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Poor Customer Service/Response.
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I thought I would with share word for word. A response from Dutchboy regarding a problem I had. I was asking for help from their service department to remedy a problem I had with painting my ceiling. This response is all I received from them. I think their emails speak define who they are as a company and how they stand behind their products and how seriously they take customer complaints. I originally didn't have a complaint about their product. I had a problem with a product and I needed advice from one of their "paint experts" as to what might have gone wrong. I am not out to get a free gallon of paint, nor do I blame their product. But their customer service sure SUCKS!

EMAIL FROM ME TO DUTCHBOY - Dec. 1, 2003: I painted over a latex based textured ceiling with Dutchboy Dura clean flat Diamond White paint. I mixed in Acousti-Tex (roll on ceiling texture) per the company's directions, 1 box to one gallon of paint. I painted our sun room, when I went in to check it from drying over night,
the ceiling is all crackled and large chunks of paint are hanging from the ceiling or lying on the floor. Can you tell me what the problem is?

RESPONSE FROM DUTCHBOY (SAME MORNING) "Terry, You will need to contact Acousti-Tex for technical support. We do not recommend intermixing our paints with other products as we do not have the ability to test and guarantee our products use with all of the available products on the market. Regards, Customer Service"

MY EMAIL RESPONSE TO DUTCHBOY: Well, thanks so much for your non-committal help and assistance. This was a totally worthless response! FINAL EMAIL RESPONSE FROM DUTCHBOY: You are welcome. Happy Holidays!

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