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Poor Installation
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Rating: 1/51

BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN -- If I could rate a zero I would! Lead me to believe they were insured, then had a very young team with NO supervision over the job, which they said they would be having a general manager oversee the job. Never happened! I trusted them because the sales representative who came to my house said they were licensed and insured. Well...The crew left early on a Friday, left the roof open to bare bone structure without covering the roof. I tried calling someone all of Friday night and Saturday but as storms came in, all I could do is watch the rain fill my house.

I filed a claim with my Insurance company just to find out that the marketing salesperson who originally came in, lied to me. They ARE NOT INSURED!!! Thousands of dollars worth of damage, a job that took 3 weeks to finish and countless missed days off work on my part, not to mention that my pain has not ended as now. I have to have contractors come in to my house for repairs. Not to mention, they laid plyboard on top of wet house framing and now my house smells moldy. Having to now hire someone to check for mold.

Needless to say, I'm tired and mad! The front of the house also has two different colors of tile! Please watch out for these people if you live in the Battle Creek, MI area. Oh... and after all this, they have the nerve to send me a demand letter! I can't wait to go to court! Pictures and video say it all!!!

Window Install
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Rating: 1/51

TROY, MICHIGAN -- Had new windows installed last month, and have had nothing but problems with the front bay window. First the installers stained my siding, then discolored it by trying to clean it. Company said they couldn't repair it but they would take money off my financing, I said ok.

Another window installer came out today for another job and said the install job on the bay window was very poor. He said the window looked too big for the opening, and tried to caulk it to make it look better, and there is holes in the caulk which will leak and rot the window frame out over time. I was trying to be cool with all these issues, but I'm tired of trying to compromise with a company that obviously doesn't show pride in their work.

Removal of Ridge Vents, Installed 18-23 Inches From Gutters, Letting in Cold and Hot Air.
By -

On 11-11-09 I called Hanson's and other roofing companies to have my leaking roof replaced. I chose Hanson's over my second choice Mr. Roof. The roof was installed in January of 2011. Immediately after the roof was completed, my upstairs rooms were as cold as the outside, and I could look in an area above the stairwell and see outside. The gutters that were also installed in January, also were leaking over the front porch area. I called Hanson's back and they sent out the same people who installed the roof.

I did not hear from the gutter contractors. They added additional shingles in the area outside and batt insulation over the spot on the inside of the house. This did not resolve the cold temperatures in my upstairs rooms. I called Hanson's again and again and again. This time I was only to get to someone named Lisa, the office manager, I believe. After playing phone tag for several months, I finally got Lisa again. She stated that to have the ridge vents on the lower sides of the roof removed I would have to send Hanson's a check for $500, and when the check cleared she would call me with a date for service. She stated that she would call the gutter contractors.

More phone tag, more time. I called when the check cleared to set up a service date. Lisa then informed me that I would have to get a written letter from the building inspector in Detroit stating that it was okay to remove these vents. I went to the Coleman Young building and scheduled an inspector visit. The inspector stated after the second inspection, that he would send another letter to Hanson's to remove these vents. More time expired, now it's September and I want the vents fixed before the next winter season.

Again, the only person I was able to talk to was Lisa, who was still waiting on the building inspector report. I called and spoke to the supervisor of the building inspector, who informed me that they did not respond to requests from the consumer and if I had a complaint that I would have to speak to the contractor that installed the roof. Bam, right back to square one. Vents on both the front and back of my roof letting in and out air and leaky gutters and no success in getting them fixed. No help from the building inspector or Hanson's. In December of 2010, I started a prepaid legal account with the hopes of getting legal assistance to remove these vents.

Again, I was unsuccessful in getting any results, as they needed a copy of the building inspectors report and other pertinent information. I was unable to obtain a copy of the building inspector report. With another winter fast approaching, I took the suggestion of the first building inspector and called an insulation contractor, also in December, Novi Insulation to see if they would/could help me. They scheduled a date for January, but due to some problems they were having they were not able to come out until February. I have to say, they knew what to do, and did what they said they would do, excellently.

Almost immediately, before they were finished, I could feel the warmth returning to my upstairs rooms. The back ridge vent is in a storage area and I did not have this area done, because I did not have anywhere to put the items that were being stored so they could spray this area. From out of nowhere, the gutter contractor called in February 2011, came out and looked at the gutters, stated that we needed another downspout and they installed this sometime in February 2011. In March, I received a call from someone, not Lisa, at Hanson's asking if I was satisfied with their service. I stated, I was not. I gave her the same information that is in this letter.

Several weeks later, someone else from Hanson's called, this time a contractor supervisor. I kept missing him, and he finally stated that he would not call me again, but wait for me to call him. I was not able to get to talk to him any further. I canceled prepaid legal, decided to chalk this up to lesson learned, at the tune of $10,000 and move on. The only other thing I did not do was file this complaint.

My check from Hanson's was returned per my request and I bought an Amish heater for the upstairs. I should have gone with Mr. Roof, and saved $6000, again my error. I am also sending an email to Brian Elias about the above situation, and then I will put this to rest. Just one more reason to mistrust contractors.

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Rating: 5/51

DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- I would like to say that Hanson's did a great job installing my new windows, I did purchase the windows from Hanson's. The installer was very clean, on time, and quick. The job was very well done, and also the project coordinator Ms. Victoria ** was very helpful. She called before the installer arrived to let me know what time he would arrive, also if I need anything, she would be in the office until 3:00pm. This was on a Saturday, Ms. Victoria ** called before she left the office for the day to check on how things were going. The installer was finishing up at exactly 2:00pm as he said.

Did Not Honor Contract ... And Cancelled The Job The Day Before Install
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Rating: 1/51

SAGINAW, MICHIGAN -- Hanson's came out and gave me a quote for siding work, they told me the job was going to start on Thursday, I get a call Wednesday and they say they cannot do the job they agreed on because my garage is 100 years old and the siding could not be attached due to a non-square problem. They also said that I could not find anyone else to do the upper portion of my house because it is too complex.

I did not hide from Hansons that I had a very tall Brick Victorian, nor did I hide the fact that my garage wasn't square, any idiot who looks at it can pretty much figure it out. So how I got all the way to the day before the install job to be threatened and informed my job could not be done, is beyond me, they sent out both a salesman and a measure guy... I called CL Ward and they are completely willing to do the job, understand the challenges associated with the project so apparently my impossible job isn't, and Hansons just doesn't want to honor the contract we signed

By -

MICHIGAN -- First we got windows for the house from Hansons because of the excellent warranty. Then we went for siding for the garage, excellent warranty also. Here is my complaint; cigarette butts all over the ground. Nails all over the ground, I had to pick up nails on four different occasions. Caulking was not fully done, had to have someone finish the caulk and find out they originally used the wrong color so the whole job had to be re-caulked. They broke the shade on my mercury vapor light, but Hansons paid for a new light. Part of the front was not snapped in so the wind got to it, that was the first repair service.

Second repair service, the last row on the top started to fall so they come out with no nails and scrounged the ground for nails they dropped during the install. Third repair service, they did not nail the whole row so more of the last row was falling off, and again, scrounging the ground for nails to use and they were not even the right color. Fourth repair service, they put the siding on to tight so it could not expand in the sun and buckled, had to take it all off and re-install, plus re-caulked, however, they do not take off what they caulked. They just go over top the caulk and now I have two toned caulk.

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