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Bad Service!
By -

HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA -- I had a piece of dining room furniture delivered form D&D. When they arrived we had 6 inches of snow on the ground, the drivers unloaded other customers items into the snowy street in order to get to mine. Needless to say they didn't seem to show any respect for what they were delivering. They brought my item up the driveway using a 2 wheel hand cart which placed all the weight on one point, I had them place my delivery in the garage on 2x4 blocks so it was off the ground.

I was told I had to pay $201 cash for the delivery or they would take the item back. Even though I had already waited 7 weeks for the delivery and had already made the delivery payment they would not budge. He was adamant that I had to pay even if it meant going out in the snowy street to an ATM. Because it was after their office hours they could not call to confirm my payment even though it was noted on the invoice as paid. I called the store where I purchased the item the next day and was told that I would have a check mailed to me from D&D to reimburse me the delivery.

5 days later when I opened the box I noticed the corner had been damaged. I took a picture and emailed it to them, when I called I was told “you signed saying it was ok” nothing we can do! So 3 weeks later I went there in person (385 miles from my home) to collect my $201 I had not yet received and discuss how to resolve the damage issue.

One guy got aggressive and told me to leave, nobody was going to talk with me. Then after I stood my ground I was told they could not pay me. Their accounting was in a different location but a check would be mailed out the next day. I was also promised a phone call or email with possible solutions on how they would assist fixing the damaged item. My visit was on 1/27/2010 and I still have not received a call, email or check. I DO NOT SUGGEST USING THIS COMPANY!!!!!

Company Response 03/26/2010:

When we notified you we were scheduling your delivery, you were told there was a delivery fee of 201.00.You never once said you didnt owe it,after making the delivery the store you purchased from said they would pay all delivery fees.We sent your check out as soon as we received payment.As for damage, if the drivers were handling your furniture so carelessly WHY would you not inspect the furniture.Even though you signed a clear bol and made threats we still tried to get a new top for you.As you know the store and factory both declined getting you a new top.We cannot honor claims after the furniture was delivered a week earlier.

Lousy Service
By -

I purchased furniture from Designer's Choice in Hickory, N.C. on September 9, 2006. I was told the delivery charge would be $775. When D & D Delivery Service, Inc., located in High Point, N.C., called to schedule delivery for November 11, I was told that the delivery charge was $922, which I considered to be a significant increase. Out of 5 cartons, only 3 arrived undamaged.

Of these 3, the deliverymen were only able to carry 2 upstairs, although set-up was supposed to be included in the price. They insisted that the Door Chest would not fit up the stairs, which is totally untrue as we have now moved it upstairs ourselves. They then left, leaving the Chest setting on a dirty furniture pad in my kitchen.

Mid February D & D Delivery Service called and said they would be in the area and could deliver Feb 22-24. I told them we would be away on vacation on the 22nd but that the other dates would work. In spite of this fact, they tried to deliver the furniture on the 22nd, and then headed back to N.C.

It is now March 21st. Earlier this week, D & D Delivery Service, Inc. called to schedule my delivery between the hours of 1:00 and 4:00 P.M. today. It is now after 4:00 P.M., once again, they have not delivered or even called. I called their office and there was nobody there to take my call. D & D has had my money since November and I find this to be totally unacceptable. My next correspondence will be directed to the Better Business Bureau.

Dishonest and incompetent
By -

HIGHT POINT, NORTH CAROLINA -- D&D Delivery of High Point North Carolina is incompetent and dishonest. When I phoned to see what was taking them so long to deliver my furniture in the time frame I'd been quoted, they said they phoned twice but I wasn't home. I asked why they hadn't left a message, and they had no response. When the furniture was delivered early on the day scheduled, I was at a friends across town. I'd told them I wouldn't be home until a certain time, but the driver said he hadn't been told which was a lie because the only way he got my cell phone # was from the person I'd given this info to. I encourage others to avoid dealing w/ this disreputable, dishonest company.

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