sewed where they were supposed to be, they look crooked in the back and some of the jewels were falling off! I broke down at this point, not knowing what to do. At the same time, my package that I ordered from David's bridal's website came in, so I was excited and it distracted me from the whole dress ordeal. I ordered toasting flutes and a cake and knife serving set. I opened the box and the flutes were fine, but the knife set had a misspelled word on It! I was seeing red and ready to call that company and yell at them. It should have said my name and my husbands to be. Instead it said my name nand his name!!!! Nand????? Who is working at this company and why aren't they checking stuff before it goes out?? Of course, they are closed so all I can do is email them. Monday comes and I called and wait for what feels like forever on hold, there were 10 callers ahead of me.. I finally get through and all they said is "oh, I'm sorry for that," they need pictures and then once received they can send it to whoever made them and have a new set to me. I asked if they would be here in time for my wedding, and all she said is "I will note your wedding date on the email I send." So, there is no guarantee that I will even get it in time!! I still haven't heard back about my dress, I called and called and emailed continuously since the day I picked the dress up, and no response or single call back. So, I made the dreaded decision to buy another dress. I didn't know what to do and I wasn't taking it back because they don't know what they were doing and the manager informed me that "alterations are elective, so once altered they don't do returns exchanges or anything." By this time I cannot even look at the dress without crying. I can't wear it and I don't even feel the same way about it because of all the issues! All I can think about is how unhappy this dress is going to make me on one of the most important days of my life. Fast forward and I get the New toasting set and it's correct and in time for the wedding, one thing out of many fixed! Today, David's bridal called me back in regards to the angry email I sent weeks ago about my ruined dress. All they said is I'm sorry over and over again! I explained that they have terrible customer service and that I spent a lot of money and ended up having to buy another dress. Again, all she said is "I'm sorry." I am so angry because how could they take such a special day and ruin it and not care! I don't have the money to buy a dress again and have it altered, but I am left with no choice. All she kept saying is "I'm sorry" and to bring it back to the store so they can alter it. Why in the world would I ever step foot into a David's bridal ever again? I explained that I live across town and I can't just take it up there, as I had to take off work for the other times I went. All she can say is "I'm sorry" and to bring it in so they can fix the alteration issues. I told her once again that I live across town and don't have the time or gas to be driving back and forth. Again, she said "I'm sorry." Her last words were "I'm sorry I bothered you today." I understand that there is probably very little she could do, but to act as though my experience doesn't matter, is complete disrespect! I gave them a chance to fix it many times, and then they gave it to me dirty and ripped!! I will make sure everyone that I share my experience with as many people that will listen. I came to a conclusion, they are sorry! They are a sorry company that does not care about people at all and they shouldn't be in business!! I don't think this company realizes that they are ruining what should be positive experiences. I have accepted that all I can do is cut my loses at this point. My hope is that I can save brides from the hell I am still going through with them! Even if it's just one person.

Alterations Are a Fortune!
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Rating: 1/51

Everything was going great at first, I was quoted before we started at $150 for a hem, and $50 for a bustle. Each additional point would be $7. I figured ok, probably under $250. Within budget. Well, we finish, and she writes up the ticket... 150 hem, 50 bustle, 14 for additional. Then she adds another 50 for a royal bustle, $112 for "each additional pull" at 16 pulls... And $20 for cups?? We never once talked about cups or a more expensive bustle. I paid my ticket in full, $419. I wouldn't use DB again for alterations. Disappointed it was double the original quote & more than my DB dress final price. I also told the girl who helped me try on dresses my price range. She never mentioned how expensive alterations would be. I do love the dress but I was not prepared for $419 alterations on my $350 dress.

Worst Experience Ever!
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Rating: 1/51

RICHFIELD, MINNESOTA -- Recently my Fiancee and her wedding party set up an appointment at David's Bridal to go try on dresses for our wedding. Within 20 minutes of being there my fiancee called me in tears. Given the circumstances I wanted to take the time to tell you about her recent experience so that it hopefully NEVER again happens to another bride to be.

My fiancee set up an appointment with the David's Bridal at 840 W 78th St, Richfield, MN 55423. Upon their arrival they were excited and filled with joy. Her grandmother was there for support and also because she is older and she wanted see her granddaughter in a wedding dress, God forbid she passes away before the wedding.

They arrived right at 4pm and were not even greeted upon entry. It took them about 5-10 minutes to find anyone willing to help them as employee after employee completely ignored them. Once a half willing employee was found they informed the employee they had set up an appointment to try on wedding dresses. The employee said "well she can just look for dresses herself" and walked away. Her grandmother who is elderly, asked for a chair to sit down and once again the employee said “then go find one” and continued to walk away.

After a few minutes of searching for a dress they realized they did not even know where to start and again they searched for an employee. This time another employee told her that they just have to "figure it out for themselves because they are short staffed.” My future mother in-law again asked for a chair for her grandmother and was completely blown off as the employee rolled her eyes as if asking for a chair was just not important enough.

At this time my fiancee went into a changing room and called me crying. She did not understand why these people were being so rude and disrespectful as this day was supposed to be filled with joy and love. I did my best to console her but I could tell she just could not hold back the tears any longer. Being the strong woman she is she picked herself up and attempted to look for dresses to try on. Unfortunately being unfamiliar with the store and having no help aside from her wedding party proved to be too much and they left with tears running down their faces.

I am shocked and appalled at how David's Bridal took one of my fiancee's most memorial days and turned it into an event she wishes she could forget. I pray that my grandmother is able to see my bride to be in her wedding dress and that she does not pass away with this final memory. I cannot comprehend why David's Bridal would employ such disrespectful staff and why they even take appointments when clearly they are not even concerned with helping anyone but themselves.

I will post this story on every message board and wedding website until I hear a response from David's Bridal. I am doing this not out of spite… Instead I am writing this so others do not have to wipe away tears and console their loved ones. In writing this I also hope that others may understand that David's Bridal is NOT somewhere to make fond memories but instead a place where self indulging employees are more concerned with looking at their phones and talking with each other than helping women find a dress to be married in.

Awful Experience
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Rating: 1/51

SCARBOROUGH, OHIO -- I wanted to share about the awful and hurtful experience I had. I don't like leaving negative reviews because I know the effect they can have, but unfortunately, this issue was not resolved, nor did they attempt to resolve it.

Myself and 5 other bridesmaids have purchased dresses from David's bridal in Scarborough, ON. When we tried on dresses I chose to purchase a dress smaller than my size at the time. I tried on the size that I wanted to order and it fit. Although it was tight, it still zipped all the way and fit. This was September. The wedding is in February. When I received the dress in December it did not fit. It is not the same size as the one I tried on in the store.

I went back on December 28 to address this issue. I went with my sister and a friend who was going to have her dress altered. Before speaking to anyone, I tried on the black sample dress to make sure that I was not mistaken. After all it could have been that I gained weight. It fit. As it did when I chose to purchase that size. I tried on the one that I was given (biscotti) and it did not fit. We spent several hours trying to come to a solution but the staff was extremely rude. They basically told me I could steam it and try to stretch it out. The material the dress is made out of does not stretch. It is 100% Polyester. I felt like I was treated like an idiot and that was not okay. Their solution was to have it altered to add a corset. That would have been fine, however, they provided no assistance and wanted me to pay the full price for it ($100). This was NOT my fault. It was a mistake on DBs side. The dress I was given IS NOT the same as the one I tried on. The excuse given to me is that the sample one is stretched. If that is the case it should be swapped out for one that fits properly. This is unacceptable.

The manager and store manager went on to state that it was my fault because my measurements read a different size. I found this EXTREMELY rude and shameful. What they were indicating was that I was too fat for that dress and it is my fault for choosing a dress that doesn't fit me. I was body shamed. I was belittled. I was bullied. I was ganged up on by staff. It made me feel extremely insecure and hurt. The fact that I did not lose the weight is none of their business and it has nothing to do with the issue. The issue is I did not receive what I purchased. Again, they blamed me for not having gone with the size they said, which, when I tried on suggested size they had to pin it everywhere because it was so big.

The store manager went on to state that she would try and contact corporate to see if they could do anything about the alterations. She did not want to do anything herself to reduce the price or comp it or meet us half way. I had my friend speak to everyone for me as I was extremely angry and hurt. I did not want to make a scene and felt my friend was extremely calm and tried to de-escalate the situation while DB employees were escalating it, being rude and raising their voice stating the dresses are made from a standard outline. I understand that. However, I did not receive what I purchased. The dress I purchased zipped up. The one I was given does not.

Before leaving, the store manager said she would contact my friend after the new year with an update. We asked for a date and was told by January 2nd. We never heard back from her. My friend called multiple times and left messages. She was finally contacted on January 9th at around 7pm and told there was nothing they could do.

I was able to locate an email for DB directly and informed them of what had occurred (exactly what I am posting here). I was contacted and it was reiterated that there was nothing they could do because the size I bought was not the size I was when I purchased the dress. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. They do not care about customers or customer satisfaction. This issue could have EASILY been resolved by helping me out with the alterations. Afterall, the seamstress is paid salary and it would have literally not costed them a cent.
I am shocked that this issue escalated to what it did and no effort was made on their part. I have worked in retail and have a friend who owns a retail store and this is not acceptable. It is so hurtful and disappointing.

Customer Service Could Use a Make Over if This Location Keeps Its Doors Open
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Rating: 1/51

NOVI, MICHIGAN -- I would like to leave my review with you. If we switched places for a day, you'd be happy marriage is only suppose to happen once, and you'd also want people to talk positively about the company that helped you make you special day look beautiful.

Where could I possibly start with my disappointment, and bad feelings of my special day, not so special to women who CHOSE to work at David's Bridal? Let's begin with the location: Novi, Michigan in the West Twelve Oaks Shopping Plaza. Maybe it's the competition that these women at this location feel it is necessary to be completely mean to any and pretty much all of the people who get the opportunity to step foot in this store.

Obviously, because there is not competition located near this location, therefore, they can be disrespectful, rude, cold, and disregard any of your request entirely, because let's face it, it is YOUR big day, how could you possibly know what you are looking for? It is definitely not assistance from anyone who works there, that would help you decide either. Instead they will do a superior job to make sure that your big day, is a disaster, and they will do it as many time as possible!

My first disappointment with them was when I went in with my family at a scheduled appointment, to get my step-daughter's dress picked out, sized and ordered. Everything went perfectly, minus the negative attitude from the STORE MANAGER we received, because my color was BLUE BIRD, and we already had dresses in our possession that color. On any normal occasion, this would not be a problem, BUT she had just received an email THAT MORNING that they were discontinuing that blue bird color next week, on Tuesday. Still, I thought “what's the big deal, it is not discontinued YET.”

Well, the big deal is that they needed to make sure they could order it, we stood at that counter for an hour and a half! And we got nothing! No information, no sigh of relief, no you're in luck. Not that I should need any of this, because the color was not discontinued YET, but regardless, instead the STORE MANAGER (you know, the one who should do everything possible to keep their word) told me she should call me on Monday, with the information. So I waited, and prayed that it would be doable. Left the store, was excited that things should work out.

Come Monday, no call, so I called just before they closed, and the lady I talked to told me the store manager wasn't in that day, and nor would she be, Tuesday (the day the color gets discontinued) so I asked her if she could look into my dress for me, and let me know if anyone had gotten back to them. She put me on hold for maybe 20 seconds, came back and said “nope I don't see anything, regarding an answer, I just see on my manager's desk a sticky note with your name on it.”

Hm, awesome, so I asked her what am I supposed to do, now that this is the day before the color ends, and she isn't going to be working to get back to me, and what? She is the ONLY one who can take care of this???? Of course she answered “She is our store manager. She will take care of you. The color will still be available, the day after it is discontinued, worst case scenario.” I was baffled, really? Because if it is still available, then why can't we just order the damn dress? Well as Tuesday and mid-day Wednesday came, I managed to miss the manager's call on Wednesday evening, she left me a message though, and it was awesome!

I was so pleased to hear that the dress my step daughter wanted was not able to be ordered in that size and color, BUT she could have the other dress in her size and that color, ordered and made…. The one she didn't want, are you kidding me, how does that make any sense whatsoever? Nope, it doesn't! I called her back, asked questions, no apologies from her, just that she can't control what they can and can't do, and maybe I should just change my color, HA, so I told her until she can take the dress that they can make for my step daughter, and turn it into the one we actually want, don't tell me what I should and shouldn't do.

I was livid, and upset, how poorly could I be treated? This made no sense, what did I do to them? I had an appointment, I was getting married, I was not a bridezilla, (up until that point) I had gone there before, and didn't seem to have any issues, what went wrong?

To this day, I still don't know, BUT it got better!!! Okemos called me and they helped me a ton! They were a blessing in this entire situation. We did change my color, they exchanged the dresses we already had, and did everything for free, except for the cost of the dress. I told them how horrible Novi was, and they apologized, they called store, after store, after store, and she talked to her manager to see if there was any way possible to make this right, and they did. They tried to get bluebird on the one dress still, before she asked me if I would be comfortable making a color change. She was AWESOME!!

Even after everything was fixed, Novi still managed to mess things up. My sister in-law went there to get her daughter a flower girl dress and treated her like crap, to the point where I called Okemos and asked if they had notes on my account to treat my bridal party like crap? Can they even do that? No one had any good luck with the ladies at the Novi store. Why were we being treated so poorly?

We paid for everything we had ever got from them on the spot, thanked them for their help, even when it sucked, and it just kept getting worse! My other sister in-law went there to get her dress and wanted to mailed to her, and when she got it, it was the wrong damn color, it was not a color ever even requested or looked at. How? How? How?????? How badly do you have to hate your job to ruin someone's special day that had a pretty good piece of mind up until that point? I just wasn't ever going to give David's bridal my business again, and I was going to leave it at that.

And of course tell everyone I could to not go to Novi, how this location should be shut down, because they ruin weddings across the board, it's venom, spewing from that store. Yet, to my amazement, after being done with shopping there, and still getting everything I needed from the WONDERFUL people at the Okemos store, Novi managed to mess ONE last thing up, that was completely un-noticeable, until the damn day of my wedding.

I had two flower girls, and one dress came from Okemos, where they do everything right, as asked by the bride and her bridal party, the other one, came from Novi, for my sister in-law who already had so many issues there with their attitudes and ability to perform their job courteously. The flower girl's dress was “off white” the original plan was “white” and my other flower girl did have that color. The day of my wedding, ha, how little I actually cared, but man, how pissed I was to see that Novi still managed to mess something up.

I hope that this location has to close their doors, there were 10 dresses from David's Bridal, for my wedding, and almost all of my girls had to deal with Novi, and no one of them got what they needed right, the first time. And they were all just mean.

Get a clue woman! Just because you already had your special day, or have not had one yet, does not mean you should treat those of us who are on our way to that special day, like crap! Find a different job, where you can be mean, and ruin people's days, like debt collections. You should be ashamed of yourselves for treating women so poorly, given that you are women yourself! I know it is not just me, because my sister in-law's sister is getting married soon, and she went to you guys first, and that was all she needed to know she wouldn't go there again!

I hope you find this to be somewhat constructive criticism too, because in general, everyone deserves to be treated A LOT better, on any given day. Although, if you don't I am sure there is a reason you all act like that, at that store, maybe it's management, or a particular co-worker. I am not going to buy that everyone I or someone in my wedding party had “run ins” with at this store, just caught that person on a bad day. Maybe make a point to try being happy, and seeing the positive side of things, and all of your days will be better.

Maybe David's Bridal needs to review how they hire people, and do surprise visits after assembling a team. Or you could just shut this location's door and never hire those people again, because most of them are cold hearted, mean, ridiculously childish people. (I know it's hard to swallow that considering my review, but I gave you plenty of chances, and I don't dislike David's Bridal all across the board, just Novi's location and that staff. And my wedding is over and I still felt the need to do this.) Thank you, a concerned customer who supports your company – just not Novi's location.

Warning! David's Bridal Treats People Different Depending On Who You Are
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Rating: 1/51

TOLEDO, OHIO -- On Wednesday 10/8/13 my daughter Aaron came to me in tears. Her Fiance had called off the wedding and is breaking up with her. The following day I called David's bridal to inquire about her dress. I had made the final payment on 9/28/13 and wasn't even sure if the dress was there. They gave me a delivery date for early November. The lady I spoke with on 10/9/13 was very pleasant. She told me the dress was there.

I explained to her what happened and she said as long as the dress has not been picked up that I would receive a full refund. She also said If I do pick up the dress David's bridal will always allow me to exchange it. I asked her if I wait about a week would that be OK. I was still hoping they would reconcile. She said "sure just don't leave it there over a month." I said OK. We ended the call.

By Saturday 10/12/13 it was painfully obvious that they were not going to reconcile. I called David's Bridal on Monroe St. Toledo, OH at about 12 noon. The lady who answered the phone this time was very rude. I asked to speak to the store manager she said she was a manager. I began explaining to her what happened and that I spoke to a lady from their store on 10/9/13. I didn't even finish what I was saying when she interrupted me and inquired in a very nasty tone "who did you speak with?" I replied "I am not sure." She said "if you don't know who you spoke with I can't help you. All sales are final!"

I then became very angry and asked her what her name was she replied "Stephanie". I asked to speak with her boss and asked her name. She replied she wasn't at the store and her name is "Cindy". I asked for her boss's phone #. She became even more nasty and said. "I am not giving you her personal phone #." I replied "I didn't ask you for her personal #." (assuming she may be at another store) She said "she's the store manager and she isn't working today."

I then said "wait a minute you told me you were the store manager." She said "I'm one of the managers but she is the store Manager." I then attempted to go over the entire thing again. She was very rude and kept repeating to me that I needed the name for whom I spoke with. I asked her if I had the name would that make any difference.

She emphatically replied "Yes, we always honor what our associates promise and we have honored it for others" I said "but you won't honor it for me." She again said "only if I remembered the name." She also said "I needed to read my receipt better". I became irate at this point and told her that is "**" up. I know that wasn't nice but I had it with her at this point. I felt like I was being robbed of $500. I ended the call.

I checked with my attorney and he advised me to file a claim against David's Bridal in small claims court. He said in order for there to be a sale I need to receive either goods or services in exchange for the currency. I have not only have not received the dress I have not received a receipt for the payment made on 9/28/13. I have nothing to return or exchange.

This is also causing me extreme stress. After my daughter being crushed and now this. I have fibromyalgia (verifiable by my physician). When I have stress it adds to my body's pain and can make me bed ridden for days. Today I couldn't even move when I woke up. It has taken me to 3 pm in the afternoon to even type this letter.

As far as remembering the lady's name my fibromyalgia can and does cause me to forget many things names and numbers especially. I have to write everything down or I forget them. When I called on 10/9/13 and spoke to the Lady, I trusted fully what she told me. I didn't have any reason to ask her name. I'm sure she said it when she answered the phone but I didn't remember it 3 days later.

Calls after 9pm, Selling personal info, lies to get quick sale, downright awful!!!!
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CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- On Thursday May 13th I called my local David's Bridal store in Chattnooga TN on Gunbarrel rd to schedule an appointment for the following day. This was around 3 pm. I was shocked to be laying in bed at 9:20 that evening to be receiving a call from them. I answered, half asleep, to hear a young lady by the name of ** on the other end confirming the appointment I made 6 hours prior. This was the beginning of my nightmare.

My appointment was the next day at 11 am, and since several bridesmaids had planned to go with me I begrudgingly went to David's. I told the manager about my late night call to which she responded by rolling her eyes and stated she would note on my account not to call me so late. The last time I checked it was illegal to call anyone, even if you have a previous business relationship, after 9 pm.

This same manager then asked me to take a seat at a desk near the front door. She then began yelling across the store at me for my personal information. I abliged her, until she loudly said,"Wow, it looks like you have been here QUITE a few times as a bride!!" to which my reply was, "Yes, thank you for pointing that out." Strike two.

I was then introduced to a young lady named ** who would be my "consultant". I told ** what I was looking for. I wanted a simple gown with minimal to no beading, no train, and ivory. There are a ton of dresses on David's website like what I was looking for, and I even showed her pictures. ** laughed at me and told me she couldn't really help me, they had nothing like that. Even after her behavior I let her play dress up with me for 3 or 4 dresses.

I asked ** for a face mask as many bridal salons carry to keep the dresses clean of makeup, and she looked at me like I was crazy and said "well if it's that important not to smudge your makeup I will get you a napkin." I didn't take her up on it, as I explained it was not for my benefit, but theirs. Mandy disappeared for quite some time until I was so disgusted I put my clothes back on.

As my friends and I were leaving I found the dress. It was very similar to what I had described. We finally located the lost consultant ** and she pulled the dress in my size. It was filthy with make up all over it. (remember me asking for a face cover?) It also had several pleats torn out and a rip in the back. Mandy assured me all these things would be fixed. I had already had such a bad experience at this point that I was not willing to take her word for it.

I asked if I could get the promised repairs in writing as I know their policy of as is/no returns. Again ** mocked me saying "What do you want me to do, WRITE IT ON A PIECE OF PAPER?" Why yes I do. This is when she called a woman from alterations out to the dressing area, who pinned the dress and assured me that it would be repaired right that minute. I had two girlfriends who heard this.

I went to the front register to pay, just glad this experience was over. It was then that ** walked by and said there were too many other dresses back in alterations and mine would have to wait. I explained AGAIN that I was not buying a dress in that kind of shape. ** told me if I wasn't willing to pay for it and wait for them to repair it another day that she would put it back on the rack, and walked away.

The manager was sitting at the front desk through all of our exchange, and continued to sit there until I asked her to ring me up. I explained to her that I would put the dress in layaway to hold it, and I would be calling the following Monday to check on the promised repairs. She said that was fine and she would make sure it was taken care of.

I called midway through the next week and the dress had not been touched. Mandy began telling me on the telephone that they would not do the repairs until the dress was paid in full. But wait, she was the one who told me they would be done that night. Also the manager knew the dress was a layaway and also assured me it would me done. I was fuming. ** assured me that it would be done that week and to call back. I called the following Friday and spoke with an associate who stated that it wasn't done, and it was not in line to be done, and wouldn't be done until I paid in full.

In the meantime, I was getting 6+ calls a day stating I "had won an amazing honeymoon" or I "had won a dream registry" from various David's Bridal partners who had purchased the information that the manager had asked me for at the beginning of my nightmare consultation.

At this point I had enough. I went into David's on June 3rd to speak with the manager about the situation. ** was at the front desk ringing up an unsuspecting customer and she promptly walked away as I approached. The manager came over and I explained the situation. When she offered no apology for the deceitful practices they used to get my quick sale but then didn't follow through with their promises, I requested a refund of my deposit.

She explained that I would be forfeiting 10% of the price of the gown. I accepted it just to end this, however they are the ones that didn't honor an agreement that was made to fix the gown. I feel like I lost $40, but it was a small price to pay to be able to take my business elsewhere, where it will be appreciated and I will be treated with respect.

Excellent Shopping Experience
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Rating: 5/51

NILES, OHIO -- I went into this store with one dress in mind. However, the dress was no longer available. However, the wedding consultant along with my daughter and granddaughter was able to find the perfect dress for me. Anita, the wedding consultant, was pleasant and patient. I would highly recommend this store to any bride looking for a dress or accessories.

Terrible Customer Service
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Rating: 2/51

WILKES BARRE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I am reviewing the customer service as a bridesmaid. I cannot speak for how this company treats their brides, but I can tell you that when it is my time to get married, I will NOT be using this company for any of my dresses.

I have dealt with David's Bridal on 2 separate occasions for 2 different weddings.

The first wedding was Sept 2015. I had tried my dress on in the store and ordered it on-line. When I received the dress, it was the wrong size and wrong color. I called the customer service number to get an RMA# to exchange the dress for the color and size I had originally ordered. I left a total of 12 messages over a weeks time span for both the returns department and the general inquiries depts. It took the bride calling and complaining for anyone to return my call. They did finally get the correct dress in the mail, and I sent back the incorrect dress.

This second occasion, we had tried dresses on in the store Oct 2016. Ordered them in the store and the sales woman stated we should have the dresses by the end of Nov. I didn't think anything of it until around New Year's. I called the 800 number, and was transferred over to our local David's Bridal store (which is a good hour and a half away) to check on the status of my dress. The representative at the corporate office stated because the dress was ordered in store, they did not have access to the shipping information. The girl I spoke to in the store took down my information and said she would call me back. 2 days later, I called again to see what was going on and where my dress is, spoke to another girl who again took my information down. She did call me back, however she had some one else's shipping information. She then said she would call me back. I called back a 3rd time after not hearing from them again, after 2 days. This 3rd girl I spoke to put who I believe was the supervisor on the phone (she did not give her name or her title) and she assured me they are looking into it and I would hear back from them early the next week. She did call me the following Monday and advised they were still looking into this but they did have the same dress on hold in the store if need be. I ended up getting a dress in the mail a few days later. But it took me close to 2 weeks to find out what was going on with a dress I had ordered months ago.

I have never in my life had to deal with customer service as poor as this companies. You would think, for as big as they are, they would have better customer service skills.

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