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TROY, MICHIGAN -- My family/extended family knows what a beggar I am. Living alone, it's not to my advantage to cook a large meal— I'd be eating leftovers for quite some time. Lucky for me, I get invited to a lot of gatherings where the food is abundant.

One of the members who is well known for her buffets turned me on to the GFS (Gordon Food Service) outlet not very far from me. Although not all of their offerings would be logical for me, there are a couple I find myself returning to purchase. GFS is a family owned and operated business started over 100 years ago in Michigan. There's always been a 'Mr. Gordon' at the helm. The majority of their products are larger sizes, e.g., Lasagna is frozen in 6 lb. trays, coleslaw is packed in 5 lb. tubs, etc. They supply many of the restaurants in our area.

I have three favorites for purchase: 1) Potato Chips. They're available in 1 lb., 4 oz. bags. A lot of chips? Yes. But there are four of us who get together once or twice a week to play Pinochle and the menu du jour is beer and chips. 2) Cooked, frozen Meatballs. They're packed in 5 lb. bags. You can take a few of these puppies out, thaw in the nuker for a minute, toss in some Cream of Mushroom soup, and serve over noodles.

3) My all time favorite: Ground Beef Sirloin Steakburgers. They're packed in a 5 lb. box, each 1/3 lb. patty vacuum sealed. Earlier this week, I thawed two patties and made a small meatloaf. Delicious — if I have to say so myself since no one else will do so. They're also great just tossing on the grill in the frozen state, with the obligatory salt, pepper, and garlic powder sprinkled on.

The returns (if necessary) are very easy to do. I once got a box of the Steakburgers. After opening, I found the patties were not the usual bright red in color. The tops of the first layer seemed as though they possibly may have thawed a bit or looked as though they were exposed to heat. It was a while since my purchase but since I use a credit card for just about everything, I had my receipt.

Didn't know if anything would be done about my perceived problem but thought, what the hey — give it a try. I spoke with the store manager who said one of their shipments was all like this. Nothing was wrong with the meat but because of the appearance some customers returned them. The manager took the receipt, noted the date, pulled up the video and saw me make my purchase. No problem. Another box was given me.

I'd recommend GFS locations for anyone who wants to save on their grocery purchases. Of course, because of the larger quantities, a singleton couldn't make use of all the products they offer. But their prices are much lower than in our local supermarkets.

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