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Empire Today
333 Northwest Avenue
Northlake, IL 60014
800-588-2300 (ph)
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Shady Product, Sales, Warranty, and Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA -- I purchased what I thought was Mohawk Main Gate Ebony Oak laminate (RevWood) flooring from Empire today on 8/21/21. (Although a thorough online search only shows it on Empire's site!) I was preparing to sell my home and getting new mid grade flooring was one of the last items on my list. I had requested vinyl plank in my appointment scheduling request and something waterproof and dog scratch proof/resistant but that my dogs would not slip and slide on either…all of this was conveyed to the salesman in person as well.

1st the salesman showed up without samples of what I had requested. Instead he showed up with ONLY laminate products. He also arrived with one book of samples. When I asked about the 50% off sale advertisement on the site he did everything he could to NOT show me those products or give me a quote.

We discussed laminate and the fact I was not using it in the entryways, kitchen, or bathrooms. I was assured that laminate shared most if not all of the characteristics of vinyl plank flooring and would suit my needs as I described them. Well I went and purchased a laminate product based on this (mis)information. I assumed that based on the conversation this would be comparable to the vinyl plank. I paid the $11,000 and change upfront and then scheduled an install appointment. The install team showed up a day early! They were late, and stayed until well after dinner time which was super annoying and inconvenient.

I have since learned (from experience) that this product is NOT water Resistant let alone waterproof as the package of planks clearly states. I had a normal water spill which resulted in the seams buckling and swelling. Again I did not have this installed in any high traffic areas or areas that would get wet consistently like an entry way, bathroom, kitchen etc. This was on the day after completing the installation.

Also my poor dogs skid and skittered all over the place and I found myself putting down rugs and putting up gates to keep this to a minimum. Bottom line is I would really like this product replaced, with what I originally asked for. The buyer of the house has asked that the floors be repaired or replaced. I don't feel it is comparable to Vinyl plank flooring and am upset that I was shown this instead of the vinyl plank to begin with and pressured into purchasing. I did not finance this purchase but paid for it upfront. I wasn't provided with any information such as the specifications, warranty etc.

I did contact Mohawk about their warranty AFTER I went online and found a copy on my own. I was told that because Empire had actually purchased the product from them that they were considered the “buyer” for warranty purposes!!! I was further told I would have to contact them and they would file a claim on my behalf (Ha Ha right). I can imagine the advocacy I would receive from Empire!

Anyway, back to the situation, I did do my due diligence (I'm including this because Erin ** the representative of Empire I have been dealing with stated during a phone conversation that it wasn't the salesman's job to know about the products he's selling?!?!) and inquire about the products with the salesman, who should be knowledgeable about the features and differences… I also asked if there was very much difference between the cheaper product and the next grade up and was informed there wasn't really. My husband was on FaceTime with me during this conversation. I chose this product, the basic RevWood and not the RevWood Plus, not because of the cheaper cost but because of the color it was available in. It just looked better with my home…

As I stated, I have attempted to file a claim to have this repaired or replaced with Mohawk and have been directed to Empire to file the claim on my behalf. I don't understand this as I am the actual owner of the product. It is in my home and paid for in full. I am very upset as stated before that I was essentially pushed into making the purchase of laminate over vinyl. I clearly requested vinyl samples and know that they are in a simmilar price range.

When I attempted to first contact empire it was 8/23. I was on hold for 30:09 minutes then the system hung up on me. I called back and the same thing occurred except I only made it to 14:85. I then tried the “live chat” which took me to email stating agents were offline and gave me a choice to email or hang up the chat session (which never started). I emailed and received the standard automatic response saying I'd be contacted and my message was received…blah blah blah. I waited 8 days in which I did have contact but it was a representative asking how the install went.

I finally had contact on 8/31 from Erin **…when Empire received a claim and complaint from my credit card company; not in regard to my email. They offered to replace the damaged area but said I had to drop the claim. I said nope. She offered to still repair the damage and stated it was separate from the claim. (This was all in email) I clarified this twice and then scheduled the repair for that Friday. No one called or showed up. The following Tuesday a representative called to see how things went! I replied no one came. They wanted to reschedule. I had movers and painters and cleaners in the house and was leaving that Friday for my new house 21 hours away.

The claim I filed is for a refund of my original payment plus replacement at their cost with vinyl planking or ceramic wood tile. You see the box clearly said WATERPROOF. The boxes also had no branding, nothing to indicate I had actually had Mohawk RevWood installed in my home. Additionally as time progressed more bubbles and buckled areas appeared…not from a spill but just showed up!

As I said in my first paragraph I haven't been able to find the Main Gate sold anywhere else except Empire Today. The warranty is so ridiculous it shouldn't even be presented. The holographic sticker that is supposed to be on any product with the L2C logo is nowhere to be found and the product was not manufactured in the USA as Mohawk claims. It is clearly stamped Belgium. I do not want to pass on this product to a new owner. I would be very outraged if someone did that to me. This is just a bad situation all around and maybe even fraudulent.

$99 Room/Sale? Don't Believe The Hype
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Rating: 1/51

BONAIRE, GEORGIA -- First I would like to say I had never purchased carpet before and there were subtle signs that really let me know I should go elsewhere, but I ignored them. A relative of a friend had a good experience and I based my decision on that and the $99 room sale. I wish I had come across these comments and reviews before setting up a FREE CONSULTATION. But I was truly just ready to get the simple, small, project over and done with. Please... FOLLOW YOUR GUT INSTINCTS AT ALL TIMES and continue READING THIS REVIEW!!!

My first appointment was scheduled for January 2, 2015 which was great because I was off. About an hour before the time frame that someone was supposed to show up, the salesperson, **, calls, explains he's out of town on vacation and Empire must've made a mistake scheduling me on that day. He asked if it was possible that he could come Monday. I agreed because I happened to be off that day as well. He said he would call around noon Monday January 5, 2015. I received no call at all.

I called Empire and explained the entire situation and the cust svc representative just scheduled me for another appointment on January 12, 2015. No apology for the current inconvenience. Ok fine. I need to get an estimate to see what I am working with so I agree to the January 12th appointment. Now I had a whole week to mull this over and check online, but life got in the way and next thing I knew January 12th was here.

On January 12, 2015, ** (yes same salesperson!) shows up on time. Makes no mention of standing me up previously. How do I know it was the same salesperson? I kept the number he called from to cancel the first appoint and it was the same number he called from on the 12th and it was on his business card. But I am just ready to find out how much it's going to cost me. Now keep in mind I've never purchased carpet before so I am admitting I was clueless. But this $99 room sale sounds amazing and even with the added cost of the product it can't be that bad.

PROJECT: Replacing only the carpet in 1 small bedroom with dimensions of 10x11 with a carpet as similar as possible. The salesman gave his whole spiel, history of the company, etc. I know he must do this, but I also know I am only getting this one room done so it's no big deal. I look at the samples, pick the carpet. He measured the room and never told me what he came up with. So now I'm saying to myself ok that's a little weird. He starts telling me about all these discounts I am eligible for, etc.

Now he's talking my language. He breaks out a calculator and starts computing figures behind his briefcase so that I cannot see what he is doing. But I can hear him banging on the calculator like crazy. If you've ever seen the scene of Tyler Perry's Diary of a mad Black Woman where Madea is in the kitchen adding on a calculator, that is the same exact thing ** was doing, but he wasn't talking, just calculating. Right then I was thinking this is going to be really good or really bad.

It was really bad. I was told padding is included in the price and that's just how Empire does it so I couldn't get carpet only. The least expensive carpet quote was $614.27. And the rest went up from there increasing in $100-$150 increments. And they were all just flat numbers. Not a breakdown of what exactly I would be paying for and what discounts I was getting.

Should've said NO THANKS right then and there, but I really wanted this job done. He told me he could have one of his 20 crews back over here tomorrow and have the job done in an hour or so. I said ok, at least I wouldn't have to wait any longer. He pulled up the contract on his tablet and said I would get a copy overnight, I just had to sign some areas. Then he said he would need my credit card info or check to secure the appointment. He stressed that no one would get paid until the work was done and that I signed a certificate of satisfactory completion and gave it to the installer. That is how they get paid.

So I said ok, it made sense to me. I made sure I saw that in the contract as well as my right to cancel and signed the contract. All this took place over the course of 40 minutes. After ** left I spent 2 hours trying to comprehend how $99 plus cost of carpet turned into $614.27. I got online and came across this site and spent over an hour reading all of the horrible reviews. My heart sank. I had made a huge mistake. I had to cancel.

I called Empire Today the same night, about 4 hours after my free consultation and explained that I needed to cancel immediately. Please do not send any installers. The CSR told me the department that cancels installs is closed, but my cancellation is processed and they will just review it to make sure I get refunded. Refunded? I haven't had anything done to get refunded!! The CSR says my account shows a payment via credit card for $614.27 paid in full.

Now I am furious, but I am thinking it must be an error. ** said they don't get paid until the job is complete and I sign that certificate. When I got off the phone, I checked with my bank and sure enough, there was a pending transaction against my checking account for that $614.27.

The very next morning on January 13th I call Empire back to confirm my cancellation and make sure my money is being refunded. I spoke with a CSR who asked why I was canceling and I told her I found someone to do it for less (I had not, but I didn't want to go through a whole song and dance). She asked for how much and I told her it was only 1 room and I found someone to do it for half the price they were charging me. This CSR tells me my business is appreciated and she sees some rebates that I am eligible for which would knock my price down considerably. It wouldn't be as low as half, but they really want to do business with me. WHAT?!! Are you kidding me?!!

I told her I would have to decline because even with the rebates, it doesn't take away the fact that money was charged immediately for services that were not completed and I am not happy with that. She reviews my account and told me she saw where there was a deposit charged. I told her that nothing was mentioned about a deposit and I would not have agreed to a deposit that was the full cost of the project. She said she wasn't there so she cannot say what was agreed to, but don't worry I would receive my complete refund in 3-5 business days.

Yes you read correctly. The same money they took immediately as a "deposit" now cannot be refunded for 3-5 business days. I am livid! I am mad at myself, Empire, **, the whole situation!!! She told me that because I used a credit card I would receive a refund much faster than if I had wrote a check which could take up to 15 days. Her final question was if there was anything else she could do to help me. My response was "Unless you can immediately refund my money the same way you took it, then no there really isn't any other way you can help me."

Is this situation over? No. I am so paranoid and skeptical because of what I read I call Empire back on January 14th, the day after I confirmed my cancellation, to make sure it was truly canceled and the refund was processed. That CSR is showing the cancellation, the cancellation number and tells me it will be refunded in 7-10 business days. Excuse me!!! What happened to the 3-5 business days from yesterday? This CSR is sticking to her script and tells me it will be 7-10 business days and this is the credit institutions policy. The refund will be deposited as soon as they can do it. Ok is it 3-5 business days, 7-10 business days or as soon as you can do it?!!

I hang up feeling dumb and defeated. I should've known better. Empire immediately sent emails confirming my free estimate consultation and my installation. But when I canceled, I received a cancellation number and no email to verify it. If it sounds too good to be true, many times it is. This story does end well though. I ended up asking another friend for a carpet install referral. I explained the Empire catastrophe and he introduced me to a local guy who came and assessed the situation. I bought some carpet from Lowe's for $150 (I had to get a 10x15 piece for the style I wanted).

This local guy picked up the carpet and installed it. My all inclusive (carpet, install and tip) price was $260. I felt relieved and it took the edge off of having to wait to get my money back from Empire for work that was never done. Imagine looking at a room with jacked up carpet after $614.27 has been taken from your checking account. Not a good feeling.

Empire returned my money to my checking account on January 21, 2015. Technically that was 4 business days after I canceled (the 19th was a holiday). But it felt like an eternity since it was 9 days from the date of my FREE consultation. Please beware of the $99/room sale. Especially if you are doing your whole house!!

Attached are before and after pics of the bedroom that needed the carpet replaced. I just want you to see that paying a total of $260 for new carpet and installation does not mean the work is shoddy at all. I am extremely pleased now that Empire is out of the picture!!! NO THANKS to Empire Today.

Company Response 01/27/2015:

Hi LaToria, we appreciate you taking the time to share your concerns with us, and we regret that you did not enjoy your experience. We understand that we've been in contact with you and that you have already purchased elsewhere. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at 888-588-2315 x4195 or Thank you. Jeanette Ramey, National Customer Service Manager

Horrible Horrible
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Rating: 1/51

NORTH HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT -- During the last rain storm my finished basement which is an already approved daycare room and as flooded. After cleaning out it was suggested by one of the online services like home something to call Empire. I did as the rug in that room was starting to smell. The sales person came to my facility right away and said the job could get down in a few days. The job is horrible and the pictures show it. It looks like I old the daycare children to paint however and whatever themselves, or maybe the kids would have done a better job as some of the replacement floor was cut out and put together like a puzzle.

There are places on the floor that the piece was cut wrong so it came out too short or too thin so instead of cutting another piece they just didn't cover everything. There were nails all throughout the room my driveway and better yet they emptied the cement bucket on my new sod and the water drain for excess water from my gutters. And I called several times the sales representative text me to send photos but no communication and finally customer service called me today to get nasty because he said I interrupted him. As a business owner I would never treat a customer like this for any reason. I would never use them again just a WARNING!

Poor Quality Carpet, Overpriced, Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

WYLIE, TEXAS -- We have a small house (about 1200 sq ft), and needed carpet. We received 3 estimates with Empire actually being the least expensive. Sales representative brought in the "high quality" samples of the carpet color I preferred (grey), all 4 of them. He expounded on the fantastic warranty of the sample I chose (while NEVER giving me a warranty in hand). I should have bailed then and there, my bad.

Now we are off and running with the "calculations." He is figuring square footage x 3.141 divided by quantum theory factoring in the time space continuum. So for the living room hall and small back bedroom we come to just under $3000. Remember, my home is only just at 1200 sq ft, but it's still just a tad cheaper than the other 2 quotes, and Empire is reputable right!? SIDE NOTE: I was never given a copy of the contract, it was to be emailed to me... NEVER HAPPENED. So we signed, paid, and scheduled.

On installation day, I move all the small knick-knacks, etc., and vacuumed, so they can move the furniture. When the installers start moving the furniture from the living room over into the kitchen, one of them kicks over my heavy, large glass dog bowl, and put a crack in the brand new porcelain tile we had just laid, as well as causing a fantastic water mess. Sigh. I chalk that up to my fault, perhaps I should not have left it on the floor, and I can spend an hour or two prying it out, scraping it down, and replacing it with an extra. Installation begins and is finished pretty rapidly. I am asked to do a walk-through, and all seems well enough, but I am no carpet expert.

Fast forward 1 1/2 years later... Anywhere that we actually walk, it's matting (I vacuum with a Kirby) and all of the thresholds are mashed down so much the tack strips not only show, you have the joy of FEELING them. The foot traffic being myself and my husband, and a medium-sized dog. SIDE NOTE: The tiny linen closet in the hall was not done, I don't know why. I didn't even notice till my mom pointed it out. How on earth would they not do a tiny linen closet? Would that have been another $100?

On the advice of a friend I started contact with Empire in September. My original "ticket" was closed with Empire claiming it was due to MY not returning phone calls. I informed them that we are in the age of technology and I will go ahead and request my phone records in hard copy which will show how many times I have called, and how many times Empire has called. Crickets. I also informed them that when I did return the call, I was told my ticket would now go to Warranty Repairs and they had 4 business days to get back to me. They did not get back to me.

Long story short, I am back at square one after having contact with them no less than 8 times and just as many people, all of whom are surprised and confused about the issues. My most recent contact Megyn, supposedly has me scheduled for an inspection November 3 between 10 and 3. Inspections are only scheduled on Mondays and Thursdays.

This will probably be in vain, as I have read too many customer complaints about the inspection being a farce and they always deny warranty coverage and the company of Empire will not do it on their own outside of warranty. FYI it took me a month to get a copy of the warranty sent to me.

My next step is filing an official complaint with the BBB as Empire is registered with them. Empire has an A rating with the BBB, but that is because they are forced to make some sort of agreement with disgruntled customers, of which there have been hundreds, to maintain the A rating. If anything changes, or if some sort of solution is reached I will update post.

Company Response 10/28/2016:

Dear Melissa,
We have read your review and are disappointed to hear that your product is not meeting your expectations We want to learn more and we'll be in contact with you soon to discuss your concerns.
Thank you.

No Customer Service or Craftsmanship
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Rating: 1/51

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- Contact Empire and they had a sales representative out the next day (Saturday). He arrived on time, was polite, took measurements, selected the laminate floor, and received a price quote within two hours. Received a call the following Monday from Empire asking if I wanted to go ahead and have a financing representative drop by to finalize and schedule installation.

When he came, I began to get that uneasy feeling when he said he needed to take measurements, and then I could pick out the flooring. Wait! I just spent two hours on Saturday doing this part. When I voiced concern, he told me there would not be any more hiccups, and even discounted the final price a bit. Feeling a bit better. He advised that installation would begin on Thursday and last through Saturday. I let him know I had a medical appointment Friday afternoon that could not be rescheduled, and the installation crew would need to accommodate. He let me know it was not an issue, and to tell the lead on the installation crew when they arrived.

Thursday came, the crew was on-time, and things seemed to be going very well. I let the lead know that Friday I had an appointment and they would need to break off two hours early. His response to me was that he comes in from Austin, does not work on Saturday, and would like to stay and work while I was at my appointment. What? First, I was told work was Thursday through Saturday. Second, stay and work in the home without me there? Don't think so. I let him know I would do what I could, but the appointment could not be rescheduled.

Friday came, and progress on the floor was good. Until I reminded him of the appointment. Once I did, he said he needed to get the job finished that day, and needed to stay in the home whilst I was away. I then made it clear that I was not going to allow that, and that they needed to finish on Saturday. To which he responded again that he comes in from Austin, and needed to finish today. If not, he would have to come back Monday. So, I told him, Monday it is.

During the weekend I had time to evaluate the work being done, and was beginning to find small things I was not happy about. But, I held off until the work was done on Monday came and the work was supposedly completed. During my walkthrough I found many issues. First, they had to cut the front portion of each step to make the square. They were originally rounded off, which created an issue with laying the laminate flat. Understandable… However while cutting, the workers tore into my banister with their saw, chewing up the wood. When I brought it to the leads attention, his response was, “I did my best.” What???

Next, the reduction of the stair size left a hole in the wall between the stair and the molding. The lead told me he was not responsible for fixing or repairing that because it is part of the original stairs. What the…? You cut my stairs to accommodate the laminate, leaving a gaping hole!!! The final straw was finding a two-and-a-half foot scratch deep into the laminate in the master bedroom. The lead said he had no more materials, and would fix after he ordered more at a later date.

Needless to say, I did not sign the final paperwork. I then called the main office and the lady who answered said she would contact the installation manager. I asked if she could have him call me because I had pictures and wanted to explain. To which she replied, “No. He will call the crew.” Really??? I'm the one who is having a not-so-good experience here. Not the crew. Needless to say, I have not received a call back from anyone. The lead seemed to want to appease me, but I'm not happy at all. Posting images to show that lousy work.

Update 11/19/2015:

I have to say, the turn-around time once I posted this issue was outstanding. My hat is off to Rex and Billy for stepping in and ensuring my issues were being attended to. The crew arrived shortly after Billy showed up, and an offer was made to make recompense for the damaged banister. I will revisit and post an update once this has been finalized.

Company Response 11/19/2015:

Hi Gerard, thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We understand that we've been in contact with you about this issue and that the repairs have been completed. Please don't hesitate to contact us at with any additional questions or concerns. Thank you. Bill Allivato, National Customer Service Manager

Empire destroyed my existing carpet and has refused to pay for damages
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Rating: 1/51

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- On May 24, 2019, I had an Empire sales representative out to my home to discuss installing flooring. I selected a LVF and told the representative that I wanted to finance the project. At that time, the estimate was just over $10, 000. When he contacted the office, he said my financing hadn't gone through and I told him that was bizarre since my credit score was high. (I later found out that my identity had been compromised and while simultaneous residing in Washington, DC I was also watching my Netflix account in Syria and opening credit cards…working on that with my bank now).

The sales representative then asked if I'd qualify for any discounts, and I ran him through my profile and he said he that I qualified for a military/first responders discount and he had the authority to approve finance projects under $7500 if I gave him a 10% a deposit. He said the installers could be out the next day (Saturday). I gave him the $750 deposit.

On May 25th, installers came out. I was in the process of replacing drywall because there had been a small leak in the wall. The carpet was dry and the drywall had been repaired. The installers proceeded to rip up the carpet in the bedroom and take it out of the apartment, leaving it outside on the walkway. When they concluded tearing up the bedroom, they said it might be better to let the drywall repair dry more because there was moisture in the air and it would be better for the flooring to wait a few days. They assured me they could be back later that week to finish as I was having family come into town. There was NO mention of any problems with the financing or any balance that needed to be resolved which is why they began the install.

On Thursday May 30, 2019 a different install team showed up to finish the job. This installer informed me that I owed a balance of $6750. I explained that I had financed the project. The installer told me he couldn't finish the job without the balance being paid. I spoke to Empire and they said that I had never been approved for financing and the sales representative didn't have the authority to approve and amount. They said there had been a “miscommunication.” I asked if the installers were going to haul away the carpet they ripped up and let outside in the rain to rot for the previous 5 days and the answer was no. I was left with no carpet in the bedroom and what was there was now rotting outside in the walkway blocking the path to the backyard and gate.

After speaking with Empire several times, they offered to replace the carpet. I explained that since they didn't install the carpet and couldn't match the rest of the apartment, I wasn't interested in that. I also requested my deposit, which they didn't refund for 3 weeks.

After dozens of calls seeking remediation for the damage that was done, I suggested that they pay me for the sq FT of the carpet THEY removed and damaged by leaving it outside. Empire refused.

Now, finally going on 7 weeks, I asked if they were going pay to haul away the rotting carpet and was told no. I finally agreed just to have the carpet replaced because the apartment hasn't really been livable and I had to put up my family in a hotel. Today is was also told that "Empire did me a favor" by removing the carpet and that was my compensation. I was injured serving abroad and have no cartilage in my left knee. I can't haul it away myself.

I have spoken to dozens of Empire employees - Devan, Mike, Ms. Beverly, Charles

The first photo attached is what the bedroom looked like before Empire arrived, what the drywall repair looked like the day they arrived and what the bedroom has looked like for the past 7 weeks since it's been dried and painted.

Laminate Flooring-Terrible Company
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- This company is an absolute joke! We had them start an install October 2018, it took the guy three days to complete roughly 680sq/ft.
***published here***

Once he was finished we noticed immediately, within a week, that the flooring was starting to lift in several places and many of the cuts were way too short where they should've been covered by baseboards. As well as the stair nose edge that was originally done in the wrong color.
We called numerous times until finally we got a supervisor to come out and take a look. She agreed that the job was terribly done and promised she would send him out to fix the problem areas. The installer came out, only fixed a few places of lifted flooring, didn't fix the pieces that were cut too short and brought out the wrong stair-nose color again.
Once again we talked to the supervisor and she said they would send someone out. That day came and went without so much as a phone call to inform us on why they didn't show. We call back to let them know and only then do they inform us that the piece was on back order but they would come out as soon as possible. About 2 months later we called to see when someone was going to come out and scheduled a day/time. Again, that day came and went with NO CALL/NO SHOW! We sent a text to the supervisor and she said they would get us on the schedule AGAIN... You guessed it ONCE AGAIN no one showed up for the scheduled day or time and no one called or returned our calls!
We sent yet another text message to the supervisor and now she's telling us, “oh well, I don't know if what we have is going to work for your floor.” Um... how do you not know?! YOU came out and looked at it yourself and put us on the schedule 3-4 different times, knowing the situation, telling us it was on back order and you finally got the right one, knowing we've been stood up numerous times, but now all the sudden you don't know if what you ordered is going to work.... makes absolutely NO sense to us whatsoever. You can't speak to anyone who knows how to do their job or take care of business, but you can sure get them to call you a million times to see if you're ready to install MORE flooring! Nope, not a chance. I'm so disgusted by this company and they way they operate. I regret choosing Empire 100%! I honestly wish that this junk would be taken out and you cancel and refund because it's such a joke! It's unfortunate because we wanted them to do the remaining 1800sq/ft but after this disaster I wouldn't dare. I guess we should've read the reviews on Empire before choosing to go with them but we didn't and now we are stuck with shoddy work from an unreliable company that doesn't stand behind their product at all! They can sure push their sales on you but once they have you on the hook- the care stops there! I would hands down, never recommend this company and we WILL be filing a complaint with BBB and leaving reviews that reflect the treatment and work (or lack thereof) that we've received.
We given more opportunities than not, to have the situation resolved but it's apparent making they have no desire to do so. Seems to me they are waiting for the warranty to expire so they can say too bad, so sad and not have to fix the issues.

Hardwood/Ceramic Install
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Rating: 1/51

CHESTER, VIRGINIA -- We've had nothing but issues since the initial delivery of hardwood. We are doing a whole house remodel and the laying of the flooring is an integral part of the process as nothing else can occur into the flooring goes in. We are repeat customers and decided to use empire again to ensure an exact match of the wood. Well, imagine our surprise when the first delivery came with the wrong color wood for the steps. In this install we are doing the steps, mud room, kitchen, morning room, pantry and powder room $9600 (over priced as it is).

In addition, we wanted to have the floors looked at that was already laid in the dining room due to buckling due to floors not being properly acclimated. Those floors were installed 2012 and we still have no resolution to that issue. Due to the wrong color wood being delivered we had an additional 7 day delay which pushed back our cabinet install. No problem… today the installers arrived approx. at 10:15 or a little after. They leave at 6pm approx. with only laying down the ceramic in the powder room and the stairs incomplete and nothing else done. Why? Their tool broke but didn't say anything.

They didn't call their supervisor, didn't go purchase another with all the hardware stores I have in my area. What they did do was drink soda, use my electricity to charge their phones, chit chat instead of work. I had an expectation that this job was going to be completed today. I had my cabinet installed schedule for 8/15. Now that has to be delayed until who knows when. I have appliances schedule to be delivered, furniture that has to be delivered and other things that need to be happen and nothing can move until these floors are done.

I have no confidence in the installers that were here so I need a total new crew and not only do I expect but I demand a credit for time, aggravation and the incompetence shown by the employees thus far due to the aggravation and time wasted. My husband works nights and now has to stay up again for this day of install that should have been completed. The installer tells him someone took the extra tools off the truck. Is that our business? You come to a job prepare at all times for all occasions. We are spending a lot of money and you should ensure you have the equipment you need.

The installer kept saying he needed to get back to Va Beach, they wanted to get home before it got dark. Unacceptable. I have two kids at home with no kitchen longer than anticipated, longer than needed! I want another crew out at my residence to finish this job and to finish it with excellence! The same way I work I want them to work. Anything else is not going to work. I need resolution. 8/15 time is of the essence. I have emailed customer service, spoke to manager. I need help and new crew out tomorrow. Empire has my money but I don't have an installed floor!

Installed wrong flooring and refusing to remove or refund
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Rating: 1/51

I wanted to order wood flooring for the one carpeted room in my house. First time they came out, they started to put down a laminate flooring and the installer was wise enough to say, this can't be what you ordered, he was correct. They scheduled another day for re installing, I had to work- when I got home they installed LAMINATE AGAIN. They had to come back that evening and rip up that flooring to install a wood floor and was at my house until 945pm. When asked for the remaining payment(from the difference of their mistake of installing laminate twice to the wood floor I had agreed to) I stated this is clearly not the wood that I had ordered. My entire house is a light oak wood- this is a red wood(photos 4 &5). I told them again that they put in the wrong flooring and by the morning, the baseboards had started to peel away from the walls, the nails are exposed and I have to purchase new baseboards (photos 1-3) They came out AGAIN to replace it with the wood color I had chosen, when this installer came out he said, this is the wrong size width of wood. I spoke again to Latasha at Empire and she said that they don't make a smaller size. I said I was done with this company, wanted the wood that I didn't order out and a full refund. I was willing at the time to eat up the cost for the new baseboards that I have to purchase. I inquired about my refund and they informed me that they were only going to refund me $503.16 of the $1,040. Additionally they were not going to remove the incorrect wood or reimburse me for the baseboards.
I had offered to try one more time to have a salesperson come out and look at a sample of yet another wood for them to exchange for me and they refused unless I paid them an additional $536.84. Her exact words were, clearly our wood will not work in your house. Well, if that was the case, why would the sales representative even agree to take this job. I am now having to get a lawyer and ecru even more charges.

Poor Customer Service and Wrong Product Installed 08/11/2018
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Rating: 1/51

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- As I have never been in this particular store, I have unfortunately done business with this company. My husband and I were easy sales about 3 years ago, as everything in our home was white and not a good mix with kids and dogs! We picked out of new floors even opted for the better carpet and have never wished we could go back in time more!!! We felt completely misled by our sales representative as nothing went the way he prepared us for. We had multiple installation problems, installers coming late or not at all for repairs and even one installer who showed up and just simply said he didn't want to do the job so he didn't.

I will say after several phone calls and appointments we finally got the carpet and vinyl floors we were completely happy with! BUT, sadly it did not last. About a year half later the gaping of the poorly installed floors got too much for me to bear and an daily used threshold came off. We called and they did send some installers out to fix that and a couple other issues. BUT, sadly that did not last. About a year later the gaping came back and the same threshold was no longer attached. They had someone come out to inspect our complaints and we got approved for a reinstall. We picked our product and agreed on real painted white wood quarter rounds. We thought everything was straightforward.

Early this month the installers came out, on time, and started working. I checked their work pretty closely given my past experiences and one installer even told me I was "difficult to work for" which really kinda floored me (no pun intended) and I kinda stepped back not wanting any of frustrations taken out on his work. After they leave it looked good and the quarter rounds were white but didn't look like painted wood. My suspicion were confirmed when my 3 year found a scrap piece (of quarter round) and asked me what it was... compressed material with basically a white sticker around it!

I called complained and it took more than one attempt/message to get Charles the customer service manager out of the Baltimore area not to call me back but actually answer his phone. We started communicating and after a couple phone calls we sit a date last to fix those quarter rounds that day comes, I have my schedule cleared, I have my garage set up with a window ac unit running and fan for my dogs, I have activities for my two kids, we wait the time period and beyond and no one comes and no one shows up.

I'm upset. I call into the call center to complain. (Still from that date on I have not heard back from Charles or anyone else out of the Baltimore office that I have left messages with.) Through the call center I set up a new appointment for the next day. Same scenario, I was like alright. I'll keep the same game plan. We were waiting, schedule clear, home activities planned, dog cool spot set up... and NO CAME AND AGAIN NO CANCELLATION CALL! I called the call center again and they said emails will be sent out and should hear from corporate.

I never heard from corporate... I call Baltimore again haven't heard back. I call the call center again and was promised that everyone involved was included in the email and everyone in the corporate office she and someone should get back to in 24 hours but it was after hours. I am still waiting. I now feel like I have wasted my money and I know I have wasted my VALUABLE TIME!

Company Response 07/30/2018:

we take matters like these very seriously and we'd like to follow up with you. Please email your concerns and contact information to for further assistance, thank you.

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