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Very Rude Customer Service People. Scammed Me Out of $25 Shipping Charge. Only Sent 1 Out of 3 Wigs I Paid For.
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Purchased 3 wigs over a month ago. Paid $25 for International shipping, which is why I bought 3 wigs to make it worthwhile. After over a month, I received only 1 wig. I emailed 4 times asking where the rest of my order was. After my fourth email I said that I may have to get my money back from PayPal if they wouldn't tell me why I only got one of the wigs I paid for.

If they had told me they were back ordered I would have waited. They simply refunded me the price of the 2 wigs with no explanation. They did not refund the expensive shipping charge. When I told them I would give the $74 refund back so that I could wait for the back ordered wigs, they refused. I was very polite in my emails and they were very nasty to me. Horrible customer service.

Don't Buy From!!!!!!!!!!!
By -

ASHLAND, OREGON -- Oh my gosh! These people have the worst customer service I've encountered. When they made a mistake on my first order that was supposed to be for a birthday present, they wrote back 3 weeks later to let me know the product was discontinued, which of course didn't make it to the birthday destination on time. They offered me a $4.00 Credit for my inconvenience. Then 1 month later after I ordered again, they didn't send the right color or the third wig that I purchased. They were very verbally abusive and said my mom has a memory problem and basically told me, that I'm trying to rip them off.

Every time I write to explain, they write nasty things back, and write "Go ahead turn us in, so what?" I got mad and told them "Ignorance can cured." They need to fire whoever is in charge of the e-mails... She calls herself **, but it's probably a fake name.... I lived in Asia for 3 years and she writes like the uneducated ones with English.... Broken English and doesn't know how to interpret correctly, so therefore, for lack of knowledge and personable skills, she lashes out her verbal abuse and accuses you of ripping her off. Also the wigs are substandard and could only be used for halloween!

International Wig Issues
By -

I placed an order with International Wig. The item was such a good deal that I used a credit card, that I never, ever used, a "save for emergencies" card. My card got compromised shortly after the purchase and I started getting all kinds of fraudulent charges. I wrote to International Wig to alert them that someone was obviously hacking their site.
I won't repeat their response to me, but they lost another customer over it. I spent weeks trying to fix the fraud charges and months trying to repair my credit. I have ordered a lot of stuff over the internet since then with no problems. It could have been a coincidence but I don't think so.

Name Epithets, Vulgar Customer Service, Obscenities
By -

2305 ASHLAND SUITE C-260, ASHLAND, OREGON -- I placed and ordered with International Wig May 11, 2011. It came recommended to me by Yahoo. I was so excited at first when I made my order. I called today to verify standard shipping. The customer service number stated to email for faster reply because they were unavailable. I replied to the customer service by email also giving a suggestion that 2 weeks was too long that I didn't understand their shipping policies. They might lose potential customers that way. A lady by the name of ** responded so rudely and said I even needed an English lesson. Did I graduate high-school to some extent? I was appalled and thought it was a hoax.

Then as the emails kept coming back from her as I was expressing my frustration with her customer service skills she got even more personal. So I demanded a full refund. I haven't received anything but for the simple notion that my money is going to such a company like that who doesn't respect people or customers is asinine. It won't happen with my money. Now I have an issue with Yahoo. There's plenty of customer complaints against this company on their website and database. Why do they continue to allow them to be searchable for wig products luring customers to this type of catastrophe?

The Biggest Thief Of The World
By -

International Wig is the biggest thief of the world. My problem begins when I "bought" a wig on December 25, '08. The total amount was $110.95. They sent me an email on January 16, '09 when they say that my order was shipped. Two weeks later on January 30, '09 I sent a email asking about my products and two days later they answer me that my order was shipped but not in the nicest way - no, they was so rude, and I wait three weeks more and I based on the shipping policy of that "company".

I made a complain because my order never arrive to my house, but the only answer that I receive from them was "sure, we have proof, proof of post you **" On Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 7:46 AM. That was the answer of that "company". People I wrote this complain because I don't want that thing happened to you, please never make deal with them because they don´t have products, you sent the money but they don't sent anything to you... They´re stealing and using a website to catch people. Thank you for reading my comments.

Horrible Customer Service
By -

ASHLAND, OREGON -- I recently stumbled onto a website when ordering wigs for my significant other's and my Halloween costume. The website is I would like to advise everyone to steer clear of this website. Allow me to explain. I placed an order on October 14, 2007 for two costume wigs. A couple days after my order was placed, I received an email from that noted that my order was being processed.

On October 21, 2007 I sent a y: "I was not being rude. Obviously you have issues with how to run a business or with your employer. My point was that your website states that you ship within one to two days of the order being placed. My order is now one week old and there is still no record of shipment. I am very familiar with how the USPS works and ground shipping takes 7-10 business days. Maybe you need to be more clear about how you list things on your website. You're a bunch of ** and I would rather cancel my order than provide you with any money! I expect a very prompt refund."

Yes, I was upset at this point and I called them **. Most people would have done the same, or worse, considering that two much needed wigs were now not on their way, there was an accusation made that I believed (at the time to be untrue), and things were being brought into the correspondence that did not even apply (that I was blaming them for manufacturers being sold out).

The rest of the correspondences follow below: IC: "Expect all you want! For the last time our site says nothing about shipping that say or next it clearly says ground is 14 business days. You obviously have a problem with English. and our site is down right now, so you cannot know it says that, LOL. But when it gets back up check it. Nowhere does it say that!"

ME: "You are right and I apologize for the ill assumption on my part. The error came from me incorrectly typing in not This oversight on my part however does not deem it appropriate to be rude and inconsiderate to your customers. Part of running a successful business is implementing GOOD customer service. You should be more cautious who you're rude to as the internet is a very powerful tool that can be used to make or break any business.

Fortunately for you, I am not someone to hold a grudge or allow inconsiderate people like you to affect me on that level. I still wish to cancel this order as I do not intend to allow my money to be spent toward such a rude, non-customer oriented business."

IC: "I believe we told you hours ago we would cancel it! you won't find a genuine pippi wig now. :( Best of luck! And next time - actually read the info before you order!!! Absurd!" My reply to this was merely: "Seriously Guy, I just apologized and accepted responsibility. Why are you still presenting with an attitude?"

Needless to say, I received no response from this seriously poor businessman or associate. I know that I noted in one of my emails that I wouldn't waste my time trying to deface their business; however, the more I thought about it the more that I thought others should know about this website. Others shouldn't have to deal with such bad customer service. Please steer clear of this website, at least until they can learn how to properly assists customers with their needs and concerns.

Worst company I have dealt with
By -

This company is the worst I have ever dealt with. Was spending $100 per week with them on referrals and when I brought to their attention problems with the ordering system they called me rude and told me 50 people in the office agree and told me to quit shopping online if I did not like their service. Definitely do not know anything about customer service.

Do Not Order From International Wig
By -

They Never sent me my order and are trying to keep my money. It's been one month now and no product and no refund. Save the headache. DO NOT ORDER FROM INTERNATIONAL WIG.

Called me the n-word
By -

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA -- As posted above, I placed an order with an online vendor at InternationalWigs.Com, for the item listed above. On January 15, 2007 I received an order; however it was not for the wig that I have specified therefore I contacted the vendor to alert them of their error and gave a detailed description of the item I had received which was a DC- Mulia #2. She informed me that the Mulia is a DC brand that has taken the place of the Ciara wig I had ordered. After a few emails, she finally told me that if I didn'€™t want it to simply send it back.

Apparently, according to her it was replacement confirmed with the Deli Cali Company but in any event I was not informed of any changes from my original order. I made it clear that I should have been informed of any changes post shipment and the item should not have been shipped to me unless I agreed to the replacement. In any event, the item was shipped back to the vendor, as soon as delivery was confirmed I wrote inquiring about my credit and my shipping cost.

She stated that she would not credit me for any shipping cost from my original order and the money I spent to ship it back. I found this proposal to be unacceptable therefore, I asked to speak to a manager. She replied that she was the manager and that her name was **. When I informed her that I planned to dispute the charges with my credit card, she wrote me saying that I had got what I ordered.

I informed her that I still had the email from her as proof that she sent me a something other than what I ordered. In any event, she became indignant and called me dumb, a ** and other unflattering names, words were exchanged and in her last email to me she called me a the (N) WORD. This was indeed most shocking. While I did insult her after she insulted me, I never once made a reference to her race! How could I? I don't know her race nor would I have insulted her race if I had known. This is EXTREMELY POOR BUSINESS! Honestly her entire behavior was appalling for a Manager of a Company. Something must be done about this.

The (N) word has its roots as a derogatory term and has been used throughout history as a hurtful epithet. The N-word is a term rooted in hatred, used to belittle blacks and degrade African American culture. The N-word still inflicts pain and is still an insult when implied to people of all kinds of oppressed heritages. Do Not Buy from this Vendor! VERY RACIST! POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE, THEY HAVE A LOT COMPLAINTS ON THE INTERNET!

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