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40 Minute Wait
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Rating: 1/51

HAMBURG, NEW YORK -- After signing in and being seated within 5 minutes, the waitress took our order within 2 minutes. She never told us that the kitchen was backed up or anything about the wait time. My daughter & I waited almost 45 minutes for our order. When I mentioned this to the waitress she apologized with an attitude. This waitress did not give us napkins with our drinks, creamer for our coffee (although I asked) or offer hot sauce for the meal.

Additionally, I ordered pumpkin pancakes (paid extra) and was served regular after I had finished my grand slam. The serving was undersized. IDK how management would allow such understaffing and not properly training the waitress. I'm sorry to say I did not leave a tip. I will not be going back to this Denny's especially since the process took well over an hour.

Veterans Day free breakfast
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Rating: 4/51

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- We have been to Denny's multiple times over the years. Some experiences were ok, some not so much. This Veteran's Day my son and I had free Grand Slams and I paid for my wife to eat. Although the restaurant was very busy, line-out-the-door busy, in fact, our experience was excellent. We got our coffee quickly, put our order in within about 5 minutes and we were eating less than 10 minutes after that. The food was good and the server kept the cups filled. Overall a very satisfying visit.

Waitresses and Waiters
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Rating: 1/51

RAPID CITY, SOUTH DAKOTA -- I was in Rapid City, S.D. on June 29th around lunch time. Three hours earlier I had come from ICU Rapid City Regional where I had lost my husband. My daughter and best friend were with me and they insisted I have something to eat. I am 64 yrs old and I wait tables at a very busy place for 45 yrs. so I have knowledge of the ins and outs of cafe business - have had one of my own.

What I saw at the one we ate at near the hospital is the worst display of horsing around in a eatery in my life. It took us over a half hour to get our food - it had sat under lights for sometime. I know lights don't keep it hot. My spaghetti was cold and crusty around the edges, toast was crisp on the edges and other side wet and soggy. My daughter's soup cold, my friend's eggs cold as were the grits. She asked for a glass of milk and they brought her a tiny little pitcher of milk. We asked to have food heated and while we were there all that time these kids were whooping and laughing and horsing around.

Finally I stood up and asked if we could get our food that was supposedly being heated. I was in grief to begin with and then to go in and see something like that with NO responsible adult in there. That was my first visit to a Denny's and my last. That was so unacceptable, chasing one another around laughing and squealing. What the ** has become of common sense and serving the customer. If I done that at Murdo S.D. I would make no tips what so ever and my boss would fire my ** in a blink of a eye.

We pd. a lot of money for the worst service I have ever endured. My friend is a waitress too and my daughter is a lab tech at Sanford. We were all just flabbergasted. What a waste, and to top it off we seen a table get up and walk out and there were four of them and I heard the lady say, "We have sat here for 15 min. and not even been acknowledged." Is this how all your places are run???

Horrible Food/Good Manager
By -

KENTUCKY -- This morning we stopped at Denny's for breakfast after an early appointment. Little man had an alien pancake kids meal, my husband got a grand slam, and I got a Belgian Waffle platter. The waitress was very nice and had our drinks served before we could even unroll our silverware. We put our order in and within 15 minutes got our food. That is where it went downhill.

What was served to us was some of the most DISGUSTING food I've ever had the displeasure of eating. How this slop left the kitchen the way it was served to us is beyond comprehension. My son's alien pancakes were supposed to be served with whipped cream and strawberries, didn't have it. I didn't complain because he didn't really care. My husband's scrambled eggs for his grand slam were undercooked and runny on some parts and over cooked and burnt on others. His pancakes were raw in the middle and when he cut them open pancake batter ran all over his plate. His potatoes were so oily that they sparkled under the light of our table.

My waffle was also undercooked and rubbery. The butter that they served on top of the waffle wasn't even able to melt because it was so cold and soggy. It almost seemed like the waffle itself was put in a steam bath to cook rather than a waffle maker. When I took a bite of my sausage it was ice cold and still frozen in the middle.

To say I was disgusted was an understatement. I cannot believe that not only did the person cooking this food allow it to leave the kitchen, but the waitress even bothered to serve it. When our server came and asked us how everything was we told her what was wrong with our food and requested the manager. We didn't want them to make us more food, at this point we just wanted to leave.

The manager came to our table right away and took our plates into the back. She came back within 5 minutes apologizing and told us that our meal was on the house and that she couldn't believe we were served food like that. All in all this was probably the worst food I've ever eaten in a restaurant. So much so that I probably will not be going back to this location.

Terrible End to a Perfect Day
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Rating: 1/51

BROOKVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- On June 9, 2013 we stopped at Denny's in Brookville for dinner at 6:30 pm after traveling through Cook's forest. The waitress brought my husband cold coffee. After telling her, she then brought hot coffee but took 20 minutes to bring cream, which made his coffee cold again. Then he had to use the bathroom but the men's bathroom was being cleaned or so we thought. Apparently the bathroom door fell off the hinges that morning and they were fixing it, (must take 10 hours to put a door up!) when my husband returned after waiting 30 minutes they had put a vending machine in front of the door to keep people out.

Then my 89 year old disabled father had to use the restroom and it was still out of order, so he had to walk with a walker across the restaurant, across the attached convenience store into the bathrooms/shower area more than 50 feet away. My father can hardly walk 10 feet but when nature calls... When he entered the bathrooms/shower there was feces all over the toilet seat and on the wall! I would imagine the men employees at the restaurant had to use those same toilets! Did they wash their hands, I wonder? My father was very upset and exhausted, he has a bad heart and should never have walked that far to use the restrooms!

I complained to the manager who smirked and shrugged and said the door was being fixed. I said that's no excuse for not having a restroom open for the men closer to the restaurant. We won't be back! She just laughed and shrugged her shoulders. Also when we checked out of the restaurant no one was at the cashier desk, a line started forming of customers waiting to pay, some were talking about walking out without paying. After 7-8 minutes I went back to the kitchen to get someone to check us out. A young man came to the cash register finally! I hope he washed his hands!

Equal Pay for Equal Work and Dedicated Service
By -

EL PASO, TEXAS -- I am a retired U.S. Army Disabled Vet and also a retired Civilian Law Enforcement Officer. I have been regularly visiting Denny's, located at Montwood and George Dieter, El Paso, Texas, for nearly four years. Since this time, I have gotten acquainted with nearly every manager, Cook, Server, and even dish washers. One of the things and most important, things I have always done as a Leader/Supervisor, is to reward my employee(s) as needed, based upon their performance; as well, disciplined those that did not perform. One of the things that most bothered me, was a cook by the name of Juan **.

I have gotten to know him quite well, not as a friend, but an acquaintance. During my discussions with him, I found that he has been a dedicated cook with Denny's for over 20 years. I, having been going to Denny's for nearly four years, without any doubt, found Juan to be above and beyond, the best of cooks; not only as a cook, but the amount of time it takes him to provide a multitude of orders at a time.

As I conversed with Juan, he shared his salary and amount of pay he has been receiving. I was most astonished, Denny's, being a large franchise, paying this cook, dedicated to Denny's, such a minimal salary. Especially, knowing there have been several other large restaurants attempting to recruit him. I want to express that I am not a friend to this cook, but only an acquaintance, as I am with all employees. Going further, this Denny's has gone through a large turnover, due to the new Managers on board. Presently, Alex is the acting Manager.

He as well, is truly a professional, and has made changes better for the restaurant. However, while he may agree, does not have such authority to increase ones' pay. Once it goes above local level, the Manager and cook are at the mercy of regional and corporate level.

Denny's, being such a large franchise, can surely identify those such as Juan, and at least, increase their wages, as an incentive for their dedication, devotion to duty, and services they provide the customers. I assure all, if they devote a little time to evaluate these type employees, it is advantageous to the Denny's restaurant. Hoping a little time will be invested, and this individual will be rewarded as such. Thanking you for your time.

Many Positives and Also Negatives
By -

ANY STATE USA -- As a USA Over The Road Trucker, and also regular driving through the states. Denny's has many positives, and also negatives. The Waitresses, in most Denny's are very sociable, and friendly. They seldom give you any request as to the foods you must order, or to order any more than coffee, or a drink. (You must purchase something.)

Depending on the hour, which you arrive, and the place you choose to sit, is mainly directed by the receptionist waitress. Mostly you can sit where you wish, depending on the Denny's size, and hour. Sitting at the counter,
which is what most Denny's have, is optional all the time. Usually all you have to order is a drink.

A Bottomless cup of coffee, is great, or even tea. One can sit and talk with other customers, or just sit, and watch other people, or small talk with a waitress. The coffee usually flows, and even hours later, you can leave, or sooner. Another time to stop, and usually after a few times, you will be remembered. Once it's established, you are a Trucker, or a regular resident, you always have a great time, and good coffee.

When you are just a traveler, or an occasional patron, things are usually very different. If you don't tip well, or give too many request, or are impersonal, the waitresses may be a little irritable if you take their table when they need others to sit there, in rush hours. These people are usually treated in different ways, and soon leave.

Waitresses do not make much money, but some are actually wealthier than the customers they wait on. To many waitresses Denny's is just a place for them to do something, and get out of the house and make friends. Many waitresses in some Denny's, are poorer than most employees, so this is a different Denny's, as many are not located in wealthy areas or hire wealthy employees. Denny's is mostly a great place.

Treat People and give respect to others the same as you would want to be treated
By -

ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS -- I live in RockFord, IL. I went to Denny's with my husband, two grandchildren, and two of my daughters on April 15, 2009 at 11:46 a.m. Friday mid-morning. I was waited on by the same man that usually waits on my husband and I when we come to Denny's with a friendly smile always very helpful and tentative towards us during our meals. I don't know what this waiter did or didn't do but this manager scold this man as if you was talking to a child, she told him "and you said that you have been working here for 30 years and you didn't know to charge extra for cheese?"

She repeated his name again and repeated the same thing. He never raised his voice. He just stood as she continue to scold him. Well I thought this was the end of that but it wasn't. As we ate, this manager started again on this waiter but it was at the entrance of the restaurant this time. I did not know what he did or did not do. My grandchildren wanted to now why she was yelling at this man. I told them I had no idea but it is wrong to treat anybody this way.

I told them he is a human being that deserve respect at all times, whatever he was doing wrong she should have chosen a better way to talk to this waiter or should have taken him aside from the public and still this is no way to talk to anybody. I thought that the worker had a speech impediment but later I notice that he had a hearing-aid, I asked him when he came to our table what was his manager name. He told us. We told him how bad we felt. He was quite surprise that we heard what she told him, he said "I have been here so long that I just let it go over my head."

I told him that nobody has a right to talk to anybody in that manner. He said that we have come a long ways but still, we have a long ways to go, he said "have two choices - speak up or find another job." This Manager is in a position to lead. She needs to apologize to this waiter and really ask herself since she will be serving the public is this position for her? I want to ask her why did she treat him in such a disrespectful manner? Waiter you served us well. I hope the tip that we left you make up for what we witness and I pray that someone come along and offer you a good position where your service will be respected and appreciated.

Outstanding Service at Denny's 7947
By -

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FLORIDA -- There are often times I am in the mood to eat breakfast food around lunch or dinner time and I want to go to Denny's. One Denny's restaurant that really stands out is Denny's Restaurant #7947 at the corner of State Road 436 and Cranes Roost Boulevard. The staff are very friendly and nice, the restaurant is maintained very well and the eating area is very clean, and the food is of higher quality and tastes significantly better than at the other local Denny's restaurants. It is always a pleasure to eat at this particular restaurant. Now I will share two unique circumstances that display the outstanding service of the staff.

A couple months ago, I was eating the usual with my mother and she was treating me. When it was time to pay, she realized that she did not have her pocketbook with all of her credit cards. The manager was very friendly about it, and she said that she could note it and we could come in at a later date to pay the bill. Needless to say we went right home and came right back to pay. She was very surprised by our quick return and we paid the bill. We could tell that we were valued as customers.

Just recently on Saturday February 28, we went to the restaurant again for the usual again with my mother. Once again we got a nice greeting from the friendly staff. We were seated at a nice booth and we placed our orders. Five minutes later a man ran in holding his child, one or two years old. The man was calling out for help and the child was unconscious and twitching. Immediately one staff member called 911 and the child was moved into a laying position on the cushion seat near the door. The staff were very attentive and two other customers knew exactly what to do.

It was made aware that the child was having a seizure and the child was not breathing. CPR was performed on the child and he was revived. Two minutes later the ambulance arrived and one staff member ran out to flag it. After the ambulance took out the child on a stretcher and took the father and son to the hospital, the food came out for everybody in its usual high quality. The waitress even apologized for the wait. The overall outstanding service at this restaurant in these situations is something to be honored. Kudos to the staff at Denny's #7947.

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