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Prescription Refills
By -

I have been receiving my birth control pills for 2 years now through a home delivery service. At first the company that Cigna used was Medco and just a matter of a few months ago they switched to Express Scripts. I sent in a request last week for a refill of my prescription and yesterday in the mail was a 3 pk supple of a generic drug called Tri-Lo-Sprintec and not my Ortho-Tri-Cyclen-Lo.

I immediately call Express Scripts and informed them that, I was to receive my Ortho-Tri-Cyclen-Lo and not this generic brand. They informed me, that because my prescription does not state "DO NOT SUBSTITUTE" that is why they sent me the generic drug instead of the brand name one. I was too, too, upset!!!

To top it off I then asked "Well can my doctor write a new prescription stating that I am to only receive the brand name (Ortho-Tri-Cyclen-Lo)" and the representative told me "NO"!!! Then I said "Well what the hell am I supposed to do with these generic pills, because I am not using them, can I send them back" and she told me because they already sent me the generic drugs, by law my doctor cannot write another prescription and I would have to keep the generic pills.

By this time I was too pissed off. This non-informed representative then told me that I can get the brand name pills through my local pharmacy, fine!!! I then called my doctor's office and left them a message asking them to write me a new prescription. Well, today I call the pharmacy to see what my co-pay would be when I go to my local pharmacy to get it refilled and boy did I get mad again!!! This representative tells me that because CIGNA my insurance company has it set where I cannot get the prescription refilled locally, I can only receive the Ortho-Tri-Cyclen-Lo through home delivery service.

So, I asked "Why is that?". She stated that if I go to my local pharmacy then I would have to pay 100% of the cost and if I go through the home delivery service then the cost of the medication is cheaper. I then said "So, what do I have to do to get my damn pills". I was told to get the new prescription from doctor and have them fax it over and then I will receive the pills in the mail.

Well, I go do that today and still there was more drama!! With Medco, I used to fax over the prescription with no problem. Express Scripts the new pharmacy says that only the doctor office can fax over the prescription. I call my doctor office and tell them that they have to fax it and they say that they need the request form, that comes with the pills in order to fax it.

So, I'm thinking fine, then I look at the request form and see that it has the generic drug listed and not the brand name. I call the Express Scripts company and ask them if they can fax over to me a new form with the correct medication listed and they tell me "NO"!!! To make a long story a bit shorter, I had to mail the damn prescription to Express Scripts!!!

For those that use Express Scripts if you have a particular brand name drug that you have been on for a while and you like it and do not wish to be change to another drug for instance a generic drug. Make sure that your doctor has on your prescription "DO NOT SUBSTITUTE" because if not when a generic drug becomes available for your medication they will send you the generic drug without giving you an option!!!

I think it is only right that I should have been sent a letter stating that a generic drug is now available for my birth control pills and upon my next refill I will be sent the generic drug instead of the brand name if I do not provide them with a prescription specifying for me to use the brand name only.

That is all they should have done and I would not have been so surprised when I received them. Express Scripts need to take my advise and write the above letter that I suggested to them, and they need to give patients the option of choosing whether or not they wish to have the brand name or the generic name. I feel like because my prescription says for me to receive Otho-Tri-Cyclen-Lo, then that is what I should have received, regardless of whether or not it states "DO NOT SUBSTITUTE". Both CIGNA and Express Scripts SUCK!!!

A Deceptive Mail Order Service for Prescriptions
By -

BENSALEM, PENNSYLVANIA -- EMAIL TO ANTHEM: Unfortunately your prescription vendor is Express Scripts, which is a dishonest service that takes advantage of the customer. My recent experience using their mail order service was a disaster, both service and financial wise. The service took 30 days to establish. First, they denied receiving by mail the five 90-day prescriptions, then I received a letter with the prescriptions enclosed saying that I did not have an account. Next, after three phone calls, they delayed filling the prescriptions and wanted to talk with the doctor's office.

Finally, they sent out five prescriptions. However, one prescription was for a name brand Toprol XL instead of the generic Metoprolol. Instead of a $20 charge they billed me $150 for the brand name. I did not OK the brand name being sent. As of today, Express Scripts is denying fault and refusing to adjust my bill lower to the correct co-pay. I think that Anthem needs to get involved and straighten out their vendor of drugs. None of this is my fault, especially since their person called the doctor to verify the prescription information. Thanks in advance for managing your relationship with poor vendors and assisting me in dealing with one.

A Company That Cares Nothing About Their People
By -

FLORIDA -- Make sure that when you sign up for Insurance benefit that you deal with companies that hire the right companies for you as far as prescription are concern. Some Insurance companies have contracts with pharmaceutical companies that do not allow you to get your medications where you want. They have a contract with them and when they switch they don't even let you know till it is too late. This is bad business ethics and we should not have to take it especially when you're dealing with medications that are costing the people thousands of dollars.

They have this thing now that they are saying it is specialty medications and have to be order by them but when you look into it, it is one and the same. I was getting my medication at a local pharmacy for years never had a problem no. Since Express Script took over they are unprofessional they hire people that know nothing of the medical field and as a consumer I feel we should ask for the managers and supervisors' credentials stating they do have medical background to deal with patients like myself. I have cancer and I need my medication on time always.

I have had this company misplace my orders or not order them at all. I have spoken with indivduals that have no knowledge of medical background and I'm not speaking of the people that order I'm speaking about supervisors themselves that have been transfer to me as well as managers. This company is interested only in one thing and that is capital not the patients' well being. Yes I'm certain it is a well establish company but at who's expense? We are the consumer and if you are a patient just like me that needs your medication to survive then if not now when will you take a stance?

These pharmaceutical companies and Insurance companies are making a killing and are properly number one but how did they get thereby using us to benefit themselves? THINK ABOUT IT. Make a difference. Complain if you have had this problem with this company or whatever company that is getting away with cheating you. This company delivers to many people they are not even in the same state I'm in so I have to wait to get my deliveries from Florida when I can go down the street and pick up my own on time.

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