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Mattress Sucks
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Rating: 1/51

At this website was another Dormia king memory foam mattress, w/ 25 yr. warranty, post, delineating the very same defect that we have... The memory foam is UNSAT. Where you sleep is a hole, and in the middle of the mattress is a hill. Found out Dormia went bankrupt in 2010. The brand name, Dormia, was purchased by Classic Brands LLC, who have now sold the Dormia name. We purchased the mattress in 2000.

Dormia - Don't Do It!
By -

If you were in the market for the world's least comfortable bed, you need look no further then a bed made by Dormia. We purchased Dormia's top model, the Ultimate, but found nothing Ultimate about it except for the Ultimate pain and Ultimately sleepless nights that it created.

With an Ultimately huge price-tag over $2000.00, one would expect glorious dreams, endless slumber, mornings in bed reveling in sheer amazement at the mattress' unbridled comfort. Instead my wife and I found ourselves sleeping in separate ditches, caverns created in the mattress foam. Trying to reach one another across the bed, proved tantamount to climbing Everest in your underwear. Within weeks of the mattress's delivery, we found ourselves waking in the middle of the night with back pain; mornings spent over coffee trying to revive ourselves from the night's misery.

I contacted the store from which we purchased the mattress and they promised to resolve the issue with Dormia. That resolution never came. We ended up calling Dormia and speaking with their Warranty department but they told us that claims needed to go through the retailer and directed us back to the store. The owners of the store had me take elaborate photographs proving the issues we were having. Emails were sent back and forth and we were even visited by the store owner who agreed with our complaint. He promised that he would take care of the matter and kept me posted.

At one point I was told that they were going to have a "special warranty meeting" about our case, which never amounted to anything. The store finally called and said that our claim had been denied. That's it! No explanation, no discussion, no one to speak to, just denied. Although the store owner has promised to continue the fight with Dormia, we have decided to buy another mattress as we just can't go on anymore like this.

As the guide on this site says, the warranties on mattresses are geared towards the manufacturer and not the consumer. When they say lifetime warranty, they mean you'll have to wait a lifetime to see any of your money again.

WARNING! Don't Buy From Dormia!
By -

NORTH CAROLINA -- Back in April 2007 I purchased a Dormia Air Bed, Dutches Series with the dual firmness feature. It took three weeks to deliver the bed after ordering. Called once to find out if it had been sent out yet, and they told me that I needed to wait another week. Well it was finally delivered. After it was delivered and setup, I tried it out. I pumped up the bed on both sides, and then deflated them. After deflating, then trying to pump it up again, one side of the bed would not pump up.

Called customer service and it was determined it was the pump. They wanted me to pay to ship the pump back. I said "I'm not paying to send it back, as it was defective when I got it and I have not had it two days." They approved to pay the shipping. Sent a new pump. For three months bed was working fine until I noticed that every night before going to bed, the firmness was not as firm and when pressing the chk button on the remote, it would show that it was down about 5 below my sleep number setting.

Then two weeks later it got worse where I was pumping the bed three or four time during the night. I checked things out and the hoses coming out of the bed to the pump had splits in them like the hoses were dry rotted. I contacted customer service and explained that the bed is leaking air. They replaced the air cores, but again wanted me to pay for shipping to send the old ones back. I explained I should not have to pay for shipping to ship these back. They approved and agreed to pay the shipping.

Three days after getting new air cores, bed continued to leak on one side. Contacted customer service again which then had a specialist dealing with the air beds call me, **. He contacted me and worked with me for three days, having be recalibrate the pump and also other test such as putting the hoses in a glass of water to test the connectors to see if they were leaking air. Also tested where we detached the hoses from the pump. Bed continued to leak on one side. I explained to ** that I felt like I needed to exchange the bed for another bed and felt dissatisfied with the bed.

He agreed to let me do this, however customer service want me to pay for shipping to ship the bed back. I explained to them, "I'm not going to pay for shipping to ship a mattress back that has been defective since the day I got it." This is not good customer service practice to make customer pay to have something sent back that was manufactured defective. They continued to argue with me about it and stated it's their policy to have customers pay for shipping to ship something back to have it replace, even when it's under warranty.

I explained to them again, "I will not pay for shipping as I don't feel that this is good customer service to make someone pay to for something that defective just to get a replacement." They continued to argue. I requested supervisor to call me back. I have not gotten a call back from supervisor. I called back. Explained situation again. Continued to argue with me that I would have to pay for the shipping and supervisors would not approve to pay for the shipping. I asked to speak to a supervisor, they were in meetings. They took my number to have one call me.

Never heard back from them. I called back. Still argued with me about me having to pay for the shipping. At this time I was very upset with the situation and the poor quality of customer service I feel that I am receiving. I explained that if they don't pay for shipping, the bed is going to The Dump and I'm not paying for it. I have been in customer service for over 15 year myself dealing with the public and you don't make your customers pay to handle a unsatisfactory issue especially when there appears to be a manufacturing defect.

I would highly recommend not purchasing a bed from Dormia as you will be sorry if you have to deal with returning it back. Google Dormia Reviews and you will see many complaints about their company and their products. I would recommend paying a few bucks more and going with a Select Comfort bed. Quality is much better and customer service is also better.

Very Disappointed
By -

Bought this mattress 1 year ago. I knew I was in trouble when it started sagging after 3 months. Now, one year later, there are significant indentations on each side of the bed and no support left. This mattress looks worse after one year than our old mattress looked after 20 years! Don't be fooled by the smooth marketing. This mattress is a complete and waste of money no matter how little you pay for it! We spent $2200 and now have to buy a new mattress 1 year later!

Scammers! Do Not Buy From This Company!
By -

FLORIDA -- I bought a bed from Dormia a few months ago; under a limited time warranty. I ordered it through their online operator who suggested before I order that I go to the nearest showroom and try it out first. I drove 3 hours to the nearest showroom, and decided that I liked it and since they were guaranteeing it for, I think it was 90 days, I had nothing to lose. So, I ordered the bed.

She told me I could go ahead and pay for it right there in the store, and that she would still get her commission and I would get the bed delivered faster for whatever reason. Well, after 3 nights on the bed, I COULD NOT WALK! I COULDN'T LAY DOWN, I COULDN'T STAND UP ~ I FELT LIKE I'D BEEN LITERALLY BEATEN!

Now, I have 2 discs that are herniated, which is why I was looking for such a high end bed in the first place; so, granted I do have a sensitive back. That's not to say that if you have a perfectly healthy back that this bed wouldn't be for you... BUT, here's what happened when I called them up on day 4 to take them up on that guarantee they gave me with the bed... They told me that if I wouldn't have paid for it in the store they could have given me the warranty and that it was only guaranteed if I ordered ONLINE! UNBELIEVABLE right?

So, I called the owner of Dormia, THE PRESIDENT! He talked to me like he was in the mafia and he was going to send his "boys" to my house if I didn't stop "bugging" him. Well, I ended up sleeping in my daughter's bed for the next 7 weeks. I had an attorney friend of mine call and demand a refund, and after A LOT of hassle and an 8 week and displacement ~ they picked up the bed and refunded ALL of my money. BEWARE~ this company does very BAD business!

The thing is that with such a high end bed and with it being SOOOO different; your back could react anyway to it and it is a HIGH RISK purchase; so, if you don't have a trustworthy warranty backing your purchase, it's just tooo risky, especially if you have ANY back issues at all which is often the reason why people seek out these type of high end beds in the first place. So, beware of this company! Avoid them at all costs. I researched them and there was A LOT of bad press also. If you're searching for a new bed, be SURE you have the right warranty so you don't get screwed or end up in a stressful situation~ Good luck ;)

Company Response 2/20/2008:

Dormia takes great pride in producing specialty beds that will help provide you the ultimate in mattress comfort resulting in the most satisfying and restorative sleep possible. We do this with innovative design, hard work, and by being honest with our customers. With more than 20 retail stores and a national internet call center, unfortunately, you will have some unsatisfied customers. This is why, when you purchase on line, we offer a 30 day sleep trial (you are required to pay return shipping, just like the nationally advertised brand). When you purchase in one of our retail stores, you get a 30 day comfort exchange (since you've tried the bed). The salesperson, in this case, should have honored the on line policy since you were referred via our internet store. We have addressed this issue with our salespeople, and do not foresee any problems in the future. Our beds will continue to sell because they enhance the sleep of a majority of our customers. Just ask the thousands who are enjoying them right now.

Jim Stanco
V.P. Sales

Crap Customer Service Tries To Rip You Off
By -

FISHKILL, NEW JERSEY -- Tries to charge $50 for shipping an replacement air pump under warranty. Tries to change price so you really don't get the warranty. Very rude and has different prices from different customer service #'s. Gives a price with free shipping with Dormia then gives a $50 shipping charge with advanced comfort warranty. RIP OFF WARRANTY!

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