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The Best Ever
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Rating: 5/51

CORAL GABLES, FLORIDA -- I had the BEST POSSIBLE EXPERIENCE at David's Bridal Coral Gables on Miracle Mile. I came in search of my wedding dress where Wendy didn't just assist me with pulling dresses but went through all the emotions of my dress hunting experience. She was so pleasant and supportive. It felt like she was my sister. Janny helped me every step of the way from the purchase of my dress to the final fitting and pick up. It was so nice to see a familiar face who remembered my name and my family at each appointment. She is so welcoming, always greeting with a smile and making everyone feel comfortable.

Celia and Xiomara are THE BEST EVER at their craft. Celia was patient and focused throughout my entire 2 1/2 hour alteration appointment! I am 4'11 and a size zero so my gorgeous 5 layer dress had to be hemmed and taken in at the sides. She continuously paused to check in with me to see if I was okay. When I asked for a break from standing she gladly helped me off the platform and asked if I needed anything. I was in awe of her meticulous work.

Xiomara executed the alterations perfectly! You would never guess how much work went into making the dress MY dress. It fit like a glove! My order was a rush order that Xiomara completed 5 HOURS before the projected time. I absolutely love this place and would recommend them to anyone. I wish they were all there at my final appointment so I could give everyone a big hug. I will remember Wendy, Janny, Celia and Xiomara for the rest of my life with a smile. They made wedding dress shopping a fairytale experience for me. Thank you ladies.

Very Disappointed and Truly Sad!!!!
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Rating: 1/51

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I had my first horrible experience as a customer in my life. It is very unfortunate that it happened with my wedding dress. :( I paid 1250 dollars for my wedding dress and 350 dollars for alterations. In return I got a wedding dress that was made too short because the skirt was torn and an e-mail saying that they are sorry which I of course do not believe since they did not do anything about it. Here is in short: David's Bridal is into your money (make no mistake they will charge you with extreme amounts for anything no matter how small it is, even for the bag they put the dress in) but they DON'T care about your happiness or satisfaction whatsoever!!!

Calls after 9pm, Selling personal info, lies to get quick sale, downright awful!!!!
By -

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- On Thursday May 13th I called my local David's Bridal store in Chattnooga TN on Gunbarrel rd to schedule an appointment for the following day. This was around 3 pm. I was shocked to be laying in bed at 9:20 that evening to be receiving a call from them. I answered, half asleep, to hear a young lady by the name of ** on the other end confirming the appointment I made 6 hours prior. This was the beginning of my nightmare.

My appointment was the next day at 11 am, and since several bridesmaids had planned to go with me I begrudgingly went to David's. I told the manager about my late night call to which she responded by rolling her eyes and stated she would note on my account not to call me so late. The last time I checked it was illegal to call anyone, even if you have a previous business relationship, after 9 pm.

This same manager then asked me to take a seat at a desk near the front door. She then began yelling across the store at me for my personal information. I abliged her, until she loudly said,"Wow, it looks like you have been here QUITE a few times as a bride!!" to which my reply was, "Yes, thank you for pointing that out." Strike two.

I was then introduced to a young lady named ** who would be my "consultant". I told ** what I was looking for. I wanted a simple gown with minimal to no beading, no train, and ivory. There are a ton of dresses on David's website like what I was looking for, and I even showed her pictures. ** laughed at me and told me she couldn't really help me, they had nothing like that. Even after her behavior I let her play dress up with me for 3 or 4 dresses.

I asked ** for a face mask as many bridal salons carry to keep the dresses clean of makeup, and she looked at me like I was crazy and said "well if it's that important not to smudge your makeup I will get you a napkin." I didn't take her up on it, as I explained it was not for my benefit, but theirs. Mandy disappeared for quite some time until I was so disgusted I put my clothes back on.

As my friends and I were leaving I found the dress. It was very similar to what I had described. We finally located the lost consultant ** and she pulled the dress in my size. It was filthy with make up all over it. (remember me asking for a face cover?) It also had several pleats torn out and a rip in the back. Mandy assured me all these things would be fixed. I had already had such a bad experience at this point that I was not willing to take her word for it.

I asked if I could get the promised repairs in writing as I know their policy of as is/no returns. Again ** mocked me saying "What do you want me to do, WRITE IT ON A PIECE OF PAPER?" Why yes I do. This is when she called a woman from alterations out to the dressing area, who pinned the dress and assured me that it would be repaired right that minute. I had two girlfriends who heard this.

I went to the front register to pay, just glad this experience was over. It was then that ** walked by and said there were too many other dresses back in alterations and mine would have to wait. I explained AGAIN that I was not buying a dress in that kind of shape. ** told me if I wasn't willing to pay for it and wait for them to repair it another day that she would put it back on the rack, and walked away.

The manager was sitting at the front desk through all of our exchange, and continued to sit there until I asked her to ring me up. I explained to her that I would put the dress in layaway to hold it, and I would be calling the following Monday to check on the promised repairs. She said that was fine and she would make sure it was taken care of.

I called midway through the next week and the dress had not been touched. Mandy began telling me on the telephone that they would not do the repairs until the dress was paid in full. But wait, she was the one who told me they would be done that night. Also the manager knew the dress was a layaway and also assured me it would me done. I was fuming. ** assured me that it would be done that week and to call back. I called the following Friday and spoke with an associate who stated that it wasn't done, and it was not in line to be done, and wouldn't be done until I paid in full.

In the meantime, I was getting 6+ calls a day stating I "had won an amazing honeymoon" or I "had won a dream registry" from various David's Bridal partners who had purchased the information that the manager had asked me for at the beginning of my nightmare consultation.

At this point I had enough. I went into David's on June 3rd to speak with the manager about the situation. ** was at the front desk ringing up an unsuspecting customer and she promptly walked away as I approached. The manager came over and I explained the situation. When she offered no apology for the deceitful practices they used to get my quick sale but then didn't follow through with their promises, I requested a refund of my deposit.

She explained that I would be forfeiting 10% of the price of the gown. I accepted it just to end this, however they are the ones that didn't honor an agreement that was made to fix the gown. I feel like I lost $40, but it was a small price to pay to be able to take my business elsewhere, where it will be appreciated and I will be treated with respect.

Excellent Shopping Experience
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Rating: 5/51

NILES, OHIO -- I went into this store with one dress in mind. However, the dress was no longer available. However, the wedding consultant along with my daughter and granddaughter was able to find the perfect dress for me. Anita, the wedding consultant, was pleasant and patient. I would highly recommend this store to any bride looking for a dress or accessories.

Inflated Measurements?
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Rating: 1/51

PEORIA, ARIZONA -- I am an older lady who has put my personal life on hold until I felt I found the "right guy". So it's really hard to bring this older body into any bridal shop. It might be said, it's an untapped market! I went to just get ideas on the size dress that I might fit into and look at what was available. I realize I want to get in better shape and tone up, but when the saleslady went to do my measurements, SHE ADDED TEN INCHES TO MY WAIST!!! 4 INCHES BIGGER THAN MY HIPS! WHAT? So when I saw her numbers, I mentioned there was a mistake, so she re-measured and wrote down the same number again!

When I tried on the dress, she said, "Wow, we're going have to take that waist in". Later a friend mentioned that it may have been done so that you'll need to pay for alterations. WHY aren't there any mirrors in the dressing rooms? Forcing one to go into a area with lots of people? The clerk gave me a hand mirror, really? Also, the undergarment slip was filthy! Ladies, we all deserve better, When you do go to try on dresses, somewhere else, bring your own undergarments! And shoes of similar height you want to wear, Bring your close friends to protect and support you. God bless.

Stay Away from David's Bridal
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Rating: 1/51

ONLINE SITE & IN STORE SPRINGFIELD MO, MISSOURI -- I have had several very poor experiences with David's Bridal now and am considering returning my wedding dress as well as having bridesmaid purchase through another company. I recently purchased a dress for $250 with a coupon for $50 off code SAVEBIG. The next day it went on sale to $198 with a new coupon of $30 off with coupon Kiss30 making dress 168. Customer service said in order for me to get the price I had to purchase a 2nd dress and return my 1st dress.

Unfortunately, my money is tied up in first dress I have even got yet and am not able to do... was told I had to purchase 2 dresses in order to get the sale. They would not honor the price the dress is selling for a day later with coupon. I would like to get the dress price for what I am able to purchase today without buying 2 dresses. This was my 2nd poor customer service experience.

My 1st experience was when I had an appointment at David's Bridal and went into store. The salesperson said I could not look at dresses. I had to describe what I was looking for... after 3 dresses she asked if I was purchasing a dress and I said I was trying to see what I liked today... She then said she was unable to help me. I asked if I may look at dresses since she was not available and she said no. She then scolded my sister when she began looking at dresses. I still have 4 more bridesmaid dresses I have to purchase & maybe a wedding dress which I will decide when I get it if I will return.

Horrible Service, Do Not Go!
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Rating: 1/51

I am APPALLED by this company. The service I have received from their brick and mortar stores to their corporate office is absolutely atrocious. I purchased a dress that they said they could alter, when I took it to the store to do just that they said it was against corporate policy, after contacting multiple stores the answer was a resounding "no". I reached out to corporate, they e-mailed me back two days later saying someone would be in touch.

A week later I e-mailed them again asking when that would be and finally two weeks later I heard back from them. They told me the store would do it if I called and made an appointment, that I would still have to pay for it, they couldn't tell me how much (even though the first store already told me the amount). Now they are saying they can't tell me how much it will be until it's done.

All in all, absolutely terrible service. I had a bridesmaids dress to get from them and I took the time to find it from another site as I will never give them my money again. The alterations will also be done at a place that has at least a minimal level of customer service. I don't care if I pay twice as much, this company will never get another penny from me or anyone in my bridal party for that matter.

David's Bridal Credit Cards Are a Big Ripoff
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Rating: 1/51

FREEHOLD, NEW JERSEY -- When purchasing a wedding gown David's Bridal sales associate did not inform me that the 6 months no interest would begin at the time the dress was purchased, although the dress did not come into the store until a month before the wedding. The fees incurred are inflated and the finance charge is over the top. The sales people talk you into getting a credit card and they do a good job of sucking you into paying more money than what you are paying for the gown with the finance charges. Please do not be taken by the smoke and mirrors they portray at David's Bridal. Purchase your gown and do not finance it. Biggest ripoff I have ever seen. Pathetic!!!

Worst Experience Ever!
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Rating: 1/51

RICHFIELD, MINNESOTA -- Recently my Fiancee and her wedding party set up an appointment at David's Bridal to go try on dresses for our wedding. Within 20 minutes of being there my fiancee called me in tears. Given the circumstances I wanted to take the time to tell you about her recent experience so that it hopefully NEVER again happens to another bride to be.

My fiancee set up an appointment with the David's Bridal at 840 W 78th St, Richfield, MN 55423. Upon their arrival they were excited and filled with joy. Her grandmother was there for support and also because she is older and she wanted see her granddaughter in a wedding dress, God forbid she passes away before the wedding.

They arrived right at 4pm and were not even greeted upon entry. It took them about 5-10 minutes to find anyone willing to help them as employee after employee completely ignored them. Once a half willing employee was found they informed the employee they had set up an appointment to try on wedding dresses. The employee said "well she can just look for dresses herself" and walked away. Her grandmother who is elderly, asked for a chair to sit down and once again the employee said “then go find one” and continued to walk away.

After a few minutes of searching for a dress they realized they did not even know where to start and again they searched for an employee. This time another employee told her that they just have to "figure it out for themselves because they are short staffed.” My future mother in-law again asked for a chair for her grandmother and was completely blown off as the employee rolled her eyes as if asking for a chair was just not important enough.

At this time my fiancee went into a changing room and called me crying. She did not understand why these people were being so rude and disrespectful as this day was supposed to be filled with joy and love. I did my best to console her but I could tell she just could not hold back the tears any longer. Being the strong woman she is she picked herself up and attempted to look for dresses to try on. Unfortunately being unfamiliar with the store and having no help aside from her wedding party proved to be too much and they left with tears running down their faces.

I am shocked and appalled at how David's Bridal took one of my fiancee's most memorial days and turned it into an event she wishes she could forget. I pray that my grandmother is able to see my bride to be in her wedding dress and that she does not pass away with this final memory. I cannot comprehend why David's Bridal would employ such disrespectful staff and why they even take appointments when clearly they are not even concerned with helping anyone but themselves.

I will post this story on every message board and wedding website until I hear a response from David's Bridal. I am doing this not out of spite… Instead I am writing this so others do not have to wipe away tears and console their loved ones. In writing this I also hope that others may understand that David's Bridal is NOT somewhere to make fond memories but instead a place where self indulging employees are more concerned with looking at their phones and talking with each other than helping women find a dress to be married in.

A Consumer Lesson
By -

One of the things that I find most interesting about sites like this is how quickly [and thoroughly] people complain about their services or experience without first checking to see how their attitudes affect their overall experience. How many people act like bridezillas or are just plain rude and/or allow their people [bridesmaids, mothers, friends, whoever] to be just plain abusive to another human being just because they think being proposed to makes this special.

I too have a negative experience at David's Bridal. Mine went like this. I made an appointment for Saturday. I was told on the phone it would busy and I may have to share my consultant, but that was the only day I could get two friends in so I came.

It was no biggie to me. I completely understand that at is heart, David's Bridal is a retail store-a special retail store-but a retail store nonetheless. And just like Macy's can become crowded on a busy Saturday it made sense to me that so too could David's Bridal. And just like at a doctor office on a busy day, appointments may run long. I was okay with the idea that I may have to wait for my appointment.

I was just excited about my wedding and wanted to take in the whole experience. I got to my appointment on time, but my friends weren't there yet I asked if I could wait. They asked me to register, but since I registered online I didn't have to fill out the paperwork. I did hear a girl complaining about doing so. That should have warned me.

My friend picked up one of the dress to ask me what I thought. We were told that we could not handle the dresses because they are sold off the rack and only the consultants are allowed to handle them. I was told when I got my consultant, if I liked the dress, she could take it to the fitting room for me. The girl who said this wasn't rude, she was just matter of fact. I got my consultant. She was friendly and upbeat. When I was told that I would have to share my consultant with another bride, I was okay with that.

However, guess who my bride was. She was the girl who was at the desk complaining about the registration process. And she was not at all pleased that she had to share me. She and her sister complained about it the whole time she tried on dress. But that was just the beginning. She was rude and a nasty and her sister was way worst. However, the consultant I had remained pleasant despite this.

I noticed that the other bride's family, bridesmaids or whoever she was with kept bringing dresses after dresses back to the fitting room. The consultant asked them to stop, but the didn't. The sister even snapped at the consultant, yet the girl was still very pleasant, but I could see she was stressed.

I felt so bad for her. She was trying her best to juggle both of us at the same time and still remain upbeat. The other bride's sister who absolute flat out refused to go sit outside so she remained standing at the fitting room door--would contradict everything the consultant said about anything. But the consultant remained tactful. I have to say I was impressed at her professionalism because it so couldn't have been me. I so wanted to tell that girl to shut up and let the poor girl do her job.

Then there was the fact that every time my consultant came to help me, the other bride would call to her. It was like the woman was determined not to share. It got so bad, I decided to cut short my appointment. As I was in the fitting room getting dress to leave I could hear the bride and her sister complaining about the consultant being stupid and rude and pushy, even using profanity about the poor girl.

That angered me. I was there. I heard the consultant trying hard to please both me and the other bride. It was a shame, but I just knew when those women left they were going to complain about the girl--probably to the manager or on some site just like this. So I made a point to go to the manager and tell her what a good job the girl had done and I made a point to fill out a survey and call customer service.

It just goes to show that sometimes it's not the consultants or the people in the store, but how rude we as consumers can be because we think we are entitled to certain things and we live and breathe that customer is always right bull. Just as a side note, I made another appointment with my consultant during the week. It was quieter [a tidbit of information I got as my consultant walked me to the door] and the bride I shared my consultant with this time was much nicer.

After things were all said an done. I wrote a nice letter about my experience praising the staff. Because one of the things that gets my goat and that I find so interesting how little people are willing to be so thorough when they receive quality service.

It's like when things go outside of how people thinks things should go, they want to tell the world, scream, rant and rave. But when things go well no one says a word. So I said I am letting everyone I know, know just how pleasant my experience was. Moral to this story ladies... sure bad things happen and sometimes people are just plain rude. But let's check ourselves. Let's make sure we leave our bridal egos at the door and walk inside these stores wanting to be just as respectful to them as we think they should be to us.

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