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Charging Me to Pay My Bill
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Harley Davidson has recently decided that it will no longer accept financial payments via online bank sites. Now, they require you to either mail your payment with a check, or.....use their own site to pay online but they will charge you $6.00 to make that payment on their site. This is crazy. They are hoping people are just too lazy to mail a check and then they stand to collect $6.00 additional dollars from every customer/every month, which will most likely amount to millions over the course of just one year. I will never finance a bike through their financial services again.

2010 Screaming Eagle Clutch
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NEW, Flagship of Harley Davidson, 2010 Ultra Classic Screaming Eagle. Loud Whine with clutch pulled in while in first gear, selling dealer is located about 152 miles away, they came and picked it up, drained clutch and/or tranny and said "all is fine." Delivered bike back to me. Got about 1.5 - 2 miles from home, when suddenly the clutch would not disengage, could not stop bike, it stalled when I hit the brake hard and then it was VERY difficult to start. Had to shut it off at every intersection since I could not get the bike to stop. I called dealer and they had no idea what would cause the problem.

Simple internet search (less than 1/2 hour) I discovered this is a common problem with the Screaming Eagles. From everything I have been able to find out it is air in the clutch cylinder. Informed another dealer who came and picked up the bike. Awaiting to hear what they say. $39,185.00 motorcycle, Special Vehicle Operations division with a limited number of people building it and it has been in the shop longer than it has been at my house!

Bought it on Sept 28th, I have put 322 miles on it, and the selling dealer was 152 miles away, so half of that mileage is just getting home when I bought it. This is my 5th new Harley, if this continues it will be my last Harley. This is an extremely dangerous defect/problem, the operator has no to very little control over the vehicle but do I see a recall???? NO. I filed a complaint with the NHTSB for safety reasons.

Harley reverse keeps quitting / burnt out at 8000 miles.
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My 2010 quit working three times in one week. After resetting the breaker the last time it finally just sits there and clicks. Was told to bring it back in 10 days to look at it. Yea that's right 10 freaking days for warranty work. $33,000 ride and I have to push it backwards for 10 days. You would think a 1300.00 option would last longer. Think I would have learned after all the electrical problems with my last two Harleys. This is my Harley.

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