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Check Cashed/ I Called
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CALIF, CALIFORNIA -- I ordered in Early Nov for a birthday present DEC 11. I called to ask about it on Dec 7. Customer service is very bad. I hang up and called my bank to find out if check was cashed. It was cashed on Dec.5. I called Dream Products again. They finally told me I owed them $6.00 more for shipping. I asked them why they didn't call me, because my phone number was on the order. The representative told me "We don't have time to call".

I told them I want a refund. The representative told me I have to send them a letter asking for a refund. I've done that. It's now Dec. 27. I will never buy from this company again, because I won't make time for them again. If I don't receive my money soon, I will call the attorney general. They lost a customer over $6.00.

Slow, But Steady Service, Useful But Exaggerated Products
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CHATSWORTH, CALIFORNIA -- The biggest drawbacks of ordering from Dream Products are the amount of time it takes to receive your order (about 2 weeks) and their lack of communication after your order is placed. My first order was through the mail using one of the company's order forms. Dream Products cashed my check on October 18. I received my order on November 2. I liked the slippers I ordered despite their flaws (more about that later) and placed another order for two more pairs on their website (

Dream Products never sent me a welcome email after registering or placing an order on their website. It's very unusual to not receive an order confirmation from a retailer in 2011. My order stayed "in processing" on their website for a few days until it was listed as shipped. The website didn't provide a tracking number and I still didn't receive e-mail notification that my order was on its way. I did receive two emails advertising new products. This time my credit card was charged on November 4 and I received my order on November 17.

The packages (they split the order into two shipments) for my web order have USPS tracking numbers on them so I don't understand why the company doesn't make the extra effort to provide these numbers to customers. Even more upsetting, when I tracked the packages I discovered that Dream Products notified the post office of shipping my order only two days before I received it. Had my slippers been sitting in a warehouse all that time?

About those slippers - they're great! I have an unusual foot condition and these are the first pair of slippers I've been able to wear for long periods of time. But, when I got them I noticed that they looked different from the way they had been displayed on the mail-in order form. The mail-in order form (and also the website) displayed a pair of plain, pink slippers.

The slippers I received both times have big, blue logos ("Sauna Sox") across the top. After examining the slippers, I realized what the company had done. They had taken photos of the slippers inside out without the logos showing. Very sneaky! The usability of the slippers is more important to me than the looks, but be aware that some of their products maybe too good to be true.

I don't think Dream Products is a bad company. They just seem to be operating like it's the 20th century instead of the 21st. My advice to potential Dream Products customers would be to place a modest first order (so you don't get stuck with something you don't want) and start walking to Chatsworth because you'll probably get there before your order reaches your home.

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MISSISSIPPI -- I was so disappointed when I received my therapeutic memory foam insole slippers. I paid 19.97 plus s & h for a cheap pair of nothings. I could have gotten the same pair of slippers at Walmart for 5.99 and would have seen no difference in wearing them. After 2 wearings, they stretched out, made my heel spur worse. I don't see anything as advertised they would relieve or soothe.. a lot of crapola. When I washed them, they continued to stretch out.. I almost tripped one morning because they were so stretched out. Not worth the 19.97. DO NOT BUY THIS product.

I am going to file a complaint with the BBB for poor quality service and advertisement.. I think the Walmart slippers are far more sturdier and have not lost their shape than these pair of nothings. It does not prevent foot shock/ or prevent back pain/ knee pain or ankle pain.. a lot of false advertisement here going on. SAVE your $$$$. VERY very disappointed in this product and very cheap.. cheap as in made.

Company Untruthful
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VAN NUYS, CALIFORNIA -- I received an advertisement from Dream Products, Inc. inside my TVGuide. I called this company possibly to order 24 hour health shoes. The ad stated "free shipping & handling". This is not true! I called this company and was told that free S&H was only if I purchased two items. Nowhere in the ad did it state must purchase two to receive free S&H. The order form shows free S&H with no stipulation on number of items. This is very suspicious and tells me that this company is trying to run a scam.

First time user--good service
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VAN NUYS, CALIFORNIA -- I'm sure many of you are in the same situation as I am. You pick up your mail to find a load of catalogs. I usually relegate them to the circular file unless it's a new company. To those I usually apply the 60-second rule: Find nothing of interest in that period of time, toss it.

Received one from Dream Products, Inc. Within the first few pages, I saw an item of interest: a 5-pc. set of Polyethylene covers to use when microwaving, top shelf dishwasher safe. In addition, the catalog cover boasted: Free shipping for orders of '**' dollars or over. I hate paying the outrageous shipping and handling charges many catalog order houses tack on. Also touted: Free gift with order. Don't care about that if it's a product I want to try. I ordered two sets, sending in my check. No way is some new outfit going to get a credit card number out of me.

When checking my bank account online a few days later, saw the check had cleared my bank only four days after it was mailed. I immediately went to their website to ask where my order was. The next day the covers arrived via USPS, along with my 'free gift.'

My niece was visiting and immediately glommed on to the freebie. It was an 11" x 7" brown patchwork leather clutch bag. She pointed out that even though patchwork leather, it was a pretty good item for a freebie--fabric lined, two zippered compartments. Her only comment was the strap that converted it to a shoulder bag was not leather as the rest of the bag.

I've used the microwave covers and they perform as promised. Sizes ranged from something to cover a coffee mug, to an 11" dinner plate. The three largest have adjustable vents. The only downside I can see to this transaction was no reply to my email asking when I can expect my order. But since I got the items the very next day, no biggie in my book. I'm looking forward to my next catalog from Dream Products, Inc. If there's something in which I have an interest, I'll definitely order it.

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