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Bad Customer Service Experience With Google Project Fi and It's Agent Jeremy
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Rating: 1/51

Google Project Fi had a technical problem processing MasterCard auto-payments since yesterday 4/13, but instead of notifying customers of their own problem and offering reassurance, Project Fi kept on harassing me with threatening emails: "Payment not received. Your financial institution has declined payment... your service will be terminated..."

So yesterday I had to spend a lot of time calling Citi MasterCard and then emailing and phoning Project Fi agent Sharon, telling her that Citi MasterCard NEVER declined the auto-payment: it was approved right at the beginning -- 9 AM CST on 4/13. Even after I spent so much time clarifying the above with Project Fi agent Sharon yesterday, today they still sent me the same harassing and threatening email above -- again!

Unbelievable! So today I had to repeat the whole process again: first calling Citi MasterCard and then emailing and phoning Project Fi agent. I had an extremely bad experience talking with Project Fi agent Jeremy on the phone today about 1:35 PM PST 4/14. Jeremy's attitude was worse than arrogant -- he never owned up to the fact that the whole problem was caused by his company -- not me.

He claimed that his engineers told him that the auto-payment problem has already been "resolved". False claim! I still received the same harassing and threatening email as yesterday! Eventually I had to "Manually" pay the bill --whatever happened to his claim of it being "resolved"? Jeremy was so nasty that he even flatly refused to acknowledge and apologize for my damages incurred by his company: lost time, hassles and emotional aggravations. What kind of "customer service" was this? Instead of trying to correct their own mistake and taking care of aggrieved customer, Jeremy has left me with even more aggravation than ever. Customers beware!

Google Closed My Very First Email Account With No Reason Given and Stole All of My Written Work!
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Rating: 3/51

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA -- On Saturday, August 6, 2016, Google ganged up on me and closed/blocked my very first Gmail account which was called ** without providing me with a legitimate nor honest reason and I did absolutely nothing illegal and did not spam anybody and they KEPT ALL OF MY LETTERS AND INFORMATION without GIVING MY PROPERTY BACK TO ME in which they still have!

Yes, I have complained to them as you can see in my attached documents, but no resolution was provided! As of August of 2016, I have filed a small claims lawsuit against them for $1,000.00 since they refuse to return my legal property back to me. I hope that they come to their common senses. Final thoughts: Yes, Google is a necessity, but they are not a 100% percent honest company towards their members!

Google's Bad Incompetent Customer Service Destroys Disabled Seller's Livelihood
By -

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA -- I am a disabled individual and own an online store which I depend on for my livelihood. My livelihood is now threatened. And I am looking at my server being shut off, my business being destroyed, being unable to pay my business rent, and ultimately being homeless as a result of Google's extremely bad customer service. (No customer service phone number, hidden contact form, employees who don't read emails and instead copy and paste replies that don't address the issue, oftentimes they don't even respond to customers.) And false libelous statements made by Google's Google Base support team.

As a small business, I must rely on Google Product Search for customers to find my items because the large shopping comparison engines are out of the price range of all but the largest stores. I had been submitting data feeds for my store to Google Base since its inception without problems until last week without problems. Last week I started receiving "failed messages."

Google doesn't provide a customer service phone number and keeps its contact form well hidden. After opening a ticket via their contact form it can be days before they reply - oftentimes they simply ignore customer tickets and never reply. Google knows that they have a virtual monopoly on search and that businesses need to appear on Google to survive and thus Google has decided to turn the normal customer relationship upside down: at Google the customer isn't always right... No, instead Google expects customers to bow down and worship at its feet and never express any complaints about its abysmally awful customer service and business practices.

Two days after opening a ticket I received a reply (signed anonymously "The Google Base Team" -Google apparently likes to operate under a veil of anonymity and its customer service emails aren't even signed with a human's name.)

Surprise, surprise, once again, Google's customer service had falsely accused my business of violating policies and engaging in business practices which we do not do. I think I know how my business operates better than the outsourced customer service reps at Google who never even visited my site before copying and pasting their inane replies. We have never sold any products through commission. We have never taken part in, or sold any products through multi-level marketing programs. We do not sell through affiliate marketing relationships, or third party wholesalers, or cataloged marketing programs.

When I emailed Google that they were incorrect and my business is not engaging in the business practices they cited I didn't even receive a reply from them. As a result of Google's customer service staff's incompetence and their false assertion that I had violated the policies of their terms of service, traffic to my website and sales have virtually dried up and I am looking at being forced to close my business and being left without an income.

Message to Google- terms of service are legally binding upon both parties not just one. I did not violate the sections of the Google Base that your staff falsely accused me of violating. My business does not engage in the practices your incompetent customer service staff accused me of violating. I can prove that my business doesn't engage in any of the practices your customer service falsely accused me of and I am prepared to go to court to prove that your customer service staff's false and libelous accusations about my business are wrong.

Are you proud of yourselves Google for destroying a business with false accusations and putting a disabled individual on the edge of homelessness? Your competitors provide customer service phone numbers and don't treat their customers like pond scum. Eventually your customer service failings will catch up with you as enough people voice disgust and take their business elsewhere. Contrary to Google's belief, customers deserve to be treated with respect.

False Advertising
By -

I am told that people can work from home online. I see the different advertising on the news and online for making extra money on google, yahoo, eBay etc all the time. We my work was downsized and single that I am I decided to look into making extra money online just like I have heard it could be done.

I looked on various websites and google caught my eye. Just spend $1.97 to get started and or just to check it out.
I did and I was totally confused with what was downloaded and questions of how to begin whom to call or contact for help. I decided to find out more so I left it alone for a while. Until I received a letter from my Bank that my account which had a small balance was way overdrawn by 77.83 dollars and I had also incurred bank over draft fees which totaled 70 Dollars.

I immediately visited the bank and found out it was from google online work. I immediately cancelled my card and started my search to have my 77.83 dollars refunded. I then received another letter from the bank that my account was overdrawn 29.84 dollars and I had 70 dollars of overdraft fees added to the account. I then returned to the bank for help. I was able to get refund of the 29.84 charged but the 77.83 is still pending because there is no phone number on the statement to call and the cannot help me.

The bank will not refund the bank charges because even though it was not intentional what has happen they are telling me the charges are not something they did but I did. I am beside myself, I was deceived by the $1.97 so called start up fee. I did not see anything about additional fees of any kind. No one should be deceived that way. I am looking to supplement by income not because I don't need it but because I do. Not I am out over 220.00 and I have no one that can help me. I trusted the media, the TV and the website and who is laughing now, not I.

Please help me and or send me to where I CAN RECOVER the fund that were taken from me without
actual authorization. I ONLY AUTHORIZED 1.97 NOT THE REST OF THE FUNDS. If I would have known before that I as going to spend more than I HAD I WOULD HAVE THOUGHT TWICE.

Improper Regard for Memorial Day
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Rating: 2/51

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA -- Google's sign on page, where the word Google is often modified and morphed into letters that relate somehow to a particular holiday or celebration, is where my complaint is. I love the feature; however, when I signed on today, MEMORIAL DAY 2012, there was a tiny, tiny United States flag w/ a yellow ribbon across the front of it. The flag was not even the size of one of the Google letters!

I took this as a blatant insult, as a proud American. Clearly, this was an intentional affront to our country, where soldiers die daily for the right of some jerk to make a political statement in this way. Yet, on the 675th birthday of some man, usually, who is hardly known is an elaborate enhancement of the word Google. Please remind the person who does this artwork, is, first, in the United States of America and whose paycheck is provided by that company. My hunch is that the individual doing the work is not an American and likely not even a citizen.

By -

CALIFORNIA -- I saw the popup on my home page, even some person here in my home town. (I wish I had written down his name or called to see if he really exists.) I contacted Google for information and was charge $2.79. Of course there were multiple pages of fine print, now called terms of agreement, thinking Google a reputable company I paid little attention. This month I found a charge of 81 dollars plus change to my account by a company Financial Success Kit online. I've recently learned that they have multiple addresses and represent almost every scam going. I intend to keep pursuing this as far as possible. Incidentally I find that Google has 1497 complaints listed.

No cooperation
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Rating: 1/51

I have tried repeatedly to change my password for one of my Google accounts. When I change my password for this particular account, it changes my password for one of my other accounts. It is frustrating since I was using the e-mail address for a work-online job I was doing. It prevented me from being able to sign in to the account or talk to management of the company since they have my e-mail address that I was using to work for them. THEREFORE, NO JOB -- THANKS GOOGLE.

Unauthorized Charges on My Credit Card
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Rating: 1/51

COAL CITY, ILLINOIS -- I check my credit card and found 4 charges from I called the Corporate headquarters for Google and they sent me to a website that doesn't exist. I tried to put in a complaint in several areas of Google but nothing helped. Now I have to stop my credit card and lose over $40.00 dollars with at this point no getting it returned to me.

Horrible website
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Rating: 1/51

When you are searching for something it does not give you the results your looking for. I hate it. I dislike the people to came up with idea.

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