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DO NOT buy from Dress Code Clothing on Amazon or anywhere else
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TUCSON, ARIZONA -- This had to be the worst experience I have had with a seller that Amazon represents. I paid for expedited shipping (which as most of you know means you have the goods you ordered in 2 - 3 days) & the order did not arrive anywhere near expedited (almost 2 weeks). Not only did the seller not meet my expectations for delivery, their customer service was horrible.

I contacted them stating I wanted to cancel the order, but two days later they responded that they had already shipped it. Already shipped it? I sent them the email two days before they shipped. They knew I wanted to cancel, but shipped anyway. All this and they contacted me again stating that I can return and pay a 20% restocking fee. Seriously?

I tried to cancel before you shipped, you ship anyway, and you want me to accept a 20% restocking fee. They point to Terms Of Sale, however this is a copout. They had the chance to make a customer happy by canceling (would not have resulted in poor review), they could have made me happy by saying, "Just return the goods. No problem" (also would have resulted in a poor review), but they chose not to work with the customer and to point to some boiler plate statement meant to screw customers.

People YOU SHOULD NOT BUY FROM THEM! In fact you should be very careful purchasing from Amazon if they are going to have sellers like this on there. In all fairness I have normally had a good experience from Amazon, but I do not feel they helped me to solve this issue when their seller is not meeting customer expectations. Amazon should be making every effort to make sure their sellers are giving good customer service.

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