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Dissatisfied Customer
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I write to you expressing my inner feelings regarding the past services and current transaction that I have personally experienced with your company. During the later years of the 90's, I had my home waterproofed by your organization, upon completion I was assured that the work was done correctly and no water would come into basement. Then later had to recall you to come back due to water coming into basement, at this time some work was done in the middle of basement floor. Again I was reassured that work was done correctly and water would not enter into basement. A third time I called, a repairman informed me that either the sump pump was not working properly or water was entering from the overflow of drain in front of garage and entering under door.

I accepted this reason for at times that depending on the amount of rain that drain does overflow and may enter basement. Needless to say, this water problem was never repaired and over the years gotten much worse. So, in June 2010, I decided to locate where this water was entering my basement, and settling only in the middle of the basement floor. After finding the source and called your company (especially since I had a lifetime warranty, so I thought), this is when I found that for whatever reason I had stop paying the Maintenance Service Fee (why I did this still has me puzzled) so my warranty is void.

On June 23, 2010, I met with Mr. Edward **, signed a contract to have this work done again (now, this will be the fourth time, your company has come into my home to fix/repair the same water damage), however, after signing the contract and rethinking my financial obligations I decided to cancel the work, again I was informed that I had a misunderstanding regarding the time frame for cancellation. Then, on Wednesday, July 21, 2010, I wrote a letter of cancellation and was informed by telephone that Mr. ** would have to personally come and collect the paper work.

When he arrived on Monday, July 26, 2010, I was informed that my cancellation was too late and I would be charged a penalty fee. All was well, until he revealed that I would be charged $3000.00. Now, this is why I'm so irate. NOTHING had been done regarding this work, the financial loan had not been approved (I just received that approval from you S Bank at my home on yesterday, August 9, 2010), so I don't understand how you could actually charge me this amount of money when all finances had not been properly established. I spoke with Mr. ** in great detail, looking for an understanding of why wasn't these problems noticed the second time? Or the third?

Since the work is guaranteed, why is the customer penalized for more installation? Since the homeowner was original customer, why can't a reinstatement fee be granted, with a depilation as to when service can be used? And, why isn't the customer sent a reminder notice if annual fee not received? This is a loop hole that really should be revisited. These were just a few, however, it tried to give decent explanations pertaining to the your company regulations, however, I'm still very unhappy about the fact that I'm now being forced into getting the work done at this time, when the economy is rough.

Then it's also amazing how much of a difference it is between the first cost presented in June and the amended cost presented in July, it really has caused me to question the true value of this project and sorry that I didn't have legal counsel to communicate with before signing the amended agreement. Please be informed, that I will not refer your service to anyone and will submit a copy of this letter to the Better Business Bureau, for my home will be visited a total of four times to fix water damage that was guaranteed to be done correctly in August 1996.

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