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Rating: 5/51

GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA -- I have bought an extraordinary amount of beautiful and authentic items from DSN from exquisite jewelry to Donjo bronze sculpture to Dior sunglasses and lovely evening beaded handbags. I have always been extremely satisfied. It sounds to me as if many people are "very jealous" of their ability to be able to sell far beneath competitors. I think very highly of Art, his family, associates and staff. They are the best! Highly knowledgeable, entertaining, and willing to teach the public about jewelry. I am highly distraught that this show no longer is with us and these people have been abused.

I Placed and PAID for Many Orders Which I Never Received
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Rating: 2/51

GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA -- On May 10, 2011 I called DSN (Direct Shopping Network). I asked them about a certain 14k yellow gold ring with a 7x5 tourmaline ring. It was a very beautiful ring especially for the money. I decided to order it, but during the conversation with the young kids that they hire (I got the idea something was up with this ring) It was just too good of a deal for the money so I cancelled the order. On August 27th 2011 I receive a package from DSN - I wondered what that was seeing as how I had just placed my last order about a week before that. And lo and behold here is this ring that I had decided NOT to order on May 10, 2011.

The following day I returned it and have never ever received my money, any acknowledgement that they received it although I did put a delivery notice on it so I know they got it back. Meanwhile In July 2011 and August 2011 I ordered some things which I have NEVER seen. In Aug 2011 I ordered a 14k yellow gold ring with a 2 carat pink tourmaline gemstone set in it. It was about $350.00 (or within 15-20 bucks of that price). I also ordered two sets of diamonds which I have never seen or been refunded and the lists just goes on and on.

I did business with this company for probably 7-8 years before this and never had any problems except that they were always very SLOW with their shipping. I think what surprises me the most is that "Blue Sheppard" I still believe is a honest man and I find it rather hard to believe that he is aware of all of the dozens of people that have been ripped off and does nothing about it. I also ordered 8 rubies one time that were supposed to be at least 1 carat each and come with paperwork stating that they were genuine and examined by a GG (graduate gemologist). I Received 8 small tiny 6x4 rubies. Shame on them for ripping people off.

I actually have heard when waiting for info from a phone attendant when I was NOT on hold but the phone was just sat down, I heard some very disturbing and to call it unprofessional would be a massive understatement statements in reference to "comments made about so and so to each other while I was waiting" Calling them names and such that should never have been said at all.

But neither Art or anyone else has even tried to do anything to refund my money or fill my orders, I sent e-mails explaining each and every order, I sent letters, I contacted the Los Angeles District Court and still no one answers me. They really had a good thing going when they started out, they really did but it was all downhill from about 2010. All I want is what I paid for or my MONEY. Thank you.

Order With Caution And Start With Lower End Items To Make Sure You Get Them!
By -

ILLINOIS -- I first shopped with DSN in 06 -07 and bought a few things that for the price were nice and I had no real complaints when received. One of their loose gemstone shows for Columbian emeralds (I am a gemstone collector). I had a hard time making up my mind between 3 stones, so the sales operator said "order all 3, you can return whatever you don't want as long as it's not a final sale". So that is what I did. Their shipping takes forever just as everyone complains, but they charge you immediately!

Stones finally arrived, all 3 were nice and I checked them for clarity and genuine natural vs. lab created and then took to a jeweler friend who checked for me and reported they were natural and untreated except for oiling. Kept the one I liked and sent the other 2 back within a week vs. 30 days, Fedex 2nd day insured. Took a month of phone calls and a lot of threats to get my refund but finally it showed up on my credit card. Months later when I wanted to order a pair of earrings they told me my account was blocked for too many returns. I was furious and told the operator that of 10 items I had bought to date I only returned 2 because I could.

They told me to complain to customer service. Calling their main business number or customer service is a joke.. rarely do they ever even pick up and answer. I gave up after a dozen tries over a few months. 2 months ago they had a yellow Mozambique Cuprian, supposedly copper bearing in a nice setting at a good price for the size, clarity and the setting so I ordered 1 in white gold and 1 in yellow gold. I called in as a new client and used my same name but gave them my business phone number and they set me up as a new client no questions asked.

My intent was to keep intact the one I liked the best and remove the stone for my loose stone collection and use the setting for another stone. The sale also included the gemology report noting they were copper bearing and Paraiba Africana.. Never got the certificates and have never been able to get through to customer service after dozens of tries. I've tested the stones and they are tourmalines and they are yellow, nice cut and clarity but there is no way outside of expensive testing to prove they are copper bearing. So if I sell I can only advertise them as Mozambique Tourmalines/Yellow.

During their reduced price sale I ordered a number of other items. The Mogok (Burma) Ruby earrings are very nice and the diamonds are not VVS - VS, they're S1, but they are nice color and eye clean, they are well made with screw backs but again I was supposed to get a certificate of origin due to the rarity and blockade now of Burma rubies and nothing came with the earrings other than the NON-Refundable sales receipt, and of course no one ever answers any of their phone lines.

Other items arrived and were basically what I expected but what annoys me is that they charge immediately and it does not come in 7 to 14 days as they state. It took all my time - a month and a half or MORE to arrive. People complain that things arrive much smaller than they are on TV... all the shows that sell jewelry and gemstones do this. You have to remember the cameras they are using give a very false idea of what something is, that is why I tell the person taking my order to ask the show host to "put it on".. that will give you a good idea of size.

One of the first items I bought back in 06 was a multicolor sapphire bracelet. I have no complaints other than they could have made sure all the blues and pinks and other colors all matched each other better, I had my jeweler take out the links with the pale stones. 2nd time I wore the bracelet it broke at the link connection between stones. Call and send back for free repairs.. WHEN PIGS FLY. These people NEVER answer their phones except the order lines when they are on the air.. I took to my jeweler who fixed it and checked the rest of it and fixed where needed for $25!

Lastly when I ordered a number of items in the same week this time around, when I called and finally got someone to check on where all my orders were I discovered one item they showed as cancelled. I argued with them that it was not cancelled but it do no good they were sold out. I told them to credit my account, the person that was checking my account said I was never charged, I told him I had my CC statement in front of me and they HAD charged me. Took 4 more phone calls during show time where I demanded they look into it or I would sue them.

6 weeks later they finally credited me back for the order they cancelled on me, claimed never existed but still charged me for the night I ordered. It will be a long time before I consider dealing with this company again after reading all the complaints and my experience with them.

My experience with DSN
By -

B, NEW YORK -- I've had similar experiences with DSN as many that have written here. Fast to take your money, slow to credit your account. Customer service (if you want to call it that) is absolutely unreal, rude, inefficient, inept, lacking in communication skills, curt, and the list goes on and on. If you have ever had to deal with them, you would realize what I am saying here. I think one girl answers all of the calls during a "BRIEF" time slot. When I first started watching the show, I thought their things looked really good. I ordered a whole bunch of items.

It was around the holidays a couple of years ago. I was buying jewelry for myself and as gifts for the family. I ordered rings, loose gems, etc. Some were final auctions. Marlene has a final auction for a sapphire ring with diamonds. It looked really high quality on the TV. When I received the ring, it looked nothing like what was represented on the TV auction. The sapphire was inferior. The quality of the ring was horrid to the point of being uncomfortable to even have on your finger.. I DID NOT receive the ring from the auction. What I received was grossly misrepresented. I know they said there were no returns on final auctions, but I returned it anyway.

I am not going to spend money on something that did NOT look like was in the auction. They did return me my money...eventually. I kept some things that I bought, but on the whole, returned most of it. They say there is a money back guarantee so they have to abide by that. Well some time went by.. I turned on the show again. I called in to purchase something I saw. I gave the guy on the phone my customer number and he told me flat out that I cannot buy anything from them any more. How do you like that?? They say there is a money back guarantee, and when you return something.. they penalize you..and won't let you purchase any longer?

Interesting.. It's just as well.. They saved me some money! I did like the junior gem collector shows that Art ran.
I bought some diamonds for a great price in one of those shows. I really like the looks of the estate jewelry too.
I was unable to purchase anything though..cause they have banned my account for returning items.. Nice public relations eh? Haha. Unbelievable. You certainly can get an education about gems watching the show.

I think ** talks too much though..geez.. she goes on and on..... What is that about? ** and ** have a great estate jewelry show. Anyhow..I have to say that I got all of my money returned by them. It took time..and I was very very detailed and careful about the paperwork and watching my statements.. Have fun.

What Has Happened to Direct Shopping Network (DSNTV)
By -

GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA -- DSNTV was one of the best sites to find estate jewelry with Jack Jackels as well as jewelry from other hosts. In the past seven years, the only problem I had was with one or two tiny diamonds missing. One I sent back and one I kept. Still no big deal for what I received. On December 30th, 2008 I ordered a pendant with VS diamonds and a stunning ocean blue, black opal that was deep sapphire blue. There was only one.

Two days later, Art was selling it again! I immediately called and asked if that was the only one (since it's pretty difficult to match an opal). She said, "Yes". I told her I bought it a few says earlier and she immediately told Art as I was watching the program, it was sold and she put it aside. Now it takes three weeks of business days to have an item shipped. O.K. I agreed to that. Well, it has been 7 weeks and still nothing. I HAVE CALLED THE LAST THREE FRIDAYS AND ALL THEY SAY IS WE DON'T KNOW WHY IT HASN'T SHIPPED AND I WOULD HAVE TO PAY 10% to cancel (85.00). I said "No, just send it".

Well, here it is February 22 and they aren't on the live feed (net), or on the t.v. channel I watched them on. I called my credit card company and they are investigating. Are they going under? I don't know. Also, the auctions they run aren't like any I've ever been to. They run a clock and when the clock is out of time and they haven't gotten what they want, they start the clock over again! What's that about? I will update this review when I get an answer from DSN or my credit card company.

Update: ** called from DSN and said "Sorry but we cannot find the RING you ordered". I only told them and e-mailed them 8 times to keep telling them it was a diamond and opal PENDANT. SO, I guess Art got his way. He said on the air they weren't selling it, "for that" But they did sell it to me. So, I paid for it. I know I got a great deal. I paid for it. It was almost two months since my card was charged. I waited for almost two months and I ended up getting nothing. Today I did get the entire amount back on my card but it doesn't make up for the time lost, the item not sent to me, so much time involved with calls and e-mails.

Resolution Update 02/26/2009:

If you read my update, you know I got my money back but this certainly was not resolved to my satisfaction. I bought the item. I paid for it. Two months later they say they can't find it. If they can't find' a three thousand dollar pendant, who is minding the store!

Was Charged for a Lot of Orders That I Ordered & Didn't Order but Never Received None of Them
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Rating: 1/51

GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA -- I was a customer of DSN for a year. They moved to Yorba Linda, CA. So I was looking through the channels and found them again. 2nd mistake. I order 10 gemstones, different colors of spinel, still cost 96.00. They charged my credit card over 4.000.00 dollars and I have talked to every host there trying to resolve the matter but sad to say they still have not resolved the matter or refunded my credit card. They told me that I would have to find the man that charged my card for things I never ordered. They said he did a lot of customers like that and took their money and went back to Germany.

Yes I am still trying to get my money back. Take my advice. Please watch who you get involved with. This is my opinion but it is people like that. They put something nice on the screen. We buy it and that's all it takes. Now they have your credit card number and it's really hard to prove that you didn't order more stuff from them, but I am not about to quiet till I get what is owe to me. Please remember one thing. The only way for them to win, we let them win. Thank you and have a very blessed day!!!

Frustrated Customer
By -

GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA -- I am now joining the "DSN FRUSTRATED & FEED UP CUSTOMER BANDWAGON". Their MODUS OPERANDI of doing business are the following: They are quick in crediting your credit card with the purchase. Their Gemological Report Certiticate is not credible. My order of diamond pendant was described erroneously on the certificate. Even though it was their fault that caused the blunder, they still take their sweet time to process a refund and there was never an apology for the oversight. My third order of peridot earrings and cross pendant took two and half months to process. The items were not limited quantity items and there was no need for special sizing.

So, I finally got feed up and requested a cancellation. Lo and behold, they managed to expedite the order when a cancellation was in effect. I was even threaten by the Cust Rep Supervisor that she will block my account for any future order. THE NERVE OF HER! She got the nerve to threaten me of such!!!!! With a company doing business this horrendous way, I would NOT want to be a returning customer EVER.

Best Buy In The Gem Market... Period.
By -

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- Wanted to comment on the complaints... I know that when something is returned, the company has to take the time to inspect the goods. Aside from folks who do not understand and want their refund immediately (it's why we use credit cards people... we can dispute and hold off till all gets settled.. it works.) Aside from this, there's not a better place in the world to buy a Mogok Burma Ruby. They must have bought a HUGE parcel to pass along the deals.

Other networks don't disclose the origin... Burma is the best. There's an embargo and they are not coming out any longer, so DSN is the place for Burma Rubies, among so many other gorgeous finds!! Bummer about their customer service phone lines. They are probably laying off like the rest of the world, so it takes a while.

Beware Of This Company
By -

I ordered via phone an opal pendant on 07/04/11 in the amount of $131.95. After several weeks of waiting, I called customer service to ask where the item might be. Was told it was in the shipping dept. And they would request that immediate shipment be made. I have never received the item. On 08/15/11 I requested that the order be cancelled and full refund be made. I have spent hrs. Holding on the phone for customer service and sent many, many emails to them which they have never answered. As of 09/25/11, I still have no refund. Beware of this company.

Working on other's money
By -

-- I have made over $100,000 in purchases from DSN during the past 4 years, but I seriously doubt if I will ever watch the show or make another purchase from them again. I realize that they have no sense of loyalty to their customers. It has always bothered me that there is such a long waiting period to receive an order, even though the cost for whatever I purchased immediately charged to my credit card account.

Another thing that bothered me was that whenever it was necessary to return an item, it always took about 30 to 45 days for DSN to issue credit to my charge account after they received the item back. (Whenever it was necessary to return something, I always sent it via insured USPS and signature required.) About 4 months ago, I won a bid on a paraiba ring and it was in fact a very good deal for me..... a little over $2,300.00 for a 4 ct plus approx 1 ct VS diamonds set in 18 Kt gold. After approximately a month and I still had not received the ring.

By the way, when I won the auction, I asked about the size and it was my correct size, so nothing needed to be done to the ring before it was shipped to me. I phoned DSN customer service and was told that they didn't know why the ring had not been shipped to me, but would check into it and call me back. When I didn't hear back from DSN customer service within 24 hours, I called my credit card company and asked them to help me get DSN to ship the ring or issue a credit to the credit card. I didn't want a credit to my credit card, I wanted the ring.

After 2 days I still had not heard from DSN and so I called them again and was told that they had issued a credit to my credit card and management had decided they would not sell the ring to me. I told them I simply wanted them to ship the ring, but they refused. I believe they operate on their customers' money and that's why it takes so long for them to ship orders or issue credit when an item is returned. People please beware. You may get what you ordered or you may get one of many similar items and be advised that many of the duplicate items are inferior.

Also it's very insulting to listen to so much hype by the show host. Just listen carefully to the things that are said. If all that "she" says is true, the company could not stay in business and most of the employees should be fired for incompetence! So many prices are wrong and so many mistakes are made, i.e., the diamonds aren't figured into the cost, no cost for the center stone has been figured into the cost of the jewelry, etc. These things simply cannot be true and it truly is insulting to the public's intelligence to listen to this hype! That's another reason why I have decided to use my remote and have stopped watching the show!

If you do purchase from DSN, Buyer Beware! You may get what you see on the TV screen or you may not and you'll may end up keeping an inferior gemstone or pay the cost for DSN shipping the item to you and whatever it costs you for insurance and shipping the item back to DSN. In the meantime, your credit card has posted the charge on your account for a lengthy period of time.

I really miss ** and ** and having Art and Blue as a hosts on a regular basis. In general, the old format for the show was more realistic than what it has been for the past couple of years. Now there is so much hype and it's nauseating to see the Hostess glancing at herself in the monitors so often! UGH!

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